GOP Group Sells Trump Wrapping Paper And The Jokes Just Write Themselves

2019-11-15 04:51:25

President Donald Trump is now involved in a different kind of coverup: A Republican committee is selling Trump-themed Christmas wrapping paper to raise campaign cash. 

Two of the designs from the National Republican Congressional Committee, which works to elect Republicans to the House of Representatives, feature snowflakes and the message “I stand with Trump.” A third presents a jumble of words related to Trump and Christmas. 

While all three are available for a campaign contribution of $25, the link the GOP group sent out leads to a page where the $35 option is pre-selected. There is no $25 option, but that amount may be entered into a box marked “other.” In addition, a box marked “make this a monthly contribution” is checked by default.  

The group said it has raised half a million dollars by selling wrapping paper so far.  

The official Trump campaign store also offers an array of Christmas items, including its own wrapping paper. One six-foot roll costs $30. There’s also a $60 “Make America Great Again” hat ornament, a $35 wooden toy Trump-Pence truck, a $16 leash and a $15 collar. 

Twitter users unwrapped some criticism ― and more than a few jokes ― about the fundraising scheme:  

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