Calcium #20

In this episode, Jules and Justice get together- social distance style- to discuss the tragic loss of Chadwick Boseman and how he impacted the world, the Jacob Blake case, NBA players protesting, Facebook updates and of course the most recent TikTok drama.

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Jules: Hello everybody. Welcome to episode number 20 of the Cool Black Nerd Podcast. This is Calcium. I’m your host Jules. I am joined by our illustrious co-host. Her name is Justice. I mean, I think we should just jump right into it.

Justice: Okay.

Jules: Now it’s been a rough period since our last episode. Yes, it has 2020 has continued to show us…

Justice: It’s ass?

Jules: Yeah, that’s what I was going to say. It’s just a year where a lot of things are happening. I think people in life and the planet are just showing you who they really are. It just is what it is. We’re just going to have to learn how to live with, and deal with.

So let’s just go ahead and get right into it off the top. I guess we can kind of go with the most recent things and work backwards. Maybe Chadwick Boseman passed away recently for me personally, that was kind of a rough one. And I’m normally not the type of person to get too deep into my feelings when celebrities pass away.

Justice: I think everybody always has that mentality. It’s like, okay, this person passed, but I don’t know them. So why would I, so yeah, I get it. Is it?

Jules: Yeah. It’s, I guess it’s kind of that it’s like, I don’t know them. And then I also kind of feel like men, really, for me to feel the grief to me, that grief belongs to their family and friends and..

Justice: Never thought about it like that. That’s a good way to put it..

Jules: at least for me. So it was kind of a lot of things with Chadwick Boseman, starting with just. I said it at the beginning of the show here 2020 has just been a crazy year. And then for him to so surprisingly, cause usually, you know, when celebrities are ill or things like that with him, they managed to keep it very private.

On one hand is impressive, but on the other hand also, I guess kind of leads to this feeling of shock that it happened. And then as the details come out, you find out that he was diagnosed in 2016 with stage three colon cancer. So meaning all of his biggest films. Black Panther, The Five Bloods..

Justice: Civil War, Avengers.

Jules: Avengers Civil War, Avengers End Game, and a few others that are escaping me right now. He filmed this with stage three and potentially stage four, colon cancer. So getting chemotherapy, having all these surgeries, but still being able to not only make the movies, but participate in the marketing, be cordial with fans and to see no signs of it whatsoever, like all of his performances in a different context.

Justice: And it also kind of made you extremely reflective on his body of work in every single thing that he tackled in some way, shape or form has significance. First, Thurgood Marshall first justice on the Supreme court, Jackie Robinson, first person of color within the major league baseball, Black Panther, first black superhero.

I mean, once you kind of put it in that context, and then on top of knowing what he was going through with all of that. One going through it with his family and still saying to himself, I owe it to the people to do this. I owe it to the culture to do this and always feel upbeat. And there’s a video that’s been going around now talking about him, interacting with these two children who were terminally ill and that they were basically holding on for the movie of Black Panther to come out and he had been interacting with them throughout the entire production of the movie and as soon as the movie came out, the kids did pass. So knowing what he was going through with that, that could have had such a dire effect on anyone else. But. Him going through colon cancer at that time himself. And I’m pretty sure he probably didn’t share it with the children or if he did, that was just something that they shared together.

It just makes you one life, a lot different. And too, you just really want to scream “Fuck 2020” Excuse my language. But I know for me, I’m not gonna speak for Jules, but I know for me, it just put that entire thing into a whole different context on when people say I want to touch the world. Like really, you grow up and you literally do that.

Unfortunately it is coming at a time where, you know, he’s gone and he’s not able to see this, but he wasn’t able to see it at least through black Panther, at least through the stuff with Thurgood Marshall or whatnot. But he’s not going to be able to see and feel the, I don’t know how to put it. I put a post on it on the Instagram page and it’s just like, I don’t have the words for it, but it’s just feeling a magic around him now. I don’t know how to really put that into words.

Jules: I got you. What’s interesting to me is how a lot of children are reacting. You see various posts on social media, or just talking to my friends and how their children have reacted to finding out. And it’s like, you come to realize that not even for necessarily young kids, but even teenagers and maybe even some young adults, like if you think about his career, Him in his career.

