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How To Act In Public #216



As the pandemic starts to come to draw to an end, we have to start preparing for the future. For many of us, this means experiencing in person meetings again and *gasp* leaving the house. So how do you re-learn how to act in public? This is a topic that is discussed in today’s episode. Listen in as Justice, Dre T, Dre D, Jules and Taz discuss what happens when you get a surgery done by someone who is NOT a doctor, how you can become more magnetic and the foolishness that took place with Floyd Mayweather.

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Justice Baseball coach is suspended after he forced his players to spit in his face. A Greek man with electricity All right, all right. All right. It is actually Wednesday night. So you know what time it is. I haven’t said it properly in a while. SayWHA Radio is coming to you guys. Got your girl Justice here and I got some feedback on the last show that we did with Taz. It was just me and Taz. They liked the introduction of what we actually are. So SayWHA Radio is 10 years strong? What are we? What do we do? We basically are The Daily Show with friends. We talk about stuff that’s going on in the world and give our take on it typically, and sometimes for real. And sometimes this shit it’s funny. I’m gonna go ahead and start it off with the brother Jules says we have it up with you and then go down the line. Introduce yourself,


Jules Right Hello, I’m Jules. Deal. No nickname. It’s been like, a lot of years. Yep.


Justice  Wow. Then we have Dre T.


Dre T All right. Well, yeah. I’m really curious about directing. Right.


Jules  You know what, I think we just need to switch it up and we should probably go from like, north to south. North. Cause I don’t live. I don’t work with no mo two.


Dre D  Well, I think T into my right so. Yeah, so Dre D here to the right of the boy.


McCoy  If you can’t stay on McCoy here tonight. Hello.


Taz I’m sorry. But yeah, this was awesome. Hi. This is Taz, I just came out. Come on. No more.


Justice  Oh, man. So basically, what we’re going to do is what we always do kind of get into the headlines. It’s been a while. So this is actually probably going to be fine. I’m hoping it will be when we posted this in our chat and I wanted to get people’s take on it. I believe it was Dre D who posted it where the security guard actually operated on a woman in a hospital then after surgery this woman you know came out and actually died from the surgery and the response from the hospital once they find out what happened was like you know, we got a lot of doctors we got a lot of people in this house, but we can’t keep tabs on everybody. Oh,


Dre D  Well if you watched enough Grey’s Anatomy 911 they’re very detailed and thorough in their explanations that you might be able to operate on somebody’s never said successfully though. You can’t can’t can’t can’t save them all.


Jules  We know what kind of operation this was a bad one.


Taz  Have the credentials to operate


Jules  Well now cause the read the reason I’m asking is because oh Lord, I think I just figured it out. So first of all, everybody wears a face mask because of Coronavirus because in my mind, I was like how did the nurses just do enough that you don’t perform an operation by yourself? Like we don’t go in in the operating room and like, all right, it’s just me and the patient. Let me get to cracking these ribs apart. See what’s going on in here scapple.


Dre D  I mean, it is like if you walk into a room right now, but a face mask. I’m gonna still notice you. If I work with you, you’re gonna know who you are. See?


Taz  I’m from a new doctor. I mean, I’m a new nurse.


Justice  You know, a lot of hospitals do have rotating doctors because they don’t have enough that specialize in certain things or whatnot. So I was thinking maybe that’s it, then I had to think about it. Okay. Even if it was, you probably see this security guard at least once a week.


Dre T  Yeah. What the hell is Bill? They’re doing an operating room. Bill was there. Was he in his uniform? Like you just read off somebody in your security uniform.


Jules  Where was the doctor who was supposed to be doing operation


Justice  Maybe the security guard didn’t let me


McCoy Maybe your mother is here with his, uh, his maglite flashlight, and you’re like, I’m gonna be the doctor today.


