Cyberpunk players won’t stop having sex with Keanu Reeves? In this episode, Jules and Justice join forces to discuss the viability of bite-sized content (Instagram reels and TikTok), Space X Ride Share and that GameStop versus Wall Street thing that everyone is talking about!

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Jules: All right. Well we’d like to welcome everybody to episode number 24 Chromium of the Cool Black Nerd Podcast. I am your host Jules I’m joined by everybody’s favorite co-host Justice.

Justice: Ello’

Jules: You know what? If you’re going to say it like that. You are no longer everybody’s favorite co-host. I don’t know what that was.

Justice: I’m just trying to get in your good graces. It just seems to be that if you have an accent, you seem to be a lot more.

Jules: I don’t do that, what? I don’t know what you just did.

Justice: What episode is this? Are we on number 24? 24? Chromium okay.

Jules: That’s what it is. So do you know what guys, this is probably going to be the first time in a while were in a previous episode, we said, you know what? We’re going to touch on that next time. So let’s go ahead and jump into it with this bite sized content.

Justice: Everybody’s favorite. So last time we talked about the, kind of like the, the part especially for something like would be a good model when you think about it. Cause I mean, you have, Platforms like TikTok blowing up. Instagram stories are crazy. Hell. Facebook has stories, even freaking YouTube has shorts, little stories that you can do. So clearly there is, you know, like the trend for bite-sized content. So we had our resident researcher, extraordinaire, Mariah help us with a little bit with some of this, these facts in these numbers, for instance, just in general, previously, they were saying that people who looked at bite-sized content or what not, it was always more than the, a larger sense. In 2000, our screens were a lot bigger and we were looking at them a lot less now seems like our screens have gotten a little bit smaller and our attention spans as well.

So previously we were hitting, you know in the year 2000, we were looking at, you know, 12 seconds. Now attention span, if you’re… if you haven’t got them by 8.25 seconds. They are moving on. So you had me for 12 seconds in 2000. 2015 it dropped to 8.25 seconds.

Jules: So you just read like the amount of time that I’m going to watch it before I decided to move on. Okay. That’s interesting.

Justice: That’s crazy. Like, I didn’t even think about that, but you’re very right. I will definitely… even now I’ve gotten into TikTok a little bit and I love the challenges, I don’t know how they be so creative with this. Like they’ll come out of here with nothing like the ones where Marly.. I believe her name is Marly Estevez. She looks to be like, she’s a gymnast or whatnot, and she’s very toned. And when she does her dances or whatever, people live, like stitched together, her pulling them or doing something to them. And that is just hilarious to me. Then we got the buss it challenge. And in the beginning of that was to show a women or people having bodyadi and looking nice. And people are taking that and made it a comedy stuff. My favorite buss it challenge is the guy turning into Bernie Sanders.

Jules: That is, yeah, that’s a good one. I will admit that it is a good one. You know what all I can do is agree. And I, I don’t.. the only way I can put it is this way. Cause I mean, at this point, you know, you and I we’re not spring chickens, no more. These kids man… these kids are really just come a day. I don’t know how they come up with this stuff, but they, I got to give it to him that they have mastered like this by sized content, social media stuff. They’re just really, really good at it.

Justice: I was saying, like, I’m so immersed into it. If sad to say it, now that we’re talking about it, I feel kind of bad saying it out loud. Like I’m looking at this and I already know that it can not go more than 60 seconds on TikTok. But the one, even the ones that I see that are 60 seconds, I’m like, you know, if in this first five seconds you ain’t got me like … I’m swiping. I went to the source like… I don’t even know what’s going to happen. It’s just automatic with me right now. I’m so… I feel so bad saying that.

Jules: I don’t know, like I, like I was saying previously, I think you just have a, an expectation for what, how long the content is going to be based on whatever platform it is. And, and I think it also has to do with what you’re doing at the same time. You know, we mentioned how Quibi he was trying to fill in the gap. Like, as you were maybe commuting to him from work or something like that, riding the bus, ran the school bus, whatever. But I don’t think that a cell phone is the right place for that type of content. Like even me. So I, I watched YouTube way more than I do anything like TikTok or a Instagram and stuff like that. So if I, if I see a video on YouTube on my phone and I see that it’s like longer than five minutes, I’m probably just gonna save the video for later and watch it on my TV. And I agree… like if, if there is a video that I think I’m interested in In you’re not talking about what I was thinking about within the first 10 seconds? I’m done. I’m good. I don’t, I don’t need to hear the rest of whatever you’ve got to say is no longer important to me that I had a, I don’t know why it’s like that, but it is.