He was very, very private. Like a lot of people didn’t even know he was married. You wouldn’t see him all over TMZ. There wouldn’t be pictures of him in Paris doing whatever, like attending fashion shows and things like that. So he was just a very private almost under the radar person until Black Panther.

So for a lot of people, he literally is Black Panther. Like he literally is this superhero kind of character come to life because that’s just all they know of him, you know? And I think for a lot of kids, it’s just interesting to see how they have reacted to his passing to me.

Jules: You just said that and it kind of just, again, gave me an aha moment for black people and people of color. I know a lot of the things that we prior to our, we have to aspire to is somebody in business, somebody in a law field, somebody in a real life setting necessarily to be like, okay, well we can get there. This can happen for us for Black Panther and for Wakanda, that was something so far fetched to a lot of people now.

Many people knew about this character years before in comics, but to open a lot of these people’s eyes to the fact that this has been something that other people thought of and other people were making this narrative of black excellence and what it could be, it’d be in thriving and things like that.

It almost made it a totem, it almost made it something achievable. And like you said, he became that because he was embodying in that as well. So it’s just kind of like that seal, not that seal, but that level got elevated that this is what we can aspire to. So like now when you see some of the things that happen in sports or winning stuff or achieving stuff, they’ll do the W.

And it’s just like, okay, this is what we’re achieving too. This is what we get into this. How are we going to build it? This is real. We can’t do it. And I don’t think. At any other time, would it have been as poignant or prominent with somebody with the big name? If that makes sense? Like if Denzel had done this, would it still have had the same significance that had been like was, Denzel say I can do that for somebody like him, just like he really more related to people.

It now seems achievable and this is what people are wanting. If someones child was born after this, everybody wearing the red and black, it brought pride to people that they before didn’t necessarily have, because it had been, I hate to say it, but shit on so much. And it was just something that they really didn’t think that could happen.

These kids saw it, they saw themselves and was just like, Oh my God. Yep. That’s really all that I can say about it. He would definitely be missed his work honestly will definitely stand forever. He thinks a great legacy for himself in a very short amount of time.

Justice: Yes. Condolences to his wife, his family, friends.

Jules: I guess, moving on. I’m sure most people have heard of the Jacob Blake, I guess call it the Jacob Blake shooting. Yeah. So, you know, there’s all sorts of things coming out about it. I would say, try to look up the facts for yourself. Find some trusted news sources, try to find more than one source. Don’t just seek out sources that are going to confirm what you may already believe, but try to find something that is I’m going to give it to you and give you the facts.

Justice: Different opinions and different viewpoints. Some of this stuff is going to be very hard to see and read because unfortunately just like George Floyd situation, this was recorded and it is very hard to see, but please take the time and the effort to educate yourself on this. We will have some things on this, on the website,

But again, This is going to be an evolving story, just like many of the other shootings, many things still are even coming out about Breonna Taylor, Georgia, Florida, and shoot even shootings years ago. And that’s going to continue to keep happening until something is done and until something changes, but educating yourself is something that you can do right now.

And then from that is the onus is on you on what you do with that information. Honestly,

Jules: that is absolutely correct. I think that you’re going to continue to see protests around the country, especially in regards to the killing of unarmed minorities by police. And I would say that as things come out about people, what I would like everybody to keep in mind is that on both sides of the equation. So even police officers, and even the people who have been victimized, what I think we all need to remember as we start seeing these things happen and things come out about these people’s lives. I think what we need to remember is in the heat of the moment when these tragic events happen, those things don’t matter because I would say that let’s keep your mind, like let’s take George Floyd, for example, the police were called because allegedly he attempted to make a purchase with some forged money, whether that’s true or not, or I guess, let me put it through, even if it is true, that’s not something that somebody deserves to die for. Even if that person is an ex-con somebody who’s an ex-felon being an ex-felon is not a reason for you to die.

So I would say let’s keep that in mind that. Let’s think about the situations that’s thinking about the facts at hand and really ask yourself, given the facts of the situation. Is that a reason for somebody to be dead?

Justice: Honestly, a lot of people’s initial reaction is usually true to what they feel. And then it’s swayed later on by other stuff that comes out about the person and it’s just like what you felt in the beginning, which is that’s fucked up. It’s still the truth. And continuing to believe and feel that, Oh, it’s not gonna happen to me. This is something that they did, or to make yourself feel better about it by trivializing it or rationalizing it in any way. There’s no rationale to this.

