All The Mental Worlds In Psychonauts, Ranked

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Oh, Meat Circus. Like so many other mental worlds, you had a great premise and theme. Two minds combined into one strange, creepy world filled with enemies and characters from both minds, distorted by the unnatural combo. Great stuff! Sadly, this level plays like shit and is filled with frustrating platforming that feels too precise for this game’s engine. If you’ve played this level you’ve no doubt screamed in frustration as Raz falls to his death over and over. It also ends in a bland boss fight that feels so out of place I almost wondered if it was an idea ripped from another failed prototype.

Meat Circus is almost bad enough to make me warn people away from this game. Instead, I’ll just say play Psychonauts, but skip the final level and watch it on YouTube. You’ll be happier that way.

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