December 38th 2020? #212

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December 38th 2020? #212


SayWHA Radio is back with their first episode of 2021. Settle in as Justice, Jules, Dre T and Dre D discuss what’s been going on in the USA these past two weeks. Between the domestic terrorism that happened at the Capitol, Gayle King’s bizarre interview with ‘SoHo Karen’ Miya Ponsetto and USPS falling apart, it’s been a wild year already!

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Justice: All right. All right. All right. It is not Wednesday night, but it is the first show of 2021. Want to welcome you guys. SayWHA radio got your girl Justice here, hanging with a few people. Go ahead and started with Dre T and then we can just go down the line.

Dre: All right. I’m Dre T.

Dre: It’s a weird line but, I am Dre D.

Jules: Well, I’m Jules. I still ain’t. I still don’t have like a podcast name.

Dre: Cheeky Black

Jules: No.. not that’s not.

Justice: We don’t want to do that. Been a while since we all. Well, we were able to get a actual show with the guys on here for SayWHA radio. We want to. Welcome everybody to again, 2021 or what it seems like is 2020 part two.

What did you call it? T December?

Dre: December 38th.

Justice: That’s what it feels like. I mean, well, let me go ahead and say it. how was everybody’s, uh, Christmas and the holidays or whatever, prior to all this non sense?

Jules: I had a nice holiday. It was pretty cool.

Dre: I definitely enjoyed it.

Justice: Everybody, you know, going into the new year is, um, everyone has said it was supposed to be something where we could just restart is fun, have a new outlook. And then was it January 6th? What was it, January 6th, Wednesday 2021 seems like all hell broke loose in the capital here in the United States with insurrection, sedition and treason just happening all at once.

That’s what it kind of felt like where a bunch of people actually stormed the capital after a rally with the, uh, guy in the white house.

Dre: Terrorists, You mean, those people?

Justice: Yeah. Domestic terrorists with a guy in the white house.

Dre: agent orange.

Justice: I like that. So I don’t understand. And maybe it’s just me because I’m not a part of this. I understand being frustrated about shit. I understand, you know, wanting to get your voice heard, but that shit on Wednesday was a complete clusterfuck.

Dre: Yeah. I don’t even know what they’re really complaining about. I mean, they didn’t like the outcome of the election, so they think it’s really because of the outcomes we want it.

If that’s the case, we can literally have sides protesting and doing this stuff for every election.

Justice: Yeah. Actually the daily show did a great montage of it, of the same people saying, well, Democrats should just accept what is happening here. Despite everyone’s showing information that the election has been tainted in some way, shape or form, but they’re just gone.

They should just accept it, which they did. Nobody did no shit like this. This is insane.

Dre: Well remember taking a knee was too much. That was doing too much. We were disrespecting the flag with taking a knee. That’s not the way you protest. We were clearly doing it wrong.

Dre: And Trump himself, who was the leader, ringleader of all of that. Now talking to Colin Kaepernick, he was the one that he called him a son of a bitch needs to be fine. He’s disrespectful. He don’t like it. Then you have your own supporters overrun the fucking US Capitol.

Dre: Yup. If you don’t like the lecture results, you should leave right. About the same sentiment. Leave the country. If you don’t like the results, right. They told us…

Justice:…but what I’m seeing now. With everything is that everybody is now going well. Oh, these were just, they were regular people. They were being patriotic and it’s out of this world, how they can see that as anything but this has being a fucking attack on America from, I mean, it’s no different than to me than the Oklahoma city bombing. Why, why would this be different? Just because these people are pissed off about an election, knowing nobody nobody’s pissed off about any of the senators or councilmen or anything else? It’s just the presidential it’s like what the fuck?

Dre: Exactly. It’s because the ring leader who’s brainwashing because he’s not brainwashing to think that the senators were wrong and he’s brainwashing to say I was supposed to win everything is about him. Not about the party. It’s not about the it’s about him.

Dre: Yeah. I would understand it. If these people had like… If there was any credence, any evidence, anything to any of these claims? Like the claims are the man lost the popular vote by what? Like seven or 8 million votes, something like that in the States that he’s complaining about, he lost by wide margins as well.

Even if you think that the election is rigged, the other part of it is how the hell did they rigged the election to only where you did get elected? But like, you’re…

Jules: That’s my question in the house because they wanted those States. If you really think about how laws work in this country, I don’t need the fucking president.

Dre: Exactly.

Jules: …I need Mitch McConnell. I think if I’m rigging the election, why did I let Mitch McConnell win?