It’s just not right. And until people come to grips with that and see it for that, that this is a monsterous, I mean, the fact that this keeps happening. Not on a annual basis. It’s not even what five months from George Floyd. And it’s just like, come on, man. It does not need to go there. And the thing that gets me about this one is that of course, protests broke out with this in Wisconsin.

And there were militia groups that then, or counter protesters that then felt the need to go out and quote unquote restore order. Because they’re feeling that this isn’t.. that it shouldn’t be done, you should not be looting and shooting and things like that. But the protesting to be able to say, we deserve rights is something that’s still, or we deserve to be actually treated like humans.

There’s something that should be done. An individual in that particular one ended up shooting and killing two people. And as he was trying to get away. At one point, there were people screaming at police were coming down the street saying that he’s the person who shot it. He’s a shooter. And the person then started to try to give themselves up and standing in the middle of the street, but fucking rifle again.

Excuse my language. What a rifle please just roll right by, did not care. And still took this person in with no force, no anything or whatever like that. But seeing that he had shot two people, seeing that he had a gun to care and tenderness treating them like a human, but this man, Jacob Blake was shot in the back seven times in front of his children and is now paralyzed for the rest of his life for feeling like this is ridiculous, I’m still being treated like an animal. And one thing I’ve recently seen the movie Blackfish and it is a video or a documentary on SeaWorld and how they treat the Orca whales, killer whales within captivity. And it got so much traction and everything that see where it was actually changed the way that they do stuff.

And they’ll no longer be using those or stopped using them because of this. And it was showing that one of the killer Wells had actually killed a trainer and gone through the entire history of what led up to this and how he’d been brutalized, attacked, and beaten up and bullied by other whales. And all kinds of other stuff. And they was just like, can you blame him for going off and killing somebody? But now when you attribute that same rationale to these particular shootings, every single time, can you blame them for just wanting to be treated like a person or these protestors is still, Oh, well you still need to just deal with it and go by the law.

Oh, okay. I was just thrown off by that. I saw that it was just kind of like, how can you still fucking killer whales? Get more consideration.

Jules: So coming off of that, we saw the NBA players book out of games. It started with the Milwaukee bucks, which, you know, makes sense. The Milwaukee bucks, that’s kind of like the home team for Kenosha, Washington, like Kenosha is 40 minutes away from Milwaukee.

So it definitely was probably more personal for those players. So they decided that they were not going to play that game that day and had a playoff game scheduled. Then five minutes before it was scheduled to start, they made an announcement that they would not be playing that day. Man subsequently the rest of the teams in the NBA decided that they would not be playing games over the course of the next two or three days.

And I think what was interesting about it is you kind of saw with NBA players, you kind of saw opinions. You kind of saw how everything kind of played out like emotionally the first day, you know, they broke out of the games and the players and the coaches had a meeting to kind of figure out what they were going to do with the rest of the season.

And the players were kind of split. You had honestly, the two teams that most people are interested in seeing play the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Clippers, which also happened to beat the two teams, you know, that are kind of the favorites to win the championship, decided that they did not want to play the rest of the season.

And he also has some of the larger star players deciding that, Hey, we’re not going to play the rest of this season kind of immediately. Then you also had a large group of players that wanted to continue to play. And I think what happened over the course of the next two days as the players continued to have meetings, many, including having meetings with owners, notably having meetings where the only black owner, Michael Jordan was kind of acting as a liaison between the players and the owners.

And I point that out because when you think about sports ownership, Michael Jordan is unique. Like not only is he one of the very few minority owners of a team, but he is a former player and he’s not just any former player its the Michael Jordan. So he has the utmost respect from all of the players in the league.

The owners obviously respect them because the way ownerships in these league is work is it does not matter whether or not you have the money to buy the team. Like, I mean, obviously you have to have the money, but the amount of money that you have, it does not matter. Like these are legitimate, like good old boy clubs.

Like they decide who owns a team as a group. You know what I mean? Like you can come to them with $10 billion and if they just don’t like you, you’re not gonna be owner. So for Michael Jordan to be an owner, he also has to at least have the respect of the owners, the other owners as well. So I think that just him being who he is was probably very instrumental to what they ended up doing.