Justice: One of the biggest reasons that they were saying, of course, buying being a predecessor to this, that was the model to showcase that the bite sized content really was something that people were clamoring for. And also it was for the younger, as you said, the younger gen Z age group, the 16 to 24 year olds basically taking the appeal of this, I guess kind of like slapstick funniest, home videos, dumbest criminal type things, and just putting it in that little bitty timeframe. And it just worked. Another thing that they’re saying is, you know, TikTok, it’s a very convenient to do. The editing is very easy. That’s one thing about it. If you guys are looking for a great editor, even if you’re not on TikTok to use it, to read, to look at the bite-size content of whatever the editor on TikTok is freaking amazing to be just as a free app.

I’m not gonna lie. Some of those things I paid for in previous editing tools. And that is crazy. So that’s one of the other things, and this is the third one is basically, and I think this goes back to what we’ve always kind of talked about the algorithms and the AI that’s behind all of this, allowing so many companies to have access to your data and your habits and things like that. And them being able to make that into an amazing algorithm is to show you the stuff that is going to be appealing to you

Jules: For better or worse appealing to you

Justice: Because they have the best that the for you page is the best. I mean, previously for Facebook, it was, you know, the newsfeed. It is crap. It is crap. Now, I’m sorry. I… I’m rarely on Facebook for anything. We have our Facebook page that is run by a wonderful social media manager, but I am rarely on it. I’d tell you that all the time, either on Instagram, on TikTok and we have all of those for SayWHA Radio, I don’t believe we have a lot for Cool black nerd, but keep on the lookout.

Jules: We’re going to have to hire one of these gen Z kids for TikTok. I ain’t got a lot.

Justice: Yeah. Like I did a couple videos on there and we’ve uploaded some other stuff on the SayWHA Radio page. We got a total of, I think 25, 25 followers compared to us hitting 13 K on Instagram. Awesome. But TikTok that, ain’t nothing. Now, if you ain’t hitting and all the TikTok none that I care, but that for you page was genius. It really, really wasn’t still is. I don’t ever even look at my following page. I’m just on that FYI page. That’s it? That’s it.

Jules: Oh my goodness. So yeah, I mean a, I like to say, you know, more power to TikTok you know, they survive the little hiccup they had, where they were about to get banned.

Justice: That was a good one. That was a good one.

Jules: So, I mean, you know, you got a give it to everybody who enjoys it. I, you know, I, I’m glad to see, you know, by sized content. And I wonder, I’m curious, see where everything kind of goes from here that I can say this too. The, the landscape for entertainment is changing cable companies. Hey, you had to start embracing some of this stuff somehow. I wonder down to where you start seeing, like, and I’m just saying like, I think about now think about streaming services now, and then the, the, like the supplementary entertainment that you have on your phone or stuff. That’s like mobile, like this bite-sized content. Like, I mean, the, there’s not a lot of people who would say that they actually need cable,

Justice: Because in the beginning, when people we’re doing the cord cutting, as I say, it was mainly to save money from the cable packages, which were insane, the channels you didn’t want. And I remember working for Comcast at one point in time. And so many times that customers would ask, can I just get the channels that I want? I don’t want all these other stuff. And usually the packages that the channels that I want are in there. Can I just, a la carte these channels and it’s just like, no, they come as a package deal. So people were just like, okay, if that’s the case, none of this stuff I’m watching, Netflix is good. I’ll just cut the cord on that. Then Hulu came along, then you have right now Disney+ you have Paramount plus, which we used to be CBS all access and Peacock. And I mean, it’s becoming, where should you just go back to the cable and get all of those channels? Because that starts to add up after a while.

Jules: It definitely adds up. But I mean, I’m still leaning towards no, I have a lot of packages. Like I have Disney plus ESPN plus Netflix, Amazon prime video, you know, I don’t even know. I just have all kinds of stuff. And does it cost as much as cable used to honestly, doesn’t feel like it does. I honestly don’t think that it does. You know, the last time I added it up, I told you guys how much I was spending, but when I consider what a regular cable package is, plus I was going to get HBO. I’m going to get, you know, stars or whatever. When I add all that up, I still think is less.