Dre: Why we would have rigged it to where he did win? For sure

Dre: it doesn’t make it, but you know, the logic is not really what people are really living by. It just made them by whatever Donald Trump says. He said something true. Throw all logic out the window, throw out common sense and just do whatever it’s got to. Yeah. I think even though he’s been at the point of the biggest Trump supporters the entire time, I think when Lindsey Graham even said enough is enough and that was, that was his speech after the ….. neighborhood.

Text him for evidence to give me. They said they got a hundred, some cases. I asked them for the evidence to give me what, I didn’t get anything yet. It’s like evidence to give me a one. Is it like they, people have voted or something like that. We got all these different cases. I asked them to give me what they didn’t give me anything like enough is enough.

We need to stop this.

Dre: Cause it they’re really fishing. They have no, they just want to delay, delay, delay. So that you can buy them time to hopefully find evidence. That doesn’t need evidence because if you think about it, he said this was going to be rigged before the election can start. So like months before it was like, if I lose, if I lose the election.

Jules: Yes. It’s not even that. He was, he was talking about the election being rigged when he won. And you remember that, like he won, it was like the only reason Hillary won the popular vote is because it was rigged.

Dre: Why would they read you to only win the popular vote and then lose the overall election? If you going to read it, we would not let Donald Trump win at all. Then he put together the election fraud investigation, task force or something like that. He just saw like that and they never found anything.

You haven’t heard anything from, they dismantled after about a year. Finding nothing.

Dre: Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. That’s why it was important for the win, the Arizona … that the lady was there. Anyway, which he got up there when she was the bucket, like the claims of fraud or whatnot, she was like, we complain about the machines, the media and all this other stuff.

He was like, but none of that takes into account that it was recounted by hand and it had nothing to do with the machine. It was recounted by hand, every single vote, and it was a hundred percent accurate with the machine. So even if you think that the machines could be corrupted, How do you, how did they corrupt the hand counts?

It’s like everything can’t be corrupt, just because you lost, like, you still got to show some kind of evidence that. Something, it can’t just be, well, we weren’t allowed in there. So obviously it was corrupt. You may not have been allowed in there, but that doesn’t mean corrupt shit was going on inside.

Like it doesn’t, that’s not proof that something corrupt was happening.

Justice:The, the thing that got me even before this, you know, we heard that call between him and the secretary is the secretary of state for Georgia. Am I correct in that. So even then in listening to him, it was like he was conducting business as a CEO or something rather than a fucking president.

What can we do about this? It’s the law. And it was funny because everyone kept saying it was nothing we can do is your information is wrong. This is what it is. Well, that’s what he is. He is a CEO he’s not a president he doesn’t know how to do.

Jules: Like a CEO would have asked the right question and just been like, okay, how much does 11,780 volts cost?

Dre: Like, I don’t need you to tell me how much it cost. Send me an invoice find me 11,000 votes.

Dre: It’s kind of funny, but that is what has led this problem. Drug problem off for the last four years is the fact that when he does things like this, or when he says these ridiculous things, you miss today, call the people on the call and didn’t want to really, you know, yeah.

They want to push out of respect for the office, not him, but for the office. We’ll see what we can do. I didn’t even know.

Jules:… they had that one guy on that call that was like, no, your numbers are wrong.

Dre: Yeah.

Jules: Respectfully.

Justice: That was the, um, it was the attorney right for this secretary.

Jules: Oh, he is Ryan?

Justice: Seems like he’s, uh, not the best or whatever, but you have a really great last name.

And then he was like, Oh, well, I get my, I get my information from the Trump media. I don’t know what that is, sir.

Dre: Alright fam… backwards I guess?

Dre: I guess that’s why, I mean, I saw this coming, you know, obviously everybody probably saw anybody when he got elected because people have so much respect for the office. They’re not going to check him. He’s all, he’s already spoiled. Ever since he was a kid. I mean, this guy has never been told no. And so all of a sudden, now he has the highest position in the lane and he’s surrounded by people who are, even if they weren’t yes men, before, they’re definitely going to be yes men now, because they’re not going to challenge the off.

Justice: I’m wondering if there’s any way to actually even kind of heal that chasm because unfortunately, Their stance is being challenged. No matter what, there is no way that people are going to continue to let this happen within the world and within the U S so are these people, or these types of, you know, white supremacists, these QAnon folks? I don’t even want to say conspiracy theory folks. It’s just more like uneducated, frustrated people.

Sometimes somebody put it really good. They would rather storm the Capitol and then go to therapy. I was like, damn, that’s true. Yeah, I think me, you had talked about this before.

Jules: There was an article I read and it was, it was trying to explain like outside of somebody who’s just overtly racist or somebody who’s just totally sucked into conspiracy theories. How do people become so angry and just support Trump? No matter what I remember, we were talking about the example that they gave in that article was like, if you think about somebody who was a mine worker, right. And their family’s been working the mines. Forever. And now that’s going away. Like, no matter what anybody says, you know, like those kinds of jobs just, it’s not happening.

