Building a Thriving Podcast Community Online: The Expert Tips

What is your favorite thing about the podcast industry? The list is long, right? But at the top of our list are people! The bond and connection that we as podcasters, share with our listeners make all of us fall in love with podcasting.

As a listener, you feel an incredible sense of belonging with your favorite podcast host, no matter in which part of the world you reside. This sense of community of people with the same interest is what makes podcasts’ medium so special and engaging.

Listeners are the most crucial determinant of your podcast success. But, connecting with your listeners only through the podcast episodes might limit your interaction and engagement with our listeners. Therefore, starting to build your podcast community is a very smart move for podcasters who want their podcast’s listenership and popularity to skyrocket.

On your podcast community, you can get a peek into your listener’s ideas, expectations, and feedback for the latest episodes. Building a dedicated online podcast community needs strategy, consistency, and work. But you will be amazed at the engagement and listenership growth via your community in comparison to the time you have to invest.

Why is a Podcast Community Important?

Podcasting is a two-way community. Without a connection with your listeners, your podcast might lose engagement. A thriving podcast community of listeners who tune in to your podcast every week and download your episodes can be your biggest advocates and brand ambassadors.

They’re those who will share and promote your episodes on Instagram stories, blogs, and Twitter. These are the people who will tell a friend about a conversation on your podcast that shifts their perspective. Their recommendations will grow your podcast’s listenership organically beyond what it currently enjoys.
Simply ask your existing listeners to recommend your podcast to a friend.
It only takes one domino to fall for the rest to follow.

How To Build Podcast Community?

Who is Your Ideal Listener?

Initiating your community with a crystal clear idea of your ideal listeners (avatar) can be a huge game-changer in the engagement. Therefore, before starting a podcast community be as specific about your targeted audience as you can.

People today are looking for specific answers to their questions. For example by specifying the ideal listeners as ambitious professionals or entrepreneurs searching for a life filled with authenticity, inner peace, and freedom; the podcast shows The Life Adventurist is able to drive more targeted listeners into the community rather than a podcast with the generalized audience for mental peace and inspiration.

Crown Chakra with Victoria Shaw

With no lack of options over the internet today, being super specific about what your podcast and community have to offer to your targeted audience can help you will climb the ladder of success higher.

Reap the Benefits of Social Media

After having a clear picture of your ideal listener in the mind, you should start searching and reaching out to the people who fit into this category. If you are a new podcaster and will be running all the marketing strategies single-handedly, we suggest you pick, one or two social media platforms that your ideal listeners prefer the most.

Recognizing the ideal listener’s favorite social media platforms is vital for building a thriving online community. So, before starting the promotions, know where your ideal listeners are: Instagram? Twitter? TikTok?

If marketing your podcast on social media might not look like the best fit for your skillset, then we have got you covered. With over a decade of experience in hand, the Say WHA radio team can help you find, reach out and win your ideal listeners on all the social media platforms.

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What Your Podcast Community has to offer?

Without a clear message for your members in the mind, building a thriving and engaging community is a gamble, your success might soar, but it is highly unlikely.

People today need a clear reason for joining a community. Even worse is that people in your community might not be interested in your podcast, thus even posting your episodes and initiating conversation on the community constantly could end up having a very low engagement.

Therefore, the clearer you are with your message, the more targeted people will be attracted to your community. For example, instead of generalizing the listeners as lattestes news seekers, the podcast shows Cool Black Nerd specifies its audiences as people seeking “reviews for the the most exciting releases and cover the most controversial topics within the gaming and entertainment industry.”

Cobalt #27

Nutrtion Means More Than Food

With a vague message for your community, your engagement rate will always be at the bottom, despite your constant efforts.

Slack, Discord, Other Chat Group

Having a conversation with other fans of your favorite show is the best thing about it – unless you’re talking about it with the creators! By creating dedicated groups for your podcast fans on platforms like Slack and Discord, you can accomplish both for your community.

Engage with your listeners on these chat groups about your latest episode, more content ideas, and direct feedbacks. You will be amazed how much your listeners love to talk and share their thoughts with the creator of their favorite podcast.

Final Thoughts

Listeners who are engaged with your podcast feel like they can trust you as an authority in your niche; it’s a win-win for all! Yet thriving podcast communities are not created by accident. Effective podcast communities take time and planning.

A podcaster needs to do more than just release high-quality episodes frequently to help build community and foster a sense of belonging. In the end, they all revolve around creating opportunities for listener engagement. But this is no easy task! Let’s face it, it won’t happen overnight. Through consistent and diligent efforts, you will build a community that will rally around you and your show.
You will be able to witness some true podcasting magic if you use these strategies!

We Can Help!

As a podcasting network running for years, we understand that building a thriving podcast community can be daunting at first. But, you don’t have to walk this arduous journey alone.

SayWHA Radio Network can help you at every step of your podcasting journey. Contact us, and let’s together exponentially spike your podcast’s listenership, engagement, and success!

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