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Corporate Swag #215


The pandemic has enlightened many to the realities of their current position. Many wanted to jump to not only a different job, but an entirely different environment. Then came the question: How do I go corporate? This scenario much like code-switching is very much a part of everyday life for many people. But is rarely talked about. In this episode, Taz and Justice will be sharing how they got their foot in the door with their corporate jobs and how they have found balance between “Everyday: Taz and Justice” and “Corporate Swag.”,The pandemic has enlightened many to the realities of their current position. Many wanted to jump to not only a different job, but an entirely different environment. Then came the question: How do I go corporate? This scenario much like code-switching is very much a part of everyday life for many people. But is rarely talked about. In this episode, Taz and Justice will be sharing how they got their foot in the door with their corporate jobs and how they have found balance between “Everyday: Taz and Justice” and “Corporate Swag.” 10 YEARS STRONG!

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Justice All right. All right. All right. We are back. SayWHA Radio is coming at you guys. And I got some feedback or flack. Whichever one you want to call it on the last show about not introducing like who we are, what we do. And new people, I have to realize that we are growing. We just a 15k on adji. Right. So I am Justice. I started SayWHA Radio 10 years ago,


Taz She is the brain.


Justice Yeah, I started say what Radio 10 years ago, basically about the crazy stories that happened in my life. They moved into talking about current events. If you haven’t listened to us before, we are basically the Daily Show with friends. It is usually about six of us on here, doing like a round table.


Taz  Yeah, but since the pandemic


Justice Yeah, but last show that we did was best friend with my best friend.


Taz  Okay. Taz, Taz, Taz, and I am more so the comic relief of the show.


Justice  So I guess that’s the intro. I have to get a little better than that. Because I’ve never really done it before. Usually, we just get into it.


Taz  Well, no, no, because we always say okay, we will go around the table.


Justice  But remember saying what the show was necessarily about?


Taz  Oh, because it’s about everything. Yeah, that’s true. There’s no one thing we’ve talked about sports we talked about, we even used to have vet shows that Vet Wednesday.


Justice  Oh, man we need bring that back.


Taz  Yes, so it’s just a group of everyday people that just enjoy each other and enjoy each other’s point of views on different aspects of life.


Justice And they don’t always agree, but we’re able to talk about it. It’s just basically those craziest conversations you would have with your family, friends, and they’d be hilarious and nobody else’s that is nice. And you’re like, Man, rember when you…


Taz  That’s the show that’s SayWHA Radio right? Yeah, that’s why is say wha? see, that’s it.


Justice That’s perfect. I love that. I love that I’m using it somehow. But so we got good feedback on the show last time, and people love me and Taz sitting down and talking about us, how long we’ve been friends and our journey and what not. So got some quest to do some more of those. Now, we also had a couple questions on why you know.


Taz  So what I realize I have to what me and Justin have to realize is, maybe some of our listeners are a little younger. So when we say 20 plus years, that’s half of our lives, and that this stage is 25 years, we were just in ninth grade, 25 years ago, we didn’t meet each other until the summer before the ninth grade, we went to different middle schools or intermediate schools, whatever you call it in your region. So that’s what that was.


Justice Yeah. And what was funny is when I saw the comments on the post that we would get on social media, I was like, Yeah, I don’t Oh, yeah. Yeah, I don’t know. Oh, they just didn’t clear older than we are awesome.


Taz  We are older than we feel.


Justice  Yeah, just put a story up today on Instagram about that. I’m like, Why do I feel younger? Is it not a crime that I feel younger than I am? Is it?


