Fox News' Biggest Coronavirus Hypocrisy Exposed In Damning 'Daily Show' Supercut

2021-08-24 22:43:58

Many of the on-air talent at Fox News were quick to praise the speed of vaccine development under President Donald Trump. But with Joe Biden in the White House now, they’re taking a much different view, pushing vaccine hesitancy and anti-vaccine talking points ― including claims they were developed too fast.

A new “Daily Show” supercut exposes some of the biggest hypocrisies at the right-wing network:

Fox News has come under fire for pushing anti-vaccine talking points on the air even though it follows much different guidance for its own employees, including requiring them to disclose their vaccination status to the company.

Tucker Carlson, the network’s biggest star despite sharing white nationalist talking points, has, for example, repeatedly compared disclosing vaccination status to asking about someone’s sexual activity and sexual positions

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