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As we close out the Chakra Season, we have our final guest of the series, Emily Rivera. Emily is an internationally known Evolutionary and Spiritual mentor, speaker, consultant, counselor who lectures on the power of eternal consciousness as well as our personal friend and coach. In this episode, she speaks with Jenny about her intuitive journey, including how she has learned to receive divine guidance. You will learn how to accept who you truly are, how you can receive guidance in your life

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Jenny  Listening to this podcast, presented by safe walk radio. Welcome to another episode of the life adventurous podcast. I’m Jenny Holly, your host. And I cannot believe that this series is coming to an end, it has been such a journey as we’ve worked on the root chakra all the way up to the Crown Chakra. We’ve had so many amazing guests. And if this is the first episode that you’re listening to, you definitely want to go back through this series and go back to the previous episodes. You know, listen to the ones that catch your attention, listen to all of them really go on this journey. Because even myself, I’ve had so much transformation throughout this journey, as I’ve learned, and I would expect that the same would happen for you and you’d get exactly what you need. And so as we close up the crown chakra, we have our final guests of this series, and I’m so excited to bring her on. She is actually our friend and our own intuitive business coach. And I’ve known her for quite some time. And her name is Emily Rivera. She’s the angel coach, and she’s a leading expert in helping intuitive children and adults find clarity and confidence about their heightened abilities and how to use them. So with Emily, she is such a wealth of information. She’s worked all over the world. She’s an author, international speaker. She’s a thought leader. She’s worked on books, publications, she’s clairvoyant healing, she’s been on TV networks, I mean, she’s got it all. So you guys, this is the perfect guest to round out the series. So welcome to the show, Emily. And I want you to share a little bit more about yourself, and you have to share something fun. I’m


Emily  Fine. So I am. By the way, thank you for that beautiful introduction, and I’m very grateful to be here. So something fun, I like to claim that yes, I’m an angel. I say I’m an angel, but I’m also a unicorn. So I like to. And the reason I say that, I just like to view life from a rainbow lens. And I’m very much very childlike, very playful. And I feel like every day I’m blessed with the opportunity to see how to laugh more, how to play more, how to engage more outside the normal. So I would say that that’s something that’s different or interesting or fun or silly about me.


Jenny  I love that you now share a little bit more about yourself in your story and to you know, how the crown chakra what it means to you.


Emily  So I’ve been I mean, I’ve been into it all my life. And this is why I feel like it’s a paradox, because I feel like all of us are highly intuitive. It’s whether or not our conscious mind can perceive it, receive it and really respond to it. But I’ve been highly intuitive since I was little up and getting visited by angels masters in different divine manifestations since little. And since young, I’ve been getting guidance on how to help people and how to support people in whatever way that I can. And it’s varied in many ways. I mean, I’ve helped people since little about relationships, about their physical ailments, about mental stuff going on, including energies and a lot of different aspects. So it’s been part of my journey since I was young. And I have to say, I am still perfecting, perfecting the whole process, because I feel like that’s part of the gift of being alive. We know we’re constantly evolving to our next best version. So I’ve been doing that since I was young and I’ve been blessed with three wonderful children who helped me perfectly. My skills as a mother as a leader, but most importantly, how to just be more present with my own intuition so that I can respond beyond where they’re able to communicate their needs. So that’s a little bit of my backstory, or my, my history, I would say, and the crown chakra, you know, it’s really interesting, because a lot of people have asked me, they’re like, Oh, you must see the chakras in this way, you know, in the chakras and things like that. But I’ve come to learn about the chakras a little differently. For those of you who may not be familiar with me, I’ll go ahead and speak to that, in that way it’s been very clearly taught to me by the angels and the Masters and the divine manifestations not to read like not to take time to research or read. But to let life be my teacher, to let experiences be my teacher, let them be my teacher. So I can always stay open and available to seeing the truth behind certain labels or even some expectations that sometimes get placed upon things or ideas that may not reflect all the totality, right, all the possibilities. But the first time that I started hearing about these energies was actually you know, I don’t know exactly the age but they would talk to me about the energy, the energy that was contained within us and they would show me what would look to me like sacred symbols. And then when I started teaching more with retreats and coaching and things like that, That’s when they started giving me a little more understanding of what we call or what people identify as toppers. And I would see colors and symbols. And they would show me how these energy centers are the centers, they would call them centers. Thank you, and I’m audibly hearing. So when you hear me say thank you, by the way, because I’m audibly hearing guidance. But there, there are centers that help us to integrate all parts of ourselves is what I’m audibly hearing. So in so many different ways, these centers help us to better embody both the aspects of who we are right so that we’re spiritual work. So we’re energy as much as we’re humans, right, we’re in this human physical reality in this human physical body. And the centers help us to integrate correctly and help us to be more in the fluidity and the ease that is meant to be experienced within these two aspects of ourselves. So for me, the crown chakra the way that it’s been shown to me, or at least using that languaging with the chakra, but the way that I’ve seen this energy center is kind of looks like a, I’m trying to give it language, but sometimes, to me, the way it looks, it looks like a portal, like a funnel, thank you, I’m being corrected, like a funnel that kind of is on top of the crown on top of the head for people, and it looks like a big funnel. And the funnel is very open on the top, and then it kind of pours itself into the head. But what I see from that perspective, or what they’ve shown me is that, even though in our call today, and during our time together, I’m going to talk about things that can block it, it’s more about the human mind made feel blocked from receiving what’s already in flow. But I’ve never seen this center itself be closed off or pinched off. But I do see as humans, our ability to consciously understand what’s being received from the center can happen depending on what we’re going through. So the crown chakra itself, for me, represents that area, or that energy center in which we think you are and what they’re audibly saying, it’s, it’s the area in which we always remain open is how they want me to describe it. It’s like the space in the area of the center that we’re always open, that allows us to understand that we’re always a constant receiver of that light.