Like it’s not coming back. It’s just not a thing. So you have these people and it, this article is specifically about white men, but you have these white men who are like, like you said, what’s happening to their place in the world. Like they don’t know anything else other than to be mine workers. Right.

They don’t have like the communities that they live in. That’s what everybody did. So there’s nothing else there. So now they can’t take care of their family in their minds. You know, they’re not really men anymore because they’re not doing what the men do. The men work in the mine and take care of the family.

That’s not what they can do. So now you have Trump come along. He’s saying all the things that they want to hear. So to them, Trump becomes a symbol of their manhood. That’s why they just do anything he says and listens to anything. That comes out of his mouth. Like, whatever he says is the truth, because he’s like an avatar for them being as these men that they can’t be avatar.

Yeah. And I do think that’s true for some of them. I think that’s why you just see like this cult-like reverence for this man.

Dre: Yeah. That’s, that’s definitely true. And I can definitely see how that would be the case, not even just for minors, but even for other people who. Yeah. Yeah. Think about it. That’s how he manipulates people.

He knows what you want. Everybody has some qualm with it, whether you’re black, white, male, female, that’s something that you don’t like about the country or something that you think she could prove about the country. And he knows how, if he knows what that is, he will tell you what you want to do, what you want to hear, just to get you to do what he wants you to do.

He knows how to manipulate him. He’s a master manipulator.

Dre: Well, I’ll give him one thing though. He made the country bluer than it ever. Then it has been in a long time? I guess he was such a bad person.

It did people who normally wouldn’t vote blue with like, you know what, just anything to get Trump out of there.

Dre: And that’s why the thesis, because it was so many more people that have ever voted and there’s like, Oh, this can’t be possible. How could this be? People voted. This many people have never voted before because you got terrible. Yeah. Because they want to go, they would have voted the first time, but they took it as a joke.

Dre: They were like, this is the way Trump could win. So I’m not to go vote, like it’s going to lose. So a lot of people didn’t even go and vote. That was the main problem. And they’re like Fox news and everybody, they complained when, you know, when Trump won the first time and everybody was up in arms about it and Fox news and everybody else’s like well, get over it, go vote.

This this time around, they actually did vote and now you can play it. And then there’s too many votes.

Jules: The thing that’s probably the most hilarious to me is on election night, he’s tweeting about why these mail-in ballots so devastating to my counts. Like you spent the last six months telling your people not to vote by mail.

Dre: Uh, Jesus, dudes an idiot.

Justice: I will say he was able to get. And, you know, it’s always been the myth that black people don’t vote and that their votes don’t count. They were able to shatter that in monumental fashion, in this election. That was really, really great to see, especially, you know, with Georgia coming through. I mean, that was amazing.

And also that the votes don’t matter. A lot of people would just in general, that it doesn’t matter for about cause the politicians that I’m do whatever they want to, if you put the right people in place. It does fucking matter. You put the wrong people in places, what you get and well, not this, I don’t think anybody ever thought it would be this bad.

They didn’t even have shit like this back in the 18 hundreds when it was really bad, as far as like treason and things like that. But it’s just amazing to see how much people got involved. Like my son actually got out and voted. He, that was crazy to me. I don’t even think he, he even thought that, you know, he’s like so how do I, how do I do this?

Like, I was just, you just. Choose what you want, baby. Well, what about everybody else? That’s on the ballot. You got to kind of look that up. What they don’t tell me. No, the same, the test, but I mean, for somebody who’s never voted, it would make sense. They don’t know what to expect when to go into, and especially in this type of election where it is, you know, a lot of people didn’t necessarily know how they would vote or what they would vote.

So it made sense, but it was really great to see just how many people got involved in, in the, it looks or process with this. And there was so much to actually be grateful for after seeing all of this hatred in, you know, just everything being spew by this man for so long people coming together. And then on Wednesday, just all of that.

It was a combination because everybody knows, and I have not heard one person say that not even Fox news, if it was black lives matter or peaceful other protests, and they’ve shown video of when it was Medicaid protests that were out there, people disabled, they were hauling, they ass out of there from the Capitol.

But this day they were just, you know, letting motherfuckers in, taking selfies with them and all kinds of shit.

Dre: And I remember just a few months back. I mean, obviously they had the black lives matter protest where they actually did, but just to point out one case you remember the old man who I think this was in DC.
He got pushed down?

