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Many of us in 2020 have lost our sense of adventure. Whether we are stuck at home, or simply feeling overwhelmed by the state of the world, it’s hard to find that connection to freedom and movement. In this episode, Jenny shares why it’s important let go of the stress and anxiety, call the horse spirit into your life and set the intentions for your day. Freedom is yours already, so go and find the adventure waiting in your backyard.

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Colette Baron-Reid


Hello and welcome to another episode of the Life Adventurist podcast. I’m Jenny Holla, your host. And this is another episode in the spirit animals season. And today spirit animal is horse spirit and the horse spirit animal. This is, I mean, this card is absolutely beautiful. If this is the first episode that you’re listening to of this series.

I want to give a shout out to Colette Baron Reid, who has created the spirit animal Oracle deck. And this is where the inspiration of these episodes have come from. I don’t know this card and this message and everything we’re going to talk about today just makes me smile. It makes me feel so warm inside.

And this card is so beautiful for the horse spirit and on the card, it says freedom is yours. And the number is 33. And I bring that up because I see a lot of repeating numbers and 33 has a meaning. I’m actually looking it up right now. Cause I just thought of this. So 33 angel number. When you see angel number 33, it’s a clear sign that the angels are with you, which means they will bring you love and peace into your life.

I just see a lot of repeating numbers and I, I find it fun that this card is card number 33 in the deck or spirit freedom is yours. I’m actually going to share something because I was actually going excited coming off. We just spent a few days in Tennessee. Out in the country. We went up there, we took a little road trip, got away unplugged.

We stayed at a place that had no wifi, no TV and had very little service. And so we were able to unplug, we took our dog. We were out in the country. We’re West of Nashville a bit. So, the property that we stayed on, had a big backyard that rolled into other people’s properties. And I would call it a farm because I’m kind of like, I grew up as a burb girl.

So like, I don’t really know a lot about the country, but I would call it a farm because it was like this rolling Hill. And there was a fence there. And one of the days, I think it was Friday, we walked out and it was a nice day and we’d taken the dog out. And the friend we were staying with came outside and.

He was like, let’s go see the horses. And we had come around and like, the horses were just kinda like walking up to the fence and very curious. I was like, Oh my God, look, they’re like at the fence waiting for us. And as we walked across the yard and the air was pretty vague, raised, walked across the yard toward the horses.

There was four of them there. And three of them came up to the fence and they were really curious. And they were like waiting for us to come up and especially having the dog, we took Nietzsche up there and Nietzsche was not really curious at all. He just was like, I’m going to mind my own business. And it was kind of funny because Nietzsche just started eating grass and I feel like he was like, yeah, look, I can eat this grass.

Like you guys. I don’t know. It was kind of different. He was like eating grass. Maybe it was a nervous thing. Cause he had these like big horses. There’s a couple of them that were, let us pet them a little bit. And a couple of them like nuzzled up on each other. I don’t know, another one was a little jittery, so the other one didn’t come by as often, but they hung out with us for quite a bit.

And it was just really peaceful. And I was actually thinking like, Oh, I can’t wait to record this episode because I think, and I didn’t remember specifically, but I was like, I think the next episode that I’m recording is horse spirit. So it was perfect synchronicity with that happening. I don’t know. It just, it just brings so much joy and especially with freedom matures in that message.

That’s about. Movement and freedom, and really just being able to claim your own freedom in your life. And one of the things that the book talks about this card is it talks about at the time for travel and adventure. And I feel like this has two meanings. It has a literal meaning and a figurative meaning and the literal meaning, especially as it relates to what Jai and I have been doing in our life is that travel and adventure.

We have started kind of moving around a little bit more and going and seeing some things we recently bought, sent up paddleboards and went and explored the East coast, Florida a bit. We just took this trip to Tennessee for a quick weekend away. And we are about to go to Texas and travel and adventure has always been a huge part of our lives, but in 2020, a lot of that took a little bit of a pause, a little bit of a back seat for us.

