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In this episode Jenny is joined by Martine Felton, Intuitive Coach, Author and Medium. Listen in as they share how to open our hearts to our greatest desires, learning to embrace ourselves and all of our shadows so we can start living our lives to the fullest.

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Jenny: Welcome to another episode of The Life Adventurist podcast. I’m Jenny Holla your host. And we are in the heart chakra as part of the chakra series right in the middle of the body. And we have our final guest to really bring the heart chakra home. Her name is Martine Felton, she’s a writer, so self published author and intuitive life coach who’s passionate about the relationships that we have with ourselves through healing our shadows, adopting self of mindset and practicing self care that has you and makes you feel more like your true self. So Martine, welcome to the show. Tell us a little bit more about who you are and what you do. And you have to tell something fun about yourself.

Martine: Wow, okay. Um, well, you already know my name. I’m Martine Felton, and I love to write I’ve been writing since I was young. And currently, I’m an intuitive life coach, I building up, my developing my mediumship abilities. Yeah, that’s those are coming in. Did I mentioned that I was a coach as well? I’m a new coach.

Yes, yeah. So stress recently, and I recently released a book called You Love and You Learn which is a teaching memoir. I’m a mom, I’m a wife. I live in New York. And yeah

Jenny: Something fun. I mean, I know that was fun, but I’m gonna push you into something more fun.

Martine: Something fun. Oh, I love art. I like to paint I do. I love to art journal. Mm hmm. Yeah.

Jenny: So what’s our journaling? Is it like an intuitive art type of thing?

Martine: It can be i love i collaging. Oh, specifically, my journal is filled with collages. I cut magazines and put the pictures together. And sometimes they tell a story. Sometimes they don’t like I literally will rip anything out and put it in my collage and put it together.

Jenny: Oh, I love that sounds really cool. Because what I love about is it gives like a model of possibility for someone who maybe thought they wanted to do that, but didn’t know that it was a thing. You know?

Martine: I didn’t know it was a thing either. But I always loved to collage. Like I have 100 vision boards, you know what I mean? And I just love to do that until I came across some YouTube videos where it was titled art journaling and I was like art journaling? What the heck is that? And I was like, Hey, I do this but not in a journal like not in a book it would just be like random pieces of paper. And so then I decided I was like oh I can I’m just gonna buy a journal a book and actually do this and turn it into you know, and document this.

Jenny: Yes, I love it!

Martine: And turn it into a piece of art.

Jenny: Yeah, I love it. It’s my favorite question because we always learn something fun about you guys. You know that you weren’t maybe expecting to think about or talk about but it also what’s, what’s amazing because you know the listeners know I’m here on zoom even though you can’t see it’s it’s fun to watch your your eyes and your you know everything light up about you when you talk about it. I mean, it’s just so magical.

Martine: Thank you.

Jenny: So let’s get in. Yeah, go ahead. Go ahead.

Martine: No, I said I didn’t know that I was smiling like this when I thought about it. That’s so funny.

Jenny: Yeah, girl you were like you were just like your whole like everything was like oh, I need to it’ll be fun to listen back and listen to see if we like can tell like even any like, energetic standpoint I’m sure we can the listeners can hear or sense like, Oh my gosh, she just got lighter and like, so excited.

Martine: That’s cool.

Jenny: It is super fun. So let’s get into the heart chakra like what does the heart chakra mean to you? How does it tie into your work? The Heart Chakra means a lot to me because like I mentioned to you before in my opinion, it’s like the motor of all the other chakras. And I know from personal experience, I had to do a lot of events still doing a lot of heart chakra work in you know, when I started my awakening

Martine: A few years ago, and I didn’t know anything about the sharpest system nothing like I started from scratch. I didn’t know Zilch about anything. And started learning about the chakra system and started realizing how, especially with the heart chakra, how it really affects you, affects your emotions affects how you take things in and in

You take how you take things in, but also how you give, you know, like you give love where you, you know what I mean? So it’s really important because I feel like it’s the connector to all the other, the lower chakras and the upper chakras. So yeah. And it’s, it’s important to my work, like my spiritual work, connecting with spirit because your heart really needs to be open in order to connect with spirit and when I read my cards.

