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Finding unconditional self-love and allowing time for self-care are two of the most important steps you can take when working towards a happier and more fulfilling life. To shed light on the topic of inner peace and the heart chakra is Hemali Vora, an holistic practitioner, intuitive energy healer and a spiritual mentor. In this episode, Hemali joins Jenny to discuss the importance of meditation, how to nourish your body with love (and food!) and how to bring more light or energy into your

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Jenny  0:17  Welcome to another episode of the life adventurist podcast. This is an amazing journey that we’re on. We are learning about the chakras and not only are we learning about all the chakras, you are getting lots of different angles, inspiration, learning, nudges, etc. And this is a powerful chakra that we’re in. It’s the heart chakra, and I have an amazing guest for you today. We’ve just been chatting, I can’t wait for you to hear everything she’s talking about. Her name is Hemali Vora and she is a holistic practitioner, intuitive energy healer, spiritual mentor. And I think the most amazing thing we can start with is by welcoming you on the show. And then of course, just share with us a little bit about who you are, you know, go a little bit deeper than what I shared. And of course, I got to include this like something fun, right? So give the business side and give something fun to

Hemali  1:09  Hi, everyone. Thank you so much, Jenny for having me. And really excited to talk about heart chakra ads. Really, I hold dear to me, about me. I started in physical therapy 20 years ago, and I just was looking for something more. You know, I always felt that, you know, first I was really concentrating on that exercise, you know, if you exercise everything will fall into its place. Right. But yeah, I see so many when I worked at the hospital or nursing home, I saw patients or clients coming back with either you know, that recurrence of heart attacks, strokes, you know, and or if somebody had total hip total knee surgeries, and they would come back with, I mean, doctors would tell them, You need to lose weight, but there was no direction for it, you know, how do you do it. So that and my kids had severe allergies and asthma. So I ventured into a certification course of holistic integrative nutrition. And from that, once I changed everything in my household, literally through all the products out from shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, cleaning products, I know my husband’s like, what is going on, you know, everybody’s fearing this change. And even food, I started getting all organic. So of course, our bills were really high. But what started happening was that our medical bills started dropping. And two to three times a month visit to Doc, doctor’s office, it became two times a year visit to doctor’s office. So that was a great deal, you know, the steroids were stopped, all the medications would stop. And then I went straight into Reiki and did more energy work because I kept feeling there’s something in my hands that I felt that warmth and that energy. And when I put my hand on any patient, they would feel the heat. And so I wanted to know a little bit more and learn more. And once I started looking into that and learned, you know, Reiki level one, two, and then master Reiki, what started happening was things started shifting, for me changing sometimes it was a drastic shift, relationships were falling out that were not meant to be in my life. And almost positioning in a place where I would start standing up for what I believed in, to really show me who I was. And to come back to this podcast is that that was my biggest lesson is to myself, to my heart to start seeing that. I need to start you know, I was looking for things outside looking for that. You know, love, that love and devotion from my husband, from my kids from everyone else because I respect them and because I was giving so much to them. But then to realize that I was not giving that to myself, and that I needed to start doing that. Accepting myself forgiving myself, you know, because when you’re angry, you’re angry at yourself, not anybody else, you know, because you already know that, you know you don’t have boundaries around you giving giving giving and you don’t feel worthy or deserving to to see things from other people. So that was my journey to really learn self love that unconditional self love without judgment and accepting every part of myself every shadow, you know, because we all have, and it’s okay. Yeah. And that’s when you get that awareness, that’s when you can start changing. 

Jenny  5:23  I love that now something fun, something fun about you.

Hemali  5:27  Sorry that my description Oh my god, that was a long description. That’s perfect. 

Jenny  5:31  That’s perfect. There’s like so many directions you can go something fun about me?

Hemali  5:37  Well, for fun, I do like sound therapy and you know, meditation and things. But no, I love playing with children. Oh, I am getting on the floor, I will go jump in the puddles and literally stand in the line to go swing at the playground. And literally kids ending around me to stand, but I’m standing with them.