Jenny  Yeah, I love I love the way that you put that. And, you know, as we’ve had these conversations, what I’ve always thought the crown chakra to be is that it’s like this connection to guides, your higher self consciousness, intuitiveness, etc, I feel like the way that you put is just a simpler way of looking at it instead of like labeling all the things that it connects you to. It’s just like a simpler aspect. And when you also said, you’ve never experienced it closed off. I mean, I would like you to speak into that a little bit more and what that means. So like, how do you know it’s blocked? How do you know it’s closed? Is it closed? Is it ever really closed? Like what does that mean from an energetic standpoint?


Emily  So I mean, I’ll speak to it from my perspective. And then of course, make sure that I’m staying open and receiving guidance and how to best answer that. But I think that’s part of our illusion as humans, so I’m going to start there, it’s like we have this idea or illusion that we can in any way sever ourselves from that which we are from, right, it’s like we can separate ourselves from what we really are. It’s kind of like, you know, you can’t separate yourself from who you really are. So just going to start the conversation there, right is that in so many ways we can’t be or undo what we already are. It’s a It’s who we are, which is light, love energy in this vibration of infinite flow, in the way that I see the center is that it’s it’s that that space as well as the heart center, by the way, but it’s that place in which we have this constant accessibility and receptivity to, to the insights, the input, the awareness, and the and I’m audibly hearing the word light, the light that really is pouring itself through our bodies at all times. Right? So it can’t think of you . It’s where the infinite self meets the human self is how they want me to describe it. And the reason that they want me to describe it that way is because that’s the point of access that if we want to use the logical mind that we can step into and really being receivers of that clarity, of understanding of, like accessing higher consciousness, right? access, accessing that higher understanding, in which the divine that’s what we call God, divine universe, expresses itself through,


Jenny  You know, the thing that came up when you were new, we’re sharing that. And I’m really curious because as we’ve gone through the series, I love the perspective that you bring is one thing that has come up a lot throughout the series is that in order for the crown chakra to be open that the rest of the chakras in the body like the root, a lot of people talk about the triangle, the three at the at the base of our body, those have to be secure, and then everything just kind of opens up more as you go up. A lot of people have spoke to, it’s better to work from like bottom up versus top down, when you’re working with your chakras, but also to I recognize that You’re saying, okay, you know, it’s not I haven’t like study these things, I’ve learned this based on my experience and what my guides have shared. So I’m just curious what your take is or what the guidance is on that, you know, when we are working, we’re looking to align our energies. Is there a connection to where we should start? Or?


Emily  So that’s a great question. And it’s one of those things that I think it’s very important. So I want to start by saying that it’s important for everyone who’s listening to be very mindful in deciding, okay, what is gonna resonate with me and what isn’t? Because, you know, we need to identify, they’re all very unique, and how we perceive and receive guidance. And there’s really not really one right or wrong way. And depending on who you are, your history, your expectations, what honors you, what is required from you, is really where you should lead and where you should step into, and also who you’re wanting to become and go from there. So I just want to start there. My hallucination is that it’s not about working on the bottom to be able to open up the rest, nor working on the top to be able to open up the rest. I think that in so many ways there is this union, within all the centers, there’s this uniqueness within each center, but there’s also a union that takes place. So the reality is, that one does feed into the other, but understanding too, that there’s aspects and qualities within each center that’s interdependent, meaning it’s not dependent on the other center for it to thrive, for it to move for it to be accessible. I’ve seen people who’ve had the crown chakra very, very open. And that’s happened to me a lot. Where my crown, you know, it’s like my upper chakras are open, but I’m not grounded, right. So integrating and implementing in the physical, I may have some challenges because I’m not rooted. So I’ve had that happen, where my lower chakras are not as receptive as my upper chakras. But it doesn’t mean that I can’t succeed and function and still receive guidance, it’s just the accessibility to bring more into the physical becomes a little more challenging. And I feel again, from my experience, and I’ve never met anybody yet who has had this crown chakra closed, but I’ve met plenty of people who in their consciousness, are blocking themselves from fully perceiving what this chakra can deliver. And I’ll say it like that. Because I feel like it, thank you. And what I’m audibly hearing is like for you to imagine the crown chakra like a fountain of receptivity, that can’t be shut off. Right, it’s like the fountain of light, the light itself, the source itself, it’s like this continuous fountain of light that floats through us. And that can never be stopped. And even when we die, when we leave these physical bodies, we become part of that fountain, we become part of the flow in a different way. So it’s not even shut off, then it’s just really about our own consciousness and accessibility to perceive what’s being experienced in that area? So I don’t know if I’m answering your question fully, Jenny. So I apologize. But when you were saying like, where do you start, I think, you know, sometimes people get, and this is my hallucination is like we get too caught up with rules and expectations, instead of just taking the time to show up and feed and begin where we’re most open. So for me, I recognize that I feel like I’m most open in my shop and in my heart. So if I’m going to do any work with my centers, I start there. Because those are the most open for me, the ones that I feel are the most accessible. And then I use that love that like that intention to help me open up even more any other area that needs to be supported. So for people, what I would suggest is start where you are the most open or receptive. And if you’ve been doing this wonderful series of journeys, you can identify Oh, yeah, I feel like I am open here based on what I’ve heard from the center and from this area. So let me start here. And then from there, let that be the gift that supports the rest of the flow for all these centers to become available and open to their optimal potential.