Jenny: So talk a little bit more about that, because I don’t think I’ve heard that yet throughout the whole series so far, like, talk a little bit about why it needs to be open in order to connect.

Martine: Because your spirit guides and your angels, it’s all they’re all love. They’re all here to guide us. You know what I mean? So we’re all our heart chakras need to be open for them in order for us to receive the guidance that they’re giving us. Because if we have certain blockages, there’s no way we’re going to get the messages. There’s no way that we’re going to get the little intuitive nudges, we’re not going to understand. If your heart is cool, if your heart is closed, right? So it has to be open, you have to kind of like be on it order to see the synchronicities. And to know that two nights ago, I asked my guide the question, and now I’m getting the answer. Do you know what I mean? And they’ll send you the answer in such a way that you wouldn’t even someone else would not even catch it. Because they’re not as open as you are.

Jenny: That’s so powerful. And I love the way you explain that because I feel like people who are new on their journey with the chakras are new on their journey with intuition. don’t always understand or stay open, right? Like it, we’re in a microwave society, like, Oh, I’m gonna ask, I want this answer. I didn’t get it. Okay, well doesn’t work, you know, or whatever that is.

Martine: Yes, I get used to, that used to be me, like, okay, I accept. And now I’m going to go to sleep because nobody said anything.

Jenny: Right. So with this with the love, right, with connecting, being open, one of the things you talked about in the intake form is the frequency of love. Right? We speak a little bit more to that, how you work with the frequency of love, or whatever, I don’t want to ask the frequency of love.

Martine: But the highest frequency is love, in my opinion. And personally, for me, I like to do things like keep my frequency high, so that I’m always open to spirit. So I do things like the art, you know, I do things like, right, I do things like go outside and run around in the playground with my kids. Because all of that raises your frequency and my opens you up hanging out with kids especially. Sorry for the background.

Jenny: Sorry, she’s in New York guys happens.

Martine: Hanging out with kids especially will open your what will open you up will open up your heart. So yeah, the frequency of love is really important. Because that’s like, for, for me the highest frequency there is.

Jenny: Yes, yeah, no, it makes sense. Because, you know, the way I also heard what you just shared there, it’s like getting in that playful energy. Right? And, and one thing that I have a corporate background, and so a lot of what I did, because I was like the compliant corporate employee, I was always wanted to do everything by the book. And so and also because I’m A type entrepreneur, it was about control. And it was about all of that. And you know, I’ve always been fun by nature. But I noticed that things got a little tougher for me, the more control I wanted to have, like the harder I gripped on to life, the more I want the results, you know, the less they float. So what I heard was, yes, childlike playful. Energy.

Martine: That’s me too, is I guess I’m a Type A entrepreneur too, because the more I got serious about this, and I still have my corporate job, which I’m dying to leave. But the more I got serious about my writing, coaching my intuitiveness it’s like, I, it kind of like drove me the need, the desire to leave corporate America is like, kind of driving me to like, all I have to do the podcast, my podcast this way. And I have to make sure that this is perfect in my book, and you know what I mean, and have to make sure to connect when I’m giving someone a reading and you know what I mean? And then I’m like, you have to keep it fun. Martine, you have to stay fun. You have to do things that don’t have a deadline. And just do it just to do it and not be work. Yes, yes. And even balance, right.

Jenny: It’s like asking that question like How can this be more playful? How can this be more fun? because some of the work that we do can be steps on. But it also can just be work, right? Because that’s still like, there’s still work, there’s still shit that needs to be done, you know, that we have to work on. But, you know, one of the things that like as we’re talking about this, right, this like transition, even from corporate into an entrepreneur, and this journey into the heart chakra is also exploring, like, what other people think about you, and how other people respond to you. So how do you stop or even tell a little bit about your journey about how you stopped caring what others think? Or how you would help people do that, or both?