Jenny  5:59  Yeah, it sounds like you’re really good at playing with your inner child, like letting that inner child shine.

Hemali  6:05  But I had to learn to do that, you know. But now it’s like, it’s, it becomes you, right? Once you start doing a little bit of that, to, to bring that it’s, it’s like life is so much fun. And you can’t take it seriously, things change all the time.

Jenny  6:23  I love that. And you know, I’d love to go a little bit more into that because especially after the year that we had last year in 2020. And even just I still feel like there’s a lot of heavy energy in the world in the USA, specifically because that’s where I live. And we really feel that is I want to talk a little bit about that, like that inner child that which I think goes into the self love and the self care and the compassion, but talk a little bit about that journey, you know what it takes to really, because I feel like so many of us are like really tightly wound, very serious, like pushing through, I got to make this happen. And especially if you’re an entrepreneur, or you’re in business, maybe your numbers weren’t where you wanted them to be last year. So now here we are, in a new year, we’re pushing really hard, you know, it’s just a lot like bald fists, like even just talking about, I’m like, oh, it just feels so like tight, to like, embracing that fun. And that inner child, which I feel like leads into loving yourself to, to talk a little bit about that. For sure.

Hemali  7:23  I think that, you know, I’m just blessed to have, you know, my siblings that have little kids. And my kids are a little bit older. And so I have the ability to go and you know, kind of just spend a little time and it is hard right now. Because with what’s going on, you’re trying to distance yourself and not going there. But sometimes we just go out and play and, you know, I think you know, it’s like the kids are so innocent in the world. You know, and I learned so much from them, it’s like even from crawling to they’re trying to get up, they fall so many times, and yet they get caught up. And they’re not hard on themselves. You know, because as adults, we were like, we feel that we can’t fail things, you know, or we feel the shame and guilt and all these other emotions that pile on us. So, and getting in the mud getting like close to the ground, you know, like I love grounding, because because we are that gogogo type A personality, I think all of us are right, we are not able to slow down and pause and be in that stillness because that’s when you hear that your voice that’s inside, that you’re given the gift of the our own GPS system that’s installed within us. And how do you listen to it? We all have the ability to heal ourselves. And, and so I think being but kids this, it just brings that, you know, it’s fun, because it’s like, you don’t really stay in that box that the society has made for you. And the labels that they’ve put for you. And it’s just, it’s without judgment. It’s without. I mean, I tell you, if I sing in front of my teenagers, they’ll be like Please, mom, don’t be embarrassed and don’t sing if I’m singing in front of my two-year -old niece or nephew. They’re dancing and they’re singing with me. And so I know personally, I can’t sing Believe me, people will run away, right? So, to be in that place of unconditional love. They see you and they run to give you a hug and they you know, it doesn’t matter. They’re so happy to see you and give you that attention that you need and thanks. So I feel that that’s how we should be doing that to ourselves. Like you should be Running to yourself and accepting yourself. You know, like, wow, you’re here. You know, welcome. I’m so glad that you did such a great job in whatever it is, even if it’s like, You drank one glass of water more than you did yesterday? 

Jenny  10:15  Yes. You know?

Hemali  10:16  Yeah. Or you smiled at one person more than you did yesterday, you said hello to one more person. And just being out there, like my thing for a while was not being seen or heard. I didn’t want to, I just kept myself small. Because I don’t want to be criticized, I didn’t want to be, you know, judged. I, you know, I didn’t want that. Because, you know, that was my life cycle. And so, but I’m getting out there, and I’m speaking more and talking more, because there’s so much purpose to it. And my heart loves it. Yeah. You know, I get to meet like minded people, and talk about something that really I hold dear to and to reach more people to see there’s so much magic in every moment. Even if it’s hard times we’re going through, there’s so many lessons to learn. And you’ll see so many beautiful souls come into your existence to support you and love you. Right. So that, you know, the synchronicity.

