Justice and Jules are back again, letting you know what’s a CBNP recommend and what’s trash. In this episode, they touch on Justice League Synder Cut vs the 2017 version. HBO Max’s position in the streaming wars against the giant Disney+.

Jules  0:26 Welcome to episode number 26 of the cool black nerds podcast. This is iron. I’m your host, Jules, I still don’t have a nickname. I’m joined by our co hosts, Justice. How are you doing today?

Justice  0:39 I’m doing pretty good. This is a nice little holiday then a long weekend. So I’m making the best of it.

Jules  0:46 That’s what’s up. You know, Happy Easter to everyone. I did not have a long weekend. I actually had a discussion with some people about that, like, you know, just some holidays are not holidays. It’s certain companies while others are the company I work for. We have been talking about Easter for a while. It is not a company holiday. However, I think in other ways my company is a little bit different. Like we get Martin Luther King Day Juneteenth. You know, you can’t I don’t know. I don’t know there’s given a take. Yeah, yeah. Something like that.

Justice  1:16 I could see that. I see that.

Jules  1:17  So, you know, it’s been a long weekend for you. Did you spend any time watching this not a good weekend?

Justice  1:25  They have it count? Oh, yeah, they have it releasing, watching it before I had to go to a meeting at 8am. So to make sure that I had enough time I was up at three!

Jules  1:36 Oh, my. So you finished it before the meeting. I finished it before the meeting.

Justice  1:41  Just I mean, honestly, because what happened is is Snider cut was released on HBO max. And it was such a high demand for it, that it actually took down HBO max for a little bit, depending on where you were, it came back up relatively quickly. But I think in overseas markets, it was down a lot longer. But by the time that I was trying to watch it, it was up for me maybe like a couple little skips that happened in the very beginning. But after that, it was good to go. Yeah.

Jules  2:09  Okay, that’s what’s up. For those of you who do not know what the Snider cut is, it is a, I wouldn’t necessarily call it the original version of just, it’s definitely a better version. It’s a version that fans knew existed. There were some things that happened during the production of the movie, and they ended up switching directors kind of meets Well, I can’t really say midstream, but close to the end of the movie. And the new director came in and he made a lot of changes.

Justice  2:39  Actually, let me let me catch off real quick. Dan actually finished, everything filming was done. Everything was done editing, all of that had completely been done. The only thing that have not been done is adding in the CGI studio did not like the fact that it was a four hour movie period. Okay. And unfortunately, at that same time, there was some family issues that had arose for Zack Snyder, and that kind of gave the studio and out to be to be able to be like, okay, go take some time off do this net. And literally within the week of him saying that he’s gonna, you know, step away from the project. The studio was like Josh Sweeting is coming in to do this. And at that point in time, just we didn’t look at it, and made all of the cuts that we saw in the 2017 release, which is…

Jules  3:23  oh, well, I can say this. I don’t even know if we talked about it on this podcast, but rest assured that the original Justice League movie would have gotten are probably one of our most favorite ratings, and that rating would be trash.

Justice  3:37  Oh, yeah. I forgot that, you know, cool. Black Nerd. If you are new listener, basically, we talk about things that are politics, technology, sometimes a little bit of Finance. Well, actually,

Jules  3:48  I’m talking about that a lot.

Justice  3:50  Yeah, a little bit of Finance. But basically, all of the kind of aspects of being a little bit on the nerdier side, you know, what is considered for a black person, so to speak. We kind of bring that here, and we talk about to give our opinions on it. But we have the rating system in as Julius mentioned, the worst she could get is…?

Jules  4:13  This trash. It’s trash. I don’t even think we’ve ever actually talked about the rating system. But y’all know you come in here. Nothing is trash. We’re gonna let you know that it’s hot, hot garbage trash. And that’s what the original Justice League was a little weird to most DC movies, but we’ll talk about that live in a way, man.

Justice  4:36  What’s so crazy is after the release of the Snider cut. That 2017 movie is literally considered or is being called the Jostice League. Not Justice League because it is a complete 180 from what was in this snyder cut?