Martine: I had to really, I mean, sometimes I go in and out of caring what people think. But most of the time I don’t, I’m still I have to be honest, I’m still working on that. And my husband helps me out a lot, because he’s like, who gives a shit what they think. Right? Because I had to, you know, as I’m going, like, I’m realizing that I, you know, that I have these gifts, and I’m putting out such a personal book, you know, and I’m like, I just want to make sure that this is okay with you, like, people are going to be reading like my past relationships, and he knows everything about like, he, he read the book before I even put it out. So he’s like, I don’t, he was like, I don’t care what people think you’re good as, and you know what I mean? So I’m like, I just have to check in with you. As long as I know, my family, my husband, and my kids are okay, with what I’m doing, then everyone else can kick rocks. And that’s what he was, like, you shouldn’t care what anyone thinks. Because they, you know, they don’t pay your bills, they they don’t put, you know, they don’t provide for you. It’s just about it’s us here. And when I started putting out that posting about my book on social media, to like friends and family, or started posting about being an intuitive and all of the spiritual stuff, I did get the side eye from friends, like what’s going on with you, you know, like, what’s happening. And I know, it sounded a little woowoo to them, but it is what it is. And at the end of the day, everyone is on their own path. I’m on my journey, you’re on your she’s on hers. And, and that’s how I look at it. And that’s what I keep telling myself, everyone’s journey is different. So we’re going to experience different things at different times. And what may is what’s for me may not be for someone else. Yeah.

Jenny: And that’s a powerful journey to be on this journey of like owning your worth. And standing in your worth and standing in your power, especially when you do something. I don’t know this, this is kind of like on my on my mind today. It’s just it’s like living on the edge living on the fringe of society or norms or whatever, I was just talking to my accountant and my, we’re getting ready. By the time this goes live, we’re gonna be just about ready to go on this Nomad trip where we’re selling everything and we’re going, just kind of exploring around the country and outside the country, whatever opens up, but like, people don’t really do that people don’t sell all their stuff and just go right? Like that.

Martine: They used to I know, I, when I lived in Miami, I met a girl who her and her boyfriend were doing that she was in Miami for about six months living in like a boarding place or whatever, just really, and they would be in a city, you know, work, save up their money to travel on. And yeah, and that was back in the 90s. And I met a couple of people that was in Miami though

Jenny: okay. Probably depends on the city, right? Like who where you get more friendly people?

Martine: I think so, yes, you get more transient people? Yes.

Jenny: Because I brought that up because it’s like, a lot of stuff I’ve done has always been kind of like outside the the norm of what’s expected, I guess, you know, this like idea. You know, just like you said, you know, you’re stepping into your gifts and you’re claiming them and people are kind of side eyeing you. Like, I’ve done that my whole life with that. And to me, I feel like everything I’ve done has been pretty like normal, but apparently like leaving your home state and moving to Florida is very abnormal when you’re from Ohio. Right? And then it just becomes this thing because I was like, why are you gonna do it? How are you gonna pay for things or, you know, when I just happened go or when I do these like what feels like really crazy things to others, just like this, like, people view what you did is crazy or whatever. And I’m just using that as my term. I’m not saying that’s how they felt. But just like I don’t know, I just that this idea of leaning into who you are. And just embracing it because I feel like too, the more you embrace it, the less the less that people can say. Or if they say it hits you in a different way, right?

Martine: And it’s about being it’s a you have to be brave. It takes courage, it takes heart. Yeah, you know what I mean to do that. And part of what I really want to focus on in my coaching is to to help, you know, people like us, men and women, but mostly women to learn how to live outside the box that we were taught to live in, you know what I mean? Like live outside your box a little bit, like, put a foot out.