Taz  When you try to get up real fast. Your body sometimes our body feels as old as we are, but we feel inside


Justice  Mentally you hit a an age and you just be like, that’s me. Yeah, you could be 10 years faster, you are that ain’t me. Yeah. But to piggyback on that, with the time that we’ve been on this earth, we’ve been able to learn a lot and experience a lot. One of those things has been making our corner within corporate America, different facets, basically, tasks in the financial sector. I am more in the engineering and software aspect of it. But one question that we get a lot of the times is how do I go corporate? Or how do i do what you do? When I first got the question. I was kind of like, What do you mean, and it never clicked to me until like maybe the fifth or sixth person asks that not everybody knows how to go from


Taz  A lot of people find it hard to turn on work tasks, and turn off life tasks,


Justice  Basically or code. I wouldn’t call it code switching but it’s very, very close to it. Yeah. But also it was just kind of like me and Taz both started out like everybody with different types of jobs. We worked in offices or we worked with other people. I used to work for a community organization that would help in projects around low income communities. But we have friends that were either in retail or in fast food and they were like how do I make that jump?


Taz  I don’t know if there’s a jump. So for myself, I went in high school I worked retail and then once a college, college worked retail, like a lot of retailer or fast food, but I went retail. And then from college, I went straight into what I went to school for. So I went into accounting, doing taxes, though I went a small business taxes. When I moved back to Houston from college, you and I actually worked at the same company and customer service. Yeah, that was my first customer service job. But we had friends that were in the company that helped us get jobs. And that kind of more so introduced us into the corporate area. If I can get my foot in the door, I can get to where I need to get. And that’s always been my mantra. So just because I started in customer service, within six months to a year I was in their accounting department, because I know how to position myself where I need to be to get to where I want to be, right. So a lot of people, they start off and they’re like, Oh, I don’t want to start off on the bottom. I don’t want to start off over here. Well, if your mindset is already set to where he wants to be, it doesn’t matter where you start. As long as your goal is where you want to be, and you stay on that path. You’re fine. I’m just one of those people. I think Justin is the same if Justin, not necessarily the same, because in that come I don’t know if you even knew what you want us to do at that stage. When we were gonna, I don’t know if you knew exactly what you want us to do.


Justice You know, he’s always been and I had this discussion with Dre. D The other day, he’s like you had a lot of dreams. I don’t know how to always support him saying one of them. I was like, this is mainly one dream. He’s like you got I want to be a mogul. I want to be a Boss Lady, I want to be a billionaire. I want to be I say this same Jane. But my thing was, I always wanted to own my own business. I don’t know how I was gonna get that was what I wanted to do. I didn’t really care necessarily how I got there. But I wanted to own my own business.


Taz  To me, I’ve never wanted to own my own business. I wanted to do my own thing. But I’ve always wanted someone else to pay me. I don’t want to have like, everybody’s like, Oh, you should own your own business. Okay, well, if everybody own their own business who wanna work for you, okay, that’s there. So, I’ve never wanted to own my own business per se. I don’t mind working for somebody because I like vacation days. I like the fact that when I want to go out, I’m still going to get paid. When you work for yourself. You kind of take that man. And yeah, you take the good with the bad. If I don’t work, I don’t eat basically. Now, if I had the type of company that worked for me, then that’s different. But you got to get there. I don’t want to get there. I don’t want to put in the work to get there. I don’t. There are some people they do. There’s some people that don’t mind. No, I’m one of them. People that I will be your accountant. I have no problem. I will help you get there. I have no problem with I’ve started companies, I do the research, I get bored easily. And I want to be able to move around. And I can’t do that. If I own the company. If I own the company, I have to be stuck with this specific thing. And I’m bored. I want to do it. So now the company has flopped. And I that person I know flopper, I’m gonna help you succeed, I have no problem with it. And you gonna pay me to help you succeed. And I’m gonna get my money and you go get your money. And we


Justice Say one month one time, run. Run me


Taz  Run memy coins. So our parents. I know, when I got in that house. My mom was not my friend. Okay. My mom was my mom. So when I went in that house, whatever I did with Justin, and the bw see click whatever. I said whatever kind of slang I used. That didn’t enter my mother’s home. They did. I walked in and I couldn’t say, Oh, Mom, I got 100 What is 100? You got a 100? Excuse me, ma’am? Really? Like yes, you could not be mediocre. Walking into the home, and your grades has to be stellar. I mean, not stellar like because I was A-B student. So I wasn’t I wasn’t like, yeah, I could never be a follower. Like if somebody got into this is my thing. We got in trouble one time. I don’t even know if you were with us that time but we all went to some senior thing. And Stacy’s parents dropped us off. And they said, Hey, y’all need to be right here at this time because I have something else to do. Let’s say 12 o’clock. Well, we were done way before 12. So everybody was like, what are we gonna do what all the other kids were going to the mall? And I was like, Well, yeah, let’s go to the mall. Let’s go to the mall with the kids. And, um,


Justice  I heard about this.