Jenny  Mm hmm. I love that. Because as as I was, like, thinking about what you were saying, and this whole series, you know, some of us especially a lot of the people who listen to this podcast are a type entrepreneurs or a type people who are like, exactly like you said, like, give me the formula, give me the sequence, give me the thing that I need to do. Tell me a tizzy, what I’m finding with this journey and exactly what you said, we’re all coming in at different points. And we’re all connecting to different things that resonate with us, because I could listen, this whole series and a lot of things are gonna resonate with me differently than someone else who listens to the whole series, based on where we’re at in life. And one of the things that really stuck out to me that you just said, was that it’s our consciousness that’s actually blocking that crown chakra and the way we perceive and what what we’re thinking consciously I’d love you To go into that a little bit more, because I believe that it ties into what we’re talking about here with a type entrepreneurs who sometimes can be a little bit rigid in their thinking or their way. And you’re kind of like, I don’t know, to me the way I perceive that was like, Okay, well, my rigidity could be blocking it, or the way that I’m doing things could be blocking it when there’s already a flow there, like you said,


Emily  Well, and just too quick. So I do, I actually am going to ask you to repeat your question, but because I’m audibly hearing something, I’m going to speak to that. And then I’ll ask you to repeat your question. So just a quick example, for those who need a strategy. This is just a quick example. It doesn’t apply for everybody. So for example, let’s say you’re running your business, and you’re getting ideas, you’re working on your business. And, you know, it could be that your, your first or second shock are probably a little more open, or you feel really comfortable, right, there’s a part of you that feels very grounded and comfortable, and you’re clear on certain things. With you’re doing right, I got things mapped out. And so you’re probably your sake, roll. And those that have the second or third chakra are probably a little more open, or movement, let’s say than all the other chakras, she can start there, right, whether it’s in meditation, or because you’re moving your body. And that’s another way to connect with your centers to start moving your body and connecting to that, that second or third chakra, or even that first chakra, and you’re you’re connecting to that right and you let your mind use your human mind to engage like, Okay, I’ve got this planned out, I’m working on this, I feel confidence in this. And just let your mind go there. And then from there, you move into gratitude, what am I grateful for. So then very clearly and easily, that’s how you’ve engaged your conscious mind to move into your heart center. And then as you’re moving into that, and just being in the gratitude being in the energy of that, the intention of that, or even in the presence of that, then you can move into like, I’m here for a bigger purpose. I’m here for a bigger from a greater wisdom, there’s a part of me there is in all of us know, this deep down inside, there’s a bigger part of me, that has things figured out right, there’s a bigger part of me, that is orchestrating things that my human mind can’t figure out at times, there’s just had going into the thought and the visualization of that or just even the thought alone will bring you into that crown chakra. And then holding yourself in that space in which you are like as if it’s as if you’re taking in the moment by visualizing or with your thoughts or with your conversations is that you’re just acknowledging the light that’s flowing through your body and that you’re even just acknowledging with your thoughts and your, your mind or even just your languaging that I am present to feeling the light that’s running through me I am one with source, I’m one with light, I’m one with the universe, I’m one with oneness, right? It’s like just having that conversation, that visualization. It’s just a way to get you to that crown chakra. And again, it doesn’t mean that it’s nice to be overcomplicated. That was just a very quick example of how you can go from the second, the third or even the first and very quickly jump into the heart rate with gratitude and very quickly from the heart jump into the top. And the thing we don’t need to be reminded of is that when you jump from one chakra to the other, it organically feeds the other centers that are in that pathway. So it’s kind of like not getting too complicated. Oh, no, I didn’t take time for my throat. But it could be as simple as chanting and humming and like, you know what I mean? So all those different centers can be targeted as you’re moving up to the top.


Jenny  Yeah, I love that. And it’s perfect. Because it’s just another example of a way because we just talked about this in our program with one of our clients. You know, she was getting a little bit stuck on things. And, you know, I just put the question back on her like, what have we talked about this whole program that could help you? And there were a couple different answers she could pull from and I was so glad that she pulled from them. I’m going to start with gratitude first. That’s how I’m going to get out of this. I’m going to start with gratitude. And then allow that to propel me forward. No, it was like yes, yes. Awesome. Because sometimes we forget that because like you said we want to be a type who wants to be in the doing so much. But there’s just so much like, like a word that you use like juiciness, deliciousness and just being in the flow and being in the play. And so bringing the question since you said I would ask it again, as I want to just hear a little bit more about when our consciousness is blocking the crown chakra and, and blocking that. How can we what are some things that we can do to unblock