As a result of these boycotts, they came together. They made some decisions about what the players were going to do. They’re going to remain, they’re going to continue to play because playing gives them the largest microphone for them to be able to speak about things that they want to speak about. In addition to that, obviously they continue to get game checks and that sets them up to be able to invest in their communities in a way that they obviously would not be able to do so if they weren’t continuing to get game checks from the owners, you know, they have continued to commit themselves to supporting the players causes.

And I think the biggest one that was kind of a surprise to me, especially as we head into this next election. Is that the owners committed to using the NBA arenas as the voting stations in the cities that they’re in. So we’ve already seen the announcement from teams like the Houston rockets and a few others that are confirming that this has taken place.

And I, you know, I guess negotiations are kind of ongoing for some of the other teams to be able to use an NBA arena as a polling station. So I think that that’s definitely some positive steps. And I think that’s something that I’ve kind of been saying from the beginning that I’m glad to see, kind of come to fruition is protesting is good because it gets the attention.

It gets people looking at you, but what you need now are next steps. So what are the things that you can do? To initiate some kind of change or have some kind of impact. Right. And the reason that I say that is because what you don’t want is just a protest and that you have nothing actionable behind it because we know these changes, the ultimate change that we want.

Like it’s not going to happen tomorrow. Like you’re not going to protest the players are not going to not play a game or two games. And all of a sudden systemic racism is over. That’s just not how it’s going to work. So I’m glad that they were able to come up with some concrete things that they could do to begin to work towards the goal of the protest or to address the issues that the protest is meant to highlight.

Justice: But you’re right. I think like what you’re saying is when you are able to do what you can and you have the voice, please use your platform for the best intentions. And this is one of the best ones. Like you said, that. But using the stadiums as voting stations is just amazing. There are other people out there who are wanting to do their part and do what they can with what they can.

So we have an artist we wanted to give a shout out to Brittany Campbell. She’s a singer song writer and independent animator who reached out to us to basically ask that we talk about the things that she’s doing and trying to just promote one of the things in the black lives matter movement, as well as just being able to give resources and educational funding to some of the people of color who aren’t always able to of course afford these things necessarily.

She just wanted to ask us that we’ll be able to spread a little bit of awareness on these things. She made a we’ll video, a visual video, an animated video. Damn. I was about to say a visual art piece and I don’t know why I said video, but anyway, she made a animated video, regarding the subject, and she also has a beautiful song that she actually put out as well.

And we’ll link that. Again, on the, say what radio page, and look for the Calcium episode and you’ll see that information in the resources section on the episode. And we just want to thank Brittany for being one of those people who is trying and as I said before, you don’t have to do.

Just like the biggest grandest gestures every single time, but at least you’re consistent. At least you’re doing something, at least you’re trying, you’re using your talents to be able to bring awareness to all of this stuff in your way. And that in and of itself is amazing. So we want to just go ahead and give Brittany a hand clap.

Can you hear it, but that’s a hand clap. Okay.

Jules: Going to edit into their like a hand clap. I’m going to add a hand clap. All right. So again, as we are talking about voting, obviously the election is coming up. The Democratic national convention and the Republican national convention happened a few weeks ago. I hope that you guys had an opportunity to tune in. I think that for the first time, in a long time, that will maybe not so long before the first time, you know what I’m saying? I’d say the first time, I’m just going to say this time, there is a stark choice and I am not here to tell you who to vote for. All I can tell you to do is educate yourself. And I think that this is going to be one of the most important elections for our generation. I know people say that a lot about elections, but I think that given everything that’s going on right now, I think it’s important that people have their voice heard.

And in many ways, the only way to do that is voting. So make sure that you educate yourself and make sure more importantly than any national elections that are going on, educate yourself about local politicians, because those are the politicians that are going to most directly affect your life. And I know that that is probably easier said than done, but check out your local newspapers, check out their websites. I know people don’t really read the newspaper anymore, but take your local news. Check your local newspaper websites, check things like that. To try to find out who these people are, what positions they’re running for and what those positions do.

Because you know, you hear railroad commissioner. You might not even understand what that you might not even have railroads around you. So what does that person do? What is it that that person has some sort of executive power over. So try to find out those things, find out what those people stand for and decide who represents you.