Dre T  But then also, why would you want this job? Right? If you’re not a doctor, why would you want to be a doctor? A surgeon? If I was pretending to be a doctor, I would run from surgeries like, what benefit does that give me? I’m not getting paid for this. I’m gonna make It look really heroic on Grey’s Anatomy when they save that person. And they stopped. That’s what I was saying, I could,


Jules  I could have that. Maybe the security guard will just watch Catch me if you can. He thought he could go in there and just be like, hey, nurse, why don’t you take over and do this? You’ve seen it done? I don’t know. That’s a very good point. That definitely happened and Catch Me If You Can Don’t” at the hospital.


Taz  I mean, that’s not okay. But there’s no, there’s really no worse than the teenager that was posing as a doctor before he got caught.


Jules  But did he kill somebody tho?,


Taz  He didn’t. He didn’t do no operate. And he was really doing that stuff, though. The thing that


Justice  That gets me You’re right about that. He was able to just pick up a stethoscope and a laptop and just start doing rounds. And nobody.


Taz  Even though he wasn’t even an adult. He was a teenager.


Justice  Nobody said anything. But what gets me with this is similar to what Jules was saying, Where was the other doctor? How did you not know that it was Bill who logs you in every day? let you come in every day? Don’t really know what their security standards are. Did you go back to your posts after you did the surgery? I mean, did you go superior not say anything? But oh, what six hours you were gone doing a surgery?


Taz  He went home, he decided he was gonna go home? Yeah, maybe it was the end of his shift.


Dre D  It was day work. He had a full day’s work.


Jules  Like I had to be, he had to have some level of competency for no one in the operating room to add someone be like, You know what? I don’t think this is proceeding. This is not familiar to me at all. Yeah.


Dre T  Grey’s Anatomy is very formative.


Justice  So not only did he not know what he was doing, that means nobody in that room actually knew what they were doing.


Taz  But they might she died after though she didn’t die,


Justice  From internal bleeding, he had done such a poor job


Taz  Ain¡t enclosed backup.


Jules  That’s what I’m saying. Like, I feel like you had to have some level of competency to get in there and then close it up some kind of way. Like I mean, obviously,


McCoy  Boxes show they do a very thorough explanation of explaining the medical procedures that they are undertaking. If somebody was trapped in a hot air balloon by themselves, because the attendant conveniently got knocked out by something else outside.


Jules  When volcano erupted into Austin and the paramedic got hit in the chest. With a rock. They did a fantastic job.


Justice  I was trying not to laugh


Jules  Moving the rock from his chest.


Justice  The Daily Show


Dre D  With only the tools that were commonly found around such as the spoon track.


Jules  Grab some water at the swimming pool with cooler rock. My god that’s what nobody said nothing. They were used to that. That’s how they get down. He went in and it was like alright, what’s wrong with this lady? There’s like what her appendix is about to burst. Bring me some scissors, two rolls of duct tape, and some alcohol wipes. We’ll get that thing out of there.


Dre D  Somebody put pressure on me because you always gotta


Justice  Always always. Okay, all right. But yeah, those are the things that kind of just threw me off along with the hospital responding. I’m sorry the person that responded was at the hospital, but they spoke on the account of anonymity of course. But they’re basically like this, as big as a hospital. We can’t be responsible.


Jules  I mean, if you put your name on that you’re gonna get fired. So, obviously, you’re gonna be anonymous on that one.


Justice  That’s true. That’s true. So just speaking of craziness, since the world seems to just be


Jules  A family gets paid will.


Justice  So last, so, I mean, they didn’t last her so at least they have, you know, some Scrooge McDuck tight money to like, feel a little bit better.


Jules  That’s true, and I’m pretty sure badly or Since this one man did such a great job in person as the doctor. I’m sure the FBI will hire him for some kind of spy work. I don’t know.


Justice  Man. In Quantico, I came with cha cha. Okay. I’m trying to switch to foolishness. Okay. How’d you go from the moment you said that? I’m trying to switch into it now. No, now y’all got me giggling Floyd Mayweather, god damn. Okay, well,


Jules  We’ll put a damper on the mood there.


