Fox News Host Steve Hilton Calls Out ‘Baby’ Mike Pompeo Over NPR Attack

2020-01-27 01:19:51

Fox News host Steve Hilton, typically a fan of President Donald Trump and his administration, slammed Secretary of State Mike Pompeo as a “baby” and a “bully” for a profanity-laced fit at an NPR journalist. 

And he demanded that Pompeo apologize to Mary Louise Kelly, cohost of “All Things Considered.” 

“I’m a big fan of the secretary,” Hilton began, noting he agrees with Pompeo on issues such as China. 

But then he lit into him for his tirade against Kelly after she asked him questions he didn’t like about Ukraine.  

Pompeo later doubled down, calling Kelly “shameful” and accusing her of violating the “basic rules of journalism and decency.”

But Hilton didn’t buy any of it, and slammed him for “whining” about the interview.

“I listen to NPR a lot, and I can tell you that Mary Louise Kelly is one of the very few hosts on there who actually seems fair and is not totally biased against President Trump,” he said. 

“For goodness sakes, Mr. Secretary, don’t be such a baby. You should be able to handle tough questions by now and don’t be such a bully. Foul-mouthed ranting at a reporter doing her job is an embarrassment to you and the administration.”

“You should apologize,” he said. “And people will think much more of you if you do.”

That may be unlikely given that Trump seemed to back Pompeo, on Sunday openly wondering why NPR even exists. In the past, he has called for ending federal funding for both NPR and PBS. 

Hilton, like many on the network, typically speaks in support of Trump. Trump has returned the favor, quoting him on Twitter, thanking him for the praise and encouraging his followers to watch Hilton’s show. 

See more of his criticism of Pompeo below:  

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