Justice: Cause you never know what that stuff actually may be tied to. As say says just, you don’t have to be up on every single thing, but be aware. That’s it like we were saying before, educate yourself as much as you can. I know it’s a lot, but in 2020, so much is hitting us in the face because one we weren’t actually taking the time to look at stuff and take it seriously.

And it’s like, Hey, we not going to wear this issues and stuff that we have to talk about. We can’t keep sweeping under the rug, educate yourself people, go to page.

Jules: And one thing I’m gonna make this a really awkward segue, but I’m gonna say it anyway. Speaking of elections, you know, Facebook may have a shaky kind of reputation around what is and what is not allowed on the platform..

Justice: and just in general, their privacy. Or their privacy record just hasn’t been the best since you know, that leaking of information back into. Yeah. So, yeah.

Jules: And I’ll say this too, the amount of information that Facebook collects just by the app being on your phone is incredible. One of the things that we’re seeing, I don’t know if this is Apple pushing back against it or what.

Justice: I kind of see it as just an assertion of dominance. One to of course protect their users because without them, they’re not going to be the giant that they are, but also I kind of see them also wanting to

Jules: I’m looking at it like they want to keep it to themselves. But so what we’re talking about is a, in the next iOS update, Apple is going to change the way their apps work instead of, an opt out situation. They’re going to be switching things to where users have to opt in to have the information shared from apps that are downloaded from the app store. Um, if Facebook put out a blog post that says that this is going to potentially reduce the revenue from their advertiser network service by 50%.

And what that is is basically a service that lets advertisers specifically target you based on maybe something that you searched for, or maybe some sort of group that you’re in on Facebook. And the way that they target is not that they have your name or your personal information, but they have like an identification number for your device.

So it knows that whoever’s using this device searched for teapots. So then you get an ad from a company that sells teapots as you’re scrolling through Facebook. So now, instead of that being some issue out of which you can, which a lot of people didn’t even realize because who reads terms and conditions, who’s going to go through all those settings and opt in and out of whatever iOS 14 is going to force you to opt in, which obviously most people won’t do.

Justice: And that’s majority been the way that Facebook has been able to become the company that it is. I mean, they are just from selling your information because there was no legislation or even kind of like rules to guide people on this stuff. It was just like, Hey, data analytics, we got them, what you want.

And this is really going to impact the way stuff goes from now on. Cause it’s not just Facebook that has this stuff. I mean, people don’t use this, but they’re a big player in the advertising space as well, being ads, Google, just a lot.

Jules: Every time Microsoft products I’ve mentioned,

Justice: it’s going to change the landscape of advertising as we know it, that retargeting, and this will be for iOS devices. I always mobile devices. So like iPads, iPhones, things of that nature. I don’t believe this is going to affect like their desktop products and things like that. But that’s not where the wealth of knowledge is because not many people are spending that much time on those desktop type products.

It’s always on these mobile devices. So this is going to be something that we’re going to continue to see, but it’s not the only thing that Facebook actually did to kind of light a fire or kind of get on the bad side of Apple. They also put in an update at one point in time of their app, where it was like a banner on there saying, Hey Apple is basically they’re kind of ranting or stating that Apple is cutting into our profits by, or not our profits, but, you know, asking for like a 35% share or a 30% share of profits and it’s affecting how you receive the apps that you like and would want to have from independent developers or big name developers.

Apple was kind of like take that shit down now.

Justice: So yeah, I’m not sure if we talked about that on the last episode, but we probably didn’t with the Epic, Epic Games, definitely putting that in the forefront and fortnight on only Apple devices, but also on Android devices with them going as far as the posting a link on their own to make purchases directly from them because Apple and Google as well, take 30% of the revenue from anything that’s sold in an app that has been downloaded from their respective app stores. And obviously developers don’t like that 30% is significant. It’s tough because if you pass that cost onto the consumer, your favorite app is no longer going to be a 4.99 app. You know what I mean? Like it’s going to be significantly more expensive and potentially reducing their user basis.

I get it.

Justice: Epic went so far as to, they knew that this was going to have an impact and Apple immediately took the.

Jules: Fortnight.