And I can watch what I want to watch when I get ready. And at all times like, and I know, you know, cable has on demand, but it’s not quite the same for a lot of shows. If I, if, if I feel like, Hey, I just wanna watch this whole season. I can do that. That may not always be available on demand. I think you just have so much more choice with the streaming services. That cable is really becoming obsolete. I was going to say this too you mentioned like a lot of people want that Al a carte, like the chance to just choose what they want to watch it. The only way to do that right now is to take advantage of these terms and services. And I think that the content providers for the most part are going to end up cutting out the cable companies unless the cable company is just to buy them all up, which, you know, we’ve seen some of that happen in like with, AT&T and, you know, owning HBO.

But like I said, that for the most part, though, the content providers have adapted. A lot of them are coming out with their own streaming services, where they have deals for their shows to appear on some kind of a streaming service somewhere. And I just have more flexibility with what I want to spend my money on.

Justice: I think that is the biggest takeaway for a lot of people. It gives you more of, okay, as you said, I don’t like this necessarily, but I can deal with it, for that. And this is the only thing that I think will always be a hindrance to cable, kind of like what you were saying, even if they want to offer the on demand type stuff. And they had where they had all seasons showing or something like that, they’re still going to have a crap ton of ads in those. And most of the time, people just don’t want to watch those commercials. Like I just want, and they have the functionality to be able to skip the commercials in some of them. But at that point, it’s just like, why is that? Even there?

Jules: I agree. I don’t know, as an experience, it needs to change. And you know, maybe we’ll see that maybe we won’t

Somebody who’s got to pay for it though. And usually is paid for it in advertising. So… but as we see people to pay a premium to not watch those ads

Jules: Yep. I will.

Justice: I’m going to be, I actually have peacock as a option for mine because I just have the internet service and it comes with it for free. But it’s the ad version I’ve never signed up for. I’m like, don’t want to, I don’t know. I’m not watching the ads. I don’t see the point.

Jules: You know, I was just about to say something that I noticed this weekend, as I was watching, I can’t remember what show it was. I was watching, but it caught me off guard when an ad came on, like that’s how long it’s been since I’ve watched or how used to watch and something that doesn’t have ads that are like, I actually saw a commercial. That was like, what the hell is this? What is this? Why am I seeing this? Like the only time I expect commercials is when I’m watching sports. At this point. Oh, wow. I don’t expect them at all. It’s even weird when I watched the show that, you know, obviously if you’re watching like an older show, it originally had commercials cause it aired on just regular TV.

I like to see the breaks were, the commercials would be, its like jarring. Now you’ve just cut from one scene to another win. It’s like, wait, what the fuck just happened here? Oh, that’s where a commercial would of been like it’ll fade the black. It may come back. In awesome. Totally different stuff happening. You’re just like, what is this… why and.. oh man?

Justice: So I didn’t even think about it. Like, I mean you’re right. The way everything is going about is really changing. Even the ad supported version of shows that go on like a Peacock or a safer Institute or whatever. They’ve very good at being able to cut it before that, to make it look like a streamlined is substance. And like you said, just kind of looks a little wonky sometimes. Cause it’s like, why did he jump from over there?

Jules: But okay. Yep. I don’t know. So speaking of industries that need to adapt, you know, we got the touch on it. GameStop man. Oh my goodness.

Justice: I wanted so bad to ask you about this. But I was like, we got to talk about it on the show. I have to hear what you want to say. I have to…

Jules: Oh man. First of all, I want to say I’m proud of everybody at Wall Street bets.

Justice: You guys are the real MVP.

Jules: I think it was having ah… and I get to it. It’s it’s a very funny to me. Oh, there’s some, I don’t even know where to start. I’m just going to start by saying, you know, what’s going on? Like what, what is, what is happening with GameStop and a bunch of the other stocks. If you guys are familiar with short-selling, we are not familiar with it. I’m going to try to explain it very simply here pretty briefly. So short-selling is when an investor or a hedge fund or some kind of brokerage fund, like they will borrow a stock at a certain price is betting on a to drop and then sell it back and try to take that as profits.

So the easiest way to think about it is, okay, let’s say there is a company named Jules Co and Jessica, thanks. Jules Co is terrible. Right? She thinks it sucks. So she says that is clearly like the stock price of Jules code was going to go down. So what you do is you borrow my stock, let’s say, is that $10? Right? So you borrow it at $10 from somebody else. And then my price drops to $5. And at that point you sell it and you have to give it back to the original person, but now it’s only worth $5. So you give it back to them at five and you keep that $5 profit, that difference that was made.

