Living in the age of instant gratification, it’s easy to feel like if you’re not doing something, you’re missing out. You feel like if you are not working towards your goals every single minute, you are a failure. However, being productive and achieving success is just one half of the equation but there is an equally important other half – finding peace in your life. So, in this episode, Jenny and Jai will be discussing the concept of a #ZenLifestyle, explaining how you can rid yourself of your

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limiting beliefs and start living the life of your dreams.

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Jenny Lalalalalala, another episode of The Hollastic Life show.

Jai I just, I quit.

Jenny I’m Jenny. No, you can’t quit. We’re getting to the goods. Last last episode, if you haven’t listened to it, you got to go back and listen to it. But last episode, we talked about living on the edge of burnout. And after we finished recording, I was telling, I was telling you, Jai that it kind of was like, I’m ready to go, I’m all charged up. It had me in this like, go go go like type of energy. And even had me leaving shallow a little bit, I feel like I was breathing in the top part of my body. And then I’m so excited about this episode, because it’s like, it’s even just that like the sense of saying, Ah, do it yourself, your shoulders drop, it’s just relaxes you, it kind of takes you from your head to your belly, just as a release. And like Zen lifestyle, even just saying it I feel like going to be like Zen lifestyle. The previous episode, like living on the edge burnout, like, it’s just I don’t know, like this one. I’m like, so excited. And even I feel like, I want to talk even slower, and more intentional. With deeper breaths, and more pauses. You feel like ah. And I looked up because I was curious what kind of like some different definitions of Zen. And the one that caught my attention is really just mastering your mind. And taking charge of the way you think and act, which is a big part of what we do, right, we teach you to do and we’ve talked about on the show we talk about in our programs is helping you to find your triggers, to be able to release old hurts and beliefs and things holding you back. But also getting into where you are in charge the way you think and act. And one of the ways one of the result of that can be this idea of Zen, and this idea of peaceful living.

Jai  Yeah, I mean, I feel that it’s challenging for a lot of people, though, because we’re in this microwave society, this instant gratification is like you say, Go, go, go, we’ve talked about in previous conversations. So it’s like, if I’m not doing something, I’m missing out on something. I think this last year has put a lot of things in perspective for people. Because not like you could do anything else. So just having to sit and deal was probably challenging for a lot of people. That’s probably why this idea of, of the Zen lifestyle or peaceful living is challenging for people to grasp, kind of, like it’s challenging for me to grasp burnout

Jenny  Yeah, I will say though, with my journey in my evolution in my growth from being that gogogo professional, into where I still can honor the gogogo side of me, but I feel like I’ve also really brought in more peace and grounding, and more just being chill, you know, and, and I feel like to this journey of this lifestyle is going from like the overthinking, and the anxiety and the overwhelm, and the stress and a lot of things that are kind of like in the head, and not that you’re just manifest in the head. I’m just saying like, you know, when I talk about things in the body, like for me, that’s like a heavy thing. It’s like between email like up there, versus coming down more into your heart, and more into like your gut and coming and just like and even like I said, the beginning like the ah like it just, it just grounds you more. And what I have realized is I thought in the past, that I was so successful, and I really experienced that stress. And I Whoa, even said stress, I didn’t mean to say that, but it was perfect for what I was leading into. I experienced that success. And I related that, you know, when I was in that, what I would call looking back that frantic energy, but also, you know, in the time and be like that intentional energy where I was non stop, right? You know, a lot of that was in my head and like, I felt like I was doing the right thing. So I’m not knocking it. I’m just saying that now that I’ve experienced both sides. I so much prefer this side.

