Ana Navarro Burns Roger Stone With Prison Farewell: ‘Rot In Jail…Then In Hell’

2019-11-18 00:31:24

Republican strategist Ana Navarro-Cárdenas wished a not-so-fond farewell to Roger Stone, the associate of President Donald Trump who is heading to prison. 

Stone on Friday was convicted on all seven counts he had been charged with, including witness tampering and making false statements to lawmakers.

“The Sacred Heart nuns told me not to rejoice about other people’s grief and distress,” Navarro said on CNN on Sunday. “But I can’t be happier that this guy actually got convicted on all counts.” 

Navarro called Stone a racist, a misogynist and a jerk for his attacks on her and others, specifically naming Donna Brazile, Don Lemon and Roland Martin, among Stone’s targets.

“He’s attacked so many friends of mine in the vilest of forms – and guess what Donna Brazile, Roland Martin, Don Lemon and Ana Navarro have in common? We’re all people of color. He is a racist and misogynist who goes into intimidation, attacks, and frankly I hope he rots in jail and then in hell.” 

However, she admitted that might not happen ― because she predicted Trump will pardon Stone after next year’s election.

“He can pardon him,” she said. “But the entire world knows who this guy is. This guy is a convicted criminal now. Put that on your tombstone.” 

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