Taz  I said, Hey, we couldn’t call my mom. She was gonna say no, we couldn’t call Stacy’s mom. She was gonna say no, but we had one friend’s mom Kim. Kim’s mom always said yes, so called Kim’s mom. I was like, Hey, Kim, call your mom. Ask her if we could go. She said, Mom. Well, okay, we’re in high school. We didn’t


Justice  Turn down work like that for children.


Taz  We got left, right. So now we have to explain to everybody’s mom. How we got left. Because we weren’t where we were supposed to be. Yeah, so everybody is in the car with Stacy’s dad, cuz now Stacy’s dad has to come pick us up. Because our mom is like, I’m not going back. Yeah. So I’m in the front seat with Stacy’s dad in my head. And I hear all the girls in the back, trying to figure out the story. They’re gonna tell. And they’re like, Hey, are you gonna tell their story? And I was like, No, I’m gonna tell the truth. Because my mama is crazy. I’m crazy. And I’m gonna tell her what happened. And I’m gonna just have to take take the consequences. What a true, then get caught up in a lie, and have to take consequences for the lie. And what we did. Come on now. No, no. So they knew from jump. I went on board with this story, okay. I get home, I tell my mom what happened. And she was like, well, Whose idea was it? I was like, it was mine. And she was like, because it was yours. I’m not gonna be joining us today. Cuz you were not a follower. Together, and compared stories. And who had the truth. Because I am not taking the last weapon for a lie. I take a weapon for the truth, but I’m not taking a lie. And what happened? So now? Because


Justice  Nobody wanted to go along with the truth,


Taz  Right. But at the end of the day, I mean, just different stories. And I’m saying as a little bit, you know, it is what it is. We’re from that era where you got weapons, whatever, made me who I am today, I feel like I feel I don’t feel any ill will towards my mother for any weapons or whatever. But back to the original. I had to switch or I had to be a different Taz at home. I could be a different Taz at school. Now going forward. When I got to college, I had issues with speaking in front of people. I had a business communications class, and my business communications teacher was awesome. I felt like she was awesome. She told me she was like, Hey, I noticed that you have issues when you speak in front of the class, because we really would have to redo my presentations and everything. You say the way I got around that was when I would walk into the room, I would tell myself to be somebody else. And I say what she’s saying, Yeah, you as you are have issues speaking in front of people, be somebody that doesn’t. So I still have issues with talking to people that I don’t know. Like, I’m not good at interviews at all. Because when I walk in, I don’t know you. I’m on a defense because I don’t know you. You don’t know me. And you asked me a question.


Justice  Yeah, that I get. I understand when you spoke to me about it. I understood, but I still am like, Damn, really?


Taz  So a lot of the jobs that I’ve gotten have been from going through temp agencies and then interviewing for the job. Well, that helps me because now I don’t know them know them. But but there’s a person that is interviewing me. I’ve made a fit five to six weeks with you before I interview. And now I’m more comfortable. It’s just a better feel for me. And don’t work for everybody. Yeah, but it’s a better feel for me.


Justice  But that’s a good tip.


Taz  For some people that have that issue with interviewing or just with talking to people that they don’t know.


