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Have you ever been in a situation where someone pretended to be in a more intimate relationship with you than they are? How did you react to that person moving forward? Did you confront them head on or let it slide? In this episode, Phoenix shares how she has recently handle an issue such as this and how she is learning to separate business and pleasure.

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Phoenix: Yeah, without it. It’s your girl, Phoenix Ash, and they call me P and this here is life is P what’s up. If you are a new listener, thank you for stopping in. Thank you. If you’ve seen it on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, seeing somebody repost your homeboy, your home girl told you about it, and you was like, yo, let me check in yo.

What’s up. Welcome. Glad you could be here. If you are a repeat listener, hold on a second. I’m going to grab some water. If you are a repeat listener and you know, I lie, you. Thank you so much for being here and sharing the show. I appreciate all the conversation in my DMS, all the, you know, promotion of the show.

I love how you guys tell me what I’m doing for you and all the things that you guys are doing for me, you’re sharing your wins. You’re sharing your experiences, telling me, you know, what you’ve learned from either me or other circumstances in which I can learn from, I appreciate the back and forth. I love the conversation.

Keep it up. Yo, I just, I’m so excited that we’re growing. So let me just get right into it because I feel like there’s a couple of things that happened this past week that really drove home. What I’m going to talk about today. And it really is about business and it really is about entrepreneurship and, um, it’s, it’s layered.

So here’s the deal. So I’ve had several, uh, situations this week and if you follow me. On, um, Facebook or if you’re part of my reader group, it’s actually people who are part of my reader group who were in, um, Phoenix Ash, fiyahflies, I think, no, that’s not even what it’s called. I don’t even know the name of the group.

I think it’s called Phoenix is fireflies and fire is spelled F I Y A H and that is on Facebook. So if you’re a part of my Rita group, you know, my story about home girl, And the, the, just disservice that she did, excuse me. So the whole disservice of promising some goods to a friend of mine, and then not only not delivering the goods, but deciding that you’re not going to refund my friend, her money, even though it was a referral, it was just crazy.

And. I’m looking at the child, like, yo, you really damaging several layers of friendships, you know, and if you really want to know the context, you can go check out Phoenix’s fireflies on Facebook and get the like total source, like a six part story, but as means, and everything is very exciting. Anyhow. Um, But, you know, I’m just recognizing how the woman that we’re doing business with is willing to damage several relationships at one time, all in the name of being petty.

And that’s truly what it was. She felt that she couldn’t refund someone’s money because she was being emotional about what. I don’t even really think that she felt that she was done wrong. She just felt like she had to teach someone a lesson. And unfortunately, I had to go left and I had to teach a few lessons on my own, um, which is not a good place for me.

I don’t like being combative. I don’t like being in sticky situations and like everyone else, I don’t like being played to the left. I would prefer to prosper you, to nurture you, to embrace what it is that you have to bring to the table and figure out how we can elevate each other. That is what I like to do.

If you follow the show, if you’ve heard me before, you know, that is my passion. I love to do that. I love the connection. I love hooking people up. You know, if you can help this person and this person got helped you, I’m trying to make the connection happen. So when somebody tries to play me to the left, I really just don’t know how to act real.

That’s the bare bones of it. I really just don’t know how to act. I don’t know how to handle it. And I’m probably, um, it’s about 98% certainty that I’m probably going to take it too far. I mean, it’s just what it is. It’s, it’s something that I feel like I’m trying to work on. Um, but I haven’t had a lot of experience to work on it, so I don’t know.

Maybe the universe is like, well, you know what? Let’s give you some experience that you can see how far you’ve come. I have not come that far. Cause I did take a lot of steps. Um, and luckily a good friend of mine. Was able to sort of reel me back in and be like, okay, you’ve done enough. Um, you don’t have to do these other six steps.

 Um, please don’t try to destroy the person and bring them all the way down. I just was like, right where? Right. It’s too much, too much, too much. So that was one situation. Um, and, and yeah. I promised that I wouldn’t go into too much detail about the situation. Cause I already went into detail on Facebook.

And so I’m not going to, you know, keep rehashing and keep my blood pressure up and, and, you know, whatever. So if you want to know, read it, Phoenix’s Fiyaflies on Facebook. All right. So then there’s this other situation where, um, there’s a guy who, you know, was talking to me regularly and I was really being, um, courteous and, you know, Responding.

 I have a very hard time. I know it’s hard to believe with me sometimes, but I have a hard time hurting people’s feelings. So I try to keep everything pleasant, everything courteous. I try not to be the over assuming woman who like …. everyone who wants a conversation with me is interested in sleeping with me.