So that’s what short sellers are doing to, to companies that they think are doing well. Or at least that’s what they’re supposed to be doing. Supposedly companies that are doing well, that you think the stock price we’re going to go down, but the way the stock market works now, people are able to see when other company, when other investors or hedge funds are shorting a stock. So they will also go in and short that stock as well. So it could be a company that is perfectly healthy, but if enough of them get together and short a stock, everybody starts thinking, Oh, this is my opportunity to make some money because this stock is going to go down and its kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Everybody starts selling because based on what I’m seeing on wall street, everybody expect the stock to go down. So I need to sell it now. And when everybody starts selling, inevitably what happens? The price goes down and the short sellers make money. It’s kind of like they could just get together and short a stock all at once and guarantee that they’re going to make money, right? Like why would, why wouldn’t you do that? Like who’s, who’s going to stop you? You know, as long as you don’t have emails and messages going back and forth explicitly saying, this is what we’re doing. Right. You know, I’m here to fund A, I just happened to see that hedge fund being a hedge fund C are shorting a stock.

Let me go in here and short it to them. They’ve been doing that for, for years. Right. Been doing that for a year, years and years and years and years and years. So what happened at this time? GameStop and we’ve talked about GameStop before, on this podcast everybody knows how I feel about GameStop personally. I don’t think it is a very good company and you know, it is a stock that probably should have been shorted, but the folks over at the wall street bits on Reddit, man, they say that enough is enough. We tired of the big guys controlling the narrative. We tired of them controlling what’s going on with these companies, with the to them, you know, essentially just stealing our money, you know? And he’s you saw what happened with the, when the, the, the real estate bubble burst. Yeah. And the economy was trash. They got to bail out and the little guy that they, yeah, exactly. They got to bail out and they just kept on printing money on the money print.

Justice: Doing the same thing that got ’em in that situation to begin with, exactly.

Jules: So you guys are on Wall Street… they said it’s not going to happen this time. And they started buying, they started buying the shit out of GameStop stock. So two weeks ago that stock was at $17. The last time I checked it, it said $330. Well, you know, I think it got up to a peak to a peak of 420.

Yeah. The thing now is trading at 330. We’re going to talk about the two because you want to talk about some market manipulation that we need to find out what’s going on with Robin Hood and some of these other trading apps, this claim, they we’re going to democratize the market and make it easy for everybody to trade. But anyway, so that really with that stock price being that high, these head to head funds have only had like a certain amount of time to close out their shorts positions. And yeah, this is their stock went up 300 to 330 or more as a result, they still had to sell that stock back to, you know, whoever they borrowed it from. But now the price is 330 a share instead of the $17 that you borrowed to that.

So you need to run to me and my coins. So a lot of these hedge funds are just bleeding money, seen a few of, you know, 15 billion, 19 billion. There was one Melvin Capitol that actually had to get some other hedge funds to give them billions of dollars so that they could stay in business. I’ve seen reports that one hedge fund that actually had to declare bankruptcy completely. I have not, I don’t know which one that is. I will admit I haven’t seen a name for that one. So I don’t know how true that is. Or maybe they’re trying to keep the name of that one private, but man, I, all I can say is.. Hey, you got played at your own game. The same thing you’ve been doing, they did it on wall street.

They then winnin’ for now. I mean, you know, based on what I know about the stock market, they’re probably not going to continue to win. I made it. You can look at it, you know, billionaires aren’t gonna let you just….

Justice: Well, well, I don’t know. I mean, when you have people like Elon Musk going like Wall Street bets GameStop please keep going basically. And the previous co-founder of, I think it is PayPal and Facebook or something also seeing the same thing. There is a lot of support.

Jules: There you go. And you know, there’s a lot of support from, from a few, let’s say well-known billionaires, but the hedge funds to happy about it, the people happy about it. And you know what? I want to know what’s going on with like Robin hood and some of these other apps who, so Robin Hood stopped letting people buy a GameStop yeah. You could only sell it. Is that correct? Yeah. You could only sell it. So when you talk about market manipulation, if I can only sell and I do that, the price is going to go down, but demand for that stock is very high right now. And the way the market is supposed to work, you know, we don’t consider why it’s high people are supposed to be able to, if they want to buy a stock, they should be able to buy it. Right?