Jules  4:55  Yeah, I think that was the most jarring thing for me was to realize that Okay, what they added to the Snyder cut was really just CGI. Like, I know there have been rumors of reshoots and stuff but there really weren’t any. Like one scene got added at the end of the movie. Yeah, for the Snyder cut everything else is stuff that was already there. And it’s just mind boggling to me that they had the Snyder cut, like in the can it was done. And what do we got? Like I don’t, I don’t understand how you got such a garbage movie out of that, like it was really it was great. This is great.

Justice  5:40  Really insane. I mean, cohesive, unimaginably engaging. I’m sorry, when endgame came out, and people were like, it’s three plus hours. I was like, there’s no way you’re going to keep my attention that entire time. And they didn’t. I’m sorry. I’ve never gone back to watch in game except for certain parts, because I know what I want to see. I’ve seen in game in game that one time. Zack Snyder’s Justice League, I’ve seen almost three times. And the reason why I say almost is because I had to go to a meeting. And I couldn’t finish the third time though. So okay, well,

Jules  6:14  I haven’t I haven’t watched it that many times. I’ve watched it once. And I think that I’ve gone back and watch like certain parts. I gotta like, are you doing good? Yeah, but I would, to me both of those movies in game and Justice League needed to be that long, I think. Yeah, I think Justice League, you probably I know, we talked about it a little bit. I felt like you could have cut maybe 30 minutes from it, and it still would be great. But I also see why it needed to be four hours. And it’s because DC didn’t spend any time building these characters. Hmm. And that’s what that’s what the Snyder cut does, like you take a good amount of time, but at least for the characters that you’re not already familiar with. So you don’t spend too much time with Superman, Batman or Wonder Woman but Cyborg, you definitely need to know a little bit more about Cyborg because he’s never been in any movie. The Flash, he needed to know more about the flash because he hadn’t been in any movie alchemy, and you need to know more about him. Because even though his movie did come out at the time Justice League came out his movie hadn’t come out yet.

Justice  7:15  Actually. This again is 2017. So the way I see it, the Aquaman came out. I think it was 2018. But what we got in this act site, Zack Snyder’s justice… That’s basically what it is. So

Jules  7:33  I mean, good luck.

Justice  7:34  But I’m not gonna say that. But that’s, that’s what it’s being called. And so it’s like, having a stock symbol. You’ll see, you’ll see that in articles on different places. But for Zack Snyder’s Justice League hadn’t been released, the way it is that have been in gaming in game wouldn’t have been as been as big of a deal. At that point. You see what I mean? Because endgame ended up being kind of like the culmination of all that stuff. If data released 2011 been like, Oh, they can’t be in Justice League, which is crazy. Do you think we had a leg up at that point?

Jules  8:09  Hmm, that’s tough. That’s a rough one. I feel like Marvel’s universe is better. But just for that, I’ll put it this way. I think this Nautica would have been a great place to start. Instead of Batman versus Superman, for Justice League, and it’s unfortunate because you know, Wonder Woman was great. It was a really good movie. And that Justice League movie kind of just ruin that night.

Justice  8:37  Yes.

Jules  8:38  All that good will that they built up. It was just gone.

Justice  8:42  Yeah. Well, actually, Justice League came out after I’m sorry, Wonder Woman came out after just Oh, yeah. So it kind of set the course to make it a little bit backwards. That was such trash, fortunately.

Jules  8:57  Oh, you know, you write you write. I’m sorry. But you went from Yeah, you went from that? Batman v. Superman and Justice League.

Justice  9:03  Right, huh.

Jules  9:04  Yeah, that was just bad. It was just bad. Like, imagine if you go from that was shit. I can’t even I don’t even know like it. Yeah.