I try to like, keep it cool. And then even when it’s crazy, because even when people flirt or people say things that are sexually suggestive, I still put that pressure on myself. Where if I step out of myself, I would tell myself that it’s okay to exit the situation. It is okay to say, I’m not comfortable with this.

I’m not going to welcome this type of behavior. And I’m out. That’s the advice that I would give someone else. Unfortunately, I’m not always that good at taking my own advice. So sometimes situations linger. I mean, it’s the truth of it. I can’t hide from what the truth is. So sometimes situations linger longer than they should.

I’m sorry. That was me with the water bottle. Um, so the conversation, you know, it was going too long. So there were a couple of instances with this person, like made comments on my Twitter posts that were sexually suggestive, but you know, if you follow me on Twitter at Pwrites, You know that I can be real reckless.

You know what I’m saying? Like, I can say a lot of suggestive things. I comment suggestively have suggestive conversations, particularly with my women friends. I think it’s all in good fun. Um, I haven’t really tried to smash anybody and I’m having these conversations with, so it really doesn’t matter to me or whatever, but I am, um, overly aware of people who tried to make it as though we havin a situation that’s more intimate than it actually is. So people who try to pretend that we know each other more intimately than we actually do, you know, have me, um, on guard, so to speak. So in that situation, I stopped responding, which I did. But you know, if you go back to being your general courteous self.

Me as gullible as I can be. Um, we’ll be like, Oh, okay, well, you know, you said, good morning. So let me not be rude. I’m going to say good morning back. So that goes on for a while. And then this guy, he jumped in, he asked me something. So I made a couple of suggestive posts typically at night, the one where I was talking about writing a nasty book, which I feel like there should be one on the way.

Right. You guys like touch me first, so I’m gonna hit you with some of the ship, Benny, ho. And then I made a post, like, so everybody’s got these Amazon leggings and of course I had to get a couple pairs and I feel like I got in on it pretty early, but Amazon took forever to deliver it. Probably because everybody got in early.

Right. And so I’m trying them on or whatever. So I made a couple of suggestions about like, you know, when I first tried them on, I think I bought a size too big. So the ass wasn’t looking the way into the ass was supposed to look at least in my eyes. I mean, I was told that the ass looked good, but I was like, I don’t know.

Um, so I had to throw them in the dryer. But of course I’m documenting these thoughts on Twitter and I’m talking about how, like, what needs work was the pants is in my ass. Like what. Whatever. And so this guy, like he messages me, he wants enlightenment on my posts and he wants to know about, um, my writing though.

And so he’s asked me, so I felt uncomfortable because he asked me about all of that altogether. He wants to know like, have I written anything, um, that he can help with or whatever. And then also about my ass and the leggings. Nasty shit. So you like bulked all that together in the same paragraph in the same message.

Which again, has me on guard because as a woman, you know, I have to be really careful with whose help I accept. It’s sad sometimes, but it is the reality of what life is for me as a woman, as a black woman, as a creative that, you know, I have to walk my lines very carefully because I’m in an industry entertainment all in itself, whether it be books, music, film, all of that, like entertainment historically, right.

Women have been taken advantage of or been sold the dream. If you spread your legs, if you, you know, get on your knees, whatever that you can then earn yourself the opportunity to do what it is that you are passionate about doing. And then when you do it, um, it’s hit or miss. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t, some people will follow through and be like I’m gonna give you that opportunity. 

Cause I actually do think you’re talented, but I need head. But then at the same time, there’s people who will be like, mm, Nope. I just want head like, that’s it. Um, so that’s hit or miss it’s, like, it’s not contractual, like. You know, maybe women should like walk with those contracts if they’re going to indulge in that kind of behavior.

But me and my big old age and indulging, you know what I’m saying? Like, I feel like you’re not going to sell me a dream at the age that I am now about like, if I, you know, why my waste that you are going to give me an opportunity. If I can’t earn the opportunity with my talent. Well, the opportunity is not for me.

It’s not mine. My name’s not on it because what’s for me is for me. And won’t escape me. And, you know, I’ve talked about that before in the show that that is my honest belief. That if it’s, for me, it will not escape me. I will come to the table. If I’m not prepared, God will prepare me. The situations that lead me to it will prepare me.