Justice: Yeah. That was the whole point of like E-Trade and the E-Trade baby and all the rest, send it to make it, you know, demystify the stock market in the financial services area. So, but I have a question on the … why the sec is a little bit perturbed on this because what they’re doing isn’t necessarily legal, Right?

Jules: It’s is questionable because it’s supposed to be illegal to manipulate the market in a way. So you should not be able to get together with a group of people and say, Hey, we’re just gonna buy the shit out of this fact to raise the price. Or we’re just going to get together and short, sell the stock to lower the price. You’re not supposed to be able to do that, but that’s exactly what happens. Like you have hedge funds that are solely dedicated to shorting a stock and they will put out all of the negative information about a company that they can fight to make sure that the stock price goes down. You have hedge funds. Like I said, that obviously they’re smart enough not to have a paper trail, but like I said, hedge fund A is shorting a stock, Hedge fund B is shorting a stock. So here’s C and D like I’m going to have to start to, or vice versa. You see on Wolf of wall street, like just over selling a stock to whoever, to just get people, to buy it, to pump up the price and then sell it. And then everybody who you convinced to buy it, have to deal with the crash. As people start settling out of it. That’s why I say it’s questionable because you’ve been letting people on wall street, do this for years with no consequences. But now you got a bunch of Reddit bros that just are going crazy talking about game stock. We ride in this rocket to the moon, trying to encourage everybody to have a diamond heads and not sell this. Hold the stock forever now is a problem. Why is that a problem now that like you said, like now that the 99% have that figured out how to take advantage of it.

Justice: I also had a question on when this all started, what, not everybody, as you said, we’ve already talked about GameStop everybody already knew this and that. And Wall Street bets is an open forum and people have been talking about this for a while…

Jules: And I think that’s another part of it that makes it say like, how questionable is it? Because it’s not like this is happening in private. Like anybody can go to, to read it and see what’s going on. And when you think about it that way, I mean, there’s television programs where people are giving quote unquote stock tips. Like everybody knows Jim Cramer, mashing all the buttons making the sounds. So.

Justice: Yeah. And that’s exactly what my question was going to be. This is like, so how could any of the stock tip shows another? Is that not market manipulation in some ways?

Jules: Exactly. I mean, I’m, I’m an investor. I have like this, I signed up and pay for this thing that gives me stock tips. Like clearly that could easily manipulate the market, telling me to go by something then, and I, and whoever else is subscribed to it, we all go buy it and pump up the price. So those types of things and all of that is market manipulation. Right? Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Okay then. So what exactly. And so what, and why is it all of a sudden a problem now

Justice: That’s real funny because you know, all these years, like keeping, you know, the American dream is, you know, to be able to find your opportunity and make this. And there is some people who have been able to wipe out all of their debt period. Some of these people were struggling to begin with and we’re like, Hey, I did this. And you know, all my student loan is gone to other people where there’s one guy that I’m not mistaken. I think he put like $50,000 worth of this in there. And he keeps posting on Wall Street bets about what he’s actually making and he’s come up. I think the last check that he showed was like 50 million.

Jules: Yeah, probably so, so that they’re not saying that there’s like one guy who’s like the kind of started he’s the man was, well, it was deep fucking value. And you know, they actually ended up doing the article on him. I think it was the New York times or Washington post. One of them, And he kind of revealed himself. Yeah. Like this dude has made a ridiculous amount of money he claims to not have sold yet. But I mean, yeah. I mean, I would have whatever and yeah. And like you said, there are people who, I mean before a lot of people that is, it’s turned out to be a blessing. Like you can go look in Wall Street bets right now. And what’s, what’s funny is that the people are kind of apologetic about it when they posted.

They’re like, Hey, you know, all of my other GameStop bros, I love you. But man, I had the student loans that I was trying to pay off. So I, you know, I had to sell and I paid my student loans or, you know, my mom had surgery. I just was trying to get this debt, pay it off. And they’re actually like posting the receipts from paying like 50, 60, 80, a hundred thousand, $200,000. Just thanks to this craze that’s happening right now.

Justice: This is the thing for years, I’ve always heard, you know, don’t buy lottery tickets cause it’s, it’s not worth it. It’s waste the money, put your money on the stock market. But a lot of those people don’t know how to use the stock market. They didn’t know what necessarily to do. And the people who knew they weren’t trying to help you. You weren’t making the money. So why not? So it was just really, really good to see these people that are in wall street bit to be able to do this and also give a lot of information as well as education to people on this can be done. You don’t have to do, I hate to say it, but a lot of people of color, their retirement plan is I’m hitting the lottery and that sad because they don’t know anything and nobody wants to necessarily help them. Right. So this is essentially them hitting the lottery and doing it. How quote, unquote to say the right way.

