Beloved Gun ‘Hung Jury’ Is Coming Back To Destiny

destiny 2 season of the splicer hung jury

Big fan of the seasonal color palette.
Image: Bungie

Step aside, extraterrestrial babies that may or may not be grenades. There’s a new sheriff in Destiny-town. A beloved weapon, Hung Jury, is apparently coming back to Destiny 2, Bungie all but announced in a blog post detailing the upcoming Season of the Splicer today.

The season focuses on the Vex and an “endless night,” and features enough neon purples and teals to make Cyberpunk’s Night City look tame by comparison. But that stuff’s secondary compared to the loot up for grabs. On top of a dozen weapons available via activities, Bungie also mentioned that “for the endgame-focused Guardians out there, three familiar weapons will be up for grabs,” and noted that veteran Destiny 1 players should recognize them.

Indeed, players quickly noticed that one of the weapons pictured looked a whole lot like Hung Jury. They summarily and collectively proceeded to lose their shit.

hung jury destiny 2

It’s this one.
Image: Bungie

“Thank you Bungie!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!,” one player wrote in a tweet alongside another screenshot of the firearm in question. “HUNG JURY [smiling face with heart-shaped eyes],” wrote another. Many of the replies to Bungie’s announcement are along the same lines.

Each weapon will be available as part of the weekly Nightfall Strike playlist. For the uninitiated, each week, a different Strike—cooperative player-vs.-environment missions—is playable at a ramped-up difficulty, which grants you loot for tackling. Grandmaster Nightfalls (basically the same thing but even more difficult) will kick off on June 22.

Alongside the new season, Destiny 2 will receive a patch addressing more general issues. For one, it will add colorblind support to stasis abilities—including those of enemies—and for “player highlighting” in Crucible matches. Each subclass is also getting fine-tuned a bit. Hunters, for instance, will see the explosion radius for Silence & Squall shrink by nearly a third, while warlocks should no longer be able to use Chaos Reach to attack through walls.

Destiny 2 will see a six-hour period of maintenance starting at noon ET tomorrow. A follow-up maintenance period will kick off at noon ET on Tuesday, May 11, scheduled to last two hours.

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