I am this. I can learn on the flock and learn on the cuff. I can accept things and go forward. So if you try to tell me that I need to pop a squat in order to go forward, that’s not going to work for me. Cause I believe in my talent, I believe in my ability. And I believe that there is a clean opportunity available for me.

I just haven’t come to that. That point in the road just yet. And that means that there’s some other tools that I need to sharpen. Um, there’s some steps I need to take in order to get that far down the road. I just need to walk some more lines, whatever. So anyhow, it made me feel uncomfortable. So I’m talking to a friend of mine and I’m like, what do I do?

And he’s like, well, you know, you just make him separate the two right. Business, pleasure. What is it that you’re here for? And move forward from there. He’s like, you know, your a girl from Brooklyn. So if he’s saying it’s for pleasure, you’re not to shut that down. If he’s saying business, you know how to make him focus on business and say, look, let’s get all that other stuff out of here.

Let’s just talk about business. And so I, you know, I’m marinated. The thought and just was like, yo, let me, let me focus on this thought a little bit. So, you know, I’m watching some stuff and, you know, just focusing and I’ve been on this kick where I’m trying to figure out what’s speaking for me, you know, is that my fear?

Is that my heart? Isn’t my passion. Is it… my anxiousness? Is it my frustration? Right? What is talking for me is the sleepiness, is it, am I high? What is it that’s talking for me? Um, and so what I’ve realized, what was talking for me was my frustration and my anxiousness, those two together where we’re speaking very loud in all honesty, I think I’ve let the relationship go on too long because of it.

It wasn’t a relationship, but you know, it’s conversation, right? So the situation goes on too long because in the back of my mind, I’m like, Oh man, I finally met somebody who’s in the industry that I’m interested in, but I’m not interested in them. I’m not, and it’s no fault of his, like, you know, I just, it’s just not my cup of tea.

Um, You know, just, it’s just not, you know, I don’t know. I don’t know what it is that makes me interested in one person and not interested in another. I wish I knew. Um, because then I got some damn control over it, but I don’t. So I sat on it long and hard, and I was thinking like, I can’t take my friend’s advice.

I can’t make somebody separate business and pleasure.

And sorry, I had to drink water, but both sugar…. I’m dropping the top, but anyhow, the reason why I say I can’t make them separate is because I won’t be able to. I can tell you that we have to be all business and you can agree, but when it comes down to it, it’s still going to linger. It’s going to be the elephant in the room is going to be the thing that I’m not addressing.

It’s going to be the thing that I’m avoiding. So every little thing that possibly hints or points to that thing, it’s going to pull that up. Right? My mind is gone, shuffled through the Rolodex and be like, ah, this is. This is what that is, right, right or wrong. It could be totally innocent, but nothing is ever going to be seen as innocent from here on out.

Whether it be his fault, my fault, whomever, how my brain works, whatever it’s just what it is. I’m never going to see anything that is a sexual innuendo. If there’s a scene that we need to film that has sex in it, whatever it’s going to make me feel uncomfortable and where I am in my life, I just refuse to be that uncomfortable.

I refuse to have to question myself for years on end about what I did to get me to this place. I refuse to put myself in a situation where I’m going to beat myself up mentally to make me explain to myself or justify to myself what I feel like I did that was morally beneath me. In order to get to where I am.

Like, let’s say it worked, but I’m going to feel away. That’s just the truth of it. I’m not saying that anybody who disagrees with me and feels like girl, you should have taken the opportunity or whatever. Y’all have a different thing that you can live with yourself. I’m hard on myself. I’m not going to lie about that.

I’m very hard on myself. There’s some times, you know, my inner voice takes the place of the voice of the people who have picked me apart. Most of my life, it’s a work in progress. I’m not sure if that work will ever be done, but I need to admit the truth to myself. I like to keep the truth in front of my face at all times, so that I move with truth and less regret.

So anyhow, I’m like, nah, that’s not gonna work for me. Um, and it just made me think about it and, and, you know, I did reach back out and just be like, look, the whole situation is a no for me. So, no, I truly believe in my talent and my ability. And I believe that my destiny is not tied up in one person’s pocket.

So where there was one opportunity here. There’s five other opportunities that I haven’t touched on somewhere around me and I’m going to find them and I’m going to connect with them and things are going to work out on their own. My behalf, they’re going to work for my good, because the plan is to proximate me and I believe that plan.

So I’m good on that, but it made me think about like, how many situations do you have to like reevaluate yourself and who you are. And then when it comes to business, how many times, like, are we moving without thinking. You know, I feel like the first situation, you know, for me, I’m thinking in terms of business, the woman made me feel as though I did something wrong by stepping up on my friend’s behalf to try to remedy the situation.