Jules: It is for a lot of people that is definitely in the lottery. I mean, I’m not going to lie. I wish I got to hit on that. I wish I had known about it when they were $17 a share. And even saying that I’m going to be honest with you. I will not have had the courage that these people have had. Like there’s people who are literally like, I liquidated my 401k, all of my savings, everything. And I bought GameStop like, I would never have done that in my life and that they’ve done it. And the more power to them, like there are people who legitimately have gone from nothing to millionaires from literally nothing to millionaires as a result of this.

Justice: Yep. And what’s sad is I’ve been a Reddit user for God knows how long I’m always on the destiny Reddit and other Reddits and things like that. And I was in a Wall Street bets but just, just never looked at that. Never.

Jules: I mean, the truth is before, and now you, if it’s something you weren’t just interested in it and you never would have read exactly everything else they’ve been talking about in there before it did not work out like this. Like that really, it was actually, it was the more I got to a point where that Reddit, it was useful. Cause you know, they would explain, you know, different stock market concepts to people, but it was really just like a place where they would go in there and be like, Oh, I totally failed today.

Justice: That is why I got in there and it was entertaining to read that shit. I’m not gonna lie. Cause there was a bug or something in the Robin hood app at one point in time that was allowing people to, to, to kind of short circuit, the system where they could essentially have double of what they had in their wallet necessarily because of a, a flaw in a Robin hood system. So if you basically at 15,000 and you went to do like a payout, they would pay you 30,000 stuff like that. Oh yeah. Yeah. And eventually the people who got caught, it was just hilarious to read them, getting caught doing that. And that’s honestly why I started getting into that reddit But like you said, eventually, I was just like, okay, this is all over.

And the guy who is doing it, it wasn’t posting anymore and I’m not gonna lie. Lot of shit that they were talking about it and it was going over my head. Yeah. So I just stopped paying attention and was looking for stuff on the raid secrets reddit That’s one thing. That’s the goal of mine. And this year to get somebody on Cool black nerd too, kind of give some tips and you know, educate our listeners on the stock market and what they can do and how they can do it and stuff like that. That, that really is it going to, so if you have like an interest to do this or you don’t have to be specifically an expert, we would like you to have some knowledge in this and some experience in it just to help those.  We’re just trying to start on or what they can do. Because I think a lot of people believe that the way that you have to have thousands of dollars to be able to start off in the stock market when that’s so not true.

Jules: Not at all.

Justice: I thought that was hilarious. And what made that entire thing worth? It is AOC, Ted Cruz back and forth. So as Jules said, Robin hood and a bunch of other supposedly free market apps…

Jules: That’s, what’s crazy about it to me. And all of these apps were created basically saying the same thing. We’re making the stock market easy for the everyday person. We’re bringing the stock market to you. Everybody can trade. We want everybody to have free access to the markets and just the SMH.

Justice: But apparently them doing that was just a flagrant violation to a lot of people, AOC and a lot of lawmakers. And as we said, billionaires, and those who are in the stock market or having a lot of knowledge of the stock market on the side of the people at the wall street bets, Reddit basically voiced their support of these people. And I believe AOC specifically say it, cause she’s on the financial services committee. He was like, well, I call for their needs to be an investigation and blah, blah, blah, blah. And this should happen. Ted Cruz tweeted fully agree and you know, put like the little downside pointing to what she had said.

Cause he quoted her tweet. And I mean, it was immediate with her response of basically calling him out, I want to pull it up really quick.

Jules: Well, why are you looking at it? All I can say is Joe Biden said he was going to unify the country. And if Ted Cruz can agree with AOC mission accomplished and we only… We are not even a month in.

Justice: OK, this is her response to Ted Cruz. “I’m happy to work for the publicans on this issue where there’s common ground, but you almost had me murdered three weeks ago. So you can sit this one out, happy to work with almost any other GOP that aren’t trying to get me killed. In the meantime, if you want to help, you can resign.” I was like woah… shade!