Jenny  11:22  That happened, it makes sense. And I was just thinking about I’ve been listening to Audible to the Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, and I would like it’s a really easy read short, you know, short Listen, but one of the chapters was talking about black magic. And what was the other one white magic, I think. And, you know, traditionally, when I heard that, we’ve heard those words, in the past, I thought, like witches or I thought, like something. But really, I think it applies to what you’re talking about. Because, you know, you talk about being that kid, right? And being and being that playful kid, the kid just doesn’t care. They dance around, they shake around, like they’re just so playful. And then something happens as we grow up, right? Like, whether it’s the things our parents say to us, or teachers or mentors or media or whatever. And in that book, he talks about that being like that black magic, because when people like words are really powerful. And when people say certain things, like, for example, children should be seen and not heard of that child, or you know, ourselves or whatever it is all your fat, oh, eat everything, like whatever it is. That child, the person then takes that as now like their new belief, their new law, and that’s like, Where are you talking about? That’s the black magic honest. So those things then become us. And they really were never us to begin with. Right. And so I think that as we grow up, and we’re teenagers, adults, and we’re coming back to and hopefully, you know, I’m hoping that you mean, like the listener has had an amazing journey where you haven’t had to do this right. But let’s get real. A lot of us have had to like unwind, right. So talk about that, like, what, what do we need to do, right? We’ve had these things programmed into us. If you know, go with Don Miguel Ruiz, where it’s like, the black magic has been put on us. You know, we believe that to be true. Like, how do we step into that and create that unconditional love, so that we can feel free? Because if the heart chakra is about opening up, if it’s a center of all of our Shockers, and one of the most powerful ones, and more open we are, the more we can be in flow, like how we get there. 

Hemali  13:39  Right. So I think my process, and that’s what I can talk about is, you know, the funny thing is that this morning, I have the book. Yeah, I actually have it on my nightstand. And I was like I really picked it. And I say Well, I haven’t read it yet. And so it’s funny that you said that, 

Jenny  13:59  I need to read that  information, another nudge. 

Hemali  14:01  Exactly, exactly. But the detachment from these beliefs that the society puts on, right, you, you have to be that good girl, the good boy, you know, can’t cry in front, can yell, scream kit, all these camps and don’ts that be placed as a kid. It’s because you know, that’s what the society wants. This is a robot that acts and speaks and does everything similar or seen, you know? And so how do we go about detaching these beliefs? Well, a few of my things that I did were not only I think mostly I credit everything to Reiki, that practice that I do every single day. This meditation to kind of clear all the energy and move the energy through and ground myself but one of the best things I remember starting with was Louise Hay. Mirror work. And just looking into your eyes, you know, we look in the mirror, but we really don’t see ourselves because we know that if we look into our eyes, we are looking into our soul. And we are looking into that little kid that’s sitting inside of us waiting for us to discover it again. And to tell them that you know what, I love you, I love you. And I, you know, I’ve done that. I was like, Molly, I love you. And I’m just staring. And to start out, it was so hard for me. First, I was laughing like, Oh my god, this is so funny. But then to look, you know, it’s like, okay, now, you know, I’m just gonna be serious. But I was just crying, I was a mess. Because when you look in, you can see the hurt and pain and the things that you’ve done to yourself. The layers and layers and layers of things that you’ve put and put on your heart, put on everything, right? And so that’s how it kind of sheds few things, telling myself that hope Oh, no, oh, no. I’m sorry. Please forgive me, I thank you, you know, I love you. All those things. And it took a while to do that. Also, I did think about dumping everything that came to my mind, I would just start writing and then at the end, like anything and everything. And sometimes my mind was so fast that my pen couldn’t keep up with it. It’s like, Wait, I will cry and everything. Because when you start living in awareness, so you change you, you look at your thoughts, what are your thoughts?