I was extremely professional. I feel like my approach to the situation was one that wouldn’t encourage. Something, some kind of middle ground where I could maintain relationships with both people, both people can exit their situation. They don’t have to have contact with each other and it went left. And at first I was like, blaming myself, like, should I have shut up?

Should I have not gotten into it? But I was like, yo, I’m grilling. I have a problem. I was playing middleman and I was connecting them and I was bringing the money to the table. That wasn’t the problem. But when I’m like, Hey, I’m confused about your movements. Like, how was this going down? You’re offended that I would even step up to protect someone that I care about.

So find out what is the deal, particularly when I’m the one who referred you, you still bill. I mean, come on, wait, hold on. Let me get myself back together. I’m supposed to stay out of that mind frame, but you know what I’m saying? Like, to me, like you moving in business without thinking, and I feel like it’s not so far fetched, though, for most of us who are chasing our passions who are frustrated.

Like, I feel like at the end of the day, she moved that way because she ain’t got no money. Because, I mean, honestly, guys, if you check out the story, you’ll see how much money it was. It’s minimal compared to like how many business relationships you’re going to damage, um, for this little bit of money. But I feel like that was the thing you needed the cash and you had no intention of delivering the goods.

You found that this was an easy way to get your money. It’s still, probably was not enough of what you needed it for. It was crazy to me, but I feel like when you are chasing your passions and you’re fed up and you are, um, Building your business fed up. Things are not coming through the way that you want them to come through the money isn’t showering down.

It seems as though you’re putting out more work than you’re receiving benefit for, you know, the it’s just not happening in the timeframe that you want it to happen, or you’re at your wit’s end or business has been so slow that when you do get business, it’s not the money is just not enough. Whatever the situation is.

I feel like sometimes we can move without thinking. And our frustration can speak up for us and our frustration can make us make a move that can bring us backwards. Three to five steps. And I just want us to try to think about those things when we are chasing our passions and live in our truths. And you know, it’s hard when you feel offended, it’s hard, particularly when you work for yourself because there’s no boss to have you accountable.

So like you want some who go and check. Be like, you know what I’m saying? You don’t have no boss to answer to, but you are your boss. And you, the boss self, right? The boss’s version of yourself has cultivated this plan and this goal, and you act in a fool, goes against your company goal. It goes against your company rules.

It goes against your company, finances that goes against your company, growth and strength. When you’re out here acting a fool and being petty for no reason. Now, I’m not saying you let people disrespect you. I can never tell you. Go ahead and be disrespected because I just sold on I don’t know how to act.

When I’m disrespected. I do not know how to act, which is why I try to keep everything all love and all peace and on nurturing and stuff, because I’m out of my mind because I write stories. I write books about people who take things too far. Right. When you think I’m pulling it from it’s in my head, you know what I’m saying?

So in order to not be crazy, I put it on paper. You know what I’m saying? On the computer or whatever. Like, you know, cause the thought is there, but I don’t want to be like that. I want to be a person of love, a person nurturing to care for you to be, you know, to help you get to your better self, to get help you get to your better life.

I love to see people strive and like, just really get it. Get it, you get an accomplishment, I’d be on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, all of that. I don’t even know you don’t even follow you, but somebody else doesn’t like the fact that it’s your birthday or, and unlike the fact that you graduated from law school and unlike the fact that you got into medical school, I’m like, yes, girl, I don’t even know you.

I have no connection. I don’t care because I’m hyped for you. Um, and I’m legit hype. I want to say, see you when I want to see us all win. I feel like there’s room for it. I feel like it’s a lie. That’s been sold to us that we all can’t get it. We can get it. There’s enough of it. We just got to learn how to maneuver it and keep it within the circle.

Like we just got to learn it. You know what I’m saying? We got to unlearn some stuff and we got to learn some new things. So. It really hurts my heart, honestly, like when I’m acting a fool and I’m getting out of control because, you know, we both acted a fool in hand. It’s just that I did, mine was strategy.

I wasn’t off the cuff. Like I thought about it. So, which, you know, Could possibly be worse, but anyhow, what I’m seeing is that it’s out of character because I still got out of character for me and who I am as a business person. I still went left and I don’t need to be disrespected. No. And I can speak up for myself.

Yes. But do I need to do 89 steps to how to tear your business down? No, no, I don’t need to do that. Or 69 steps to inconvenience, you know? It’s petty. It’s too much of my time, too much of my energy and takes away from the energy that I’ve been building. I’ve been building positive energy. I’ve been building going forward accomplishments and are people going to take advantage of that?