Justice  So I know everybody kind of saw the foolishness that took place with him doing an MMA fight with Usama Hogan match. Well, okay, this is what I don’t understand. Because I’m seeing all of this stuff that’s coming out about the match. I did not watch it. I’ve seen highlights and stuff like that from Mayweather and Paulo is a fight or, as you said, the hug match. But what did y’all expect? Or what did people expect it to be? He is a YouTuber.


Jules  You know what I agree with you. I don’t mean I don’t, I don’t know what people expected it to be. Because two things you write one is an actual professional boxer fighting a YouTuber, and to this particular boxer, has been fooling people into paying for his fights for decades. At this point, like it’s a Floyd Mayweather fight. You know what’s gonna happen? Floyd is gonna hook a dodge run, and pepper him a little bit. And when that happens, nobody’s getting knocked out. Nobody’s getting hit hard. We’re just gonna keep moving to the next fight where Floyd is gonna make a zillion dollars.


Dre T  You know what, I would agree with you with the exception. There are too many times in that fight and multiple rounds where they just stare at each other. Literally standing in a ring staring at each other to let 30 to 50 seconds just run off the clock before anything happens. So it’s quite clear. I mean, flow you’re not trying to measure that guy out like you’re not trying to decipher this man’s technique. You already know what’s going on. You want a great spot for that and definitely the greatest counter puncher I’ve ever seen. And he ain’t confused you with his technique like you just standing there to waste time clearly.


Justice  I mean, paint with this shot last either.


Dre T  I mean, there was a there was a clip that’s been going around where he did knock him out and he caught him instead of


Justice  From me you can’t just anybody watching this way alone.


Dre T  I would have been happier with that outcome. Oh god you deserve Logan boy, Paul, whatever your last name is. Okay. To do that. Is that two first names? I don’t know. Don’t trust them already.


Justice Think any of them got to get vaccinated? Everybody knows vaccinated


Jules  Where was in Miami? That’s all I’m gonna say it was in Miami what you think?


Dre T  I means, the world’s open now like we just gotta deal with it. I know. I was watching Arizona last night the night before it’s completely full, Utah Salt Lake City completely full for like, the world’s open.


Justice  I get that the world is open. And you know, we’re all kind of going for this herd immunity thing and they’ve been telling people to get vaccines and stuff. It’s still people that don’t go in with the vaccine push backs. It’s stuff that’s killing me. Like a woman in Ohio and an Ohio nurse attempted on Tuesday to prove that COVID-19 vaccines make people magnetic.


Jules  Oh, sounds live continue. Now that is incredible. Let’s wait a minute. Magnetic like Magneto because if it’s that, sign me up now. I’m ready.


Taz  So it was a magnetic


Dre D  He was a master of magnetism. He right but


Taz  He wasn’t magnetic. He just said control.


Dre T  He can make the decision though. That’s why because you know On and off, like a switch. If you get the opportunity to control it, you know, if I’m just walking outside and stuff just sticking


Justice  Registered nurse Joanna Overholt.


McCoy  I like how you keep emphasizing because, because


Justice  Okay, so I’m gonna be somebody you can trust. Yes. So I’m going to say this and then I’m going to put this in our chat or hang out and so she basically says, okay, the vaccines make humans have a magnetism once they take it. That is her thing. And then she’s testifying before the Ohio Health Board saying this. She drives her nothing but the truth. She tries her best to actually prove it and lays a key on her chest. And, you know, anybody who has done anything like that, you know, it will stay there because of the angle. She then tries to put it on her neck. And it just slats and she keeps pulling back up. Look at this. And just looking like a damn fool.


Jules  stayed eventually. All right. We’ll see the nurse at the hospital they live in our


Dre T  I’m not sure. But I wouldn’t put it past.  So where did she first get this idea? Maybe it makes you magnetic? Of course, she would have had to get this idea from somewhere like where did this come from? issue 274 makes me Come on.