Emily  so perfect. So I did take time to write some of this stuff down because I wanted to meditate and actually asked for guidance to make sure we can be very practical and deliver some of the insights. But one of the things that they Well, there were several things they talked about how stress and feeling overwhelmed can actually keep us in they’re showing me it’s like it’s funny. They’re showing me a vision of a faucet and the faucet. You know how that leaky. There’s always there’s like these faucets that just the drops keep coming no matter how hard you shut it off. And that’s one thing that They’re sharing with me is that as we talk about this, what we’re trying to indicate is that you can never shut that faucet off, it’s still going to be dripping. Like, it’s like, I want to shut it off, you came and shut it off, even if you want it to shut it off, right? It’s still going to be revealing itself. But the human mind, what happens is that our awareness, well guess what is getting our attention, right keeps us from perceiving what’s already there. So when we’re under stress, when we’re feeling overwhelmed, when we’re emotionally in balance and feeling angry, or they’re saying anxious, when we have these emotions come up, and even when we don’t feel too well. Or when we’re in conflict or confrontation, you know, it’s like we pull away from perceiving it. But this is actually you know, it happens with a lot of elements with chakras, but also in life in general, because we enter survival mode. Alright, so just speaking here more to the human aspect of who we are and the tendencies and the reality is, when these things happen, most people, most people initially go into survival mode, right? Because it’s kind of like, how do I take care of this? How do I survive this? How do I handle this? How do I manage? How do I get through it? So it’s kind of like though, it’s the natural instinct for us to withdraw, to survive. And as we withdraw, we pretty much unplug. And I’m again, I know, this is a little paradox, I’m telling you never can unplug. But it’s like we hallucinate right at the idea that we unplug so that we can survive, right? We kind of try to conserve, right, we’re trying to conserve our energy, our thoughts or actions to know what to do to get through it. But we don’t realize that when we do that, we fail to lean into the energies, the thoughts and the emotions that are associated with faith with clarity, which source because there’s this higher wisdom that is trying to get us through the stress that’s trying to get us through the emotional imbalances that are trying to get us through our illness or sickness that are trying to get us through a conflict and confrontation. So we know the answer. So we know the next best step. So what happens is that again, these things, which ironically, are usually triggered from outside ourselves, are the things that keep us from fully perceiving or receiving from the chakra and the source again, that allows us to know what’s next. And what’s the next best step?


Jenny  So when we are, I mean, this is at least part of my journey, you know, those moments of stress overwhelm anxiety, like, I definitely, it’s almost like a functioning, what is it like a functioning alcoholic or whatever, there’s a paradox of words there. But, you know, it’s, I feel like I was like a functioning workaholic, so to say, where it’s like there was so much overwhelm and stress in my life, but I felt as if I was able to achieve and have success. But what I’ve learned is, I’ve made my own transition. And I’m recognizing when those emotions come up, and noticing, like the triggers and noticing things that that caused them to happen, like you said, like the withdrawal, like a lot of our clients, they go into ostrich mode is what we call it, like, they stick their head in the sand and they go hide because they’re like, Ah, you know, they’re freaking out, there’s a lot of stress going on. And so I guess what I want to get to is where I’ve been, you know, I’ve said this whole series that I feel like I’m like, you know, straggling some of my old ways and my new ways. And I’m like, just tiptoeing on the old ways, and I’m about to jump into the new way, the new me. And when we are able to identify what you said those, those human survival mode, emotions that come up, but also because you’re we were talking about how that blocks on why that blocks the crown chakra, but also all that infinite wisdom, that infinite source, that infinite faith that’s there, that faucet that’s connected to us. What I’m wondering is, how do you know it’s open? How do you feel it’s open? how can someone who’s making that transition from you know, those human emotions over to, like trusting and allowing and faith? Like, how can they know what’s open, and then continue to tap into that?


Emily  And thank you, and that’s a great question. So there’s many different things that I’m audibly hearing. And I’m going to start by saying that just starting with the awareness that hey, I’ve been trained in and I sometimes I encourage not a lot, not sometimes actually do it with people, I encourage people to just speak the truth, like really take time to just even they’re like, Oh, I knew that no, like, take the time to actually audibly have this discussion with yourself. Right. And one, one of the things that I personally even remind myself of this is like, okay, I’ve been trained by my society, my culture, to be in this place, right to try to focus on the external, you know, for to use the external, what’s happening outside my environment to dictate what’s really happening. Am I succeeding or not? Right? We use the external usually to help us identify, identify that You know, a lot of times we give permission to that which is outside of us to tell us how we should be feeling right. If this is happening, we should be happy. If this is not happening, we should feel sad or angry. So I’d like to just start there something very simple, because you’re already instructing your conscious and your unconscious to Hey, this is just something that has been taught, but that I now from this place of who I am today, I can choose right, I can choose to decide that I don’t have to follow these rules, you know, that I can choose to live different. So that’s one place I like to start, you know, it’s like, understanding that we’ve all been trained this way. And if we can start there, then on the other side of that coin is that then we can acknowledge, like, Okay, if I’ve been trained this way, then I have to take time to train myself to think differently. And from there, it’s like, what do you do to implement more of this. And, you know, there’s so many elements to this, and so many things that can be given for this. But one of the easier, easier ways, I think it’s by learning through example, so finding a mentor that can help you with that. And that could be as simple as finding an audio book, or finding a YouTube or finding someone to listen to, or like taking time to open up to new perspectives and ideas that feed what you’re trying to learn, right, because one of the easiest ways for us to learn in this human reality is through example, right to mimic. So that would be one thing that I suggest for people as you’re trying to get perfect this or understanding and in moving into more faith, like you asked, the next thing that I would suggest is to pay attention where life is inviting you to trust. And it’s not about looking at your challenges, like, Okay, I’m going to just let go and trust No, it’s about like, where in my path. And in my history have I been shown that it’s safe to have faith, that it’s safe to let go, that it’s safe to trust. And I would just take account and be like, okay, when did that, you know, maybe a miracle happened, or you got blessed with some support, or the right person contacted you. But just take time to take account because right there, you’re proving to yourself, you’re proving to your mind, you’re triggering that that neuron, that nerve, that they’re showing me the circuits in their brain, to show me the vision of the brain, it’s like you’re already triggering within the circuits of your brain to start paying attention to more of it, which ironically, helps you to manifested even faster as well. So you take notice of it. And you also implement the action, the steps, the thoughts, which actually make you manifest it. So I hope it’s making sense so far getting


Jenny  is done to me completely.