And, you know, and open, there’s like, a whole world out there. Just put your just step one foot outside of the box. Yeah, you know, I love it. That takes bravery.

Jenny: Yes, I love it. I’m so excited. I’m like, Yes, go to it. Like you’re doing it like I do. I’m so excited. Because I totally resonate with that. I’ve always just watched people go through the motions, you know, and not really step in. And, yeah, there’s, there’s a big difference between just doing life compared to like experiencing life, being present in life. And even like, we’re talking about living from the heart chakra. So one of the things that you specialize in is self love.

Martine: Yes.

Jenny: And so with self love, mindset, self care practices, I want I want you to talk a little bit about because I feel like self care kind of has gotten thrown a little bit in the dumpster. Because it’s a term that’s been overused. It’s super important, but I think people are like, oh, self care, take a bath. Whoo, you know?

Martine: No! It’s more than that.

Jenny: So to like, talk a little bit about that.

Martine: I feel like the the self love and self care, like people kind of use those interchangeably. And for me, they’re really different. self love is a mindset. Self Care is the actual practice the practices that you do you know what I mean? Like taking a what? What, what did you say, taking a bath, like one of those spiritual cleansing baths or something, putting a whole bunch of flowers in the bathtub or something that you see on Instagram. But you know, so for me, self care, is writing, journaling, getting up early before everyone gets up to meditate, working out anything that makes me feel good. And anything that makes my heart sing is self care. For me. It could be something as minor as painting my nails, you know what I mean? With my headphones on and blocking everybody out. Or, you know, it could be as something as going out and buying myself something pretty. So I think the yeah, the self love is the is the mindset that the self care is the actual doing of the thing.

Jenny: So give some examples for the self love mindset. How can we get to that place of self love?

Martine: is really setting boundaries. And if you’re a real sensitive person, like I am, it I had to learn being an unaware empath for so long. And when I did become aware, I had to read I realize that I can’t take on other people’s shit, you know, I, like I had to set boundaries, I could listen. And I was always that person that people came to and kind of like, dump their stuff on. And then I would literally would absorb it, and feel bad. And feel like what they like, they would dump it on me. And then they’d walk away and be feeling great. And then be feeling horrible. So some, you have to set boundaries, and know when to walk away from things that are not for you, you know, and choose yourself. And it’s not to be selfish. But if you’re not in a good space, if you can’t hold space for yourself, then you can’t do anything for anyone else. You know, it’s like, if I was like for my kids, you know, they need I need to be in a in a space where I’m good, I’m happy so that way, I can take care of them. Mm hmm. Because if it’s not, then they’re not going to be happy. So you know, that mindset is really all about knowing how to take care of yourself and knowing how to put yourself first walking away from things that don’t serve you knowing when to do that.

Jenny: Yeah, no, and even like you said, like the boundaries with the example you gave about like someone coming to you and dumping all their stuff and having boundaries. So when you handle something like that, if that happens, do you say no, don’t dump your stuff? Or do you have a process to clear that energy? Like, what does the boundaries mean around a scenario like that?

Martine: a scenario like that. I, it’s internal. It’s for me, you know, because I’m never going to say to, like, a friend or a client, no, don’t, don’t. I’m not here for it. Like, that’s what I do, like people talk to me. So, but I, it’s an internal process for me where I say to myself, you know, like, this is not my stuff.

Let’s, let’s separate facts. You know, their facts, their truth from my emotion. You know what I mean? So that I try to do that as much as possible. Like, I’ll sit and I’ll listen. And I’ll be like, okay, that’s her stuff. It’s not even when I start feeling really bad. I’m like, okay, that’s not mine. That’s hers. Okay, don’t walk away with it with her stuff.

Jenny: And then do you do any breath work to help move it?

Martine: Yeah, I do, do the breath work. Probably not been in there. But I do. Do the breath work I do. Showers are really cleansing for me. And exercising, working out. That really clears my energy.

