2018, Oprah 4 Pres, SMH H&M – Headlines #176

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SayWHA Radio®® is back! Bringing you new headlines for the new year from around the world 1/8/18:

As the eastern U.S. freezes, Sydney bakes at 117 degrees — the hottest in eight decades

New Jersey Is Last State to Insist at Gas Stations: Don’t Touch That Pump

$559 Million Winning Powerball Ticket Sold In New Hampshire Convenience Store

Oprah 2020? Winfrey’s Golden Globes speech has fans dreaming of presidential run

Philip Morris International resolves to quit smoking

At Least Three

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KweliTV is Netflix for black people, by black people, starring black people

H&M apologizes for showing black child wearing a ‘monkey in the jungle’ sweatshirt

Versace Family Speaks Out About Ryan Murphy’s American Crime Story

A United passenger befouled the bathrooms so badly the plane had to land

Frozen Iguanas

Florida woman injured after cat attacks her inside car

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