Justice  You know, it had to be somebody’s cousin, uncle, Mama daughter, best friend who was like, Oh, I took the thing. And now like everything sticking them in? I don’t know who would even say some shit like that. But they were probably messing with her and yeah, oh my god. This is like, why? in on what? What? In what way? Would anybody have to benefit and make you a magnet? Maybe?


McCoy  Maybe her sister in law baby cousin Tracy on a daddy saw somebody at the show? Like Did you know there was magnetic? Let it go.


Dre D  It’s crazy how people come up with all these conspiracy theories. It’s like if the regular theories don’t make sense, they come up with more insane, ridiculous conspiracy theories. I guess this way we’ve gotten we’ll see, wasn’t it?


Justice Well, I mean, we also have the nurses here in Houston that actually walked out for being mandated to take the vaccine here and Methodist Methodist Hospital here in Houston. They were like, you know, I shouldn’t have to be mandated to take this yet. When they signed up, they were mandated to take the flu, tetanus shots, and a host of other vaccines every year, every year, but for this, they were like, No, I’m not doing it. And they’re like you can’t make it so 117 nurses that actually walked out and then filed a lawsuit against them, and then were mad that they stopped being paid.


McCoy  So this is hiring, it’s what you telling which sounds at work,


Dre D  If you can retain really well you won’t even need credentials like the other dude.


Justice  Oh, well Damn, well, damn,


Dre T  I kind of sees both sides on this one. Like, I feel like, you know, two to one argument of how you’re going to force me to inject myself within at the same time, it’s like you work in the medical field. So all of that goes up, and we have to get it back. I can see the pushback. But if I’m working in the medical field, like I’m exposed to this virus all the time, it makes sense. I don’t get the pushback of you working. Not only just being just patients in general, but the amount of bodily fluid that you probably come into contact with. You want to make sure you take additional steps to protect yourself. Not to mention, I’m pretty sure that in your long offer letter that you’ve someone named Mr. And Mrs. Nurses, they probably had some type of exclusion that said that hey, if we need to have you take some kind of new vaccination, you gotta do it.


Dre D  Hey, it takes will too right? So they can just take me for no reason. You just gave him a reason that they didn’t even need.


Justice  They’re trying to try to see what disease but you know, which part of Texas not actually being a southern state, according to some people with this map that they have this going around? Maybe that’s part of the problem. So we posted this now I posted this in the chat and this dude basically has redrawn well, the map is the same but his idea of what the South is stretches all the way up to like Pennsylvania. Houston isn’t a part of it and like the very corner of Oklahoma and Texas is in there. How and Kansas said been saying this for years she used to live in Atlanta that Atlanta doesn’t consider Texas to be South despite being further up north than we are,


Taz  Despite us being in the south. They called us West. Oh, no, yeah, they’re West.


Dre T  I’m not commenting on that idiot map, maps.


Jules  All I know is during the Civil War. Pretty sure Texas was in the south. I’m just gonna throw that out there. I mean, there’s a whole holiday here.


McCoy  We definitely got Jean teeth coming up.


Jules  Yeah, I didn’t know the soldiers rafted north. Yeah, I didn’t. I didn’t know that. The West. Also following the Civil War. The West was in the Civil War. Just curious.


Justice  Not really. One there. I don’t know. That’s some weird shit. But that was very, very jarring to me. But I think the next thing I want to talk about has been on a few people’s minds. I’m not sure if you guys have seen it. Or maybe you have Monique, who posted it? Well. I don’t know if she’s still a comedian.


Dre D  She was doing a show in Mississippi. So I know exactly what we got going on. But continue.