Jenny: Mm hmm. Yeah. And I love that you said that because a lot of people don’t integrate those simple self care practices, like, shower, like moving their body. They’re so simple. And I think because people get caught up on what does it what counts? What doesn’t count and the IG life, right, like, what do you see? That’s all dolled up? And look, those things are nice, too. Right? You can do the bath with all the flowers and stuff. But like, that’s not the only way.

Martine: That’s not the only way, like how practical is that?

Jenny: I mean, and to some people don’t even like bass. Like that’s not their thing. They’re like that. That’s freakin horrible. No. interested in that. So I want to hear a little bit more about your book. So your book you love you learn The Memoir. Just talk me through the journey of writing the book, what’s in the book, like maybe even if you’re if you are willing to share a story from the book?

Martine: Sure. It all started from journal entries, because I have a stack of journals from 15 years ago that I’ve kept all of them. And so I wrote everything down about my relationships, what I was going through when the highs and the lows of all the relationships I was in. And so I decided I was like, there’s something here like my experiences. No, no, just one day, I just got a download, like, use this stuff for a book. So then I in my journals were in storage, they weren’t even here with me. And I went to the storage.

And I was on a mission. Because I got this download, I got this information I have to use, I have to find them. And I unboxed everything, because of course our boxes are not labeled.

And I found those journals, and I and then I started reading them and I was like, wow, I was so screwed up. And I and I was like this could really help other women who, you know, because we’ve all been through, you know, kind of toxic relationships, like I was really the people pleaser type of girlfriend. Like if you wanted to do this, then I wanted to do it, you know what I mean? I, I would insert myself into my boyfriend’s life, not even thinking about what I liked, or what I wanted to do, because I was so focused on just being in a relationship. I didn’t think about myself what I really wanted. So anyway, I put together the journal entries, a few relationships, and my and my ex husband is thrown in there too, changed the names and highlighted different stories about how, you know, I wasn’t honoring myself in certain relationships in certain respects and acts questions like What did I learn from this experience? How could I have done have done things differently? You know, why was this connection so toxic? So I asked those certain questions in the book as well. So that’s where the lessons come in, where I’m sharing what I learned with the reader.

Jenny: So as a reader, will I also be you know, interacting with like the journal prompts, or am I just learning through the lessons or is it a combination of both?

Martine: It’s a combination of both the journal prompts are for the reader. Like I didn’t I didn’t put any line spaces in the book. So you know, you can take the journal prompt and like throw it in your own journal and go to town with it. Yeah, so at the third their affirmations and journal prompts.

Jenny: That sounds like the book is a great heart chakra opening for those…

Martine: I think it is, I think it is. Because that was really. For me, that was a chakra, where I really needed the word, even though, as being sensitive and empathic, you would think that your heart chakra would automatically be open, but not necessarily so because I’ve experienced so much. You know what I mean? Like, different experiences that had me in and people are like, but you’re happily married. So why would you write this book? And I’m like, well, it has not one thing doesn’t have anything to do with the other. Yeah, happily married. But these lessons are what got me to be happily married and not, you know, take anybody shitting me more?

Jenny: Yeah, yeah, I love it!

Martine: So I mean, if I didn’t go through these things, then I wouldn’t be here. Even on your show, talking about it, you know, writing a book talking about it on my podcast. So yeah, and you know, then I had to realize that this was my journey. You know, people were like, well, what, you know, again, like, why would you write about something so personal? Because I feel like it would help people.

Jenny: Yeah. Yeah. I think what you’re going there, what we talked about earlier about, you know, owning your shit and really protecting yourself or like not caring what other people think, is when those like, what could be perceived as digs? come in? It’s how you respond to them and your energy. And even like you said, getting in that frequency of love in your heart to respond from your heart in a place of like, centered and grounded groundedness?

Martine: Yes, absolutely. Absolutely.

Jenny: I don’t need your negativity, but I’m gonna answer this with grace.

