How To Skip Monster Hunter Rise’s Pesky ‘Quest Complete’ Cutscenes

Just “hanging” out lol.

Just “hanging” out lol.
Screenshot: Capcom / Kotaku

Once you get comfortable with the basics of Monster Hunter Rise, the real game of grinding out rare materials for high-level equipment can finally begin. While one would normally need to wait through a cutscene every time they finish a mission, a simple trick allows players to skip this brief vignette, reducing downtime between hunts.

I was made aware of this trick by fighting game competitor Zerpin, but the secret quickly spread within the Monster Hunter community after Rise’s release on March 26. The technique involves hanging in the air with the game’s new Wirebug mechanic while the quest draws to a close, which for some reason causes it to bypass the post-mission cutscene.

In the video above, I show how quests typically concludes and then demonstrate the easiest way to utilize the Wirebug trick. While airborne—either by jumping from an elevation or zipping into the air with ZL+X—pressing the A button will make your hunter suspend themselves above the ground for a few seconds. Fortunately, this window is pretty generous, so it should be easy to take advantage of even after quests that conclude with a countdown as long as you get the timing down.

Folks on the Monster Hunter subreddit have noted that the cutscene fails to play in other situations too, like when the player is running up a wall, knocked down by an explosion, or inflicted with the paralyzed and sleep conditions.

Monster Hunter Rise is a fun, new addition to the long-running franchise, and this trick should go a long way towards making it even more entertaining for those experimenting with end-game equipment. Then again, some of the mission-ending cutscenes involve bonding with your companions—cat and dog species known as Felynes and Canynes, respectively—so maybe don’t neglect them every time you wrap up a quest.

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