Justice: Yeah, they took fortnight from the app store. You can no longer get it. If I’m not mistaken, they’re blocking access to it for people who already downloaded on their own Apple devices…

Jules: and Epic immediately filed an antitrust lawsuit against them and then Google did the same thing about 30 minutes later, and also accordingly 30 minutes after that, they also filed an antitrust lawsuit against Google. So, you know, it was going to play out in the courts now and we’ll find out what happens. I’m gonna just have a lot of weird segues that work. All right.

I’m sorry. Speaking of apps, uh…

Justice: TikTok aint go through this.

Jules: They got us back has other problems. So I’m sure people have heard that TikTok has come under fire for potentially. I’m not sure I’m gonna say it. I’m not sure that there’s been any evidence that they’ve done it, but because TikTok is owned by a Chinese company, you know, things work differently over there, especially when it relates to privacy and user information.

There is a national security concern that that app could potentially be sharing user data with the Chinese government. So you see a lot of government agencies preventing people from being able to download that app onto their phone. Some larger companies have, ah, you know, they’ve kind of waffled on it.

I’ve seen some companies that initially bandaged and then kind of went back on that, but you have a number of large companies in the United States, preventing employees from also having it on their work phones. And you’re giving the political headwinds in our country. The president decided to issue an executive order to ban the app in the U S and not only did he ban, specifically TikTok, but he banned any application or any American company from doing any sort of business with the company that produces TikTok.

So they had 45 days to either sell TikTok or whatever else. To an American company or just stop. They have since extended that as some companies have definitely got into negotiations for it. I know Microsoft is looking to purchase TikTok. I’m sure Facebook, Apple..

Justice: is kind of like now it’s more of an, a crowd funding, like type thing and I guess it’s just in the sheer numbers of the access of wealth of knowledge that you get from the user’s data from TikTok. So it’s like Microsoft is in the thing, but they’ve also kind of gone into like a group thing with Walmart. And I was like, what? So it was just like, Oh, who would actually own more?

And you’re right. If I’m not mistaken, Facebook, at some point in time was in that negotiations to be the third person in it. But, um, they’ve since been dropped off and it’s still just Microsoft and Walmart going back and forth. And through the midst of all of this, the CEO of TikTok actually had to step down because of everything necessarily going on.

But. As you said, there are a lot of agencies and companies within the U S that were just banning it. And one way to make it bigger than what it is, is to be able to work with other companies for that. So that kind of cut off this big hit for them, because there were other countries that just outright ban them.

Like it’s banned. If I’m not mistaken in India..

Jules: Let me say this too, as we talk about tech, we’re going to every once in a while, you’re going to hear us talking about India for a lot of people that may be surprising until you realize. India has like the second largest population on the planet. So if something is popping in India, you don’t need to be anywhere else.

Just throwing that out there.

Justice: Yeah. Yeah. And if I’m not mistaken, there’s some places that were wanting to do it also within Asian countries, like South Korea and stuff like that. If I’m not mistaken, but it’s just. Like they got a bad rap. Somebody found something out somewhere and they were like, Hey, TikTok spying on you.

And everybody just lost their shit UK to the UK too. They also did it as well.

Jules: And you know, this is probably not helping the situation. The Chinese government is also fighting back. They issued some new regulations that prevent the sale. Uh, Chinese companies, technology to American companies. So TikTok was forced essentially to sue our presidential administration to prevent that executive order from going into effect because they literally cannot sell, unless something changes with the Chinese government. So he’s just a big, big mess.

Justice: And it kind of went back to what we said at one point in time, a little bit earlier in episodes where we’re saying that you need to diversify and make sure you don’t have everything in one basket. So a lot of the content creators on TikTok are kind of in limbo, they don’t know if they’ll be able to continue on or what’s going to happen with this stuff. And many of these people weren’t able to make it on other platforms, but somehow, or another exploded on TikTok. And it’s just like, now they’re like, Well, what the hell? I feel bad for them. Cause they’re caught between this.

People just want to have fun during this crazy time right now, but people need 2020 is making people crazy, man. It definitely is.

Jules: And you know what? Speaking of Microsoft, they have released a foldable sort of prototype device, the Surface Duo.

Justice: They try.

Jules: Yeah. They keep trying. They will, I will try.

