Battle Testing All Of Us


The inevitable truth of life is that we will be tested with battles all through this journey. These battles will test us in different forms and fashions, mentally, emotionally, physically, etc. 

Though the misery we face during the struggling times makes us feel that they are meant to crush us, But by overcoming the hurdles, we became a tougher and wiser version of ourself, and ascend to the next level of existence.

But, sometimes these tests can get a little too overwhelming, what do we do then? How do battle the inner demon? And how to overcome the challenges thrown at us?

Life: A Battle Ground

There is no shadow of a doubt that life is a battleground, every step tests our capabilities and prepares us for the next step. The constant imbalance, frustration, confusion, and a sense of helplessness are hard to overcome. 

In What Ways Are We Tested?

Life’s tests come in different fashions,  we are confronted with various difficult situations from bold to subtle, seen to unseen, If categorized, then there are in total five ways that battleground tests us, and all these battles, test different aspects of our lives:

  • Mental Tests: tests our integrity, willpower, attitude, strength, awareness, and beliefs
  • Emotional Tests: tests our ability to identify and control our emotions, and acknowledge what we feel.
  • Physical Tests: tests our physical health, negative physical habits, and addictions
  • Spiritual Tests: tests our level of consciousness, the ability to differentiate between good and bad
  • Sexual Test: Tests our control over our urges and sexual nature

Every test challenges different parts of our physical and mental consciousness, and thus all need a different approach to overcome. In this article, we are focusing mainly on mental and emotional tests. 

So, let’s see how should we tackle situations so that we can overcome every hurdle with a better version of ourselves. 

Inner Demons

More often than not, we tend to demonize our minds’ struggles, which land us in a difficult situation that is completely wrong. Yes, there will be instances when you will just need to flush a few things out but that doesn’t necessarily need to be a thorn,  it can be a sensitivity in you that needs your attention, it can be an indication that we have been too cold to our sensitivities.

Many times when people we care about are in difficulties, or we are faced with mortality, we tend to give ourselves cold shoulder because we don’t want to face our fear. But, in most of the case when we provide sensitivity to such situations, we might have a breakthrough somewhere else.

Check Your Toolkit

Everyone faces challenges throughout their lives, but the inner strength and wisdom inside us push us to overcome these difficulties. One of the good things about tough situations is that we develop tools to tackle every particular challenge that falls our way; be it the session with the therapist or taking some time off work to relax and analyze the situation, or anything that works for us. 

Those who have overcome more arduous situations have more tools in their toolkit, so much that many times they might forget that they have the tool when any similar difficulty hits them. So, just remind yourself that you have the tool, you have sharpened it and you know how to overcome this circumstance.

The previous experiences in our lives have prepared us for the moment we are standing in. So, give yourself some sensitivity when needed, and use the tool that you already have. As put by Phoenix Ash in the episode Battle Testing All Of Us, “Sometimes we lose sight of what we’ve already developed within us, that allow us to get through the moment in which we stand.”

When we start ignoring the areas that need sensitivity and keep pushing them to the side, it will start spilling somewhere else. You might not notice it, but people in your life are getting affected by your ignorance. So, take some time out and face the battle, because it will not go anywhere.

It might be that the thing inside you is just causing the chaos to remind you about your forgotten tool. If you are not able to figure out which tool to use, you can try talking with people who are near you. Opening up to people who have seen you struggle can make you realize what you were missing out on. They have seen your past struggles, and chances are that they know what helped you back then, they might know the exact tool that can help you conquer the current challenge.

Facing your traum, fear, pain, and even facing the fear of success sometimes can be hard to admit. It is good to have a group of people who help you confront these fears. 

Let The Universe Listen

Sometimes, all the answers lie in front of us, but our ignorance makes it blur. Pushing your emotions aside can have disastrous outcomes. Therefore, it is sometimes better to let the universe know that you need some comfort emotionally and mentally.  After opening up about your problem, you will see the universe showering gratefulness and strength over you. 

Every day is not sunny, but you have the ability to work through the hardships in your life. Don’t let your battel test push you down, utilize the tool that you have in your toolbox, and find the beauty in your life.


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