We think 60 to 80,000 thoughts a day. And probably 90% is about ourselves criticizing, I should have said that I should have that, you know, or Oh my God, I look so fat, or you know, all these things about ourselves. And so what are those thoughts about yourself. So really working on accepting myself every cell in my body, mind, body, spirit, emotion, everything, every fat cell to like to, you know, like accepting all of that and forgiving myself for not standing up for myself. And being in healthcare. I’ve been an advocate for patients. As a parent, I’ve been an advocate for my kids. And, you know, I deeply care for elderly. And I always stand up for them, but to realize that, you know, I never stood up for myself, was that about more? telling my husband, you know, I love you more than I love myself and I really started so the words that you use, like, wow, why don’t I love myself? What’s wrong with me? You know, I’m beautiful. I am that loving light that everyone else’s. But when you start kind of getting more aware of all these things, your actions, you know, how is your body language when you’re with somebody? When you find yourself in the same situation, different people? What is it that you’re not learning? What are your lessons and these things? And not asking why me it’s about Okay. Well, thank you for this great adventure, or, you know, this challenge that you put in front of me, the universe, divine, whoever you want to pass. But what is it that I need to learn from it? Yeah. And so once you start mastering those things, you get to the next level, you vibrate at a different level. You kind of climb these, you know, they talk about the three dimension four dimension and all that, but we don’t need to go there right now. But you know, that’s how you start kind of an even death kind of closes your heart, the vulnerability within us, you know, the hurt, the pain, the suffering that we go through when you lose someone, and how does it impact you? So one of the courses that I did last year was certification was end of life doula, and that’s because, you know, my dad, it will be coupled, you know, he passed away 11 years ago. But that kind of changed my life in his death, I found life and looking at his legacy that he left you know, the things that he did, and the impact he had in on other people around him and his community, family friends, and you know, it was just out reached and I was wondering, what was my legacy? Why am I here for what is my purpose and so, that’s the direction and so but self love, self respect, I asked all this from other people, but I knew that I needed to give myself so I know. We all don’t know what this is that we want. You know We want love, we want all that, but what is it? What is, you know, what do you feel love is? So everybody has a different definition and perspective on it.

Jenny  20:10  Yeah. And when you were talking about that journey, right, especially when it comes to what the word you’re saying and what you’re saying to yourself. Yeah, I did a really powerful exercise that was given to me, by my mindfulness therapist that out, like I call her on demand, you know, I’m like, Oh, I need a little like reshaping, you know, I need a little nudge. And she gave me a really powerful exercise where, you know, a lot of the questions I was asking were very disempowering questions like, What is wrong with me? Why can’t I learn as fast as other people? Why don’t I get this? Why can I be better bla bla, bla, and I’m generally a really positive person. And sometimes we don’t realize we’re saying those things to yourself. And so like you said, with awareness, I started paying attention to those things that would really just make me feel really heavy and she had me write the opposite of it. And my task was to read the opposite of that first in like to myself, and then the next thing out loud. And what happened was, eventually because I realized how silly it was, I was like, those things aren’t even Why am I saying this? You know, and I eventually those things are now no longer right, like, I moved into the next phase now. Now, there’s a new set of things, I’m sure I’m saying to myself, right? Because you have to just be aware. So do you have any, like, other exercises or other things that you’ve done with people like something like that someone could take today or this week and start working on to like, start that process? It’s funny that I’ve said the same things to myself, because I’m a little slow and to accept that I’m okay. Yeah,