They will not give up unless this mixer keep going. You know, reading some reviews on that, the device looks, it looks interesting. It looks good. It looks like a passport. You know, I like the way it looks. I’m not even going to lie. Everybody seems to really like the hinge for some reason.

Justice: Yeah. I’ve been seeing that everywhere. There was all this hinge. Like that’s not what I mean.

Jules: That’s kind of the only news that I’ve heard about it is this hinge is fantastic. But everything else does appear to be underwhelming. Apparently, you know, it just kind of has large bezels, older hardware, you know, there may be an effort by the company to keep the price down on it, or to make sure that they could keep it a certain size.

But I mean, they try, you know, just how I feel about most Microsoft products is okay. Cool. I guess, you know, Do what you do,

Justice: Maybe they need to get in on the fall guys…

Jules: Maybe they gotta get on the Fall Guys and get in on the action. So fall guys, man, that game it’s a game. I have not played the game, but it definitely looks fun. For those of you who don’t know, it’s kind of like a party game where I think it’s up to 60 people kind of competing against each other in different mini games and people get eliminated as it kind of goes further along and eventually there’s one person left, you know, the winner, that’s how you win the game, but it’s just, you know, kind of fun, little mini games, games that look like they will be really, really fun to play with some friends like Mario party used to be. I’m interested. I would like to play it and they have an auction going on right now, which is kind of a really hilarious auction because they’re giving individuals the opportunity to design a costume for the characters and the characters just look like little tictacs.

I mean, they really look like the, what are the guys from despicable me? You know, the little yellow guys, they look at what y’all they look like, the little yellow guys, the eyes are a little bit different, so they don’t look exactly the same, but.

Justice: The minions.

Jules: Yeah. Yeah. The minions. So they have little costumes that you can put them on to kind of individualize your character.

And they’re giving people the opportunity to purchase a chance or purchase being able to design their own costume that will be put into the game. So you have streamers bidding, I think right now the highest bid is $422,000 for Oh no, no, no. It’s 422,000 and 69 cents. Because the company Tushy that makes those bidets came out and it’s 69 cents to it to go above the current highest bid.

And their bid is just like a peach face. Everybody knows their peach emoji means. And then on the shirt, I think he said something like my shit don’t stink or something like that.

Justice: It’s just amazing. Whoever came up with this marketing plug, because just this auction has gotten so much traction to be able to give people a window into this game because a lot of people didn’t even know what this was, but because Ninja actually bidded on it at one point in time to have it appointed after that.

Jules: So that’ll be interesting. I’m interested to see where that goes.

Justice: Wish we could get some money to get something and have a little cool black nerd.

Jules: And I, you know put 30$ on it, I don’t think that’s enough to win, but I got 30 on it. Speaking of games, guys, I’m going to say there’s a lot of stuff is going on in the world.

And I just. Gamescom happened. I don’t know what happened. Cause everything else was happening.

Justice: I will say it was just underwhelming. That was a lot of stuff that came out. But like, as jewel said, it was kind of just like, eh, so the stuff that I’d rather be watching and stuff like that.

Jules: Yeah. I wish I could tell you guys more.

But, you know, I can say this, go to, Even cnet, I’m sure they have great coverage that will tell you everything that happened at Gamescom.

Justice: We’ll link you an article on the black nerd. Again, go ahead and take a look. We’ll link something, but mainly want to say that games or games are becoming such a hot commodity.

Even e-sports like, there are people who are more and more people are just investing in it. It’s just becoming so mainstream. I mean, this fall guys thing has just taken over, but think fall guys is mainly more of kind of like what you were saying is making people nostalgic for the Mario party. And in this time where people still being in, you know, indoors and wanting the social distance and stuff just allows you to still have fun with your friends and it’s something new.

So yeah, definitely ending on a good note on that one.

Jules: Ending on a good note, guys, do your best to stay healthy, stay positive, enjoy time with your friends and family. As we definitely learned this week, life is short. You never know what’s going to happen. Make sure you give everybody their roses while you can. Let your people know that you love them and just do your best to stay sane.

Let’s go ahead and call this one, an episode, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for listening to the cool black nerd podcast. Again, check us out on social media. Always go check out There are several podcasts in our network that I think everybody would enjoy and love and just have a great time listening to it.

Justice: Always. We out.

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