Uh, the cops actually pushed him down and didn’t even render, Hey, like just pushed it all, man, to the ground over you. It was just as big. They didn’t do any of that here. And the only difference that I can even point out, and this is a white man, there’s not even so much just a race thing. It’s also just the fact that they will fighting for black lives matter.

Whereas here they’re fighting.

Dre: They’re fighting for patriotism.

Dre: Yeah. Trump has, is somehow hijacked American patriotism.

Justice: There’s a difference. And a lot of people, I don’t think they realize that there’s, there’s a big difference in between patriotism and nationalism. I mean, in these instances, what they’re trying to do is by definition, supremacy and nationalism, and that’s where you get the shit like the Nazis and fascism and hell now they got dictators going like y’all, ain’t no better than us. You keep thinking that you, you know, you could take the moral high ground, look at this motherfucker. And I hate that.

Dre: Yeah. I mean, that’s why they, that’s why other countries love him because he makes us look bad.

Dre: I actually read something or right before Trump got elected, the first time somewhere they did a prude, his motive was to make America look bad, to prove that America’s democracy, be broke. And I mean, that was just kind of a theory at the time. But if you look at what’s happened this whole last four years, especially what’s happened is last week. I think that’s a pretty good theory that, that might’ve improved this idea of getting Trump elected the first time that we can be broken. I think in a way we are.

Justice: But I think also he’s kind of right. If you think about it. Cause, uh, clearly these politicians were thinking that. They didn’t have to do as much. And just having a person who was just a piece of shit and has no idea about being a politician or politics in general could actually still run the country.

It may not be the best, but could still run the country. It just, just shows that, Hey, that no.

Jules: I think they thought he was going to be another Bush. I thought, I think they thought he was going to be a useful idiot. Like he was like, doesn’t know shit about actually running the country. Doesn’t really care about it. Didn’t even want to do it. I think the difference was like T said earlier, George Bush was not so consumed by now I have this power. He was just like, my daddy was the president. He told me to be president. So. That’s what I’ve been doing.

Dre: That’s what I do.

Jules: You make all the decisions. I’m going to be over here playing monopoly with my grandkids or whatever, but yeah..and you have Donald Trump, like you said, it’s just this power hungry, narcissist, this lost his fucking mind.

Dre: Well, and I think if Trump did anything, he kind of exposed that we need to redefine the safeguards of the prejudicy because the whole purpose of a democratic process is that not one person has the ability to do this.

Like he’s not supposed to be able to make your lateral decisions the way he was doing it the way he did throughout his entire presidency. Even though all the other presidents had the same power, they didn’t use it that way. So it wasn’t exposed. They stayed diplomatic most of the time, but. He exposed that we clearly don’t have enough safeguards in place to protect the country from shit like this, from somebody who gets into office and abused that power, it’s supposed to protect it.

But clearly we don’t have safeguards to protect us from that.

Dre: You think about it. That’s just track where they even before he became president and he will find a way to come out on task, even if he has to step on other people showed us to do it. Or stiff people or not pay debts or whatever he has to do.

Because when you think back to like how he conducted his business, there were numerous small businesses and contractors that he owed money to for different golf courses and all these different clubs and deals all over the world. He didn’t pay him. If he gets to a point where, you know, he gets what he wants, instructions and get away with not we’ll do it.

And so he gets away with it because as loopholes takes them to court, And just drags the process on, because we had them as lawyers to the point where they just have to settle because they can’t keep going to court. They don’t have the resources that he does. And so by default, they’ll just say, write me a check, settle for whatever.

And so that’s how we’re winning. And so he brings that same mentality to the white house. I’m going to exploit the laws to use all my, all my resources, all my wealth to get what I want. And that’s why you, what you’ve seen the last four years.

Justice: And what was so crazy throughout all of this. So of course, it’s this rule, the airwaves everywhere, even there were some little uproar that tried to happen from actual Trump’s supporters in Canada.

That shit didn’t catch any type of news coverage in any way, shape or form. And also, I don’t know if you guys remember the young lady who had attacked the, a young man in New York. Thinking an idiot stole her iPhone. It was, I think the day after Christmas or whatever. And there was a family in a nice hotel in Manhattan, and apparently she, she had lost her iPhone or forgotten it.

I don’t know, still really don’t necessarily know and kind of jumped on this boy as he was coming down the stairs from this hotel saying that he had stolen her iPhone and it an altercation pursued dad actually recorded the entire thing. And the girl in the beginning was able to actually get the Hotel management on her side and they were trying to get this iPhone from the boy and the girl tackled the boy and all kinds of stuff.

And eventually it just found out that her iPhone was in an Uber and had been returned throughout that entire thing. And then she went on about a business because she was actually traveling in New York from California. So during all this, they were looking for her of course afterwards. And she then started doing like, Press tours or whatnot in saying that, Oh, it wasn’t that big of a deal and blah, blah, blah, blah.