Justice  9:16  Well, no. Horrible. No. Okay. I don’t know if anybody has actually seen it. I think we talked about it a couple of times. But there was some horrible Marvel movies that were created back in the 90s. That we’re done for just money. And it’s like, the Fantastic Four, not the ones with Jessica Alba and a few other people. These are, I mean, they’re completely trash movies, but they were released because people had the right stone. And that’s honestly, just it. If they went from that to then doing Iron Man and then back to doing those that would that is the equivalent of what they did for RTC. It was just saying, like, oh, man, oh, and then you go back to the trash. What do you Why? Because I rewatch Man of Steel, which is the first one that came out. And I had not seen Man of Steel since it was released in 2012. And I was just like, this was actually a good movie, it was, again engaging and kept you going. The flow was good. And it wasn’t just completely, it wasn’t a book. It wasn’t a bullshit movie. I really think it was, well written, had good action scenes and things like that. I understand that people didn’t like that Superman took outside, but I don’t know where they been. That’s what happened when Christopher Reeve was doing it, but it wasn’t well received. Then they went Batman vs. Superman, which they should not have done, they really shouldn’t have done. Then they went Justice League, and then you had Wonder Woman, and then they started to say maybe we did some wrong things. And unfortunately, it was just too much.

Jules  11:01  Yeah, okay. But like, imagine where they would be if you Hey, okay, Batman vs. Superman was garbage. Okay. Yeah. Well, I’m not saying they could go back on that now. But imagine that they come out with the Snyder cut for Justice League. It’s amazing. The Wonder Woman it’s fucking amazing. Oh, my word Aqua man. It’s not great, but it’s good. And she’s and then you come out with Suzanne. Which is fucking great. When imagine where they would be now but nope. Now instead, we got Wonder Woman 1984. And now we got the Snider cut now and it’s just like, look at what you could have done. To do. Why did you do this? Yeah, look at where you could have been? Yeah. So I don’t know. We’ll see what DC does. Man I say this to about the Superman movie you were just talking about? Man. Yeah, man steal. It maybe was not a bad movie. But it wasn’t like a great movie or a good movie to me. I’m of the mindset that you probably really can’t have a Superman movie be a good movie. Where’s just Superman? Because he’s, too. He’s too powerful. Yeah, like, there’s no,

Justice  12:15  I get that

Jules  12:18  Sense of Superman is going like he could even like, you know, you watch a superhero movie, you know, the superheroes are gonna win. With Superman. You just like all of this that the villains doing? They don’t matter at all. Like, there’s nothing, there’ll be no consequences and repercussions of this at all. And that, you know, that plays out for the most part and like, the way the Snyder could handle Superman, I think is the way you have to do it. It’s like, Yeah, he comes in to save the day at the end. And he kind of does, right. But they fail because it’s just literally nothing that he could have done. Like, just the way circumstances played out. And I get…

Justice  12:59  And he lost. Yeah, yeah. It had to actually get it done. It had to be its

Jules  13:05  It had to be everybody. Yeah. So I like that’s how you, I think that’s how you have to do Superman.

Justice  13:11  Well, the reason why I say that man is steel is actually better because to me, they did do it the best way that they could for him as you said he’s being so powerful man, it still takes it to where he’s still learning as far as he’s still learning the balance that he has to go through with, you know, being in a human world, but not even really necessarily knowing how to be a Kryptonian and not saying like, Okay, I’m gonna kill everybody, but I need to kill this dude. To me, that was a very delicate balance that was done within the movie that did work. And since it was an initial one, I thought it I thought it did it very well. And again, as I said, going back to watch the movie before I saw the Snyder cut. All of that actually made more sense because there’s stuff in the Snyder cut that plays back into Manziel and also kind of plays back into Batman vs. Superman but you didn’t need to see Batman vs Superman to understand or even know about that. So wasn’t

Jules  14:04  the intro to the movie was Batman but like you got it. That’s what I you know, it was a garbage movie. You got the whole story of Batman versus Superman in the 32nd. Like title intro.

Justice  14:18  That’s not a good fair turn. I forgot about that.

Jules  14:20  The Zack Snyder do Batman vs. Superman Who? Yes. Yes.

Justice  14:24  Oh, man and man of steel.

Jules  14:27  Okay. Give me that. I’d have been like

Justice  14:31  I said to me, I’ll say to me,

Jules  14:33  we’ll switch it up a little bit, just in case. I don’t know.

Justice  14:36  And I think that’s what I think that’s why they were like that. And you know, by the time that he had gotten to Justice League, and he’s like, okay, here it is. And as for I was like, Oh, this is

Jules  14:47  Batman vs. Superman. You got four hours. Who does give me the man who’s doing Marvel Come over here. Yes.