And then again, and all her brilliance, that is her, she goes on and it does a Twitch stream. Again, not too long after this, basically, you know, her playing video games again, she has some technical difficulties in the beginning, but kind of putting herself out there again. Cause I’m pretty sure everyone saw that tweet. And at that time they may have started Googling her or whatnot. So now when you Google her and not only does that tweet come up, but a Twitch stream comes up.

Jules: Yeah. So I mean, you know, she’s one of the youngest people in Congress. I can just go back to it again and say, I mean, that generation, although shes probably closer to us and she is probably our generation, but still, you know, that generation man, like they have mastered social media. You know, whether you like her or not. The one thing you do have to admit is that she has, she is a master of getting her message out and she’s getting it out to the people that she, that she wants to hear it. She is setting herself up for a future in politics. Like the people that she is talking to on Twitch, no you right. They might not be voting right now, but they definitely remember her. Yeah. They’re going to know who she is when they do start voting. So

Justice: Definitely. I mean, that was, that was masterful. I, I mean, shit. I wish whoever her social media person can. Can we get some of that please? SayWHA Radio.

Jules: I don’t know. I don’t know that you could afford that person.

Justice: I mean, it would pay for itself as well. And shit, I wanted to kind of delve into this just a little bit because I thought this is funny. So everybody knows we have a ride sharing that right now is doing a pivot. Cause not a lot of people want to be in someone else’s car for whatever reason.

Jules: Hey, no. For whatever reason, you know why,

Justice: That’s why I say this is why I whispered COVID This is supposed to be a joke. Thank you for that.

Jules: I bet with the future generations who find this Podcast on the moon or Mars, I’m putting it out there. We know why nobody getting no Uber’s right now.

Justice: So it really is essential for them to be able to switch it up. So a lot of them have focus more on delivering things. Not only where are they delivering food, they’re delivering packages, prescriptions, groceries, whatever you necessarily would need just in that in that pace. So ride sharing is not going to space, space, space, space, space, space. So everybody got these satellites. So yeah, some people can’t get up there without a ride with the satellites.

Jules: I don’t understand that. NASA doesn’t go in a space anymore. I don’t know if people were aware of that or not.

Justice: They don’t… NASA doesn’t allow for rockets anymore. It is. But they do still maintain a lot of the Space research In initiatives that they did before they passed that along to the private companies. But yeah, they pretty much do that. Yeah. I just thought that was funny that we need a ride share program for Space satellites.

Jules: So what do you mean that are like explaining what I’m talking about?

Justice: So basically it is coming to the point where, you know, if everybody wants to all of these wonderful technology and everything like that, not all of it can be built. Quote unquote on earth. Lot of that has to be done from satellites in space. And unfortunately your company is able to create this technology and you, you have it, but you don’t have the money to then launch this into Space. Space X is like, Hey, we got the means. Give me $10. I’ll take you up but that is mad creative, but also a little scary because when do we have too much stuff up there and it’s just rocks and old satellites just hanging out there that don’t work no more well.

Jules: What is the movie? I don’t know a movie. It is that kind of deals with, with that exact scenario was it Expanse? There was a movie with Sandra Bullock. Oh, gravity, gravity. Yeah. Yeah. Gravity. That that’s, that’s what happens in gravity. Like they’re just too much stuff up there and it starts hitting other Space trash picking up momentum. And it just gets to the point where it’s like, we can’t launch anything in a space because the trash pile is unpredictable. You probably not gonna make it.

Justice: And right now there’s no regulations on that because as many regulations and laws that have been created, they’re kind of dated as far as, as far as technology is concerned nowadays. So right now they could have as many as they want and even a lot of committees and NASA themselves. It’s like, we need to do something about this now, because at some point there will be the collisions that can happen. We end up having cascade effects and similar to what happened in 2009. I don’t know if you remember that, but there was a, a, a, a collision with a Russian Space satellite and um a US communications satellite. And some of the debris came, people were just driving and they saw this stuff coming out, coming down the sky looked like it was just raining meteorites.

And that was basically it, it was the debris from that collision. Yeah. Wow. Yeah. So I thought that was a very much interesting. So we’d talked about GameStop or GameStop is something that seems like an anomaly. And we’d also, we’ve also talked about what there’s a few times, but that was the being a, a publishing company for games. And they’ve created some great games such as fallout and elder scrolls, Skyrim, stuff like that. They got bought by Microsoft a few, a few months back. I want to say it was September, maybe October 2020. And initially we were kind of like, eh, okay. It ups Microsoft’s package for offering games.