Hemali  21:51  I learned that way. And that is okay to accept your, you know, I remember being, you know, forced, I was, like, I learned, you know, I used to listen to x, Esther Hicks a lot. And so it’s like, oh, being in that war texts, or being positive and all, but the situation will come and dump you right back down into that hole, right? While out to then see that no matter what you do have to do the Shadow Work, you do have to go deep down and see what the root causes so that you can release it, you know, there are layers in that too. So you might think that you resolve that issue or that, you know, talk or that word that you’re using, but then there’s a deeper one, deeper and deeper. So it’s like onions, you’re constantly peeling. But some of the words you know, with this, I just do, you know, I love you. And that’s why it’s like I keep with that mirror work. And say that, you know, I love myself, you know, of course, we’re these CEOs, and you know, we’re running our own business. And of course, I love myself. But do you really? Do you trust yourself? Do you, you know, what is it? And how are you using what I am? So I don’t know if I answered your question. But it’s more of you know, some of the affirmations that I love myself, you know, I am this love that I want from others. And we were talking about the cup that’s in full or, you know, when we talk about giving from your cup, right? So I learned very early that, you know, being an healthcare worker being an empath, and doing this healing work, how I used to exhaust myself, and I didn’t have boundaries around me. And so not only am I hurting myself, but I’m just giving, giving, giving, but you need to fill it up for us fill yourself up. Even any caregiver, right, anybody we need to fill our cup, our jug, our whatever it is right ourselves, and not give it from that cup once we start getting the overflow from that cup. So really give from that overflow that you have.

Jenny  24:12  Yeah, I love I love that thing. Because I feel like so many times we’ve heard, you know, don’t get from an empty cup don’t get from an empty cup. And I think us as humans, living this human experience, a lot of times we unfortunately, if we’ve already, like learned something, we’ll tune it out versus having a beginner’s mind. Right. So if you hear the same thing over and over and over, one of two things happens, one, you tune it out, cuz you’re like, I already know that, but you’re probably not doing it. Or two, eventually you’re like, holy crap, all these people are saying the same thing. You know, I’m venturing in thinking if you’ve been following this series, that series the whole time, you’re probably starting to notice through all the chakras and all the people that there are some common themes that keep showing up for you. Right like so when I want to go into Okay, so we’re not talking about just filling up your cup because it’s empty. No, we’re talking about giving from the overflow of your cup. So like, let’s dive deeper into that. Like, what does overflow mean? How do I get over it? How do I know when I have overflow? Like, how do I know I’m clear to give it because I’d love to just live on like a full cup, right?

Hemali  25:24  Yeah. And so really, what does that mean? You’re right. It’s more now diving deep into self care. Mm hmm. Take care of yourself. They know when you want to say no, because if you are not supported, you cannot support anyone else. If you’re not loved, or you haven’t given yourself that love, then you can’t love other people. So, you know, going for walks in the woods, for instance, take that time, sometimes people say I don’t have time, my schedule is booked, it’s filled. But what I’ve noticed is I’ve done this, personally, I have all these zoom calls and interviews and things lined up, I’m writing chapters and things like that. So much to do. So sometimes I just like, Oh, my God, I’m overwhelmed, my head is gonna explode, I leave everything in a go for a four mile walk, have a trail I’m, you know, I can just leave from my house and walk. And I come back. And I’m telling you, things just fall into its place. Because you’re grounded, you’re centered, you are filled with, you know, just that clarity and focus that you are not, you know, you only work on your priorities, and then things start just falling into place. People come into your existence. So if you are to help you, you know, with whatever you need, and to learn to delegate to be in control all the time. And we know, of course, you know, we’re the best people to provide the help the right way and nobody else right to our kids to our loved ones or people that are suffering and in pain. But you cannot, you know, it’s like it’s okay to delegate, it’s okay to let them do their own way. There are so many different ways of taking care of one person, you know, not one is right or wrong. Oh, that’s one of them, you know, delegating, and it’s okay to take time out for yourself. It is not selfish. Well, we’re taught that it’s okay to sit in the bathtub while the kids are crying and yelling out there. And, you know, because no matter what, once you are composed, you are centered, you’re able to hold them much better, and you’re not angry at them and yelling and screaming, increasing their trauma. Believe me, people I’m talking with experience. Yeah, that journey started because I was just I was yelling, screaming mom trying to get the out of the house back into the house, and to the classes and you know, 10,000 classes that we society have to have the kids do and have to be behind them for, you know, studies and A’s and stuff. So I’ve been there and so it’s okay to step away from all that it is okay. It’s okay to go on a one week retreat by yourself while your loved ones, your parents or husband, no matter how they will take care of it. They will survive, believe me. Yeah, I’ve done it. And so when you come back, you come back with this overflow. When you’re so happy, you’re excited, you meet like minded people or just be by yourself, you know, that loneliness is one of the, you know, blockages of Heart Chakra.