Justice  I think a lot of it too. Well, I guess the first thing would be you would have to actually notice and be able to seize opportunities where you are able to make that change. That’s not for everybody. Some of this stuff. You may have to do a little bit of research on as far as the jobs but I would say always, if you see a job go for it doesn’t necessarily matter. But before you do that, you do need to do a little bit of preparation. And as Taz said, if you have issues speaking in an interview, you can do as she did go through a temp agency that can actually prepare you because you’re doing kind of like mock interviews with the temp agency, they’re very good with that. Or you can set it up where you do like a mock interview with your friends or something like that. But you will need to be professional, I think that is the biggest change, or the biggest issue with a lot of people nowadays, where they’re like, I should be able to be myself. Yeah, you can. But that will not necessarily get you the job. Unfortunately,


Taz  About a year and a half ago, my boss who I have worked for, for the last eight years, asked me if I curse. She was like Taz, do you curse? And I was like, Yes. She says, I just, I couldn’t imagine you cursing. And I was like, I know. Because when I come here,


Justice  You present what is necessary to get the job done,


Taz  I’m doing my job, you don’t need to know me, all you need to know is what you paying me for. If you’re paying me to be an accountant, I’m going to come in here and being your accountant I’m not coming to be your friend, I’m not coming to be your social, like the social butterfly of the company, I’m not coming to entertain you, I’m coming to do the job that you paid me for. And that’s where a lot of people get confused, on corporate are working, they go to work and they try to be friends with I got


Justice  Well, some people are able to do that. And they see them climbing the ladder that way.


Taz  But then that still being, that’s still a switch.


Justice  You have to adapt, you have to know the situation that you’re in. And unfortunately, if you come from areas of the workforce where they don’t do stuff like that, it is very hard to recognize and see and understand to get in where you fit in. Unfortunately, I know for a fact, when I’m talking to some people, I remember, it had never dawned on me that I hadn’t really worked in retail. It was just always kind of my customer service jobs that I’ve always done, and then kind of moved up. My Dre D had actually said to me, he was just like, Well, you know, it’s great that you’ve never worked in retail, because it allowed you to have a different perspective and be able to accelerate a little bit faster than some people that never ever occurred to me. I said, because I always saw where if you’re able to have that not necessarily switch but be more professional face to face with someone that gave you a leg up.


Taz  I worked for the paycheck. And it’s like, okay, I can fold clothes, I have no problem folding clothes, putting these clothes on the hanger. I don’t have to talk to that many people. Now when I was in college, what I did enjoy about working retail was because I was about the outlets. There were a lot of people that spoke different languages. So then, when I knew there was some type of sale, I wanted to be on the floor because I wanted to hear all of the different languages and I wanted to practice some of the and I don’t know why. No, no, no. But for me as a person, I didn’t want to talk to people. Why then, do you want to talk to people that don’t even speak your language? Well, I’m a weirdo.


Justice  You’re not a weirdo. But I could see that being intriguing to you. Because right then and there. It’s just like, okay, it’s a difference in dialect. It’s a difference in culture you like, Hey, how you do that?


Taz  They’re really trying to say, Okay, I think that’s right. But okay, so back then we can go, we didn’t have babelfish on our phone. We didn’t have the applications were all okay.


Justice  The stuff that you have on YouTube that you guys have access to the only way you were able to get that is either through some sort of night school, college. None of that stuff was available. So she’s right. Yeah, she was getting exposed to a lot of things that I don’t think people think they take for granted when it happens. Another thing that I saw when you’re in that mind space, I guess, from what I am gathering, when people ask me, how do you go corporate when they’re going from retail to corporate or whatever? I think it’s just how do you prepare yourself mentally to do that, because it is a different thing. And it also is kind of wearing on you because you do have to kind of play office politics sometimes and deal with situations that you never would think about when you’re doing a job either in fast food or retail.


