Halsey Ferociously Confronts Heckler At Pre-Super Bowl Concert In Miami

2020-02-03 06:04:09

At a pre-Super Bowl BudX concert in Miami Saturday, Halsey went ballistic on a heckler who screamed the name of her ex-boyfriend G-Eazy numerous times, Billboard reported. (See the video below.)

“If you say G-Eazy one more fucking time, I will kick you outside this party,” the “Without Me” singer warned the fan. “I will kick your fucking ass out this party, test me. Fucking test me.” She then asks: “Who was it?”

“I will kick your ass out of this fucking club. You’re not going to disrespect me like that at my own show.”

The singer addressed her outburst in an Instagram story Sunday, urging fans not to put up with disrespect.

“Don’t ever let someone make you feel crazy or unhinged cause ur a woman standing up for yourself,” she wrote. “Don’t tolerate disrespect in the name of being ‘nice.’ Love u.”

Halsey and the rapper G-Eazy appeared to call it quits for good in 2018.

Don’t mess with Halsey.

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