But she ended up doing a interview with Gayle King. And when I tell you she didn’t do herself, no favors in this fucking interview. First off, she’s sitting there with her attorney and the entire time Gayle is trying to. Actually get her to show some remorse and all this she’s like, I’m Puerto Rican. So I don’t see why this is a race thing.

And she was, and she’s like, but you just attack this one black boy. And she was like, well, I was talking to other people she said, but you just attacked this one black boy. Like I don’t, um, you keep saying it like, it’s going to change something. She’s also sitting there being very, you know, just looking at, you can tell she’s annoyed, she’s got a hat on that says, daddy.

Sitting next to her sitting next to her attorney and her attorney is actually going to, can you take the hat off? No. Okay. She keeps going on and eventually Gayle is like, I can’t think of her name. I can’t remember Mia or Maya or something. I don’t know. She was like, but Mia, can you answer this question?

And she goes to Gayle “shh” and says, “Gayle, no stop” and her attorney is like, please don’t do that, please, please, please. Don’t do that. Please. Oh, and she was like, no, she needs to, I’ve already said, blah, blah. And then ends the interview. Well, they didn’t end the interview. That’s where they start, you know? Cause they’re showing it in parts.

So that was the first part of it that they showed on. Good morning America. And they’re gonna show the next part on Monday and I’m like, honey, right now, are you not understanding that they will put your ass under the jail at this point?

Jules: I’m just going to say this. After seeing that R Kelly thing, if you were in trouble, I don’t know why anybody would tell you to talk to Gayle King, you set yourself up for failure. Gayle going to have you out there looking like a fool, and speaker’s going to sit there so peacefully

… For her, whatever she says, they have the security video. I think because you can see the entire situation unfold on their videos. Like ma’am, you have no defense, like you just started screaming at this black kid. The black kid is standing there. The dad comes off the elevator and you can tell like, his body language is like, Hey, what’s going on here?

It’s not like, I’m immediately about to attack this lady. And then she like chases the kid and fucking tackles him. And then that’s when the dad is like, and I’m about to. We about to make it do what it do because he’s tackled in the sun. So it’s like, well, ma’am, I don’t know what you have no defense. So I don’t know why you doing this press tour.

You need to just go to the courthouse and plead guilty, take a plea deal because that’s all you, that’s your best bet. I don’t know what else to tell her and, uh, be on the lookout for this lawsuit.

Justice: Oh, yeah. Yeah. It’s pretty much going to be it. I wanted to find like some Florida headlines, but everything that came up and this is just so you know,

Jules: Florida shit, we all need Florida headline.

Justice: That’s what I’m saying. Yeah. Yeah.

Dre: So, so the case with this woman, I mean, I kind of heard like some of the surface details, I never really dug into the story, so they never showed any remorse after she found out that they did not have her. Not really.

Jules: Not, not for real. No. Like she said the words, but it’s very obvious that she’s not apologetic.

Dre: Her lawyer told her to say pretty much.

Justice: it’s kinda like a speech apology was I’m sorry that he felt scared.

Jules: Oh, I’m sorry. If he felt scared. Yeah. Yeah. So, yeah, that was it.

Dre: Yes, that’s almost as bad as Trump’s apologies. It’s calmed down people.

Justice: We love you. You’re very special. Like I said, I was looking for the Florida headlines and I didn’t necessarily need to, because every single person that you saw is like they’re showing as poster children of this riot. I’m sorry. Domestic terrorism. We’re from Florida, the guy running with the podium, Florida. If I’m not mistaken, the dude in Pelosi’s office, Florida, I think he was, um, what are the eight States?

Dre: What are the main States? It was Alabama, Arkansas. One of the two, that got Pelosi’s office. So he was like your head, like the ring leader of one of them.

Justice: So many people that they actually just, and I, I will have to say the FBI sitting up there going like, Oh, well we need help identifying these people. Twitter had everybody’s shit before the FBI. Yeah.

Dre: That’s what CNN was like too, was like, they found this shit out overnight. Like what, what do you need? What kind of resources are you using? Are you still archaic when you try to do this shit? The old fashioned way? Like, yeah.

Dre: I mean, that actually reminds me of the security that allowed this to happen in the first place. Right. This was well known months ahead of time. Like there was posted and I would check. And somebody who said, Hey, you know, we’re getting together on January and we’re going to storm the Capitol and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

And this it’s been circling and it’s actually a true, you go to look at that person’s Twitter. They posted it. I think like in November, I think. So this was well planned ahead of time. Any organization you need, government office should have known that this was coming. Everybody else knew.