Justice  Okay, so the comedian Monique had posted a video on Instagram saying that black women need to have more pride in themselves because they’re saying she was saying women out in bonnets you’re not supposed to wear outside the house, pajama pants and slippers and stuff. And she was speaking on incidents that were happening at the airport, if I’m not mistaken. And she was just saying black women should have more pride in themselves. And when they go out or step out the house that should be done up no matter what. And this sparks, like a big controversy online because it was like a lot of black women saying, you know, why do we always have to be done up to go out and do this. You know, sometimes when you go out having to take care of your hair, you’re just having a bun, it all makes it a lot easier. Especially if you did get your hair done and you don’t want to mess it up. Or no one says anything about when white women are out in like their sweat pants and had messy buns and stuff like that. But for black women, we all, you know, have to hold this standard of presenting ourselves. And plus Monique was in the bathroom when she was saying this in her house. So.


Jules  I wouldn’t expect that audio drop, right? Yeah.


Dre T  The other classified it as he was explaining a story, I’m thinking in my head. I’m not gonna comment on this. But I think society is really good and I talk about black women in general. I love black women and talking about society to make a point has a really good job of taking what someone actually says and then making it a little bit of a different issue. Because when I saw the videos, and I saw when she doubled down, she did double down if you didn’t know she was just saying don’t go out the house and bonnets and PJ was what I got from it. And the reason being is because black people we are already stigmatized, don’t give people additional fuel. And that’s all I’m gonna say about that.


Taz  I do agree with that notion but at the same time that’s like telling you basically trying to tell people what to do they don’t do what they want to do you know it’s like him I was raised like that he’ll walk out with you know, walk out in pajamas some of the stuff I see I just be like wow, but this Harry’s kids is raised, raised i don’t i don’t know what happened between my parenting and they are parenting and you can tell them if you want some say they not listening  Walmart happy go to the store my man okay. Like now people do it.


Justice  I understand cuz I’ve seen both being someone whose mom raised her like that. And it was just like, you cannot leave the house no matter what. But also being a damn adult now in life is fucking tiring. And then having to deal with my hair too. I’m gonna do what I need to do. If Barnet needs to come with me. The bun is coming. Let me


Taz  See. And I’m different. Even going or I figured something out with my hair like I’m not putting I’m not wearing the bonnet out. I’m not doing it. Now put a hat on but the money No,


Justice  No majority of the times when they won’t some of the people that we’re talking about, like, if you go to the airport and you do that the whole thing is to be able to keep your hair under. But you still got to take all that off. Right? If you were sorry that also, that’s the thing if you have a scarf or something they don’t they don’t actually take it off. Yeah. They don’t actually take the scarf out because they will say it’s for religious reasons. You got a hat. But that’s that. Oh, okay. I don’t I don’t know because it’s different. So yeah, but if I’m ready to sell I’m not running into a Walmart or anything like that. I usually haven’t had October when we’re gone or something. But they’re the same. Wow, that’s the same thing. She said don’t go out with a bond or something. Oh, oh, so she said. We’re Gable? No, no, no, she said a bond. sweatshirts, sweatpants and PJ bottoms. Oh,


Taz I’m wearing sweatpants. But my PJ bottoms are different, but I’m wearing them.


Dre T  I rewatch it. But I don’t remember her specifically. I remember Sam PJ’s. I don’t remember sweatpants. And she said to your point about the week, she said it’s so much stuff that you can do with your hair. You can throw a little quick sound while you’re here. reference to the hat. But that’s Yeah, that’s a little quick, some is specifically targeting the bonnet.


Justice  And she’s she was specifically targeting that bottom


Jules  The only thing I can relate this to wood as a young man would be like me wearing a do rag in public. Alright. Which I don’t do, by the way. No. Generally, I would not do that. However, I have done it. And I’m going to tell you that when I did do it, I did not want to rag out like, Walmart or the or the store some some, you know, some it’s just a mall or whatever. When I would wear it out in public. I attended an HBCU. And walking from the dorm to my class, where I then promptly took it off before I actually went in the classroom. But, you know, I was out in public with it. And the President of the school didn’t stop me one day and was like, You are outside what to do, right? And then I was like, You know what, you’re right, man. And that was like the last day. So that’s all I got. That’s all I got for you. 