Jenny  29:03  So one of the things that you have talked about, and you’ve even maybe said on this show, because, by the way, if this is funky people like it’s because you know, what should happen? My freaking podcast card ran out, and we’re just like picking up so this is gonna be perfect the way that it goes. But we were talking about the overflow, and the whole concept of like, okay, with entrepreneurs and moms and busy people and corporate and everything, right? Like, it’s always about you always hear, oh, just make sure you’re not an empty cup. How can you give to other people if your cup is empty? Like I feel like that concept has been talked about a ton. Right? The concept that I don’t feel like is talked about enough is what you talk about, and that is, you know, serving filling from an A cup that’s overflowing. So I want to know a little bit more about that. Because I think that that’s such a great takeaway. You know, like, what does that mean? What does an overflowing cup mean? What does that look like?

Hemali  30:03  Right? And so, overflow is kind of you’re flowing, you’re connected, you’re more focused and clear in, you know what you’re doing for your purposes. And so, for instance, some of the things, it’s mostly talking about self care. Yes. And you know, this is radical self care, and people use these words about right. And you’re trying to figure out what that means. And so I totally get that. And as a caregiver, health care worker, all these people we give so much we’re always constantly in the mood, and, you know, controlling and planning and giving. So what is it that brings that back to you? Like, how do you feel yourself is like, some of the things that you love, you know, personally, I go for walks. Even though I have so many things lined up for the day, and I’m overwhelmed, things are just chaotic. That’s when I, you know, my head is about to explode. And that’s when I feel that I just need to get out and get some air. And so there’s something to, you know, walking in the woods or going for a walk, because you’re breathing in that you’re slowing down, you’re breathing fresh air, you’re taking in more oxygen, you know, you’re filling that your body, your cells, what does good, fresh air from outside in the woods, it’s just magical. Yeah, it’s like a reset. Exactly, exactly. It’s like you listening to the birds, and whatever it is, or it’s the stillness that you see. Yeah, you know, walk in the woods, and I find something like a stream or something, and I sit there, I just close my eyes. And just imagine this light coming through me from top of my head. So my crown chakra goes through my third eye, my throat chakra heart. And then it’s kind of, you know, flowing lighting up every chakras and every marine meridian points or trigger points around my body, and kind of going down with, you know, solar plexus, the sacral, chakra Root Chakra, and going down to my legs and feet, and to the ground all the way to the center of the ground, that and then I see that loving energy coming from the earth and going up. So it’s like, just five to 10 minutes of thought that kind of fills your body up, it starts moving these cells in your body. And, you know, just being in that stillness, there’s something to it, you know, and we talked about that, being in tuned with that GPS system that you are gifted with, you know, that yourself, and so to listening to that, so when I come back, I’m more focused, clear, you know, I have this clarity, and people are brought into my existence to help me and you know, and things start, you know, just falling into its place. Yeah, better than I would have tried to sit there and navigate and figure out, and then also to learn to navigate, you know, navigating, delegating.