Martine: It’s not always easy. Okay. Sometimes I have to take a beat. I’m like, Okay.

Jenny: Well, I know, you know, there was a time I mean, that this example comes up for me is, there was a time when I was in my early 20s. And I decided I didn’t want kids. And I started telling people, you know, and we came up in conversation like, Oh, yeah, you know, I don’t want kids because at that time, you know, I was dating. It was a common question all the time. And I was like, No, I don’t want them. And the responses I would get, what would be mirrored back to me was like, Oh, well, you know, you never know you’ll want them one day, or, Oh, I can’t believe you don’t want them. Are you sure? Like people would always be questioning back and I realized that I hadn’t fully stepped into the decision, which is why I was getting so many mirrored, like questions back to me. And then once I stepped into the decision, I didn’t get as many like, or the way I received them, I might have got questions, but didn’t receive them. It’s like questioning my my decision. Right? Like…

Martine: because you were firm, you were firm, like, a square.

Jenny: and I don’t and it just wrote off and the conversation, there’s nothing to entertain. No, I don’t want kids. Yeah, one day, I may want them and if I want them out, I’ll have them. But I don’t want them. Like it was a much different, like, energy to where there was no conversation end of story. Yeah. You know, someone just asked me recently, like, Oh, well, why would you want to go on this trip? And I was like, why not? Like, I don’t need to entertain your your doubts about why I share your shit and go on this vagabond this Nomad trip that we’re doing. It’s just like, right? Why not? Why not? And I say that with love, because it’s just

Martine: you have the opportunity to Yeah, you have the opportunity to.

Jenny: Right, but had I been like unsure about it? I might have got defensive, you know, oh, I don’t know if she questioning or is he questioning? Are they questioning my stance? And then it’s almost like it creates this defense mechanism? Which then again, you’re not operating from that space of love in the heart.

Martine: Yes, that is very, very true.

Jenny: So one thing that you mentioned, is that you do you help people heal shadows? Yes. So explain as I think about what that means.

Martine: Yeah, I think that we operate on past traumas, you know, I hate to say it, but every how we move now, how we move as adults, it always has everything to do with what we experienced as children. And a lot of experience were great. But a lot of experience were not so great. And I think that a lot of our limiting beliefs come from you know, our childhood or past relationship or horrible teachers or horrible parents, you know, stuff like that. And those a lot of those things, the limiting beliefs, I believe, you know, our shadow aspects of ourselves. And I think that once we heal our shadows, then we can like step more into the, you know, our light side. You know?

And not saying that we need to transcend the shadow and like, get rid of your shadow because you need your shadow. Because your shadow is kind of a little bit like a defense mechanism when you need it. But also, knowing knowing the difference, you know what I mean? And kind of addressing your past traumas so that you can be a better and lighter person and we have a lighter energy. I really believe that

Jenny: do you feel like we are able to easily identify our shadows?

Martine: some people can, but some people really don’t see it. Like stubborn people who are not into personal development and spiritual development. They don’t see their shadow side at all. They just know themselves as this one this way, this is who I am. And all the extra things I do has nothing to do with anything. This is just who I am. And they’re not budging. So that’s a tough nut to crack.

So I think, like a person like that, or you’d have to spend a lot more time showing them receipts in a way and, you know, talking to them about the differences of their shadows and their light side and stuff like that.

Jenny: And then for those of us who are not as tough of a nut to crack, how do that work goes for them?

Martine: I feel like it goes a little a little bit easier. But we don’t always see ourselves in that moment. And it takes someone from an outside perspective or an outside, you know, an outside situation to your to look at yourself in another perspective and say, Hmm, I did do that I did behave that way. I don’t know if you’re familiar with Eckhart Tolle, totally the New Earth, his book, and he talks about the pain body. That’s, that’s, to me, that’s another word for the shadow. You know, so, you know, when we get triggered and stuff and, you know, we start bringing up start, like, if we get triggered by something that from our past or something traumatic and you know, all that what he calls pain body starts coming up. For me, that’s, that’s the shadow.

