Camila Cabello Freaks Out Meeting Jason Momoa And Emilia Clarke On Chat Show

2019-10-26 06:06:50

The singer-songwriter came face-to-face with the onscreen husband and wife on Friday’s broadcast of “The Graham Norton Show” on BBC One — and promptly freaked out.

“My Queen,” Cabello addressed Clarke, who played Daenerys Targaryen on HBO’s epic fantasy drama.

“I’m sorry. I would just like to say, I am the biggest ‘Game of Thrones’ fan in the entire world and my heart, literally, there’s a reason why I’m the only red wine on this table and it’s because I’m just freaking out to meet you guys,” she then explained to Clarke and Momoa, who played Khal Drogo on the show.

“I went through a ‘Game of Thrones,’ like, literally, finished all eight seasons in a month this year,” she explained. “It’s going to take me about the whole time of this interview to recover from this. I’ve never fangirled so hard in my lie.”

Twitter users were also excited by Momoa’s entrance to the show, when he made a direct beeline for Clarke instead of host Norton:

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