McCoy  I don’t know, I feel like there’s an age limit on it too. So like, even more leave statements. Like, depending on what age you are, maybe it’s acceptable. But you know, you can’t be like, well just say, I think her statement was more about people who are like 40 years old, you know, going up by bit? Not necessarily, you know, like the college age. I don’t know.


Dre T  I don’t know about the age limit, because you can keep in the country is normally not the older women that do that in math. So that’s why Yeah, I’m just gonna say Yeah. Keeping the staff I don’t think it’s really the older women, you know, in 2021, I would never make an ageist conversation. I made a comment, like, excuse me, for being derogatory. But I don’t I don’t think it was directed towards a specific age group. And nor, nor do I think it is because personally, being a dad of a young black girl. We ain’t going out to house environments. A mom is not having any of her hair is not done. We need to say that she needs to wear a hat. But you know, binders for the house? Yeah, in my household, whatever I get, I get whatever, whatever the rest of it. You know, I mean, when I’m on the same page, whatever the rest of the world is doing. That’s up to y’all. You know,


Justice  Man, I’m sorry


Jules To say you know what? No, not not, uh, but not abandoned pajamas. Together. I’m just fuck that. I’m sorry. I’m just gonna say that. I sat here and I really thought about it. And I just can’t if he said ban it and pajamas in conjunction with one another. No, don’t do that. Why are you doing that? Hmm You know when it’s acceptable if it’s me real life don’t add nothing. Don’t be awesome. Oh, I woke up this morning. I needed some butter. So I just came to Nah. Did you even brush your teeth? Like what do we know? Come on, man.


Taz  You know that at that point, you


Dre D Nah! to Brother Jules point. I think the combination of the two can be a bit excessive. Number two, there’s so many protective styles that are low maintenance that women can take advantage of. It was wrong


Justice  If you are a woman who has a certain type of curly hair after a long day of work or Just the day in general, trying to find what your hair is, nothing, low maintenance.


Dre T  So much your hair in its natural state. Yes. Okay, I would like to call it to just back it off the protective hairstyle. I didn’t say your natural hair and natural state protective hairstyle doesn’t mean


Justice  That’s what I mean there are so many. But you still gotta get up to that point.


Dre D  Right. And so this is where I give this is where I give you a point. And I don’t mean point as in point, I mean like score. You’re the point. Anyway, anyway. If you’re going to your hairstylist, it’s because you have taken your hair down out of its protective style. Yeah, throw by No, no. Okay. for transportation purposes. Yeah. Don’t want to go to your hairstylist. Get your head looking right. And remove the bonnet. Delete, you know, you go home and ready to protect,


Justice  you got to have all these rules. Mail, that’s what I do for hair, but it’s acceptable for you know, a whole house, the other folks to have messy buns, the little headbands, and it’d be alright, it takes a lot more to do anything with your hair. If you have naturally curly kinky coily hair. That is mainly the point that a lot of people were making. And we don’t have another topic for this? very uncomfortable.  That’s a different that’s that’s different from McCoy.


McCoy  But when you’re 21 I’m trying to be a better, more inclusive person.


Justice  Okay, all right, well, let’s see how you feel about this.


Dre D  So let me preface my statement before you come with some foolishness. If you have to be in the food and but continue


Jules  I just don’t want to see what your bonnet and pajamas are. I got on it. No it doesn’t. male female like either dude’s you’ll need to be out which you do rag and some boxes. Like we not just we don’t


McCoy  Speaking of dudes there were dudes wearing bonnets in solidarity with women. Oh, not so so


Taz  There’s also dude’s black crossbody purses so we just no


McCoy  No. One of my reps had one and he was very stylish with it. I will not have you out here. Just to stay with


Jules  I would like to carry a crossbody bag. I have no qualms with you. Being stylish if that would be like a purse. I also have no qualms


Taz  Call it what it is it’s a purse


Jules  Purse man bags Sasha was a powerhouse Indiana Jones to do messenger bag


Taz  And what’s going on parents


Jules  Say Sasha Sasha I believe you did okay


Justice  Let’s let’s go to our favorite state what Florida Florida man kidnapped woman violence unless she opens an only fans account, can you can you repeat the Florida man kidnap woman beater threatens more violence unless she opens it only fans account


Jules  Well, that’s it Florida man is a lady got it got an issue do it. No.