Jai  I mean, I mean everything, everything has its place. Everything has its place like that lifestyle served you for a particular season, you know, it showed up when you needed it to I think, as with anything, if we’re talking about continuous growth, continuing to to go to the next level, or the continuation of leveling up the things that that you did previously, that got your success are no longer the things you can do to get you more success, if that makes sense. Because it’s like, the things you did had you successful for that period. Like, that was for that time. And to go to the next level, you know, I’m saying like, if you’re, if you’re training, I think I said this on a walk, I don’t know, if I said it on a podcast shit, but this boot camp company, I was with one of the trainers, they would have this, this thing every year, where you would have all these people come together for their big like competition, there would be certain events or everything in this, like one trainer in our region, you know, he would train his campers differently. And it always amazed me. Because like the mindset behind even even training somebody to this to this level, one of the things was like a bear crawl or weighted bear crawl. So the guys I think had to do, I don’t know, I’m just throwing out numbers here, let’s say 50 pounds, right 50 pound bear crawl on a gross had to do 20 pounds. So like up to that while you had, I don’t know, a couple of months to train for this particular thing. If you were a guy training for this thing, at his camp, you’d be practicing the bear call with crawl with 100 pounds. And if you were a female, you’d be practicing with like 50 pounds. And people will be like, Oh my God, why are we doing this? It will you know, the competition is only going to be like 40 or, you know, I’m saying 50 or 20? Excuse me, 20 and 50 or whatever? And he would say, do you want to like win the competition? Or do you just want to be okay at it, he’s like, I’m not going to train you for the thing you’re trying to win. If you’re training here, doing 20 and 15, you can only go that far when you get out there and it’s time to perform. But if I’m training you at 50 and 100, and you have to go back, and you’re only carrying 50 and 20 pounds, you’re gonna be like holy shit, this is easy. So that’s, that’s the same kind of kind of kind of mindset. You know, for me, it’s like, okay, I’ve done this, this has served me for this, this this for this particular thing. But I can’t do this, if I want to go further. That’s like, it’s like the limits the ceiling.

Jenny  Yeah, I love that. Because I feel that something like that helps you to bring more of that Zen into your life, because you can still push yourself and you can still tap into those eight type personality characteristics. But without, you know, to keep it in those same terms, like without overtraining, right? Because an example of what an A type doesn’t like the old the burn living on the edge of burnout lifestyle, is they train every day carrying 100 pounds, multiple hours a day, because that’s what it takes. That would be an A perfect example of what an A type would do. But the new way, right, the new part of that the new example. And not to say that this isn’t like, you know, this is just, you know, metaphor, like metaphorically speaking, but the new way is carrying 100 pounds two days a week, you’re still getting what you need, it’s still helping get you to the result. But with all the frantic energy that comes along with the other way of doing it, just so you can keep checking the boxes and scratching things off your to do list. You know, when it when it comes to some of the ways that you can tap into the peaceful living the life of stuff that you’ve heard about, you know, we’ve talked about it and you’ve heard about it, you know, but it’s like the breathing, meditating, being in nature, being present, using music, smiling and having playful energy. You know, and we’ll go into some of these a little bit deeper, but it’s amazing here. I’ll even give an example. Right? You start putting these things in your lifestyle, right? You start meditating, you start breathing, when things get crazy, you start noticing the types of thoughts and, and behaviors that lead to overthinking and anxiety and you’re able to, like stop them and like, you know, reset, so you don’t go down that path. And you know, you do all these things. And what I’ve started to notice and become aware of is like, for example, in the morning, I have a certain morning routine that I do I meditate. It’s a mixture of things because you know, for me, like we kind of I think we talked about that in one of our past podcasts. You know, we hate routine. But we love structure. So if it gets too routine, yeah, I get bored. Like, if it’s literally the same thing every time I’m like, Oh, I need to switch it up to keep that variety. But the structure of having that time in the morning, is important. So you know, it’s sometimes a workout, sometimes yoga, sometimes meditating, whatever. But the days that I decide, like, I don’t really want to do that today, I just want to lounge around or I want to do something different. I want to do the things I used to, I want to watch a show, whatever. And it just happened today. And I was telling you remember, I was like, Oh, my gosh, I woke up today, and I just kind of wanted to watch TV and lay in bed with the dog because we let him in the bed. Before we got rid of it. That’s kind of fun. Anyway, so doing those things, I kind of just felt like in general, like a little more sluggish today. I felt like more disconnected. I felt out of alignment with my purpose. I felt like I wanted to question some things. But also to on the on the other side of that. I also felt this external perceived pressure of Oh, since I wasted time this morning, I need to get shit done later. And the thing is, is we’ve been we’ve been training ourselves and we’ve been working while I’ve been working on but you’ve been helping you know hold me accountable of really shifting that energy from gets it get shit done to being on purpose, because get shit done just gives a whole different energy. What was the other thing you said instead of get shit done? Yeah, make shit happen. And so even even that idea, like, oh, here, you know, I’m wandering around taking a different day. Already, just the energy of me sticking in my structure, and continuing to commit to the structure of what I’ve set up. I feel so much better. I feel so much more in zen, I feel like I’m able to access this peaceful moments so much easier throughout the day, then when I get up and kind of do the things the old way. And I don’t have that. And so, you know, I think the biggest thing for me too, is also remembering to be playful. And smile. Because when we’re we’re working on something, and we’ve we’ve gotten to a good point with this one. It’s like, Oh, we got all these things to do. And I’m like, Yeah, let’s go and I get into that intense energy. And I start getting serious because I want to get a project that takes like, a month done in like a day. Like I bring that intense energy and Jai literally, like just shuts down like he crumbles into a ball. And he’s like, Why is she making me do this? You know?