Emily  Okay. And it’s probably too and I’m asking what’s another way to implement more of this faith and trust.


Jenny  And as we were talking, you know, I said, I like this whole series have been like straddling the two, I actually I want to I want to also like, level up, I guess, right here, because I actually was like, No, Jenny, you’re not straddling the two, you actually you’re there, you were already there. And I was like, Oh, my gosh, with this episode, I’m there like both feet are on the side that I was going towards. So as you were saying that it just came up. And I’m like, how it happened. Here. Yeah, she


Emily  said something so good. I’m like, Yes. And that’s actually a big component of it. People don’t realize that our languaging and the stories we tell ourselves are very powerful. And we unconsciously sometimes do that. Oh, look, I’m straddling both, we are well, of course, you’re gonna straddle both, because that’s what you keep saying, that’s what you believe. Right? That’s right, you’re languishing it, you know, and I, it’s funny, because I was just working with a client. And one of the things that he was saying is like, I just don’t know what to do, I don’t know what to do. And I’m like, well, that language that needs to change, like, because the reality is, you know what to do, your human mind is catching up to figuring it out, your human mind is just waking up to what you need to do. So like, even languaging it like that. And it was neat, because within two days, he’s like, I know what to do. And I like I knew he would figure it out. But it’s kind of like when you start having that language, like, I have the ability to have faith, I have faith, I choose to have faith, I choose to pay attention to the miracles, I choose to pay attention to the signs, I choose to own that I’m always connected and open. So what you’re doing is that you’re guiding your consciousness through your conscious mind, the unconscious, this is not just about energy and, and meditation, this is not just about that, but psychologically and physiologically, you start paying attention in a different way. And the reality is, it is like everything is outside of us, for us to perceive as much as it is inside of us to perceive but we can’t perceive or see it. If we’re telling ourselves we can’t. So when we start saying we can psychologically see it, we witness it, we become aware of it because our brain is taking the time to witness it right. But also our physiology also moves us physically, to interact with the behaviors and also the things outside of us, not just inside of us. That helps us to see more of it and be with more of it. And, again, this is nothing about energy or intuition. This is actual psychology that’s been proven and researched by many, many credible sources. So it is powerful to just even shift the language. behind that.


Jenny  Yeah, it’s so true. And, you know, I’m just giggling, and I’m imagining all the people who have listened to this whole series, because what I love is just me demonstrating it was both, it was a language. But it also was a feeling to, because, you know, even though we teach some of this too, we teach a process to redefine, realign and redesign to be able to dig up the old beliefs and, you know, use new ones to align with where you want to go and step into the new identity. And you said it perfectly when we worked with you. It’s like, we’re still human, and even said at the beginning, like we’re not perfect, we’re still going to have these things come up. And so this was a perfect example of like, literally, like most of the episodes on this series, I would share like, Oh, you know, I’m struggling. And this is my journey. And like I said, it was dual, I just felt it, but it was also languishing. Because I was like, oh, here are my coaches, you’re on with me. I know, she’s either going to tell me live or she’s going to tell me after to change. But that’s exactly what you said. That’s why a mentor is important to work with, especially, you know, the audio listening to it, or even someone who lives to work with them, because they’re going to help you catch and reframe that stuff.


