Julian Castro Endorses Elizabeth Warren For President

2020-01-06 08:34:42

Former Housing Secretary Julian Castro, who dropped out of the 2020 Democratic race this month, endorsed Sen. Elizabeth Warren for president on Monday. 

“There’s one candidate I can see who’s unafraid to fight like hell to make sure America’s promise will be there for everyone ― who will make sure that no matter where you live in America or where your family came from in the world, you have a path to opportunity, too,” Castro said in a video endorsement. 

“That’s why I’m proud to endorse Elizabeth Warren for president,” he added. 

Castro dropped out of the race on Jan. 2, to the dismay of some Democrats who thought he was one of the few candidates in the race speaking on behalf of people of color.

Castro and Warren offered similar policy proposals. Both back a form of Medicare for All and advocated need for racial justice.

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