The thing is, is being a life adventurist. Some of the adventure took a back seat, which is interesting because it’s something I’ve believed in, but I’ve always been able to find adventure as I’ve been moving around. And so when I became the words that are popping in my mind are stuck and stagnant.

However, I don’t know if that fully captures how it was, but when I became stuck in the house or what I perceived to be stuck. I had lost that connection to the adventure, because one thing that I’ve talked about in other episodes and that I talk about with clients and friends is just finding the adventure in anything that you’re doing and be able to find the adventure, even in your own backyard.

And so even with us having paddleboards, we’ve been able to find that adventure in our own backyard. And when I say literally and figuratively, as I think regardless of the scenario, Regardless of whether you are choosing to travel and move about right now, or if you’re staying at home, if you’re choosing to go out into the world and do different events and things, events and things.

But I remember that as like eating out movies shows, I don’t know, different things that are available potentially where you live. I know that everywhere has a very different scenario right now, some are more open than others. Some are more closed than others. And so I think regardless of the status of where you live, you can always find adventure and you can always find a way to tap into that movement and freedom.

Because once again, it’s always your choice and that’s where the figuratively comes in. Because while you may not be able to physically travel, you can still find adventure and freedom and movement. Within where you live or within the guidelines that may be present. If there are any present right now where you’re at, you can still find ways to do that.

One of the things, it just made me smile. One of the sentences in the book, as it explained what this card and the meaning is, it literally said life is an adventure and horse spirit wants you to know that whatever choices you make, you have great spirit within. Invisible yet holding you up and always walking by your side.

And that right there for me, feeds into the figurative aspect of travel and adventure. Cause it doesn’t matter. Like you get to make the choice, you get to make the choice of how you spend your time and how you look at things going on. Freedom is and was always yours. And part of that freedom is letting go of the need to control.

I think it’s a human factor. It’s like it’s humans. It’s one of the things is sometimes we can feel that we want to control things. We want to control outcomes. We want to control situations. And when we feel we can’t control something, we feel like we’re out of control. It really throws us off. However, the question is is how much can you really control?

Because a lot of what you think you’re controlling. You are perceiving that you have control over the situation, or you’re attaching an expectation of control, an expectation of like security in your life or an expectation of clarity or whatever it is. You’re, you’re attaching an expectation to what you think you have under control or that you’re able to control.

And so, you know, this is minor, but it’s just popped in my head. So I want to honor that, but. I remember earlier when Jai and I were dating our member when we were living together and he would do the dishes and he would load the dishwasher and I would get really annoyed with the way that he loaded the dishwasher inside.

I would be like, Oh my God, I can’t believe he loaded this way. Like, Oh. And then I would kinda like go to the dishwasher. I would reload it the way that I wanted to load it. And I was like, so annoyed that he didn’t know how to load the dishwasher. But I mean, let’s get real. Is it really worth all of that effort and energy and frustration?

Just because the dishes weren’t loaded the way that you want them to be loaded, the way that you want to visually see them loaded hell they’re loaded. You didn’t have to do it. It’s fine. It’s not, it’s not a big deal. It really isn’t. And so think of that, like for something in your life, what in your life?

It’s kind of like that scenario where the dishes are being loaded in your life in a way that you weren’t expecting them to be loaded or don’t feel comfortable with them being loaded that way, or maybe even feel out of control or uneasy about them being loaded in that way. Like what in your life right now, it’s kind of like that dishes scenario that if you could just shift into movement and freedom and letting go of the need to control it in, go of expectations, letting go of those types of things. How could you step into even more freedom in your life and freedom, joy, love, peace, all of these emotions, all of these feelings, all of these emotional states are ones that continue to attract.

Even more of that into our life. And so if you’re feeling anger, anxiety, frustration, whatever it is, especially because by the time this episode comes out, it’s going to be about a week or two after the election. No idea, because at the time of this recording, there still hasn’t been a president named, but like, think about what anxiety or frustration or stress that you may have based on this scenario.

Right now in this moment, the reason that you’re listening to this podcast episode is I am giving you permission to let go of that stress and anxiety. Call that horse spirit into your life and really set the intention for more freedom. Set the intention. Former movement. How can you get moving? How can you get that freedom?

