Chicago Booster Chance The Rapper Busts Out Teachers Union Sweatshirt On ‘SNL’

2019-10-27 00:22:13

Chance the Rapper stood up for his hometown big time — again — on “Saturday Night Live” sporting a Chicago Teachers Union sweatshirt to honor the teachers on strike there. “I fully support you,” he said to applause.

Earlier he had tweeted a photo of striking teachers, including one wearing a “Chance” hat. “I gotchu,” he tweeted.

 On “SNL” the host and musical guest for the night mentioned he donated $1 million last year to Chicago public schools — then broke into a rap hailing the “city that fathered me.”

Chi Town is known as the “second city,” but Chance rapped: “That doesn’t bother me. I gotta tell ya, I think it’s the reverse. Sometimes the second best is better than the first.”

That was his cue to honor also-rans everywhere — his preferences — like Burger King, Bing, Pepsi and Angel, instead of Buffy, and Luigi instead of Mario. (It was, incidentally, Chance’s second time on “SNL.”)

“SNL” cast member Kyle Mooney had some ideas of his own for Chance’s rap because he said his San Diego hometown is “kind of like the second city of California.” Check it out in the video up top. 

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