Dre: Yeah, they knew they were just told to not do anything. Cause you, you had like the other, other government agencies being like, Hey, noticed you hadn’t requested our help yet, so we can offer it. Cause you know, January 6th coming. Yeah. But uh, I guess if you don’t want us to do nothing. We’ll just stay over here.

Justice: It went back to, Oh, these are good people. They’re just frustrated type things.

No matter how many times they’ve been saying over the years that these white supremacist groups are the biggest threat to our democracy and our country right now. It’s just like, they, they would not believe it. People keep thinking that this stuff isn’t real or that it’s not happening or that it’s such a small faction, but it doesn’t take much because the lady who was actually shot and killed, I think she was like an air force veteran or whatever.

They said she was radicalized over the internet from this stuff. The people who will be pulled in from ISIS. It does not take much, if you are able to align on just a small part of the philosophy after that, it’s a snowball effect and they know that, but for some reason, Trump just kept, well, you know what?

I don’t even want to say for some reason, because I really think just, it did not matter to him as long as he had people who loved him. It was all about that.

Dre: Well, part of it was also because he put the right people that he wanted in office as head of those organizations. So when you think about like the defense secretary, We went through, I think a few defensive considers during his four years, but most recently they are replaced after that with uh, Chris Miller, I think in November and everybody was wondering, well, why is he doing this? Why is he making such a change? You know, towards the end of his time, you know, everybody was thinking maybe it’s because he wants to try to protect himself from being drug out of the white house. You know, if he controls the department of defense, who’s going to drag him at the white house.

But, I mean, this is another example of why he put that man, that man did not see an international guard, that man did not authorize any of the reinforcements could have happened. And you have to wonder why. Well, because he was a Trump supporter, a Trump supporter is not going to see me in reinforcement support.

That’s also what Trump thought with the judges that he put in place as well, but they didn’t come out. They didn’t help him when he was trying to do this, but this here’s the thing.

Jules: I honestly believe if they had had anything that could even be a little pinch of, maybe this is evidence. It would have held up, but I think they just went in there with Rudy Giuliani, sweating hear and you got to give me something.

Dre: …Trump thought that he could do it without anything. Yeah, this is my buddy. Even if I don’t have evidence, they’ll, they’ll make it happen.

Jules: Like now they’re one transcript where the lawyer for the, for the Trump campaign is like, they weren’t allowing Republican observers in the room and he’s like, okay, were there Republicans in the room? Yes. He’s like talking about, they weren’t allowing observers in there.

That’s the one that they want. T that’s the one that they want. That’s that’s the one that’s hilarious where it was like, they’re not letting them stay in close enough. So the judge was like, Hey. Are they standing, you know, within six feet, everybody said, yes. Even the defense, even though the Trump campaign was like, well, yeah, they are standing within six feet.

So the judge was like, okay, I’m going to rule in your favor. Let them stay in six feet. So it was like the, the ruling was let them do what they doing now. Anyway.

Justice: I know other countries and one lady actually said it don’t take that because someone had actually done like a challenge. If you are not an American, could you please respond to how you’re feeling watching this right now? And people were like, before I used to think of America as like Disneyland, like this is wonderful, magical place.

He said. Yeah. And now it’s just like watching the trashiest reality.

No surprise.

And you can’t just stop. Why they’re like, I just can’t stop what he’s like, you can’t be, you can’t, this can’t be real. Tik ToK has been hilarious. Last few days in some of the stuff that’s been going on. I don’t even know what else to say, like where we can actually go from here and what we can do.

Other than move forward because these same people are still here. Even though Joe Biden has been elected and everything is pretty much blue and democratic. These people are still here and we’re going to have to deal with them there. They are not going away. Neither will they just go quietly? So I don’t know and in the middle.

And we were dealing with this in the middle of a fucking pandemic where not everybody’s still getting the vaccines and needs to get them. Or there was a place here in Houston where the entire luxury complex was vaccinated. But at that point in time, they were only supposed to be vaccinating senior 65 and older.

It was like, how the fuck did the apartment complex get vaccines in the heart of river Oaks? Where the cheapest apartment in that complex is 1,000,005. So yeah.

Dre: Well that answers your question. That’s how they got them. And I mean, in a lot of this stuff, won’t go away anyway, because in addition to what you just said, Trump himself won’t go away. So we got him out of office, but this is not the last thing we’re going to hear from if they silence his Twitter for now, but he’s going to get it back. Or are you going to start at some point, he’s going to get his message out there.

Justice: I did not know this. He was booted off of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat…I forgot. What was the other one? They had people going somewhere is Myspace still open. I was like, wow. And they shut down the right wing app parlor off of Google. Apple is threatening to ban it because they’re now going through and seeing all of the stuff that they had on there. That was a part of this edition.