Jai  I’m like, Fuck that.

Jenny  Yeah, he just or he stops, he walks away, right? He just drops. Like he’s like he’s dropped your, your book or whatever, like, I’m out, you know. And he may still be sitting here, but he’s out. He’s gone. But I say that because, you know, I have also been paying attention and recognizing, like when I’m not being playful enough. And I’m being too hardcore, and I’ve tuned into Jai’s reaction to that. You know, have you noticed that?

Jai  Nope.

Jenny  Oh my god. Okay, well, I’m I have to work on it more, bring it more in so you can notice it because I feel like I’m tuning into your energy. And I’m tuning into your responses and being like, I’m being way too serious. Let me have more fun and be playful. Like… Okay, let me lighten it up, cause I’m losing Jai.

Jai  I have to pay more attention.

Jenny  Okay, great. So what are some ways that you really incorporate more Zen into your lifestyle? Because I think this is more part of like who you are.

Jai  I would definitely say it’s who I am. I don’t know, there’s a lot of stuff that happened when I was younger, that just didn’t feel right. You know, you got to work hard to get a good job, then all this stuff. And I’m like, Why do I have to bust my ass? And I just it just didn’t make sense. So a lot of it was looking for reasons or proved for as we always say, models of possibilities. The people who who did the opposite. People who work smarter, because the people who worked hard were burned out they were always looking for the next thing they were stressed, they were high strong. I’m like this, this is not a good place to be man, like stressed out and shit. So just like just sitting with myself sitting by myself learning watching, as you were saying earlier, while we were hanging out just like people watching just the things that they do. Just seeing and learning that because you can learn so much by observing sometimes rather just in doing and I feel a lot of people just get caught up in the in the doom like I got to do more to have, you know, I’m saying it’s kind of like…

Jenny  Do more to be more, so I can have more.

Jai  Or the other concept. Like I’m really working on embracing now. It’s like, how can I do more with less? Like how does that work like moving and having all these nice things, you know, oh, a 65 inch TV. Oh, but if we have to get up and move somewhere, then you have to, let’s say unmount the wall, you know, then you got to fix the wall with the hose. And then you got to pack up the TV, you got to find a big enough box to fit the TV and all this stuff. And finding something like a projector that can fit in a box, you know that that cast 120 300 inch screen size, and I’m saying it’s in, if you have to get up in bouncing and move or whatever, you just unmount it, throw it in a box, you’re good. And just like simplifying things like, why do I need a walk in closet? Why do I have all these clothes? Like, what is it? What is it? And just looking at what you have? And saying if I could only use the things I needed? What would that look at? All you guys? How many times have you moved in your life? And how many times have you packed in unpacking, like holy shit that’s been sitting in the closet, since we moved in, I didn’t even realize we had it. And that’s what we that’s what we do. That’s what we do. So in taking this a step deeper, like I’m not just talking about your physical house, but let’s let’s talk about your mental house. Like that’s what we do with thoughts emotions into whatever, we just pick up all these things and just don’t want them in a in a closet that takes up space in our mind. So we get caught up in the doing because I have to have more and all this stuff. And it’s the psychological aspect of it. But if you just like take on, I just What do you need? Like, there’s been times where we’ve talked about current events that Jen has read or whatever, and I just stopped her. I’m like, I don’t want to hear that. Like cause I don’t need that information in my brain because it’s not gonna use, I’m not gonna utilize it, I’m not gonna do anything with it, it’s not really going to matter to me. So I don’t feel the need to talk about it. Same kind of concept.