Emily  And one of the things I’m actually being reminded to check my notes, because they’re telling me it’ll help speak more to your question as well. So I did write down some specific action steps that can help you with your crown chakra. And also perceive, right, perceive the energy, the information, the accessibility to the divine, because the crown chakra, let me just rephrase this really quickly, is like imagine like that’s the portal within your energy centers, physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically, for you to receive higher consciousness for you to be in, in accessibility to divine guidance, right, the portal of light is what I’m audibly hearing, right. So when you are consciously engaged, you’re open or receptive to what can be received from this crown from this energy center, there’s going to be a lot of insights that come through, there’s going to be this state of like, you can actually have these moments of pure bliss and euphoria, when you’re in that current when you are in that energy. And yeah, the one thing that I want to even acknowledge when you’re really happy, you don’t and all of us have had a moment maybe we don’t always remember it. But all of us have had a moment in which we’re really excited, really happy and worldly, elated with the warmth of the word deleted. Internet, it’s like we’re in the lesson, the experience of that energy, right? We’re feeling that energy, it feels ecstatic to an extent. And when that energy center is open, meaning like the human mind is perceiving its accessibility and what’s coming through. We get ideas, we get insights, we get inspiration we create, we want to map like, there’s so much flowing through. And it’s like, and we see through the lens of the rainbow, right? It’s like, everything looks beautiful. There’s beauty, and I wrote it here. It’s like there’s more beauty, we see more beauty, we see more in unity, we see things working out like cash, everything’s just working out. It’s like we see this harmony to things, right? And there’s a different sense of awareness. So we’ll become more forgiving, right? There’s an awareness like, it’s kind of like we’re not like, compartmentalizing like this or that. No, we’re like, oh, there’s a harmony to things right. And again, you just feel more connected to a bigger source. And it doesn’t have to be a God source universe, but just even more connected to other people more connected with humanity as a whole. And more connected with your family with your partner. There’s just a sense of union. But a few things that you can do that would help meditation, which I know that’s probably being given for other chakras. And just to speak to this really quick meditation. Sometimes we can overcomplicate it. meditation can happen and occur by going on a walk in nature. meditation can take place by just taking a deep breath and literally rubbing your fingers together and taking time to just notice the sensations as you rub your fingers together. Meditation, it’s about quieting the mind. And it’s paradoxical because the reality is and research shows we can’t fully quiet the mind, right? But we can silence it enough to listen to the higher mind to listen to the higher consciousness. So that’s a process of meditation, meditation. Sometimes it happens to a lot of us when we’re doing the dishes or taking a shower and we just sew, right? So meditation can occur in many different ways and forms. So I hear from a lot of people, I can’t meditate or it’s hard, no change in language meditation is easy. I just, I am excited that I get to find a way to meditate that is easy for me. So that’s one thing. Affirmative prayers for those who like to pray affirmative prayer is different from a prayer in the sense that you are Doing a prayer as if it is done. I am so grateful that things are working out for me, I am grateful that my body feels ecstatic. It feels healthy, it feels strong, I am excited that I’m figuring out what I need to do to make more money. I am excited that I’m figuring out how to heal what’s happening in my relationship. It’s kind of like you’re seeing it as it is done. Even if things are not looking that way. You’re just saying it in a way, kind of like a celebration that things are going to fall into place. And then also with the powerful thing about that is that you’re engaging through your conscious mind making a decision that engages again, the unconscious, the energy to help you find those answers. Another thing is being in nature, being connected with water movement, you know, anything like moving your body, dancing, yoga, even movement, because you’re moving your hips and just caressing your skin, affirmations and intentions of truth also are very supportive. What that means is like, affirmation intentions of truth, a lot of times people get caught up with doing affirmations that they don’t believe like, I’m gonna be a millionaire, but there’s a part of them that don’t believe it. Right. So it’s called affirmation. It’s like, I’ve been blessed to be abundant, right, I’ve been blessed to be abundant, because that is the truth, the soul has been blessed to be abundant, and you’re just catching up to perceiving and witnessing it. And then the last two things are crystals. And not, I’m not one that uses that many crystals, even though I have them, I get them whenever I get shown to get something. And that could even just be a rock, if you’re not into crystals it is to find something in nature that you can hold a hab nearby to remind you right that you are connected. And nature, the reason nature is so powerful is because nature reflects back to us the harmony. And then the last thing is just engaging your senses, maybe finding something that triggers like, you know, there’s essential oils for aromatherapy, something that engages the senses. Or it could be listening to very delicious sounds and music that help you relax and open up than just their audibly telling you to say the word central touch. So essential touch with your partner or with yourself. They’re saying that that also is supportive. And then what’s other senses and I’m not even just enjoying a delicious,


Jenny  they might have told you sensual touch, they might have told you central touch because for the sacral chakra, we had a sensual dominatrix on clora. Wilder might have been like a comment to go back and listen to that one about what you can do with your sensuality.


Emily  Yes, yes. Because that’s the thing. It’s like, we forget that and we get so caught up with the human part of us that we forget that life is meant to be sensual. And when I say Central, it’s not just about sensuality, like intimacy. But essentially, it’s kind of like when you think essentially like, Oh, this is yummy, this delicious. It’s like, you know, it’s not just about looking at it in that way. But life is meant to be enjoyed, right? And we’ve been taught our society has taught us, unfortunately, it’s part of what we’re healing as a collective, we’ve taught to notice what’s not working so that we can make it work, instead of noticing what it is that is working, that we can enjoy and love and appreciate so that we can expand it into making other things work. You know,


Jenny  One thing I want to ask that’s definitely more tactical that I think goes really well with what you just shared. And thank you for sharing all that because those are all like great reminders, or even like that aha moment to be like, Oh, my gosh, I can do that. You know, I can do that today. Is this what you said? It’s speaking these affirmation, affirmative prayers and these intentions of truth. And like how you mentioned that sometimes you say these affirmations and don’t believe him, like, I’m going to be a millionaire, you know, I just listened on. I’m going through money EQ core. So one of the things he said today is, he said, Well, you know, it’s about the appreciation, the gratitude for that piece, but also amplifying your joy and your excitement. And so since that’s a big part of who you are, and he said, that’s like, you’ve always been really playful and very childlike. How can we have these intentions of truth, but also amplify, you know, you had us write future gratitude statements, so you can save them. But also, if I take what’s in the money EQ course and what you said, that says, All right now get that emotion with it. How can we really step into that joy, as if it is happening right now?