And I’m like, did y’all not see this shit before?

Dre: I am going to go ahead and say this… Apple. You know, you fucking up. If Google beats you to. I mean, I, you know, I’m, uh, I’m, I’m a Google fan and everything, but let’s be honest, like Google they’ll let you get away with some shit for all the time.

Justice: Somebody was like, he bought to hop on clubhouse, which is I’m like, that’s know what the fuck that is.

Justice: The invite only app is a beta it’s in beta for Apple right now. And it’s kind of just like, it really is a server, honestly.

Dre: it’s Apple exclusive?

Justice: Yes.

Dre: Google pluses. Remember Google plus invite only. And it sounds like exactly what I just described. It’s gone now. Yeah, of course.

Justice: But the only thing with this was, I guess it is kind of similar to that because it had the Google circles where you could do like the Hangouts and stuff with people or whatever.

Cause that’s mainly what people use it for. It’s just a lot of celebrities use it right now. That’s the thing.

Jules: Yeah. It’s, it’s just it’s chat rooms. Like the nineties chat lines. That’s all it is. Yeah. Okay. Like I don’t, yeah.

Dre: Some of our audience made that do what the nineties chat ladies do…

Jules: but fuck it.

Dre: Y’all used a phone to talk. Yeah, we did.

Justice: Other people, hell, even when you did the chat rooms from like AME back in the day or the Yahoo chat rooms or fuck, what was it? IRC? No, ma’am similar to those. It’s just it basically the chat rooms. And I’ve had a few people going, like you need to get on that. I was like, it’s not even open to everybody.

So why would I do that? They’re like put the podcast on there. Oh, that’s another thing. Somebody is actually trying to use the podcast name. Our podcast, our trademark podcast name.

Dre: Maybe that’s why you get all those shits in other countries.

Justice: No they just started this in December, send out a cease and desist letter on that.

And we’ll see what happens with that. That, that was interesting. They didn’t even try to hide it. They just put all the words together. I was like, that’s still the same thing.

Still the same thing. That’s not going to work. So yeah, take that shit down. Here’s hoping that going forward. Things get a lot better. We’re able to heal from this. Cause right now this is a, this is not even a black Mark. This is a shit stain on the image of democracy and the United States. And if they don’t do something to keep this motherfucker from trying to get back into power, but his ass under the jail, something there has to be consequences.

Jules: This is going to happen again. I’m curious to see what the security at this inauguration looks like. Um, I have much higher confidence that it will be an appropriate level of security, but, uh, I would like to see what that ends up looking like.

Justice: I would not be surprised if they do the whole thing is like, uh, like they say, it’s out there, but it’s virtually done.

Like they say it’s happening, but it’s done in like a sound state.

Jules: You know, the reason Trump actually got banned from Twitter was like the last two messages that he sent. One was like something about, you know, we’re going to continue to fight, stay strong, whatever. And then the next week was like to the people that I won’t be at the inauguration …the way…

A lot of people took that as like, well, by, we didn’t, like, we didn’t expect you to be there, but the way Twitter took it was like, Oh, he’s trying to signal, like, it’s safe to do whatever the fuck you want to do at the inauguration. Cause he ain’t going to be there. So like, if you want to go in there and shoot the club up, you don’t have to worry about shooting up Trump because he ain’t there.

Dre: Yeah. But that’s what he, when he says, like, I’m going to walk with you and immediately turned and went the other way to the white house. I’m like, come on, man.

Dre: You wasn’t insinuating shit without actually seeing it. He kind of gets the point across and then you interpret it the right way, but he can get away with it and say, why did he say nothing? He said, I will be with you,

Jules: They didn’t get far enough. They got to that hallway and the lady got shot and he was like, well, I’m just going. I’m gonna stay at the white house then….

Dre: that’s my cue.

Dre: They said, even through that, like his aides were saying that he still was reluctant to do anything about it. He was like, Oh no, these are my people. They’re good people. Are you watching this TV screen? Like, these are not good people where this goes back to Charlottesville, good people on both sides.

Dre: So they were good people because they were doing what he told him. Exactly. He empathizes he’s willing to try to understand their perspective when their perspective happens to be his.

But when you have other groups like native American, black lives matter, he’s not trying to empathize with him at all. Don’t tell me, you’re not trying to empathize with why you got to ask him questions. He needs to be hired and all this stuff. And he was peaceful.

Dre: Was he peaceful? He was disrespecting the flag.

Jules: I mean, you know, isn’t that disrespectful to take the American flag off the Capitol and replace it with a Trump flag. That’s not disrespectful to the flag at all.