Cause that’s one thing that pretty much sets them in a lower tier to Sony. Sony always has amazing games that come out exclusively to their hardware. And I think this may have been something necessarily that has worked for them going, you know, just kind of based off of the possibilities. So Microsoft purchased the parent company of Bethesda. So the parent company, I believe is like Xena did send the deck. I can not say that. Right. I’m sorry. Media because I want to say this is in a day. That’s what I want to say. The Media part messes me up. I don’t want to say this. Isn’t a day on my bed. They purchased a parent company that had, but there was a part of that as well as some other studios to be able to make their games.

So in that, just off that people who are like, Oh shit, Microsoft is about to up their game in the exclusives department. So I’m going to go for this X-Box series X that is coming out and just off that hardware and the possibility of that alone, they purchase this company for 7.5 billion. And were able to make back in the last three months, just off the hardware sales, along with the 15.5 billion. So they’ve already made back. They purchased for that twice over. I gotcha. And they purchased it in cash. So when no stock options, no, none of that. So they’ve already made their money back just off the possibility of them doing this alone. I thought that was insane.

Considering everything going on with the pandemic. And we had the shortage of the consoles and things like that. And just, you know, the manufacturing hiccups that were occurring because of shutdowns for COVID, but looks like Microsoft males may have done a great investment on in this case. I’m Skyping pretty much everything else they’ve done over the years I worked out, but still, maybe that will work out for them. So we talked about Cyberpunk being one of the biggest, if not the biggest game launch that didn’t go as well as project…

Jules: You know that, you know what you’re you’re right. Let me say this too. I do have to, I need to give this update despite all of the problems that this game has. It is officially the highest selling digital game. Not necessarily, you know, hardware and digital combined, but the highest selling digital game of all time.

Justice: I wouldn’t put it past it. I mean the hype around this was amazing. So I definitely give them props for what they were able to pull off… execution they get an F minus

So city project had to come out and basically say to a developer of a mod for Cyberpunk 2077, which allows you to interact with NPCs and other characters within the game in sexual ways. One of the modders was able to take the skin, Johnny…. Johnny silver hand, which…

Jules: It’s Keanu Reeves…

Justice: yeah, basically just what a silver hand.

Jules: It has a voice by. Keanu Reeves so is it’s Keanu! yeah.

Justice: Somebody was able to take that, copy it on to one of the characters that you can have sexual relationships with. And basically people that have been using like crazy to the point that CD Projekt red had to go, like, if you use this, we are banning you. We ban in the the developer…one, cause Keanu, didn’t give any type of permission to be able to do this. And if you use it, you are now In I believe they said some sort of a pornography, like celebrity pornography thing. Yeah.

They got very serious with this and be like this, you cannot do this like period. And if we catch you doing it repercussions. So like, it was really sad that they literally had to put out a statement that said at the top, please stop having sex with Keanu Reeves

Jules: Even though they were very serious with it. That if that was, if that’s the headline, that’s funny. Yeah. I mean the game, we had a lot of problems. Y’all I’m not surprised. I’m not surprised at all. That’s all I can say. I’ll also say this to me. I played the game on stadia did not have any game breaking issues. I personally did have some funny things happen that were like obviously bugs, but they were just funny. Like it didn’t stop me from playing the game. I enjoyed it. Pretty good game open-world is like, this is gonna sound silly for me to say that it’s an adult version of grand theft auto, but it’s just more, somehow more adult themed been granted up auto without just being porn. Although, I mean, clearly I guess, I guess it can be a porn, which you should not do, obviously, because as they’re a statement from CD Projekt red says, I’m sure that Keanu Reeves contract. It does not allow for that. And you by doing that, or somehow… doing something illegal.

Justice: So no, I like that CD Projekt came out and they were just like, now, now, now we already enough in a hole. We ain’t got to stop. Please stop.

Jules: Please stop it. Before you make us made more money, I’m going to tell you what they can do. If they worried about money, I need to get in wall street a year on this GameStop Oh man. And I also do the math and I’ve said that a Do have to put this disclaimer out there. I am not giving anyone any financial advice nor am I suggesting that you should go look and get financial advice from Wall Street bets. And I think that that’s where we go in there episode. Let’s go ahead and call. This is one of the episodes, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for listening to the Cool Black Nerd Podcast again, and check us out on social media. Always go check out and There are several podcasts in our network that I think everybody would enjoy and love and just have a great time listening to.


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