Justice  14:55  And unfortunately, they did. Yes, it did not work. Got well for him because you can’t it’s kind of like you know if you guys are on the same what radio comm website we’ve been adding in some pretty good articles about certain things and I you know, love you guys go take a look, give your opinion on and leave comments things like that. But one of the latest articles that we publish is called don’t kill it is an anti California dream. And it’s basically the mass exodus of companies in kind of like tech people, so to speak, from California to Texas, and one of the lines within it is called don’t California, my Texas, so it would be the same thing here don’t Marvel the DC because it just did not work. You know, it was they had all this dire consequences type of stuff within and then very, very weirdly funny stuff. or trying to be funny stuff in the Justice League because, like the flash, he was just supposed to be this comic relief type stuff in it. And it was just it didn’t work.

Jules  15:56  Yeah. Oh, it was just a lot of stuff wrong with that movie. And I mean, I don’t, I don’t want to blame it entirely, or just Sweden, because he did come in like to a finished movie. And they were like, Alright, we need you to cut two hours in make it make sense.

Justice  16:13  Okay, so that’s where we’re gonna disagree on that. I do blame it on him, because he did go ahead and take a look at it and see the movie and saw it made sense. And then basically cut it to where it didn’t and knew that

Jules  16:25  Yeah, well, I mean, hey, they brought me in to do the job. I’m gonna do the job. I might not agree with it. Or I mean, maybe he did. I don’t know. I know that. They said you had four hours of a great movie. And you cut out two hours and made it train added back 15 minutes of garbage? I don’t know.

Justice  16:49  Now that we have to talk about unfortunately, it’s kind of like the allegations that started to come out. Regarding Josh Wheaton said,

Jules  16:58  Thank you so critical now.

Justice  17:00  Yeah. So after he had already done this or whatnot, he called people back in for reshoots and things like that. And I didn’t even know some of these but it came out after the Snyder cut. Well, they were out before but I think they were kind of suppressed by either the studio or maybe Josh Wiens people, I don’t I’m not going to allege any of that. I’m gonna just say that this stuff has now come out and I became aware of it after Snyder cut. Okay, so, of course, Ray Fisher, who plays Cyborg, Jesus that may, he actually came to the studio and, you know, made allegations and not necessarily a lawsuit, but kind of like complaints, which would be the equivalent of you going to HR and be like, I’m, I’m not comfortable with this person. But there’s an investigation afterwards that he made a hostile working environment. And this wasn’t the first time that people had levied this claim against him. Even in you know, far back as working on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and other projects that he’s worked on. People had said that he was not the best to work with he would bully or be very much how should I say this? He would basically do the power dynamic. He knew that he held the power and it was what are you gonna do about it type thing? Yeah, so Ray Fisher basically said that that’s what he did on this set, which is what makes sense as to why you don’t see right Fisher that much in his in his movie.

Jules  18:27 And he is essential character to it in does that matter, cuz he’s probably the most important character. This enemy you could even see like looking at this movie, you can see how they were. One really like building up the Justice League in general, and then to setting it up so that you can move away from Batman Superman Wonder Woman. Yes. In the future. Yeah. Yeah, and this just came to me. As I’m talking, as you know, as I’m talking about Superman, I feel like you can’t really have him leave a movie. I think that would have been a better way to go just because the stories that you have for Batman, Superman and even wonder woman to a certain extent is like, you know, their backstory is you’re going to get pushed back if you try to change that backstory to make it more compelling. And I think the other superheroes you have so much more room to play with. Yeah, really be able to tell a better story. Yeah. Because nobody really has expectations for cyber like you don’t you don’t have expectations for what a cyborg story is like, you don’t know what his origin stories you know, his motivations and whatever stuff like that, like, hardcore.

Jules  19:37  Yeah, like Superman is quintessential American hero. He can’t lose. Everything he does is good. Like he’s not there’s nothing about him. That’s not good. You know what I mean? Wonder Woman she’s, she’s Wonder Woman. She has the lasso of truth. She’s all about truth and honesty and goodness all the time and she’s not gonna make any mistakes. And when she does make mistakes is like cottage cheese can be an apple pie mistakes like

Jules  20:05  And I mean Batman, you can definitely go dark with Batman. Lately we’ve seen it and I don’t know how many times you can put out the dark night before people say, Hey, man, I’ve had enough.