Dre: And the Confederate flag, they were waving Confederate flags in the Capitol. That’s never been done, not even during the civil war. I don’t think that this is like the Confederate flag Capitol.

Dre: Well, I think it was the first time to capital had been like stormed on American soar, right? Like successfully. Yeah. Cause it was during the civil war. It was being built. Yeah. Which is crazy history. If you think about it, like stepping outside of. The stuff that we talk about that is crazy history that the United States government had the balls, like in the middle of a civil war to be like, nah, keep building it.

Do you want us to stop? So we’re unfortunately talking to slaves. No, yeah.

Justice: I’ve said it before, but I love sayWHA radio history lesson. They’re always so informative. We’ll have to do a show on those. Cause the 25th amendment was good.

Jules: How we learned about designated survivor. Man. I’m telling you, you get some good information watching these shows. It’s funny. Cause both of them was like, Very different business. They didn’t survive.

Dre: I learned different from 24 they both for Kiefer Sutherland shows.

Dre: Oh, we also learned about pardons about that process. We thought that you were pardoned immediately after the prisoner has to be delivered.

Jules: Well, I hope it, I hope they don’t send them, uh, pardons the same way they delivered your package.

Dre: So US postal service, all kinds of resources, invitations or whatever. But I got two situations going on right now. One was a package that was supposed to be delivered two days ago, probably about a week ago. Now it actually says it was delivered. It was placed in a parcel locker in my neighborhood. Typically when it happens, they put a key to that locker in my mailbox that I can then go and lock it.

The key was in my mailbox, the key didn’t work for the locker. So I have a key that’s basically useless, still can get to my package. So I’ve left a note for him to say, Hey, he doesn’t work. Take it to the key so that I know go see they have today. He’s still there, nobody’s there. And then just the other day, I went back to check the keys gone, and I assume my package is still in the locker, but I don’t know.

We got a complaint open with him. This is three business days before they’ll get back to you, hopefully by the time that you… But then the worst case is the second one. So this one, I have a package that was supposed to arrive today. It said delivery January 9th, a couple of days ago. I checked back yesterday.

All of a sudden that estimated delivery date was gone to say it. It’s like, okay, that’s a great way. I checked this morning and it says, my package is, it was a Portugal, Portugal, Portugal. This is a domestic package.How the fuck does it .. how did it end up out of the country

back a little while ago. It’s in Spain. So it’s moving all around the world to domestic packages.

Justice: This package has been more places than you would have.

Dre: the first, first domestic package to go through international customs.

This shit go get stuck.

These drugs, what is this expected?

Dre: Kind of on my black list. We haven’t some issues with the postal service having.

Jules: You know what I have, I have a question about the postal service too, and I’m gonna just put this out there and post office workers, if any of y’all know why, when you get something that says return to sender. Like, if you send something to the wrong address, you know what I mean?

It comes back to you. Why, when you get that back, does it look like y’all ran over it with the folks, like every time without fail? Like why does that happen? It looked like they put it in a, in a toaster oven and then returned it to you or something like, I want to stay in, why is it always severely damaged when it comes back?

And when it, like, what are y’all doing?

Justice: Like they don’t give a fuck about this. I don’t give a fuck about them.

Dre: You know, I’ve noticed that with the stuff that I’ve heard.

Justice: Also with some of the stuff, the issue that I had, there was a chair supposed to be delivered. Why they did it through USPS? I do not know.

They go, well, the mailbox is full. It’s a chair really? And now they’re like, yeah, sure, sure. And now it’s going like, well, we’ll redeliver it. Okay. When?

Jules: It has to go to Spain first and then it’ll come back to you.

Justice: Because I went up to the post office and they were like, well, we don’t have it. It’s still on the truck.

Why this was yesterday.

Dre: And he’s like, cause it’s still on the truck, god damnit what did I say?

Jules: You should have asked the next question. Okay. Well where’s the truck. Oh, it’s in the back. You know what?

Justice: That never occurred to me, but that’s my fault. But again, we want to thank everybody for tuning in. Catch the other episodes on our Patreon, which are our bonus episodes. Love that bonus episodes. Intro has some good feedback on that. That was hilarious. Also on the other podcasts that are on the network as well. Please continue to follow us on social media.

SayWHA radio for all platforms, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, all that jazz. Again, thank you for tuning in as always. The biggest compliment you guys can give us is to really, really, really share life. Subscribe, review the show on iTunes, Google play thumbs up on Facebook, everything. Tell your family, friends about the show.

We may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but Hey, let them listen. And we can come to want to bring it. You know, you like this don’t like this, but that was funny. Yes, it was. Thank you for tuning in catch us next week. Same bad time. Same bad channel.

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