That’s what I meant. delegating the work to other people, and nobody else does better work than you yourself does. But it’s okay to give that control away, you know, plus, you know, it’s really about trust you, sometimes it’s like you don’t trust yourself, so that you don’t extend that trust to someone else. Yeah, you know, and you feel that, you know, no one can take care of your kids or your elderly parents or someone as good as you and that’s why you need to be in control and observing every move and phase. But there might be different ways. There’s so many ways to take care of someone. And it’s okay to try it. You know, something like that or going out talking on the phone with your girlfriend’s painting, you know, what is that meditative state with for you? Playing with mud, Clay, gardening, all those things, that grounding, you see, because we’re this fast paced, type A personality, we all are on the go, go go. So this energy is constantly vibrating you in this, you know, fight or flight all the time. And so how do you pause for a moment, just take a breather, you know, and slow yourself down. That will fill you up. Yeah. I love that. Yeah, that will put you in that awareness that will put you in that pause. That pause is very important. If you don’t notice it. You know, like, even when you breathe, that one breath you take, there’s a pause. And then when you let out, there’s a pause after that, when you breathe, there’s that. So that pause is very important. And so pausing between things, pausing in your life, it’s very important.

Jenny  35:17  Yeah, I love that. And I mentioned in a previous episode, how one of my main goals this year is to pay attention to where I am agitated, annoyed, frustrated, overwhelmed, overthinking, analyzing, and pay attention to those moments, so that I can not only rewire, but go into the heart with gratitude. But I think that what you just shared is something that’s going to help with that. Because the idea of overflowing, I can just imagine like a busy entrepreneur or a busy mom or a busy professional, right, running around and feeling like especially when I came, I was a corporate sales professional traveling all over the country. So very busy, right. And sometimes I fed off that energy, I loved it. But at the same time, you know, there were times I was empty, but I had to keep giving and exhausted. So just imagine what my life or what your life could be like, if you take this concept and put it into your life. Because with intention, with pauses, with boundaries with all these things, how much more unstoppable, and a word that we’re bringing into our business this year unfuck with a level that you can be, right, like, just imagine what that can look like. And what’s amazing is this is like such things that are simple. Or sometimes the hardest things, right? Yeah, listen, you’re like, Oh, yeah, you know, I have to go to my heart, and it’s all about the heart chakra and opening up, you know, but it does require that work. And it does require retraining yourself to do things maybe a little bit differently than what society taught you culture taught you family, friends, etc. For me, at least some of these things are very different. And then what I learned from society, culture, business, etc, you know, so I totally agree, like you talked about bound for us, you know, we want to say no, but yet we go ahead and do that. 

Hemali  37:07  Yeah. So that’s very important. Self Care is not selfish people it is not in it’s okay to take care of yourself. Because, you know, at the end of the day, nobody else can take care of you as you can take care of yourself, because you know, what it looks like for you. So if you need to take a bath, and what kids are crying do that, yeah, you know, the husband will take care of them. It’s okay, just put a headphone and put some good music, it’s not neglect, maybe the kids will work it out in therapy,

you are able to give so much more from that overflow, right? You are those things that trigger you won’t trigger you as much the things that you know, made you angry, well, you will be more calmer, you’re able to respond and not react. And you know, trust trust in the process sometimes. And you don’t have to be sitting near the stream or the water ; you can just sit in a parking lot in your car. We’re blessed with these, you know now online YouTube waterflow music or any music, you know, you want to listen to there are buying real music, you know, at different hurts. And that helps with even cleansing of negative energy. Not only your house space, but words.

Jenny  38:45  Yeah, yeah, no, I think with everything you’re talking about, it’s just a good reminder. Especially when things are hectic in your life, heavy in your life, and even in the world, that you can come back to these practices, come back to the heart, come back to just that peace. And it all starts with that self love and that self compassion and that self care. And I think you even were like unconditional love. I mean, that’s just the whole I think self care. And please let me know if you agree or not, but I feel like self care is kind of like the first step. And then unconditional love is like the next layer. You know, it’s like the different layers of it.

