Kylie Jenner’s Daughter Disses Her Mom’s Singing In The Cutest Way

2019-10-17 18:33:41

Even Kylie Jenner’s daughter Stormi has joined the masses of people giggling at her mom’s singing clip.

In a video posted to Jenner’s Instagram, her 1-year-old daughter laughs and dances to a remix of her mom’s singing ― before repeatedly demanding the song be changed to her dad Travis Scott’s music. “Daddy sing!” she says, over and over.

“Oh, you want daddy’s singing? I’m not good enough?” Jenner asks.

The billionaire beauty mogul went viral this week for a three-second clip from a 16-minute video tour of the lavishly extra Kylie Cosmetics headquarters.

After touring the colossal office space ― which features giant neon letters spelling out Jenner’s name, a champagne vending machine, a bouquet of “money flowers,” and pink M&Ms printed with Jenner’s face ― Jenner said it was time to wake Stormi up. 

Walking into a dark room, Jenner flicked on the light, singing “rise and shine.” Stormi was already awake, since a camera crew had apparently already entered the room to capture the moment.

The clip turned into a viral sensation, and multiple memes and remixes were born:

Jenner was presumably perusing some of these when she played the clip for Stormi. The mogul is evidently embracing her newfound meme status, having changed her Instagram bio to read “rise and shine.”

The internet, as usual, did its thing, and Stormi’s reaction has birthed… new memes:

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