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Today’s episode is a quick update from Jenny, letting you know what she has been up to over the holiday’s, wrapping up the animal spirit season and explaining what you can look forward to for the Chakra season ahead.

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Jenny: Welcome back to the first episode of The Life Adventurist Podcast in 2021, we took a little bit of a break. As we transitioned from 2020 into 2021 took some time to just recoup, refresh, realign, all those good things. So let’s see, what have we been up too? We actually had a wonderful holiday season. Hope you did too. We took some time and we went on an amazing manifesting business retreat. It was really just like an intuitive nudge, a spur of the moment thing, because I knew that an order for us to really plan out and manifest and align our energies with what we wanted to do for this year that we needed to at least take a day.

And so I was like, Oh, where should we go? Should we take a day? Well, you know, I was looking at maybe like a day or two something quick, and then the day or two turned into actual, like five days, we went from Tuesday to Sunday, found a really cute Airbnb. That was about an hour away from us in siesta key, rural, colorful, lots of different places to sit. We found someone to watch our dog and we went down there and what was cool is it about a half a mile from the beach? We walked on to the beach one day, cause we’re not like super “we love the ocean” but we don’t like, like to just lay out or set it on the beach for hours or anything. I love playing volleyball on the beach, but anyways, so we were at a real perfect location. Went there, just like let it flow and came out with some real powerful clarity for our business, our lives.

What we want to create over the next six months started really thinking big and dreaming, bigger for what we want to create in our lives and all of that. So that was a blast. And then when I was thinking about what to do with The Life Adventurist Podcast so we came off of the spirit animal theme. We’re transitioning from that. And if you haven’t heard those episodes, make sure you go and listen to them. And if you have heard them, shoot me a message. I’d love to hear what your biggest takeaways were. Hit me up on Instagram at the Life Adventurist love to have a conversation with you over there. And I’m really excited cause I just wanted to just touch in and say, “Hey” let you know that I didn’t drop off because I know we had some growth in the listens and the reach and the shares towards the end of the year.

So thank you so much for being a part of the life adventurist podcast that’s freaking amazing. I love you! Sending you love and energy and positive energy. So anyways, so I want to let you know that we didn’t just like, hang it up and stop it. We were just realigning, like I said, but I’m so excited to let you know what’s coming next. So I had just got this like intuitive nudge to do a season with the chakras. So I wanted to do a theme on the chakras and for myself, I believe in Chakras, but I definitely am not like the go-to expert on all the Chakras and I thought, Hmm, let’s bring in some amazing people that you guys can learn from.

I can learn from too. And so what started to where I was going to bring in one person per Chakra I posted in a Facebook group I’m in and I had an overwhelming amount of responses from so many amazing people that I decided to go ahead and bring on. I’m going to bring on ideally two to three guests per Chakra. That way you can get more information, more perspectives, because obviously it’s not just one perspective on the Chakra because for example, the root Chakra, which is the one we are going to start with his based on like a career and money in grounding. So something the pupil is going to bring on, like one is going to focus more on career. One’s going to focus more on money.

It’ll give you a different perspective. So I’m super excited about this. We’ve got a great lineup of people from all over the world with all different, amazing talents and your going to freaking love it. And so stay tuned. We’re going to start at the bottom at the root chakra and all the way up to the crown chakra. It’s going to be an amazing journey. You’re going to love it and make sure you invite your friends, let them know what’s coming. And anybody else who’s into this or wants to learn and expand their Life and grow guys I’m serious it’s going to be so much fun. So actually I am starting recording all of these amazing things today. So this is going to be it and like every week for the next few months.

So stay tuned. Can’t wait to hear from you. Like I said, please share this podcast. Let others, you know, who would love this? Know about The Life Adventurist Podcast of course, if you’re on Apple, give us a review of five star review, ideally and let us know what else we can do to serve you and what else you want to learn and grow with it. And can’t wait to see you soon. Thank you for listening to the Life Adventurist Podcast. If you love this episode, remember to subscribe on your favorite podcast app for of course, information freebies and to stay connected. Join our Ohana. That means family at You remember to stay positive, enjoy the journey.

And most of all, keep those eyes open for all of the adventures surrounding you.

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