Hemali  39:30  Right? The unconditional self love is like without judgment without criticism, accepting every cell in your body or your body or everything that you are even with your shadows. And when you are hectic and all these things are falling apart, that’s when you need good nutrition. You know that hydration with good water and yourself and so that you can release whatever you work in. You know, when you need the energy work, you know, I think it was, was it Oprah or, or Deepak Chopra that talked about when you say you don’t have time to meditate, that’s when you need to meditate life. Right. And so, it is so important, I’m telling you to try that when you have a full schedule, like I did today, or I do today, I have stopped meeting starting at 830 in the morning. So I have till 930. And last and so that’s the first thing I did. I read, you know, some Bhagavad Gita horses and, you know, some little mantra and prayers and just kind of filling that myself up. And I take a pause. And so sometimes when you are drowsy , sleepy and all that, you just go into that meditation for 510 minutes, you’ve come up, you have so much more energy.

Jenny  41:00  Yeah, there’s a lot I’ve been working on a really powerful course called Silva ultra mind. And it gets into different things like alpha and theta beats, and really just going into your center and intuition and whatnot. And I’m just a weekend and I finally think I’ve discovered and understand what that like relaxation in that meditative state is. It’s just, it’s the whole idea of being unfuck. A bowl is to where when stuff happens, like you said, your triggers and whatnot, you just you just chill. Like, you know, you’re not like getting your panties in a bunch and freaking out and creating all this stress, which then leads to disease, which then leads to everything else, right? Like, it’s just kind of like, yep, that’s happening. I’m cool, right? Because I think it’s like you’re operating from your center, you’re operating from who you are, your higher power, your soul, like, however you want to look at it. And you know, I think everything you’ve shared, and we could probably do a whole nother episode or a whole nother thing on like, nutrition, right? Like, and going into that and how that works with the body. I mean, I feel really like a piece like I feel very calm, I feel at peace. I feel empowered. You know, if you’re feeling the same way and you’re listening and you want to work with O’Malley. You know, what, what would they do? Like, if they’re like, Oh, my God, I want more. I want to hear more like, where do they go? How do they find you? What’s next?

Hemali  42:29  Why. So I’m still you know, developing my website and content and things. But it’s www dot Mollie or on Facebook. It’s at Coach emmalee. And it’s H e Ma Li. And I’m still still evolving and learning. It’s a process. But I love teaching Reiki, I certify people and I am creating an online Reiki one and two class. So hoping to have that soon. Yeah, if you’re ready to talk about that, or I do distant healing. You want to talk about that. I would love to help you with your disease process, your pain, your traumas. Or if you just are transitioning, and you don’t know where to start with spirituality. I love holding space for you for that, you know, then, oh, I love that.

Jenny  43:25  And you know, guys, we only like touching the surface on everything that she has to offer. Like, wouldn’t when we were talking about this podcast before I was like, we got this and that this and that. Like she’s got so many things and so many modalities that you could go down, you know, many different, you know, like, Ollie’s with her. So if you are feeling that call, you’re feeling it in your heart. And you want to continue the conversation with her Molly and you want to continue the conversation. You know, in your journey, make sure you reach out to her to listen to that nudge, you know, you never know what would happen. What door may open, you know, for both of you, right? Like reach out, start the conversation. And no matter when you feel that nudge in life, follow it? Because you never know what’s on the other side of that door.

Hemali  44:07  Absolutely. Yeah. I’ve been learning and I’m getting better and better at listening to my intuition. Higher Power is offering the angels guardian angels and my whole counselor, we all have that. And so how do you do that? You know, so, thank you so much, Jenny. worse. You know, this was a great chat. I really enjoyed it. Thank you, everyone. And I would love to create that safe space for whoever is interested. 

Jenny  44:37  Thanks, guys. See you in the next episode. Thank you for listening to the life of interest podcast. If you love this episode, remember to subscribe on your favorite podcast app. For Course Information freebies and to stay connected join our ohana that means family at www dot tuj forward slash ohana. Remember to stay positive. Enjoy the journey and most of all Keep those eyes open for all of the adventures surrounding you.

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