Hasan Minhaj Nails Why Mitch McConnell ‘Really Figured Out 2019′

2019-12-31 06:05:00

Minhaj noted how “compassion fatigue” was making “us feel like we have to care about everything all the time.” “It’s like we have 50 tabs open in our mental browsers and we’re about to crash,” he said.

He then named who he believed had “really figured out 2019″ ― McConnell.

We’ve shat on Mitch McConnell all year. ‘Oh, he’s a goblin, he’s a skin tag with glasses, he looks like something from a wax museum dumpster.’ He doesn’t give a fuck. Mitch loves it. It makes him stronger. He closed all tabs, except for the Republican Party and locking down the courts. We gotta focus like McConnell.”

“So this is what I’m pitching, for 2020, give yourself a break,” said Minhaj. “Just pick a couple things to not care about, for your sanity. I’m not saying shut down your browser, just close down a couple tabs.” 

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