Justice  20:27  So I don’t know man Zack Snyder had him going in a good direction after Batman v. Superman was very much did I just really think it was a an ego thing? Um, now this is my opinion, from on Jeff sweetens part, I really do. Because you can’t look at that and go like man Yeah, and and not go to the studio and be like, this really is a cohesive, you know, idea. I really, really is.

Jules  20:47  You got a good movie here. Yeah.

Justice  20:49  There’s really no way that you as, as an artist, as a director, as someone who has a passion for filmmaking or for being a visionary in this genre, there’s really no way that you could sit there and do that and say that what I gave you is better. You really can’t. I have a hard time seeing that, especially in some of the reshot scenes like the family of you. No flash. just yet. ski that is that didn’t make sense. Yeah, him him running again. Superman that shot back to the comics, again, but it didn’t make sense. Henry cavils mustache didn’t make sense. There’s one scene that was so offensive to galva dot wonder woman that she said I’m not filming it, period. And they filmed it with a body double. Yeah, come on, dude. There’s there’s no way. There’s no way that this video wasn’t like, Oh, we got a better one. You know, as you said, I was I did.

Jules  21:56  Yeah, that I mean, to me, it’s so is that like, the difference is so extreme that I feel like I’m like, like, I feel like he couldn’t have done it. I honestly feel like the studio was like, Hey, man, really? We can’t have a four hour movie. I gotta go. You have to you gonna have to do something? I gotcha. Because I, cuz I honestly, I mean, I really do feel like if it wasn’t just about the length, then they would have just put it out. Like, okay, Zack is having some family issues. Let’s just do this CGI, which we normally do trash anyway. And just put the movie out. Yeah, it ain’t like I need to I need to direct it, uh, tell me how to make trash CGI. I mean, CGI, DC movies, a stretch, although it’s not a code is really good. But they had in fairness, he had much, much more time, this time.

Justice  22:51  And he knows his is, this is a thing that kind of messes me up, they actually have more money for the CGI, in the job suite and cut, they had a lot less money for the CGI for this. And it was done by a completely design house. So I’m not sure if everybody knows that. But when it comes to CGI, in movies, videos are actually in any type of creative genre, it is usually kind of farmed out by a firm or house. That is it, you know, Industrial Light magic for if I’m not mistaken, they did like the hobbit in Jurassic Park.

Jules  23:25  Back in the day, there are layered magic behind family favorites, such as Star Wars.

Justice  23:29  Yeah. If they’ve been doing it for years, there are some really good places very, really good firms. But it depends on what you’re looking for and what you want. Now if you want to CGI out a moustache and you only have four weeks to do that, you’re asking too much, they can make some amazing stuff. But if you want this done in a crunch time frame, it’s not going to get done. But again, I think that one because the sidecut had such low expectations, and they were allotted a lot more time I think that was why the CGI was a lot better into because things like Steppenwolf got hammered so much in the first one. They were like, Okay, let’s go back to the original way similar to what he looks like in the comic books and not do what they did.

Jules  24:17  Because that was horrible.

Justice  24:19  Yeah…

Jules  24:20  I know what I can’t I’m not even gonna shoot him credit on his own. Because even Suzanne, which is a great movie to me, the CGI was still

Justice  24:27  … guilty. Yeah, yeah. Yeah.

Jules  24:30  So I don’t know. It’s just so I just hope that in the future, they do better. Yeah. I don’t know what DC movie is next. I’m still not expecting much from that because I’m sure it was done before the Snider cut, received all of this goodwill and adoration. But after that, I got expectations now.

