Andrew Yang’s campaign has gone ‘mainstream’

2019-11-02 12:09:06

While some Democratic presidential candidates are cutting back on their campaigns, entrepreneur Andrew Yang is going all in, Politico reports.

Yang, who as recently as April, had fewer than 20 staff members on his campaign’s payroll, now has 73 people running the show. “It’s been like a startup but this startup has gone mainstream, about to go public, if you want to keep using the analogy,” said Zach Graumann, Yang’s campaign manager. “And frankly and I tell the team, ‘we’re just getting started.'”

There’s some big names now involved with the campaign, as well, lending more credence to Graumann’s words. Devine, Mulvey, and Longabaugh — a media consulting firm which worked for the 2016 campaign for Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) but opted to not to join forces again for 2020 over “differences in a creative vision” — has shifted its services to the Yang campaign because he’s “offering the most progressive ideas” among the Democratic candidates. They also don’t think he’s a flash in the pan.

“We wouldn’t have signed on with somebody we didn’t think was a serious candidate,” Mark Longabaugh said. “Yang has a good deal of momentum and there’s a great deal of grassroots enthusiasm for his candidacy and that’s what’s driven it this far.” Yang still faces numerous hurdles to really get back in the running, but the campaign surely think it’s possible. Read more at Politico.

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