Emily  You know, one of the things that I have worked on perfecting is about finding easy triggers of joy. Humans, we’ve been taught to have easy triggers of frustration and disappointment. Right? Well, that person looked at me that way. It’s like triggers we’ve had, we have triggers that create disharmony. Or we’ve been taught to have easy triggers for that. So the ease one of the things that we can commit to is like finding easy triggers for joy, finding easy triggers for success. And how do you do that by being mindful as you go through your day? What is around you? What is your set? What can your senses take time to appreciate? You know, like when I leave my house, Every time when I leave the house, the first thing I do is just scan real quick. What is something beautiful to appreciate? I noticed this guy, you know, I’ll make a comment about you know, if I’m with someone, I’ll make a comment about what I see him like, Oh, what a beautiful day or hug a beautiful plant. So I’ve kind of trained myself to have easy triggers of appreciation and easy triggers of joy. You know, my things that I hear from a lot of people that like, you still get excited about your signs and your numbers and your birds. And I like it, because I get a lot of signs through birds and numbers. And I’m like, heck yeah. I mean, like, I’m constantly excited about those things. And it’s like, if we go back, you know, a lot. I’ve heard this from people that are like, well, that’s just not who I am. Well, no, that’s not true. Because when you were a child, that’s who you were, somehow, along the way, somebody convinced you like, grow up, somebody told you to grow up, somebody convinced you to man up, woman up, whatever it might be, somebody told you, it’s time to be serious, it’s time to work. And somehow you just picked up that illusion and not, it’s like you You picked up from somebody else. It’s not okay to be in the energy of being playful. And it’s about understanding that there is this inherent ability for all of us to be like this. It’s just that somewhere in the mix of history of development of growth, we’ve been told by other people, like, you could only do this until the age of five, we’re into the age of eight, and then you have to somehow grow up. And it’s about taking time to even go and have some fun and go like, well, who was as a child. And if you don’t remember, well, if I can choose right now who I was going to be as a child, how would I be acting? How would I be playing, and then incorporate at least once a day, 10 minutes where you just take time to be in that acknowledgement of like, if when I was a kid, I like this, right? just acknowledging it, because what’s going to happen is that when the human mind, the conscious mind starts appreciating and noticing that and going into the memory of that, or the attention of that you are going to on unconsciously, you’re going to start triggering you noticing that more in your day, and in the days to come. If you just put it in your calendar and on your thing for 1010 minutes a day, let the alarm come off, go off. And what you’re going to have, what you’re going to notice is that it’s going to organically start happening outside of your scheduled time. And that Thank you, they audibly just said enough in a cute way. And those ladies, and that, ladies and gentlemen, is a breakthrough. And I just heard a lot of clapping. Like that idea like that is that that small commitment a day will lead to big breakthroughs is what they just said.


Jenny  And I feel like Why not? Right? Like, why not have those moments of joy and freedom. And also I feel like with what you shared, it helps bridge from if you have not done those things, you start doing those things. And then like I said in my money EQ course where they say, okay, celebrate if you already sold a million books, or if you already have a million dollar company. Like for me, I was like, how do I get there? Right? It seems so big and so far, yet what you just said is it’s almost like that bridge to help you get there.


Emily  And I think that’s, you know, the bridge. I like her saying that, because sometimes people get caught up in the idea. Like, it’s got to be big like for me to get from where I’m at to where I want to be, it’s got to be big. And we forget that it’s a series of small milestones that get us there. It’s a series of small breakthroughs is a series of small, correct maneuvers that get us there, right. And it’s like, we think it’s that one thing or that big one thing, no, it’s a combination of little things that get us into that place, but also remembering, it’s like, if you’re telling me I want to be a millionaire, and you’ve never been a millionaire, then who you are, and what you’ve been doing is not going to get you there, it’s not going to happen. So you’re fooling yourself and saying, I’m going to get there if I’m not willing to take the time to change certain habits and certain mindsets and certain behaviors. Because for you to be a millionaire, when you are that person, when you step into that your mindset is going to be different, your behaviors are going to be different, the way you look at life is going to be different. So the way to get there, the fastest way to get there, which can happen in your tomorrow is to actually take time to be that person. And how do you do that? Well, go ahead. And first of all get very clear about how that person looks, what do they think about what they do in their day? What do they talk about, and then make that part of what you commit to, again, baby step by baby step by baby step, because one step leads you to the next, the next step leads you to the next and then before you realize that you’re like signing that dotted line in which you’re like, Oh, I have to transfer my account here because I’m over a million dollars. And this is not the best place to keep it to manage my money. It’s kind of like, you know, it’s like, like seeing yourself doing that, like oh, I’m getting here like this is what I would do, sign the dotted line opening up a new account or transferring it to a new account. So it’s kind of like playing with that energy and ideas of like, Who am I when I’m there and then kind of like backwards engineer Right, like how do I, how do I act today? How do I talk today to be that person, because that’s the only way you’re going to make it happen, you’re not going to be doing it by being the person you’ve been this whole time.


Jenny  And another example I’d like to give to parallel that and even give another access point for someone’s mind to really for this to sink in, is, you know, from from a sales or a business perspective and networking, you know, you’re out there, and you have to start talking, you don’t have to, but when you start talking to people, you know, it opens up that door, which opens up that door, which opens up that door, which eventually gets you the result that you were going after that you had wanted that in so much more. So it’s like on the other side, it’s also recognizing and believing that exactly what you said, Emily, you know, it’s, it’s these little moments and retraining your brain to believe and understand that these little moments will provide the same things that you may have achieved, and like you’re doing this, right, you’re doing this a success, that maybe you’ve had a lifetime of feeling and experiencing, that this would also count as a doing this, this would also count as something you could you could do that will get you the results, you know, at least that’s how I figured I would share it because that’s, that’s been my journey, you know, I know how to do the things to make the things happen. And some of this other stuff, I’ve been hesitant in the past to believe that this would work or to integrate it in, because I was like, that doesn’t count me doing this over here counts. So I wanted to add that as a parallel.