How can you step into that travel and adventure? How can you find those things that will help get things moving for you energetically so that you can find more joy and freedom and peace and happiness? I don’t know. It’s just, this just makes me feel so good. And when you’re in these, these zones, when you’re in this energy, when you’re in this flow, I mean, one of the other things is breaking out of perfectionism and stubbornness.

Like when you leave those things behind you, let those things go that hold you back just feels really good. We’re never going to be perfect. There’s no need to beat yourself up over how you feel or how you have felt or wishing that you had another thought about something. I mean, happens to me. Think those things.

But when you really break it down and you kind of step back, you’re like, wait, what was the point? A lot of effort and energy, as I continued to learn about different things. Like for example, we had a scenario last, I think it was last night where we had a series of information we were going through and I was feeling kind of like overwhelmed, a little confused, little stressed out by the information that we had gotten.

Jai and I were talking and it kind of was like, I don’t know, just, it just felt heavy. And we were working with our spiritual coach today, spiritual business coach. And she had said, you know, when those moments come up where you feel resistance, when you feel that heaviness, when you feel just like that, that energy, that the resistance, it’s really just taking a moment to pause and breathe into it.

And even depending on like, for us, like the guidance was to say, okay, enough, this is not us. Like, this is no, I don’t want this. You can say those things. That’s part of the freedom, but sometimes that’s part of the transformation too. Right. You maybe want to change. And as you’re going through that process, it’s like, okay, I want to change.

But maybe you didn’t realize that that was a moment that you could claim that freedom that you could claim. That choice over the way you were feeling or the way that information was making you feel, because the way that we respond to information, we make that choice. Now, you know, when we respond to something with resistance, fear, frustration, angry anxiety, like whatever, if there’s a, you know, event that happens, I guess the easiest thing to harbor right now is election because that’s the thing that’s right in our, in our face.

There’s a lot of emotions and there’s a lot of anxiety and frustration and stress and anger and for some happiness and excitement, I mean, like, everybody’s got a different reaction to this what’s going on and it could be anything in life. Right. It could be anything, but like if there’s an event that happens, right.

And especially the election, cause it’s going out over multiple days, it’s like each day can create another layer of stress. But when those triggers happen, when those things happen that trigger that stress or trigger that anger or that anxiety or the frustration or the fear or whatever it is that is maybe an unwanted response or a response that you really would want to transform and step into more freedom, and more blessing, more joy.

It’s in those moments, right? You have a choice, but a program is running out. There’s an automatic response. There’s a habit, there’s a behavior that’s happening. And this is how you have responded for a period of time over something. And the trigger happens. You respond, the trigger happens, you respond and you have to be able to step into those moments and do something different.

If you want to release some of that frustration, anger, anxiety, whatever. And that kind of reminds me of that business information. We got where we were reading it. And I just, there was so much resistance there and there was so much like, I don’t know, it just didn’t feel good and everything’s going to feel good.

I know that, but I would rather step into the energy of the horse spirit, which is talking about the freedom of movement. As I had mentioned, as we had talked about, as we kind of bring this full circle is, you know, how can you call on horse spirit to help you get even more freedom and adventure in your life.

All right, guys, make sure that you reach out and follow an Instagram if you love this episode or any of the other episodes, but especially this one. If you love this one, then make sure you screenshot it on whatever you’re listening to on put on your stories on Instagram, tag me at the life adventurist I’ll come back and show you some love.

I’d love to hear how you are integrating this into your life. Of course, make sure that you share this with your friends and other people who could truly benefit from this, who would love to hear an inspirational message like this from horse spirits. And of course we will see you on the next episode.

Thank you for listening to the life of interest podcast. If you love this episode, remember to subscribe on your favorite podcast app. For course information freebies and to stay connected. Join our Ohana. That means family forward slash Ohana. Remember to stay positive, enjoyed the journey.

And most of all, keep those eyes open for all of the adventures surrounding you.

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