Five Good Settings To Tweak In Outriders


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As if there weren’t enough looter-shooters around, Outriders is out today. It’s a whole lot of game, with a whole lot of settings that can affect how you play. Some are obvious; some are not. It goes without saying that such things are a matter of taste, but I’ve found the following tweaks have made my time on Enoch more enjoyable.

Auto Loot Minimum Rarity

Like every loot-based game ever, Outriders features a color-coded gear-ranking system:

  • White (common)
  • Green (unusual)
  • Blue (rare)
  • Purple (epic)
  • Orange (legendary

Outriders includes a system to mitigate against for gear FOMO. You can set it so, when you’re fast-traveling to a new spot at the end of stages, you round up all of the missed gear of a certain quality. If you want to pick up everything, set it to common. If that clutters your inventory, kick it up a few notches.

Auto Set Maximum World Tier

Difficulty in Outriders is dictated by so-called “world tiers,” a leveling system that supplements your character’s progress. World tier 1 is “story” difficulty, 3 is “normal,” 5 is “expert,” all the up to 15 (“madness”). If you’re playing on, say, world tier 4, you have to earn enough experience points to level up to tier 5; you’ll have to earn enough on tier 5 to hit tier 6; and so on. Every new tier makes enemies tougher, but also allows you to earn and equip better gear.

You can set the game to automatically put you on the highest unlocked tier, but I prefer to leave it off. It’s better to have manual control over variables such as “how bad bullets hurt” and “how often you get the shiny things.”

Enable Crossplay

The Outriders demo offered crossplay between PlayStation, Xbox, and PC in a beta state, but you had to manually turn it on. In the full game, crossplay is turned on by default. If you’d prefer to play just with people on the same platform, be sure to manually turn this off.

When the game’s crossplay works, it’s a blast, but during the demo I experienced more frequent disconnects while playing with a team spread across three platforms than I did while playing with just one other PS5 player. I haven’t had a chance yet to test the crossplay in full, but developer People Can Fly says there are currently issues regarding PC-console parties.

Cinematic Camera Smoothing

One of the main complaints levied at the Outriders demo focused on the cutscenes. They were too shaky, players said, reminiscent of an action movie filmed with handheld cameras. People Can Fly acknowledged the issue, and said a fix was planned for launch.

Now, in the full game, you have some recourse. If you increase the cinematic camera smoothing, you can stabilize the camera. On PlayStation 5, I’ve found that setting it to 0.50 does the trick, but be sure to play around with the settings until you pinpoint what works for you. Or—and this is meant specifically for fans of Bourne trilogy director Paul Greengrass—turn it off entirely.

Voice Volume

Seriously, why is everyone screaming in this game?

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