6’9″ Cosplaying Olympian Is Now Resident Evil’s Tall Vampire Lady

This is Yekaterina Lisina, a bronze medal-winning Olympian and now model, with what is surely the most 1:1 cosplay possible of Resident Evil’s Lady Dimitrescu.

I mean…just look at this:

And this:

It took a whole team to get this shoot looking this good, with the dress made by osqurobviously, hair and makeup by beautybyblas, photos by nikolayshlykov, photo editing by shotbyshepherd and assistance by lugovskav and themushroomxiii.

While the character of Lady Dimitrescu is 9’6″, and Lisina “only” 6’9″, it’s important to put those numbers in context, especially since this shoot was done solo.

You can see more of Ekaterina’s modelling and cosplay at her Instagram page.


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