Justice I was playing with you.


McCoy  I mean, I mean, it could be like pimping nowadays. Whenever and the only thing I would say is never put your hands on a woman. Don’t do that. We don’t want you don’t do that. This is ridiculous. Would they be doing it in Florida man? You would mean being trippin.


Justice  Next one a Florida police officer caught a two month old baby that a suspect threw at him during a high speed chase


Jules  I’m glad Yeah, yeah. I’m glad he caught that baby.


McCoy  Nelson Aguilar.


Justice  Oh. Shots by


Dre D  So somebody was it their own baby like a baby in the hospital? Yeah. Wow, how far can you be so desperate to get away? You literally threw your own child. Yeah. Baby just baby is not A simple explanation. By the time they are free they won’t remember.


Justice  That’s Yes. Thank you. Yeah. Hold on, but remember, so you went on, you went on a criminal spree. You then took the police on a chase with you when your car died. You took the child with you. You like nah, they don’t they don’t get me if I leave the baby in the car, right? I’ll have


Jules  Who threw the baby?


Justice  It was a man.


Dre T  You know, we just had a conversation about where to crossbody purses. We’re very nice. Loose. Yeah, no way. So with this they threw it out of a car. They were just standing there, like just tossed into the car.


Justice Well, God was running with the baby. And then like, you know how the carpet was right on his heels. And he ran into a kind of a dead end area. So it was kind of like a cartoon thing was just like it and then he ran around the car. Oh, he did. Okay, maybe turn on the kick. Yeah.  So how did they end up getting it?  Well, I mean, he didn’t get very far after that. I mean, the officer that was right on his tail. caught the baby. But the officers weren’t too far behind that first officer. He’s just like, you did that for nothing.


Dre T  So let’s say he literally just sacrificed his own baby’s life for you know what?


Justice  Yeah, he’d already had charges and then got charged with child abuse on top of that for Taranaki.


Taz  Yeah, she just left them in the garden of St. George.


Jules  But how was he gonna get away?


Justice Nothing happened.


Dre D  This guy. Was this individual on some type of drug? narcotics. They do not say so that would be yes. They do not mean for me links Yes.


Justice  Yeah, they do not say though. And this is the last one unless anybody else has a headline they want to talk about: Florida man stabs another man with a sword during argument over TV remote.


Jules  So we’d have it hold on now. After having heard this before. We It was a variation it


Taz  That was the man with no legs? arms. Yeah.


Justice  Yeah, he had no arms and no legs and he was able to stab somebody or somebody would so I gotcha. Gotcha. Just another dude.


Jules  And this one was about the TV remote. Yeah. Well, no, it is an important device. He was tired of watching Grey’s Anatomy. I’ve had enough.


Justice  He said he was rocking the remote. Yeah, Give me the remote. I’ve had enough. Sir. Give me the remote. I’m gonna stab you. You won’t hear me. Okay. And stab stab.


Justice  And he did not like running from the cops or anything. You just basically Yeah, did it. He was talking to the remote.


Jules I wish somebody would stab me with a sword. Now you might give me a knife? Yes, I can’t even see you come but you know. You’re not gonna pull out. We’re gonna and I’m just gonna do that. Okay. And it was more than one stab. Well, no. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah,


Taz  Please. Is there more than one time?


McCoy  When do you get stabbed the first time? You probably go, you’re stabbed the second and a third.


Justice: You get a shock. shock. Why are you still holding the remote though? That’s probably why I kept doing


Taz  Why why wait, listen, listen to this part of it, though. It says officers went into the apartment and said they found Glen sitting on a couch with a sword and a wooden scabbard next to him. Glenn was cuffed and read his Miranda rights. But investigators said he then confessed to stabbing saying that if he had a better aim, he would have been good at it.


