Chris Hayes Spots The Angle That MAGA World Is Missing On COVID-19 Vaccines

2021-07-09 05:18:46

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes thinks “MAGA World” is missing a key point when it comes to COVID-19 vaccines and ending the pandemic.

Instead of sowing doubts about the shots that scientists deem safe and effective, the “All In” anchor suggested another “very obvious” avenue “the entire right-wing, MAGA world, conservatives, Fox News could take” ― especially since vaccination rates have now dramatically slowed down. 

That is, going all-in on promoting ex-President Donald Trump’s involvement in the development of the jabs.

“Now, it’s not like Donald Trump himself developed the vaccine,” said Hayes.

But he noted arguments that the Trump White House-implemented Operation Warp Speed program aimed at accelerating the development of the shots “did help at the margins.”

“If they’re going to pick a deceptive narrative to go with, why not go with that one?” asked Hayes. “That Donald Trump delivered us these miraculous vaccines and we should all thank him and go get our Trump shots.”

“They should be telling everyone that the vaccines were the greatest achievement of the Trump presidency,” he added. It would be “closer to true than 95% of the things Donald Trump says.”

“They should be hosting MAGA rallies with mass vaccinations and a free MAGA hat with every shot,” said Hayes. “They could do that if they wanted to. They could, they could do it tomorrow. Instead, they chose the path of least resistance. They chose to play into the paranoia and the opposition, the nihilism that is increasingly at the beating heart of this political movement.”

Watch the video above.

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