Jenny: So when you’re working on that Shadow Work, okay, so like, in my head, I can hear resistance. What about resistance? Because you know, the people are resisting, in some cases.

Martine: Yes, people are resisting, that is part of our human side is to resist, a lot of times, I try to get people to kind of see and when you start to see yourself as more of a spiritual being more so than anything, then I think you’ll get less resistance. Once you start realizing that we are all here for a certain reason. We are incarnated here for a certain reason. I feel like that perspective helps helps push you along, to be more open to a lot of the spiritual concepts that you know, that I know, me and a lot of other coaches and spiritual people talk about.

Jenny: How would you deal with like, Is there like certain steps that you would encourage someone who has resistance coming up to overcome it, or work through it? dissolve it?

Martine: You know, I’ll tell you a story about a friend of my husband’s it’s actually his best friend. And he, he wanted to support me. So, you know, I love him. He’s a great guy. But and then so he gets on my calendar for tarot reading. And I was like, What? And I saw the the notification, I was like, No, he’s not getting a reading. And so he did. He was like, I want to do this. He was like, so go, I was like, Oh, great. But he was he was like, he doesn’t my experience with him before that is that he doesn’t believe in like reincarnation or he doesn’t believe that someone can connect to beyond the veil and bring forth your loved ones or your angels are whatever he he’s not, he doesn’t believe it. So I think that was a test for me. And I think I felt like I handled it. Okay. Because I still gave him I still gave him the reading. You know, and I we talked about his passed away son and someone else that he knew that passed away and we called upon them and I got messages from from them for him and he was

Okay, like he was like coming around, you know, he, he received it. And he was like, You know what, I’m really going to take this. And he was like, because I told him things that I otherwise wouldn’t have known. So I think when you do that, and you kind of show people evidence and stuff that you can, you know, then you can really kind of not sway them, but really kind of make them see that, hey, that there, there might be something to this.

Jenny: Yeah. Sometimes that’s how we have to experience it. Especially if we’ve come from a totally different background, or never been exposed, or the things we have been exposed to maybe we’re just goofy or maybe we had met a fraud or maybe, you know, met somebody who just didn’t seem right.

Martine: Yes, upfront. That and that’s, and that has been a lot of people’s apprehension, you know, that I’ve encountered some not a lot, but I’ve met some people then like, you know, this lady, she did a reading for me, and she didn’t tell me anything that, you know, that isn’t already known, you know, and so a lot of times people feel like you’re faking it, or you’re, you’re, you’re a sham, right?

Jenny: Or you’re you searched them online and found all this information, which I’m sure people do, but when it’s real. Yeah, I feel like for me, at least my experience is when it’s real, I feel it, I can feel it. And my first encounter was about eight or 10 years ago. So I also published a book and I was, I would take it to networking meetings with me. And as I would talk to people, because the book is perfect for someone who’s at a fork in the road and needs more clarity. So we’d be talking and something would come up that seemed like there might be a fork and I was like, yo, do you want more clarity? Yeah, you know, is obviously more smooth than what I’m like, I’m totally like making it sound really simple. But it was that they’d be like, yeah, they give me 20 bucks. And I’d sell them the book. So I was like, you know how to bag of books. And I would sell them in this networking event. So, you know, I am super extroverted. And I go around the room, and I had already met most of the room. And this one girl I met towards the end, she was like, Oh, my God, I’ve been wanting to meet you. Because I’ve been seeing your face on this book all around the room. And I’m like, Who is this girl? I have to meet her. So I’m like, Oh, hi, you know, and her name is Emily. And I met her and we exchanged business cards, because that was like, now I don’t feel like the business card thing would really happen as much because everything’s digital, right? Like, yeah, catch up. But anyways, we exchanged business cards, I look at our business card, and it says intuitive life coach. And I’m like, the hell is that? Like, I’m a life coach. The Hell’s an intuitive Life Coach, you know? And she’s like, she explained it. I don’t remember how she explained it. But she explained it. I was like, Okay. And then she had received some guidance, and said some things. I just met this girl. And I was like, how do you know that? She’s like, that’s what I do. And I was like, oh, okay, so then, like, my interest was piqued. And I, you know, I’d always been curious, but I never had like a proof. I never had like, an actual example. And then I just kept following her. And she just kept blowing my mind. So sometimes you’re right, like when it comes to, for newer to this work, we need some kind of piece of proof. Because if it’s too far away, you’re like, Ah, it’s just because of it was on TV. Oh, that’s because it was no, like, even if you gave me a reading right now, let’s just you don’t have to do it. But like, even if you gave me a reading right now, if someone’s super new to this, and they’ve listened, they’d be like, Oh, well, they already planted ahead of time. You know what I’m saying? Well, they already like planted it. Like, there will always be something that Yeah.