And people are going to do the wrong thing with that. Absolutely. And I need to know that that’s going to happen, but I also need to know that I’m more powerful than these little. You know, nicks that they’re trying to give me, this is nicks, it’s not even a full cuts, a little nick, you know what I mean?

But I can’t react to it. Like she just, you know, rip money off. I just, you know, have to find a better way. And it was really sad to me because our business, I feel like is probably struggling, which is again, why she probably needed a little bit of money and she’s trying to build another business, which I gave her free business advice on and tried to connect her to another podcast or who actually speaks to her audience so that, you know, she can have a place to promote and have a place to discuss, have a platform, to put the new business idea out there so that, you know, see how much interest it can garden, all of that.

And so, yeah, it hurt me. It hurt me. That was the bare bones of it. Did you disrespect me and piss me off? Yes, absolutely. And I acted like that, but when I take away everything, it hurt me. It hurt my feelings and my hurt feelings, you know, had me go too far. They haven’t gone too far. And this is why I am suppressing how I feel.

That’s what I’d be like. My whole model would be like, fuck my feelings, because I need to think clearly. And my feelings are heavy and they’re thick, thick, you know, um, which is a gift and a curse. It allows me to be empathetic. It allows me to connect to people in a different way, but I feel things very, very deeply right.

To the core of my bones when I’m in love. I’m in love down to the. Toenails, like I’m all the way in love. And when I’m done, I’m done down to the toenails. I’m done. Um, But it’s because everything is just so strong and it just feels so deeply. And I can give all my energy in whatever direction I’m going in.

And it’s a gift when I’m focused on the things that will prosper me and grow me and elevate me. I was focused on building my community and having people around me who are chasing goals and catching them. You know what I mean, getting them, putting them on a board, checking boxes, being their best self, going to their higher self.

I was focused on that and I’ve been successful in building that community. That almost everybody around me is getting it. They’re creative in how they can earn income. They were down and they figured out how to pull themselves out. They’re getting it. And I love that. And I want to continue to put my energy in that, but I can’t let people like this woman’s still, I can’t let her steal that energy away and make me invest it in something else. Same thing with the dude, like, you know, yes, he could theoretically be in my circle because he’s getting it, he’s doing it and he’s offering help. But at what cost. Now, when I reached, when I answered, when he reached back out to me and I answered him and was like, you know, it’s just a no for me.

And he’s just like, I’m so sorry. I would never mix the dah dah, dah. And although I appreciate his apology and this is another thing about women is like, we have this guilt like, Oh, well he apologized. And he said he would never. And so this is how I mistook it. And so now I need to accept the relationship, but no, I’m too old for that.

So here I am in my big growth minds. Like I appreciate the apologies and that’s why I’m gonna leave it. It’s still no, for me. And I’m proud of myself. That’s why I’m sharing it with you because I feel like it’s taken all my life to get to the point where I can keep it at no and not feel the guilt of, Oh, I misunderstood.

I mistook you. Okay. Well let’s, let’s reconnect. It’s still a no, because at the end of the day, I felt discomfort at one point. Which means there’s something else. My discernment ain’t been wrong yet. So that means for me, there’s something that does not feel right here. So let me get out. It doesn’t feel right.

You know what I’m saying? Another situation in my life is not business, but it’s personal, but shoot, I’m questioning it because there’s something, there is nothing that doesn’t feel right. And that worries me because I’m like, I probably should exit, but I don’t know why it doesn’t feel like I should.

So I don’t know, but that’s, that’s another show. That’s another topic, but I just want us to think about business, like how we move in business, you know? We have to be careful with the things that we aligned together. When we have a presentation, you know what I’m saying? Even with our friends who can absolutely help us, like be careful with coupling what you’re going to do for that friend, with the favor that you’re asking, be careful with that.

Um, unless your intention is a quid pro quo. Be careful with that. Be careful with how you present the information and be careful with your temper B. Be slow to let your temper go off. I know it’s a pride thing. I know it’s a, how dare you think I know it’s the, you got the nerve and I know the feeling of damn.

Everybody could just say what they want to say, do what they want to do. And I’m supposed to just take it trust and believe. I know that. I know that I’ve been feeling like that my whole life, like, yo, you want to keep coming out your mouth, but because I am a thinker and because I think things all the way through, I’ve suppressed a lot of my reactions to things because I’ve seen how they play out.

