Demi Moore, James Corden Eat The Most Horrible Foods To Avoid Ripping Costars

2019-10-24 05:47:25

Honesty apparently wasn’t the best policy for actor Demi Moore and late-night TV host James Corden when they were called to spill the beans on their costars.

So, instead, they opted to chow down on some truly revolting foods during the “Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts” segment on Wednesday’s episode of “The Late Late Show.”

Moore couldn’t bring herself to reveal which of her “Now And Then” costars she’d leave stranded by the side of the road, late at night.

Her penalty? A disgusting mayo concoction.

Corden, meanwhile, ate a fish eye rather than admit which of his “Cats” costars was the worst actor.

The bit also saw Moore dinging her ex-husband, fellow actor Bruce Willis, and Corden confessing to not reading Moore’s book and revealing the guest he’d been most disappointed with.

Check out the full clip below:

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