Martine: And that used to be me, I used to say things like that, because I and I used to get readings from psychics and mediums all the time, but never in my wildest dream. Did I think I would be sitting on the other side of the table. Ever in life that I think that.

Jenny: um, that I just, I just in a joking in a fun way. I just feel like karma bitch, you know, like, in a good way, like, not like with like, the way that like that gotcha.

Martine: It is! It is! and that they did get me because me and my friends. My my, one of my best friends who she’s totally into it. She’s like, remember when we used to go to all those readings? Right? And I’m like, Yes. And she used to like find psychics just, she was totally so into it.

She’s like, Oh my God, we have to go to this guy in queens and you know, in Jackson Heights or somewhere unsafe. I’m like, we’re not going there.

But it you know, that’s back when your 20s and you do silly things that you shouldn’t do. But we think about things that like back then it’s like wow, and now look at us!

Because she has gifts too. And I was like, do you think that the universe made us best friends so that we could kind of experience this together now in our 40s? I just got to experience that in our in our 20s. You know, and now we’re in our 40s. And we’re so you know what I mean that now we’re open.

Jenny: chills for good! Yes. Yes, yes. I do think like, yes. Those were good. Those were intent.

Martine: Yeah, that was the that was like confirmation.

Jenny: Yeah, for sure. Oh my gosh. So if someone is really excited and on this path and listening and really loves your vibe, loves your story, you know, wants to continue to have the conversation with you or connect or take the next step. Where would they go? Where would, how would they start?

Martine: you can go to my website, if you’re looking for an intuitive Life Coach, you can week, I’m offering complimentary clarity calls, just to see why you think you need a life coach, just to catch a vibe, we’ll see if we vibe and see if we even want to, you know, work together. I think that’s really important not to just jump into a coaching session, immediately. And also, I offer readings, obviously, you can schedule that on my website as well. My can also purchase my book there as well.

Jenny: Awesome. And so the book name was again?

Martine: you love you learn and it’s also on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Jenny: perfect you’ve read my mind! I was just gonna know awesome. I mean, this has been an absolute pleasure. I feel like we’ve had a really good journey of the heart chakra. We’ve talked about it and highlighted and really went deep to really explore like, how can we step into an embrace our hearts as who we are as a person and even as who we are meant to become? And using that heart to fuel that with everything that we’ve talked about. I mean, we’ve covered, quite a bit. Yeah, my feel at peace.

Martine: Yes, it was awesome. Yeah.

Jenny: All right. Well, definitely we are closing the episode on the heart chakra and stay tuned for the next episode. We’re going to go into the throat chakra. Alright, see you guys in the next episode. Thank you for listening to The Life Adventurist podcast. If you love this episode, remember to subscribe on your favorite podcast app. For Course Information freebies and to stay connected join our ohana that means family at Remember to stay positive, enjoy the journey and most of all, keep those eyes open for all of the adventures surrounding you.

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