15% off Akt London (UK deal)

SAVE 15%: As of March 4, natural deodorant subscriptions from Akt London are on sale for 15% off (including free shipping).

Natural deodorant has a reputation for not actually being very effective at doing its job, but this is unfair. Akt London is proof of this, with a wide range of effective plastic-free, aluminium-free, and cruelty-free deodorant products.

Akt London’s deodorant balm is vegan and contains none of the nasty things you’ll find in regular deodorants, like aluminium. This is great news for anyone looking to find products that are good for the body and the planet. 

There are plenty of products to consider on the site, but the best deals are reserved for subscriptions. If you go down this route, you can save 15% and get free shipping. Plus, there is no plastic used in the boxing or delivery of your items.

Subscribe and save 15% on the best natural deodorants from Akt London.

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