Jules  Oh, yeah, if you’d given me that detail, I wouldn’t even ask what kind of


Dre D  Cause that’s easy. Pirate. That’s what he does as professionally as possible. family.


Taz  He watched a live TV show.


Justice  It was one that I wanted to tie I was at, but I don’t know. This just felt like it was as stupid as I don’t know what. So this dude was looking for teeth in a river in Florida and got attacked by alligator


Jules  I believe sound like you found the teeth man


Justice  Looking for shark teeth, and actually got attacked by an alligator to the point where he was actually In his mouth, like he got puncture wounds and all the rest of it survived. And it was a mama alligator at that. So the fact that he was even able to tell the story is amazing. Because we all thought, Well, you know what, now that I’ve seen Oh, girl, push that bear.


Jules  Oh, no, that’s what he wasn’t looking at out there. Yeah, the bear was checking for the sneak attack. Yeah, I got sneaky if that bear was looking. I think the bear was just like where these cubs were. Jesus showed up to Japan don’t mean,


McCoy  He was looking at a river for sharp teeth. Yes. Why would he be charged? Those sharks? Bull sharks can swim in freshwater and saltwater.


Justice  But rivers?


McCoy Yeah, they do. Okay, that makes sense. They’ve been known by people in reverse.


Dre D  Was he what was he going to do if he was found gently? Because clearly, yeah. shark’s loose teeth like all the time. Exactly. But if you look in your water, where sharks are known to be to find these teeth, they assure you expect there will be a shark somewhere in their water too.


Justice  I want you to look at the link I just posted because it has a video of what he looks like now. I would just


Dre T  Call it T really, if you’re trying to rationalize this white man that can be T. Like that’s what they did as white people stuff. That’s what they do. I hate to


Justice  I hate everything about you. 2021 Oh,


Dre T  Yeah. I guess I got limits. Now. If you’re looking for Sharpies, you know?


Justice  But that’s what I didn’t understand. Okay, you want sharp teeth to do what people collect. For my Sharpton collection of people of people of a certain ethnicity? collect sharp teeth like, I did this boy here. They should just cut it all off.


Justice  You know, he was like, You can’t he’s 25 He’s like, I don’t shave at all. So those are headlines. Jim 620 21. He looked like a super villain. Exactly.


McCoy  As I’m saying they should have just cut the hair off like this. let it grow back. Even though they don’t even make sense. Like, oh,


Justice  yeah, that’s it. He was in the shark’s mouth. Alligator. I’m gonna say yeah, the alligator sorry.


Jules  I think from the way they showed the picture. He wasn’t looking like he was looking in the soil under the water. And it looks like the alligator swam up while he wasn’t able to see it. and grabbed them by the head. Like he was looking down at the river floor and an alligator swam at him. Yeah, he didn’t have time to react. Get your eyes out this river.


Justice  That’s all I’m saying. You in Florida, in a body of water. I mean, they walk across the highways. Like is there’s


Dre T  so no, they mean Yoku. Yeah, getting to the river de Alinghi. Come on. I’ll get in Yoku.


Jules  Sir. Wow. So alligator boo now, like me. He’s out there. So good. Terrible.


Justice: You got a boss. We’ll go ahead and in the show on that one. We want everybody to be safe, be happy and standardize the water in Florida.  Are we going to be inclusive this year? Everybody.  I’m including everybody on that standard. If you’re in Florida, and thank Anwar,  As always, please continue to follow us on social media. SayWHA Radio for all platforms, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, all that jazz. Again, thank you for tuning in. As always, the biggest compliment you guys can give us is to really, really, really share. Like, subscribe, review the show on iTunes, Google Play, thumbs up on Facebook, everything. Tell your family friends about the show. We may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but hey, let them listen. And we can come to an agreement. You know, you like this don’t like this, but that was funny. Yes, it was. Thank you for tuning in. Catch us next week. Same bat time, same bat channel.

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