Jenny  Yeah. Like a lot of times, you know, we create these stories, we create these potential realities that don’t even exist. And in that, that creates more, you know, anxiety, overthinking, overwhelm, etc. I mean, we just had on our coaching call, one of our clients share, and this happens all the time. So this isn’t like specific, and I’m not calling this client out. I mean, it’s like, you know, something happens, and you start building the story, right, you start building the story of like, Oh, my God, well, if this happens, and that happens, and this person won’t like me, and this person will do that, then I’m going to lose this, and then I’m going to lose that. And then I’m going to be, you know, and the story ends up being like, oh, and then I’ll be homeless, or whatever, and then I’m gonna lose all my money or whatever. I like, it ends up in some kind of disastrous thing. And, you know, sometimes it goes to that. But even think about that, like this whole story that we created. It ends up being just like so draining, right, and exactly what you said, you know, even just as an example of current events, you know, you look at current events, and then it starts freaking you out, you start getting scared, you start thinking about all the possibilities of what’s going to happen, what can happen all. And that already, that’s not zen, right? That’s not that peaceful lifestyle. And, you know, I don’t even think to like, even those stories, where we like say, oh, all these things will happen. Also, what stories are you continuing to tell, and share with the world about your own situation, like, I noticed that I keep telling a story. And let me let me go back, I don’t want to share the story that I’ve been telling recently, in this format. But I’m going to go back to previously, you know, when, when I when I got out of a relationship, this was before Jai, when I got out of relationship I had said and I kept telling the story, you know, all my god, all these bad things happen to me in the relationship. Here’s all the ways that I was wronged, you know, like, I would want to tell people that story. So that I get I suppose, you know, so I would get some kind of sympathy or I would get love, right? We get people feeling bad for me, or I was able to explain I mean, from an A type personality is able to explain why I’ve failed. Or why it didn’t work for me. But then I hit a point where I was like, man, I’m sick of telling the story. I’m sick of telling people that nobody needs to know that I went through this bad experience. I mean, sometimes it’s part of the healing. But I’ve even been doing the same thing recently. Like I keep telling people a story that I’m really hurt by. And the thing is, I just told it the other day, and I’m like, man, why don’t we keep people telling people this? There’s no there’s no reason to keep telling this because even that just creates like a lot of just, you know, I’m like, I’m done with this. Even though if you think about your words and the energy and stuff, it continues to perpetuate that feeling in your life. And even just, you know, being aware and starting to ask the questions if you’re telling a story over and over and over. Like, why are you telling it? Are you looking to get something out of it? Right? You know, like, when I when I closed my first business, I would tell people, oh my god, I closed my business. And, you know, this is why I would tell the whole story about it. And it just is like, Why? I mean, like I said, there’s like different stages, stages of it, sometimes you just need to, but

Jai I’m a big, big person of simplification. Like, I don’t feel the need to use 10 words when I can use three. Yeah. And I try to apply that, like, my life period. You know what I’m saying that just situations, things that that trigger me. And I’m not to say, I’m not sitting here saying I’m a Zen Master, I am going to say I am aware of when things trigger me. And to ask those questions even with like, Jen, if she says or does something that triggers means like, Okay, why am I triggered? Why am I being triggered? Like, why am I upset? Why am I frustrated? What is learned here? And looking at that situations to saying I like that doesn’t benefit anybody? Yeah, that doesn’t benefit our relationship. I’m upset. I’m pissed off. She doesn’t even know why I’m upset or pissed off. And it’s no fault of hers. Yeah. But it’s like, Okay, if I’m working towards a harmonious, tranquil relationship, and household. Why is this triggering me? And what do I need to do? So I’m not triggered? Is it looking at the situation different? Is it saying, hey, you did this, that the third, I don’t know what it is, but can we talk about it? but being being open to that. And I think that’s something we have to do in all aspects of our lives? If it’s a work situation, like, Oh, my God, why do I feel the need to hustle? Why am I looking at like, Why do I feel I’m not enough? And that might be the root thing? I skipped a few questions. But like, that’s usually the underlining thing. I don’t feel I’m enough, but it’s like, digging up those questions. And I know, we keep on talking about this. But it’s, it’s my area of expertise. But like the fitness thing, the weight loss thing, like I want to lose weight. Why? Because I don’t like how I feel Why? Because bla bla bla, why? Because blah, blah, blah, why? And keep on asking the questions until you get to the deeper down thing, because I want to lose weight is really just superficial. It’s just on the surface, that’s not going to be something that keeps you going. That’s one of those things like it’s uncomfortable. Right now. Yeah, I’m pissed off at this right now. I don’t like it. So I want to fix this right now. But if you dig deeper, and saying, oh, my God, I want to be able to walk up my stairs without feeling like I’m 65. And I’m 43. You know, or I want to be able to run and jump in, pick up my kids or, you know, I want to be able to travel when I’m retired, or vacation, or whatever you want to do, and be able to go snorkeling or whatever the thing is, like looking for that deeper down thing. Or I want to be able to go to a store and shop off the rack. Because it’s going to make me feel confident. That’s something so much deeper than I want to lose weight. Because that’s just it’s in a moment. It’s in a moment.