Taz I have learned from a lot of my bosses, a lot of the people that I’ve been blessed to be around and I’ve had some awesome bosses. I’ve been blessed to have great role models or great mentors throughout my corporate climb. And I watched them. I learned from what they’re doing because most of my bosses have been transparent and they got The people around them because they want to see them succeed, succeed. Yes. So I worked at a company with one of my god mothers. And that means I’ve known her outside of work. And I didn’t understand some of the situations she was in and out and I was younger, some of the situations she would be in and the way she would react or respond was totally different than what I know. What went down? If we were at the house. How, yeah. And I want to ask her, like, why? How do you deal with that? And she’s like, this is corporate, this is what you have to do to keep your job. If I want to keep the job. Now, I’m not saying she got run over. But she knew how to be corporate, nice, nasty. Corporate, she know how to do it, versus coming out cussing somebody out, or you ain’t on talk to me? No, but she didn’t have to do all of that. And I would look at it like this. Okay. Okay, I’m gonna work on it. And I did, I did. I worked. And I paid attention. Because I’ve been in when I was younger, I’ve been in meetings and say, what part of the game is this like? And it’s just because I didn’t know. No, you like, there’s a game? I’m sorry. No, I’m gonna be quiet. Like, I’ve gotten into meetings and falling asleep, like I’ve had to grow in this corporate facade,okay? You have to learn that you have to want to learn it. And you have to realize that you don’t have it if you don’t have it. So if you don’t have it, and you want it, you got to work for it. It’ll just like any thing else in life, you have to work for it. Now I know what to do not to fall asleep in meetings. I know how to control the words that I normally would say, or the words that I’m thinking I know how to control what part of the game is this? I know how to check somebody in an email and sneezing so let them know that I notified you three times. See my email below that this this Senator.


Justice  If you have any other questions, please let me know.


Taz  If you have any of that’s my favourite. If you have any other questions, please fell free to contact me at.


Justice  And that right there is please don’t bother with me this bullshit no more. Please, please.


Taz  Exactly. And it’s about keeping your coins coming. Okay. I want my coins. I’m not gonna do anything to jeopardize my coins. Matter of fact, I want my coins, some roll up, move up. And I told just another day, I see my salary, but I don’t look at my cell. And I tell them, hey, when did I get here? insurance can you know pay attention all and then pay the bills? You know, I’m tired.


Justice  It kind of goes like that. You’d be like, Damn, I do this? Why don’t seem right.


Taz  I’ve been mad last few years. But I’m over Texas.


Justice  I will say another reason. And I need to preface this because I don’t think I said it earlier the reason why I am using retail and fast food as examples. It’s mainly because the people who have been asking me this question is there in those industries. But I hope again, this is my opinion, the information that we’re giving you does kind of translate depending on where you are, it doesn’t necessarily mean you wouldn’t be able to still utilize it. But I think the biggest takeaway, honestly, if this is what you want, if a certain type of job is what you want, do realize that there are certain things that will come along with that that you need to do to be able to get there, you may fall into a situation where you never have to change anything necessarily about yourself, or grow more than what you are right now you could just fall into it tomorrow. If you’re not ready for it, you will lose it on the next day. I’m going to be very, very honest. It really does matter how you prepare for it and what you do to keep it because it is not as easy as you think it is. Because I know a lot of people will be thinking, Oh, you know, CFO, everybody can do that. It is a really big difference and you taking responsibility for paying your own bills and balancing a budget for you then doing it for 1000s of workers because one decision you make affects millions of people, not just the people that work there but their families, their friends, because they will have to deal with the aftermath that has happened to that worker at that particular job. It is a lot more mentally based than you think that you would have to deal with rather than you just saying, oh, he gets paid millions of dollars is some of them are overpaid, I will say, but you have to realize that there’s a lot that comes with that job. A lot of responsibility.


Taz Yes, yes, yes. So set your goals. Don’t be afraid to start at the bottom. Like, if you have your goal set. Like I said, in the beginning, as long as I can get my foot in the door, I can get to wherever I want to go, if I want to go somewhere, all I have to do is position myself in front of the right people. And I’m not saying smooth and ass kiss and all that I’m not saying any of that. I’m saying, show your work show with your work and your talent and your talent. Yes, show with your work your talent, because it’s what I learned growing up. And I don’t know if people even say this anymore. It’s not even about what you know anymore. Because what you know, can be taught to the next person. Yeah, it’s not about what you know, it’s who you know,


Justice  Social media is a good example of that, because it’s a lot of talented as people on social media that is not being recognized and their information, not information, but their creativity is being stolen and used by other people because of who they know, to be able to put it out there to the masses. So I’m not sure if this is something that is kind of like a cultural issue. But if you were to say somebody from the hood that we came from, I want to be a millionaire. That’d be like, Ah, okay. But if you were to say to them, I want to make six figures then like, why are you? That’s a dream, what is wrong with you? Why is that? How is that different? But it’s just like, oh, the millionaire status can be achieved through, oh, I can become a ballplayer. Oh, I can sell clothes or something like it is this long shot, dream. But if you were to say, I want to make six figures, they will be like, why are you wasting your time now?