And sometimes I ain’t going to lie sometimes. I’m like, just once I just want to let the reaction fly. But, you know, like I said, I’m probably going to take it too far and there’s going to be some consequences for me. So I be like, damn, I don’t want to see them extra consequences. So I just, you know, done it.

But. I feel like on the other end, it’s an example to say, Hey, you know what, let me not deal with my clientele in a petty way. You know, you have clients who can’t seem to follow instructions, or you have clients that don’t deliver, or who ask me, I have people will ask me to do a synopsis and I’ll be like, okay, this is what I need.

And they failed to give it to me. And rather than deal with them petty and be like, I just be like, you know what? I’m in business, I’m around. So when they need it, they’ll let me know when they are ready for it, they’ll let me know and I’ll come through and then we’ll do it. And then we’ll be done. I don’t need it to be petty.

I don’t need to teach any lessons to any adults through no, nah. Nah, um, be cool. Um, because some resetting, um, and I want us to think about who we are and because sometimes the business’s us, right? It’s not necessarily an LLC or incorporation. Sometimes we are the business. And I just want us to be careful.

One when we’re asking for favor, what we’re coupling it with. I want us to pay attention to that, um, because we can be misperceived as well. Not just by, you know, romantically or whatever, but like friends, we can be misperceived as well. And I feel like if it’s friend enough for you to go to them and ask for favor, then they’re friend enough for you to care what the perception is.

Um, but also to be slow in our temper and to think things through, because we are a business and because we want to remain with positive energy, right. Ask ourselves. If every battle is we’re fighting and how hard do we want to fight it? And what are we putting on the line when we do, and are we prepared to lose whatever we’re going to lose?

Because I can tell you the woman who dealt with me, not only did she lose a client, she lost all my referrals, which is not the first person I referred to her. So you lost all my referrals. You lost. Um, you know, she was talking me up, trying to get on the podcast on life is P that’s not happening. Um, I don’t know if the other podcasts who are going to be interested in interviewing you at this point.

Um, You know, I definitely told the story to 250 other people, um, as well as, you know, sharing who you are, like, you know, there’s a way to dispute the money through cash app. And, you know, there’s just so many layers. There is, you know, the old me would have been scrolling through the Rolodex to see who I know who live in your area, but you know, I’ve grown past that.

And it wasn’t enough money for that, but you know, it’s serious. We, you know, when we are the business, we have to pay attention, not just for how we feel and how people treat us, but how we make other people feel and how we treat them. We have to be careful. All right. That’s my soap box. So. If you want to invest in my projects and my evolution, definitely pick up some lab books, come on.

They are entertaining. Yo, I’m telling you, if you read the story on Phoenix, fireflies, you will know that the books are entertaining. They’re just as worthy for real, for him. Anyhow, the, um, Savage Fever series. I was picking up people in my inbox, looking for the finale. It’s called me. It’s coming. I promise I got a call from a blogger today.

I love her. So I’m gonna have to deliver for, but yeah, pick up Savage fever episodes. One through four are available on Amazon. They’re on Kindle and Kindle unlimited. Y’all pick that up and read that, like, do that. Make sure you leave a review though. I like those.

Um, if you’re looking for a sexy romance, let’s do touch me first. Yo, is sex a wired up, you know, the wall climber, you gotta read that chapter. Baby, you know, might want to pass it off to somebody so they can get some instruction. I wrote that chapter, the wall climate is in touch me first. I wrote that chapter as an instruction to someone who needed instruction.

Anyhow. Um, if you’re looking for a sweet romance, delectable, a sweet romance is also available on Amazon. Uh, touch me first and delectable are both also available on paperback. So you can pick that up. If you’re somebody who likes to feel the pages. I know I am like that. So definitely pick that up. Um, the finale is Savage Fever’s on his way. It’s going to be hot. It’s going to be crazy. And I think I got a little surprise. I’m like doing part of a compilation with someone and like, it’s going to be hot. So I think I might have something to tell y’all in a few weeks. So yeah, it’s a lot of work getting done. Um, which is why I need to protect the karma and protect what it is that I’m putting out into the universe.

Don’t want to make an investment in the wrong bucket, anywho. I thank you so much for joining me. I love you guys until the next time where we could exchange power. Hit me up on Facebook at Phoenix Ash, or you get hit me up on Twitter and Instagram. I’m at Pwrites and that’s P W R I T E S. Love y’all. I love your power.

Let me give you some of mine. Bye.


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