Caeleb Dressel Swims With His Dog Jane In Gold Medal-Worthy Video

2021-08-14 16:05:19

A love of the water seems to run in Caeleb Dressel’s family ― human or not.

The Olympic swimmer posted a cute Instagram video on Friday showing his dog, Jane, getting some exercise alongside him in the pool.

Jane is seen getting ready on the starting platform with admirable form before leaping into the water after Dressel, who is swimming on his back holding a water toy. Dressel’s wife, Meghan, can be heard in the background, first saying, “This is insane” and then cheering Jane on as she catches up, People noted.

Caeleb Dressel (left) and Jane.

Jane makes frequent adorable appearances on the social media pages of both Dressels.

Her performance in the pool drew comments and praise from other athletes.

“Start is still better than mine,” commented fellow Olympic swimmer Bobby Finke, who won two gold medals in Tokyo and recently had a seahorse named after him.

Caeleb Dressel won two gold medals at the 2016 Olympics and five this year in Tokyo, where the U.S. men’s relay team beat the world record.

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