Emily  Yeah, I love it. And one of the things that they’re audibly telling me and I think that’s going back, bringing it back here into the crown chakra is that, you know, the chakra, it’s like the center where we receive insights, inspiration, you know, prop like, answers to the probabilities that we’re wanting to step into. It’s like that’s a portal on which we received the downloads, right? This is where we receive all of those things. And I think it again, is a reminder for those of you that are working in this chakra, and being open and receptive to those inspired actions, those thoughts, those ideas to make things move forward. And, and this is the irony, so that that’s the center to help you to be in that state of bliss, and like nothingness. And the irony is, when you’re really there, you’re very unattached. But the other side of using this chakra is that it’s also a beautiful portal into getting the next best step, right. So it’s got the aspects of being the duality of the Beingness, of just being in the energy of that all of the nothingness. But it also has the other side, the flip side in which you can actually know what it is you need to do through the inspired actions that can come through. And I think it’s important to just highlight before we end, in owning and understanding that there is got to be a part of you that changes your routine and your daily activities. So that you can actually open up the human part of you, the conscious mind enough for you to receive these insights. Because whether we want to admit it or not, human nature is guided by habits and routines, all of us have our habits and routines. And a lot of times we are unable to perceive the inspired actions, the insights that the shocker is offering to us. Because we get so caught up into the routine that the mind just keeps going in one direction and it keeps rolling in one direction. And it can’t perceive or receive those things, because it’s very caught up in the routines. So it becomes like a mechanic, right, our doing our thinking our emotions are very mechanical and we’re like, oh no, I do things everyday that are different now, the people that are around you trigger the same emotions, the same behaviors, your environment triggers the same emotions, the same behaviors. So there is a mechanic that happens with who you are. So you know, there’s certain mechanics to Emily. And unless I take time to, to interrupt some of those mechanics and change my routines as often as possible, then I can interrupt certain things, the mechanics that happened within the brain so that I can actually perceive more of the inspired action and the insights. And that’s why meditation helps. That’s why letting go helps us by going into nature and doing movement and moving your body and doing affirmative prayers and in crystals, because you’re adding things into your mechanics that are outside the normal. They’re outside your typical days. So that then within those moments you become available to those insights at that chakra that crown chakra is already helping you connect to an experience.


Jenny  Yes. Oh, that was perfect. That was the perfect example and the perfect thing. And that’s why when you go to retreats and events and you get outside your norm, you have so many breakthroughs, that you get so much change because you’re completely outside of all those habits and behaviors. Emily , this has been such a powerful conversation. We’ve definitely covered so many things about the crown chakra This is the perfect finale to the series, the perfect way to bring it all together. So if someone’s listening, and they really love your vibe, they love your energy, and they really want to get to know you more, work with you, etc. Like, what are you offering right now? What’s available? How can they connect? Where do they go to get more of Emily?


Emily  So the best way is visiting my website, the angel coach is calm. And you can go ahead and get access to a little bit more about me about my history. If you want to learn more, that’s you. If you’re more on the logical side, like okay, I want to know who the heck this woman is a little more, you know that you can learn more there. But also there’s information there about my sessions and my coaching and the different things that I do retreats. But if you’re still wanting to just check in to see what it is I offer, what else I do, you can go into my social media, Instagram and Facebook. But I’m also doing rooms in the clubhouse . Have you even connected with me there at the angel coach calm at the angel coach? I’m here to give them my website. You can also just listen into some of those conversations. But yes, I love meeting with people supporting them with sessions offering guidance, people come to me who are confused. And my role is to give them insight and clarity so they know what to do. So if you’re feeling confused, or I can support you in any way, sessions are wonderful and very powerful in helping you to know what’s the next best step.


Jenny  Yes. And it’s so true. I mean, Jay and I have definitely known Emily longer than Jay. And I think it’s been like eight years or something. And ever since I met her. I didn’t know what intuition was. And I met her and was like, What is it? She explained it? And then she offered guidance that I was like, how did you know that? How did that work? And ever since then, she’s been blowing my mind because there’s lots of different moments where I’ve gone around her. So she’s definitely someone that I trust that I’ve had results with that I’ve had major breakthroughs. I mean, we’re in the middle of a coaching program right now. And there’s so much that is leveled up and, and expanded and grown and lots of results that have come from it. So, you know, definitely Emily’s the real deal when it comes to an intuitive coach and a coach and a person. So know that you have my stamp of approval if you because you trust in me and you love me so much. But also, I mean, I wouldn’t keep hiring her after all these years if the proof wasn’t in the pudding, so to speak. So. Well, thank you. I’m very honored and grateful. Yeah. Thank you for coming on the show. And guys. Thank you for being a part of this series. It’s been such an honor and a joy. And we will have one more episode where I’ll close it all up and I’ll give all the highlights and stay tuned for that next week. Thank you for listening to the life of interest podcast. If you love this episode. Remember to subscribe to your favorite podcast app. For Course Information freebies and to stay connected join our ohana that means family Remember to stay positive, enjoy the journey and most of all, keep those eyes open for all of the adventures surrounding you.

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