HBO Max adds scripted stories to its growing podcast library

HBO Max has grown its Podcast Program by leaps and bounds over the past two years expanding from 4 shows in 2019 to 25 today, many serving as tie-ins and companion pieces to HBO’s various series. But that will soon change as the company announced on Wednesday that it plans to expand its online audio offerings to include original, scripted programming and “look-back” shows as well.

“Our viewers tell us that, more than any other streaming platform, they want to discuss and dissect HBO Max programming with friends and family to extend the emotional experience after finishing an episode,” Joshua Walker, Chief Strategy Officer at HBO Max, said in a statement. He cites Max Podcast fans’ collective investment in the existing programming as a driving force for the company’s decision.

The new slate of scripted shows will include the highly anticipated Batman: The Audio Adventures starring Jeffrey Wright and premiering this fall, a look-back at Band of Brothers on September 9th (the show’s 20th anniversary), and We Stay Looking — a sequel Issa Rae’s Insecure companion show and HBO’s first scripted podcast. HBO is also expanding its partnership with Audacity to include titles like Lovecraft Country Radio and The Chernobyl Podcast on the streaming platform’s library.

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