Best Social Media Strategies: Unlock the Hidden Potential of Your Podcast

There is no doubt that businesses need to be on social media in today’s cut-throat competitive world. With over 4.48 billion social media accounts, the platforms have immense potential of skyrocketing your podcast’s listenership and growth.

If used correctly, you can easily use your ideal listeners and outspread your network to the millions of global audiences craving for audio content like yours. But, let’s face the fact, despite numerous efforts, there is always a fair chance that you might not succeed in propelling your network on various social media platforms.

No doubt, social media is a tricky game. Therefore planning out your entire social media campaign strategy thoroughly can help you unlock the true potential of the platforms and increase your podcast growth exponentially.

With experience of running a successful podcast network for over a decade, here are my top 3 Social Media strategies that every podcaster should know:

Strategy 1: Start with the Basics

Ever wondered how many podcasters and brands succeed in excelling their audience and spiking their growth utilizing social media? There’s one simple reason: they integrate the five core social media marketing pillars. Let’s talks through them one by one:


A completely thought-through social media marketing strategy is the backbone of any podcast’s social media growth. Without a concrete strategy, achieving the desired number of organic traffic to your page and thus to your podcast is highly unlikely. 

A good social media marketing strategy will enable you to:

  • drive engagement
  • create the most valuable and engaging content
  • increase the conversion rate, transforming your visitors into your loyal listeners

Therefore, before beginning, always strategize your clear goals, realistic time-sensitive milestones, and specific plans. Then, set a rigid benchmark of how you would like to progress with the plan, and the plan B approach if the first approach fails.

Planning and Publishing

Though your primary goal of building a social media community is to attract listeners to your podcast, you cannot start publishing your content from day one without a plan behind it. 

The important things you must consider in your plan include:

  • The emphasis on quality content rather than quantity
  • Specific demographics of your ideal audience so you can connect with them
  • Focusing on your brand value

After a full-proof plan, you can start publishing your captivating content to drive traffic. When it comes to posting your content, the golden rule is consistency. Scheduled publishing of posts will keep your audience in touch with your content, and they will come back more.

Listening and Engagement

Enhancing the overall user experience is the key to successful digital transformation. It is worth knowing that social media is not just about the customer experience; you need to stay on top of new trends, industry insights, and user preferences of content to keep your audience engaged. 

To skyrocket the engagement of the listeners, you can try to:

  • Pick up on new trends. See what is trending on Tik-Tok, IG tv, and other platforms to stay up to date with listener’s preferences
  • Collaborate with popular influencers of our own niche, invite them to your podcast and use their fan base to increase your audience
  • Show your human side. Don’t just retweet, like, and comment; start a conversation. Ask questions and acknowledge them. Respond to the comments with warmth or humor


Strategizing, planning, and publishing is the first half of the story. The other half is tracking your social media campaign’s success by collecting data and tracking the posts’ analytics. With the correct statistics and user data you can:

  • refine your strategy’s as per the targeted audiences’ preferences
  • understand your visitor’s behavior
  • find the ideal platform, and time to posts new content, so that you attracts the maximum traffic 
  • analyze your competition


Establishing your podcast as a popular brand on social media is tough. However, once you have set your foot into social media, you must look out to promote your page, podcast to new listeners, and what better way to converge the focus of your potential listeners to your channel than social media advertising?

There are several ways through which you can promote your content and podcast on social media. It includes:

  • Content creation, including posts and videos
  • Downloadable files, including videos, podcasts, clips, etc., on your social profiles and channels
  • Creating your podcast groups so you have a community of like-minded people who become the brand ambassador of your show
  • Promotion content creation

Strategy 2: Don’t Pick Multiple Platforms Altogether

In the beginning, every podcaster is filled with the zest to see their podcast reach everyone, and what better option to reach your audience than promoting your podcast on every popular social media handle. Right?

Though podcasts of an already massive brand with an abundance of resources and employees tend to benefit the most by using all the major social media platforms; the same is rarely a smart strategy for beginners. 

Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are a great medium to find new listeners and a great mean to share the latest episodes with their friends and family. Initially, podcasters find it very tempting to promote their podcast on every social media platform imaginable and attract as many listeners as possible, but it gets too overwhelming, too soon.

Instead, you want to pick platforms that your ideal listeners spend the most of the time at. Picking your platform wisely & strategically can save you time and energy, that when invested in only one or two platforms, can deliver promising results.

Promoting on platforms that your listeners are most active on makes your podcast discoverable to your potential listeners. If it is Facebook, create a Facebook group, interact with your listeners, and focus on expanding your Facebook community with strategic content marketing campaigns.

Pro Tip: Stick with only a few platforms, and grow from there.

Strategy 3: The Ladder to Success

With the basics covered, now is the time to knock your podcast social media promotion out of the park. Following are the tricks that I utilize on SayWHA Radio network social media pages:

Building the Hype

How do you feel when you hear that your favorite show will have a new season? What about your favorite book series? Even YOUR favorite podcast may have gotten you excited about upcoming episodes and who will be featured with a perfectly timed creative.

Your upcoming episodes can be prepared the same way!

Posting sound bite teasers and announcers about upcoming guests can really excite your audience, especially if you’re continually growing and packing value into each podcast episode.

I believe sharing quotes and recording sample snippets with upcoming guests is always a good idea, but you can be creative! There is nothing that excites your listeners better than getting a sneak peek at your creative work. 

Leverage the Audience of your Guests and Others

Using your podcast guests or someone else’s audience as a marketing and promotion tool for your podcast can be extremely powerful if you have the opportunity to do so.

You can make it even more powerful if you’re a new podcast with a small following. To do this, you need to work with a content creator with an audience that overlaps with yours. Please note that they do not have to be fellow bloggers. Any popular content creator will do. It’s just a matter of giving a little to receive a little.

Offer to exchange promotional content for promotional content. It is an easy and effective way of increasing our following.

Unravel the Power of Hashtags

Hashtags are an extremely powerful tool for promoting your podcast and bringing in new listeners.

Be careful not to overdo it. For example, ensure your hashtags are industry-relevant and include a few branded hashtags to avoid appearing spammy or irrelevant.

Create Podcast Relevant Blog Posts to Attract More Traffic

Each episode of your podcast deserves a page on your website. The page must contain:

  • The audio player of the episode
  • Shows Notes
  • Episode Transcription
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Creating a blog post of your new episodes will act as a new asset to share on your social media handles. Use your social media profiles to share the page’s link. Those who can’t listen to the audio will benefit from the notes and transcription you provide.

We are Here for You!

SayWHA Radio network has helped several brands take their podcast to the next level. With 10+ years of industry experience, we can help you climb up the ladder of podcast success.

Are you ready to make the leap? Whenever you are ready, WE ARE HERE. Schedule a call, and let’s build an incredible podcast together!

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