John Oliver Paints A Picture Of Life If Trump Was Still President

2021-09-27 05:45:26

John Oliver reminded “Last Week Tonight” viewers on Sunday that things could always be worse.

As he delved into sweeping voter suppression laws enacted by GOP-led states across the country, Oliver noted that some of the pushes were taking place in the most closely contested states in the 2020 election: Georgia, Arizona and Wisconsin, where President Joe Biden’s combined margin of victory was just under 43,000 votes.

“If they had gone the other way, [Donald] Trump would still be president right now,” Oliver said. “Meaning COVID would be even worse, we’d be at war with, I don’t know, let’s say Luxembourg, and we’d all be living under attorney general MyPillow guy.”

He added: “I know things are bleak right now, but depressingly, it’s also important to remember: This is technically the better timeline.”

Watch below.

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