High School Sweethearts Marry 63 Years After They Went To Prom

2019-10-22 16:36:52

It was a wedding 63 years in the making for one Ohio couple.

Bob Harvey met Annette Adkins during study hall in 1955 and was immediately smitten.

“When she walked through the door, I looked and I said, ‘Oh my gosh, here is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life,’” Harvey told Inside Edition. “I fell totally 100% lifetime soulmate in love with this woman.”

Harvey ended up taking Adkins to the prom in the Virginia town where they both lived.

Despite those strong feelings, the couple lost touch with each other after high school and ended up marrying others.

But Harvey never forgot about Adkins, despite his long marriage. After his wife died in 2017, he did a Google search for Adkins, who he discovered had also lost a spouse.

He reached out and the two started chatting. Things went well enough that he eventually made the 500-mile trip to her home in Ohio.

“She opened the door and my heart jumped out,” he said. “I walked over, I handed her some flowers, I took her face in my hands, I said, ‘You’re beautiful. I love you.’”

Things have progressed nicely since then.

In fact, the two tied the knot Saturday in Pataskala, Ohio, according to USA Today.

It was a little more relaxed than a traditional wedding.

Instead of a wedding dress, Adkins wore burgundy slacks and a matching sweater while Harvey wore a white sport coat and a pink carnation, as a tribute to a song that was popular when they were teenagers.

Adkins admitted the entire experience was a little overwhelming.

“I got a little emotional up there. I wasn’t sure I was going to make it,” she told USA Today.

Although Harvey and Adkins are both 80, Harvey said the new marriage has made them feel young again.

“I’m giddy as can be … My heart is bursting. We’re looking forward to a very long-lasting relationship,” he told USA Today.

The couple plans to celebrate their new union with a trip to Maumee Bay in Oregon, Ohio.

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