Taz  Because six is like, six is like medium, seven or eight?


Justice They would definitely just be like, or high six figures. Let me just say, Okay, yeah, it’s amazing to me about that. They’re just like, well, that’s just unattainable. But the millionaire status is, if you were to make music, you wouldn’t sit there and be like, Okay, well, I got this music, everybody’s gonna listen to it, it’s who you gonna put it in front of to be able to help you. So this is the exact same thing.


Taz  And also don’t treat people that are not quite doing the other things that you may think they should do whatever they want, whatever, don’t treat them any differently than you would treat the CFO. Very, like you would treat the CEO. You get more just from being friendly from being social, from being cordial to people that are around you, in your


Justice  Everyday, everyday responsabilities and that Yeah, duties,


Taz  Then you are going to get from being in front of that CEO, because you’re not gonna be in front of the CEO that often. And you never know who’s talking to who. So I might be the cleaner at the building. I might just be being nice being social, and but guess we’ll see the CEO every day.


Justice  I’ve been in situations like that you right?


Taz And they strike up conversations, they judge people by what they do, because it’s not your ideal position. Yeah, treat everybody like you want to be treated.


Justice And also don’t base it upon, can I use this person? Are they useful to me? You’d never know. Because, honestly, it kind of goes back to what I said. And I don’t know when they’re being used to  not always, well, not always.


Taz  At some point thing. I’ll figure it out.


Justice  But like Ted says, you’d be remiss to be there and sit there and go, like, Oh, I never learned anything from this. There is so many people out there that know so much. And don’t say anything up like this. And I was like, Oh, I do more than this. I just don’t know if you know, I ran into that. The other day. People were like, Oh, yeah, you do a podcast. I was like, yeah, we’re gonna Podcast Network. What I say I manage the podcast, and I helped produce them. I also help other podcasters and getting their stuff out, help them with content optimization, help them with business stuff behind the scenes, because honestly trying to run like to ask is trying to run this is a little bit tough. And I kind of have the same issue that she was saying where you get bored easy, but me finding different ways to be able to make it more interesting, seamless operation is so invigorating me and I love being able to do that for I did for Taz. Taz was like, Taxes, Taxes is coming around. I said, Well, why don’t you just give them a form, they fill it out. And then by the time you have everything to me, she looked at this form, and was like, oh, taxes, she got so happy. Because everything that came with doing taxes was a headache because people didn’t have this


Taz  And I got to come back to them and say Hey, where’s this? Yeah, okay, I’ll go well, let’s do this. When did you have it because you had it last year. Come on, man.


Justice  But little things like that being able to help I find amazing but also having the aspect of running my own business. Now that I see a business because Taz me for years to stop saying this hobby, okay, alright business I got, but with everything that I have, I’ve learned it from so many people that I’ve been able to watch and be under and honestly, I feel kind of stalkerish saying this but just be like, I see you playing just from afar.


Taz  And that’s okay. Like, not to feel stuck, right? That’s not okay. But I’m watching people learning that’s mentorship like whether you know you my mentor, not you are mentoring me. Because you can learn something from different people from different aspects of life. Everywhere you can learn something permanent. I’m just saying last I mean, nobody, anybody I wouldn’t put you learn how not to get caught.


Justice  I hate everything about you.


Taz  I’m saying in my life.


Justice  But now that I’m thinking about it. Why is it only 24/7 they trying to teach us and not tell us? Oh, God!


Taz  They teach us a lot.


Justice  You know what, I think that’s a good place to end the show. Don’t be a criminal people, please.


Taz  And if you do teach somebody.

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