Jenny  Yeah, and I love this because this, this whole unwinding of my story and my gogogo and my hustle. And what you just shared has all led me to like more Zen and more peace, and allowed me to enjoy the space between the notes allowed me to realize and slow down enough to be even more present in the moment. And notice the beautiful things around me. And have gratitude for the things in my life. And to really just come to a place of peace. And through that. I’ve been able to essentially speed up which I feel like the a like a type lifestyle. It’s like we are hustling because we want to speed up and there’s we’ve we’ve gone into a lot of things, right? There’s a lot of things that go into it. But sometimes we just want to go faster, faster, faster, faster, faster. But this idea of slowing down to speed up it just creates more balance and counterbalance in your life and lifestyle. And even you know what, remember what I just noticed recently, like when I was like I had so much energy and I would like talking I would like step around and move around a lot when I talk and I know I still do that. But remember that time when I just stood in the living room and I was like oh my God, look at me I’m not moving and I’m just like standing in my truth and sharing this you know, it’s just like a more grounded feeling. And it also shows up because I feel like some of that anxious energy and nervous energy I had in the past from a speaking standpoint, was also that that need to be accepted that need to be told I’m good enough, I felt like it was almost like an overcompensating, which led to more anxiety and more of that Go, go, etc. Versus now, I can easily stand and move purposefully and intentionally in a room in front of people speaking and, and ground that energy and harness that energy, because I’ve tapped into the Zen lifestyle.

Jai  Well think about this, too, with the current coaster we’re working with who’s is a master at simplification. And he’s like, Okay, you guys got two hours to work, like two dedicated hours. And honestly, I’m like, the complete opposite of you. I want to work when I feel like it. I want to work as long as I feel like In fact, that’s 30 minutes to 30 minutes, I’m done. But like, this is kind of a way to meet in the middle, like, you have two dedicated hours of like, non distracted focused work, and like, how much have we gotten done this week? Yeah.

Jenny  A lot more.

Jai  Yeah. And from you being the I, I want to knock out the four weeks and four days, you know, and me being like, I mean, everything will be fine. It’ll work itself out. It’s just really like, okay, so after this two hours, you can do whatever the fuck you want. Yeah. But like two hours, I’m distracted. I’m distracted, focused, intentional, like, boom. And that works wonders, right? So you don’t have to work harder, right? And it’s like, Okay, what is the project? The project is this, this particular project needs to be done this week. So at the end of this week, this project needs to be done. So instead of saying, I have to do work until the project’s done, it’s looking at the project and its entirety. Breaking down the project into many projects, and saying, This is my schedule Monday. Yeah. What can I get done Monday to move the project forward?

Jenny  Well, it’s nice, too, because let’s say you work better against deadlines, because I’ve heard a lot of people say that, and it’s true, because, for me, at least, you know, it’s like, oh, it’s due tomorrow, I’m gonna get it done. Right. But also kind of like sometimes that procrastination thing. But let’s say in the course of a week, it only takes you two hours, and you get it done. But you start on a Monday. Well, if it’s not due till Friday, what’s great is now you can give yourself space to breathe, to just kind of like internalize what you just did. And then you can go back to like, on Wednesday, right, revisit revamp, you know, even level it up a bit, because maybe you didn’t think about certain things, because your mind’s always working on something you’re always like, continuously, there could be like an additional download, there could be other things. And then you know, you revise it and put it together for Friday. So you’re going to come together with a much more purposeful, intentional peace. But if you’re so filled to the brim all the time, you know, it’s like even that just brings yeah, just the idea of that just brings even more peace and Zen. So we know that you’ve been able to grab at least, at least one powerful thing to put into your life and to implement in your life from this episode. And if that’s the case, which we know it is, we want you to share this, share this podcast, share this podcast on Instagram on your stories, take a screenshot tag us @2 underscore the letter J holla. H O L L A, share this with your friends, share this with your colleagues, share this with your team, we want to be a part of that, let us know give us a holler. You know, we definitely would love that and also to help spread the word of this podcast and it’ll help touch more people and help impact more people and help you know elevate the world and help help elevate people, you know, around you and your societies and in your part of the world to be able for all of us to have more Zen for all of us to have more peace for all of us to be more intentional to live our life. What? I love that, you know, like all of that, you know, and that’s what you just screenshotting this and sharing it with your with your people. Does it help spread the word for something that’s impacted your life? And of course, as always, we’re open on DMS, shoot us a DM and we’d love to hear your story. Share your aha share things you need help with. Maybe just say hi. come say hello. And you know what’s fun about social is Jai and I both are on the 2jholla account. So maybe you’ll get him. Maybe you’ll get me and then maybe you can even like guess and see who it was it can be this little fun thing. It’s kind of cool. Alright guys, until next time, have a great day. I’ll see you later.

Jai  You can subscribe to the holistic life podcast from your favorite streaming platform. And don’t forget to check out to to stay in the know as an official 2j insider Mahalo for tuning, and until next time, that’s our show.

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