Justice  24:51  Well, according to them, they keep saying that Snyder verse is done. They’re not doing anything else. And that’s the direction they’re not gonna go but kind of what you said without Of the, you know, great critical reviews from not only you know, critics and audiences, I’m pretty sure they’re probably second guessing themselves, but it will kind of boil down to numbers and subscribers that they got for the HBO Max and whether or not they’re able to keep them. So if this is something that they do, where they’re able to kind of pivot to where this keeps people on the HBO Max, where they have Marvel is coming from the big screen to the small screen with the MCU. But if they do it backwards, where we are keeping you on the small screen, and then maybe branch out to the big screen a little later, will that work out for him? But it it they have they have a chance to do it right now. Because like I said, they’re there. They got a lot of a lot of good goodwill right now.

Jules  25:46  But they’re saying, Oh, no, this isn’t. This isn’t what we’re gonna go, we’re gonna do but I think once they start seeing this in monetary value in subscribers, I’m actually yeah, I might actually with them not doing the Snyder verse, but just the way that the movies getting made. You need to change what you do just the type of stories you intend to tell God, you need to be reversed on now. And wait, tell him because what you’re doing now is not good.

Justice  26:14  Yeah. Okay. And we haven’t really gone into the plot of the movie. But spoilers if you haven’t seen it by now. It’s kind of your fault. Jews always says, If you haven’t seen it by now, and you come and listen to us Shut up. So if you are doing this, they have where right now, if you did want to do more Snyder, verse movies, it can be a great trilogy, because it did end on a cliffhanger where you could go into justice lead to Justice League three, and even a setup that hasn’t been explored yet in movies, so to speak, in justice, which started off as a video game, and then became a comic book because the story was so compelling. I mean, I think that kind of goes into what you were saying, where it would be a great tale for storytelling, you could pivot into better stores….

Jules  27:12  It was a great place to start. And I you know, I don’t know and maybe that’s just what I’ve been looking for from them, like a place for them to start over. Because I know a lot of people didn’t like that the Joker movie with Joaquin Phoenix. But even that would have been a better place to start, then Justice League. What the You know what the original Justice League was? Or even Batman vs. Superman? Hmm. So I don’t know, I really hope I like just take the chance to reboot. I think I said the same thing about exam like, okay, throw everything else in the trash and just start from exam. Like, just you need to, you need to start over. And I hope they do that. I know that, you know, they’ve, they got somebody else to be Batman other than Ben Affleck, which is good. I mean, Henry Cavill is as cool as Superman, but you know, that is Superman. So, whatever.

Justice  28:03  Just so biased against that man.

Jules  28:05  I mean, it’s, it’s To me, it’s just the unfortunately, it’s the nature of his character. He’s like, the first like, super popular superhero. And the way that his character is is just he’s doesn’t have any interesting stories. Hmm. And they’re not going to be interesting, because there’s no stakes for Superman. Like there’s no great risk for Superman. Like the thing about that, then I think I’m about to touch on that for you right now. So I was just about to say, think about the biggest Superman comic. It’s the one where he died. But guess what, did he die? No.

Justice  28:39  No, they do have some and it mainly kind of touches on the villains that he has. And you’re right, they don’t bring those up. And I think it’s just mainly because they don’t know how to bring that story to the, to the big screen and and not seeing.

Jules  28:54  Well see. That’s a great thing though. Like what’s what’s so the interesting stuff about Superman is his villains like it’s not him. That’s what I mean. Like he can’t, he can’t I don’t think so. Like I think with like, let’s look at the Marvel movies. Like you, you look at Tony Stark, Tony Stark is a hero, but he’s also really fucked up.

Justice  29:16  They don’t go into that though.

Jules  29:21  They go into it enough though. Like they want to give him the vision. And it’s like, he’s trying to figure out whether he needs to protect the world like the things that he’s doing. Like do I put a suit of iron around the world? And what does that action? Like? Superman is just like they did that with? Who’s gonna save it is I’m just gonna save it and it’s done.

Justice  29:42  No, they did that with him and man of sale. It was just like do do I actually show myself or do I just kind of stay in the shadows so that nobody actually wants to put me in a cage and study me and stuff like that. His dad was telling me He’s like, people aren’t going to understand you so don’t even try. So there were stakes like that. For him there, they touched on it in Man of Steel. Tony Stark, I think they could have delved into it a little bit more than but again, I think they did the same amount of touching that sounds bad to say. But they, they did the same amount of trying to do that storyline of being compelling for that particular superhero. I think that’s my opinion. Oh, yeah.

