Jimmy Kimmel Gives Matt Gaetz The Odds Of Prison In Terms Even He Can Understand

2021-04-14 23:53:24

Jimmy Kimmel said the situation continues to look worse for Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) amid the newest allegations over the sex scandal surrounding him a onetime friend who is now reportedly cooperating with authorities. 

“The odds of Matt Gaetz going to prison are now higher than his hair,” Kimmel cracked on his show Wednesday.   

Gaetz has denied the allegations, but Kimmel noted a report that said Gaetz had sex with women at parties, with money following after. 

“That’s crazy. Has Matt Gaetz learned nothing from Donald Trump?” Kimmel cracked. “You’re supposed to have your lawyer pay the women, after you have sex with them, in secret.” 

See more of his takedown in his monologue:  

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