Yes, it is what it sounds like. We are a podcast network specializing in podcasts by real people about things they are passionate about. Our network began as a simple weekly podcast of life long friends called SayWHA Radio®. Think, the Daily Show with Friends. Founded in order to do our part in bringing those wonderful conversations you have with family and friends that no one ever hears but stay with you, keeping you laughing for years to come. We decided to put our two cents in the pot while keeping you guys laughing whilst keeping our content fresh, relevant and wacky headlines. SayWHA Radio® network broadcasts podcasts on all manner of topics from pop culture and movies to technology, gaming, social media, motivation, finance and inspiration.

Our podcasts series began with a simple weekly news podcast in which we focused on news and entertainment coupled with funny yet thoughtful commentary of our talented hosts. This show brings you all that’s happening in the world along with our views on it in order to arouse your interest in the topic and get a healthy debate going and broaden your horizons.  Six young, black, educated, professionals decided to come together and give the world our take on what is happening.

Our second podcast, ‘The FIT Life’ (Face It Together), where we talk about the various ways to live a healthier life. From diet plans for weight gain, weight loss and maintenance to exercise regimes for fitness enthusiasts from all backgrounds, to clever and neat tips and tricks to get the most out of your fitness program and be on your way to the beach bod of your dreams.

‘Life as P….’ is a podcast show that take you on tour on life through the eyes of a wife, a mother and an author. You are welcomed into the daily life and thoughts of the star protagonist who ventures through her life one day at a time. This show uniquely showcases how a wife and mother goes about her daily activities, balancing her work life as an author with her personal life at home. You are introduced to the challenges of maintaining this balance and how the star overcomes these challenges. You are invited to share her moments of struggle, triumph, happiness and grief as she slowly establishes herself as a prominent figure in her life.

‘What The Finance’, takes you into the world of currency as you learn tips and tricks on being financially savvy. We highly recommend this show for all college students struggling with their college and boarding finances as we invite speakers who have mastered the art of intelligent spending to pass on their knowledge to our listeners.

Our newest podcast, ‘Cool Black Nerd Podcast’, takes you on the journey of  gaming technology and politics with Jules and Justice. Many of us love “nerd culture”. Some are passersby but if you’ve listened to SayWHA Radio we live it. So why not let out geek flag fly and bring yet another passion to the airwaves! We recommend this for those who also have a love of nerd culture, movies, tech, science and overall useful knowledge!

That’s not all. Our growing base of listeners are constantly served new and interesting talks, debates and stories regarding everything they want to hear and that’s why we at SayWHA Radio will be designing and introducing new podcasts and radio shows on the topics you choose. Drop us an email with the subject of your interest, contact us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and we will either do a show on it in our podcast series, or even better, start a podcast series for that subject entirely.  Because at SayWHA Radio, you decide, we provide.

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SayWHA Radio Timeline

March 11, 2011

SayWHA Radio® went live on a previous platform where they were taking live calls and chatting with listeners!

April 21, 2014

FIT Life Launched!


The Other Guys make their appearance on SayWHA Radio on the episode "Real Talk with Tha Other Guys"

November 14, 2017

Life as P...

April 16, 2018

What The Finance launched

January 29, 2020

The Hollastic Life launched

April 2, 2020

Life Adventurist launched

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