Jules  30:19  Okay, if they did for me, it didn’t work. Where with the Marvel characters, it works.

Justice  30:25  Yeah. But I think for you, it’s just because you’re biased against him. Now. I get it. I completely get it. But I was a little bit more open to it. And like I said, for the manosphere. When I went back and watched it, I was like, Damn, I did not remember this in there. I didn’t think was a bad move when I saw it in the theaters. But it was just like when I saw it again. Now, what nine years later, it was like, This really isn’t. This is a good movie. I was surprised. But again, hindsight is 2020. But

Jules  30:52  I don’t know that they just did. Maybe they got to spend more time building up that character because I don’t know what that was Superman. Speaking the Marvel, the Falcon in the winter soldier is out. And I mean, it came out a couple of days after Snedeker right.

Justice  31:12  Yep. And a lot of people were saying that is how they were able to gauge that this was getting more traction than Marvel was, which was the first the first time ever honestly, because there were more eyes on the Snyder cut than they were on the Falcon and Winter Soldier just from ratings, household viewership, which is crazy, but this is crazy.

Jules  31:34  I would have expected that. Why? Because the Snider cut has been hyped up for years. I mean, they lived up hyped up for for however many years.

Justice  31:45  But the reason why I say that is because there was no they can like what you’re saying there was no stakes everybody already thought that the first one was trash. So why would you even tune in for it yet Falcon in the winter soldier. Marvel hadn’t had any real hiccups at that point. So it to me that was kind of a loss on their part is like

Jules  32:04  Would you say Falcon and Winter Soldier has been a hiccup.

Justice  32:07  No, no, no, no, no. I said they haven’t had any hiccups. So yeah, but what I mean is Justice League was a hiccup for DC so to sit there and have where you you had a trash as movie four years ago for people to actually give that more time and effort than they did pack it in the winter soldier to me says something a little bit off to me from Marvel disagree. Just the end. It’s just because like I said, this not occurred has been hyped up for like the moment the original Justice League came out. People been asking for the Snider cut.

Jules  32:42  I don’t think that they i don’t i mean, i don’t i don’t i to me you can’t even you couldn’t have expected for honestly a TV show to have the same amount of viewership as as the Snider cut, especially the first week that it came out before like I’m getting a four hour movie versus the first episode of the series. Yeah, I don’t think that you could expect it to you could have expected that that’s not a good would have gotten more views to me that it says the opposite.

Justice  33:09  So I’m sitting here watching a movie that I know stuff four years ago I didn’t give a damn about because it was trashed yet Marvel is continuously put out great stuff. I would rather watch this year a bit but to me right now, the fact that people took a gamble on the Snider cut for no other reason. And it wasn’t that much hyped up it was just you know core fan base that was hyping it up a lot of people just like I could care less but once you got to see it and word of mouth hit it the fact that it overtook Falcon in the winter started to me says a lot that’s just my opinion.

Jules  33:43  Yeah, I don’t know I all I can do is say I disagree. The think the Oneness the Falcon and Winter Soldier is actually a pretty good show though. I don’t know the first episode. I thought it was very okay. But I’m gonna say the reason that I thought it was okay is because I had several people telling me like after I’ve watched the Snyder cut, I had a lot of people saying, oh, man, wait, wait until you see the Falcon in the winter. So now like I don’t and after watching it I was like, Okay, this was good, but it ain’t Come on man. It’s not a four hour movie. Are we talking about you know, granny goodness in this now I’m just fine.

Justice  34:22  I was very much in the same thing. I love the action sequences. I love the setup of them going back in and you know, bringing up Bucky and sound stuff like that. I was pretty much gone like I won’t okay though. And even in the subsequent episodes, I still kind of been like that. I will say this. I love the banter between the two of them. I love that. It’s it’s the triple triple whatever it was. I’m gonna say the aliens, androids and wizards. It’s not a thing.

Jules  34:59  It is a thing is it you Well, you know, Doctor Strange, he was like, Nah, he’s a sorcerer. He’s like a sorcerer, without a hat.

Justice  35:07  Like, it’s very cute. It’s very, very good.

Jules  35:10  It’s pretty funny. I don’t know. I think it’s a pretty good show. I think. I like I was like an action sitcom.

Justice  35:15  Yeah, yes. Yes.

Jules  35:18  Where is that even makes sense? To me is yes.

Justice  35:21  Whereas one division would have hints of that on one division was just made mainly more Actually, I would say as drama and action. There are be hints of kind of like the comedy within it. I just like this more. I like this formula a little bit better than I did one division.

Jules  35:36  I’m gonna know what their where they’re ultimately going to go with these TV shows. I think so far they they’ve been really good one division to me was good. Falcon and Winter Soldier looks like it’s gonna be really good. I’m interested in Loki now more than I was before. But I want to see how like, because to me, it at least was my understanding that all of this was supposed to kind of tie into the movies. And of course, the movies are have been delayed and switched around beyond recognition. So I’m just curious how this stuff fits now. Like what are the causes Marvel? And he is so you know, it’s like, there’s little clues and stuff that we’re probably missing right now. Or just even little references or Easter eggs that probably would have made sense if the movie that if the movie had come out when it was supposed to? Yeah, I gotcha. So I’m very curious about like, what are the little things that were missing? Because they just just put Black Widow on Disney plus, move it out?

Justice  36:33  I thought they were gonna do that. They’re not, they’re not gonna do that.

Jules  36:36  No they still like now we’re not putting like, they’re like, none of the Marvel movies are doing that. That Disney plus thing for now. Okay. And I mean, they can they keep having to push everything bad. Like, I think you’re gonna get to a point where it’s like, wait, I don’t have a choice. Wait, like, Wait, what?

Justice  36:54  Are you looking at? indiewire Disney movie Black Widow releasing in July in movies, and Disney plus, this is as of March 23 2021.

Jules  37:07  Okay, so maybe that’s when they change the dam? Because? Yeah, until March 23. Yeah. They were saying it’s not going to Disney Plus,

Justice  37:15  I think you’re right. Do they may have no schedule.

Jules  37:21  So let me put the movie out.

Justice  37:23  Let me let me go ahead and read what he has is. This is modifying his release strategy again for the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe entry blackwidow. The film will open in theaters on July 9, but will also launch in the studio streaming service Disney plus on the same day does is launch recent tempos such as Sol Raya, the last dragon Raya and the last dragon sorry, and Milan in a similar fashion and the ladder to falling under the premiere access banner, where it costs an additional 2999 to purchase the new release. Black Widow will also fall under this premiere access title. The MCU tempo was originally set to open may 2020. But pandemic push the back of course. Yeah, so it will be in July. That it actually July 9th.

Jules  38:07  So you got to you got to put Black Widow out a long time ago on Disney plus. And I mean, listen, I have to say let’s be honest, I don’t think people are going to be as excited for blackwidow as they are for many of the other Marvel movies. Yeah, I think it would have been perfectly fine for you to put that movie on Disney plus for 2999. Just like you did with new line. Which, you know, I mean, turned out to not be great.

Justice  38:36  What was the the writing on that one? No, no, no. I mean, the cool Black Nerd writing for blonde. What was that? I don’t remember. It wasn’t trained. She was. It was a okay.

Jules  38:47  So okay, I guess we have three ratings now. Great. All right. I’m glad I waited until it wasn’t 2999. To watch it.

Justice  39:06  But I think that had a I think you’re right. had they done that in the beginning that have been seen as more player in this. There’s still no matter what people are signing up to do this both left and right. But they’re kind of now following the trend. Whereas you had HBO Max and other streaming platforms, releasing you doing this exact same thing where HBO max started it off with Wonder Woman 1984 and it still did relatively good in the movies and on the streaming service. Also, upcoming titles like Doom matrix for Mortal Kombat vs Combe

Justice  39:40  Godzilla vs. Kong just got released and it was the same thing and it’s still doing well. Judas in the black Messiah was another one that did really well on the streaming service and in the movies.

Jules  39:50  So it’s to me it’s a strategy that works. They should have done it a long time ago. They should have even just and I’m saying I’m saying that just because, like I said, I’m not sure The the Black Widow moves probably just gonna be the least popular. Just off the top.

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