Larry Kudlow Says He Misses 'Calmness' Of Donald Trump. Twitter Critics Can't Even.

2021-09-12 19:21:54

Twitter critics were quick to slam Larry Kudlow on Sunday after the former White House economic adviser said he “yearns for the calmness of Donald Trump.”

Even Kudlow seemed to be aware of how incredible that sounded, because he instantly added: “I’m being actually quite serious here.”

Kudlow — who, incidentally, also declared 18 months ago that the Trump administration had shut down COVID-19 “pretty close to airtight” — said during an appearance on Fox Business that the former president was a “good, hands-on decision-maker.”

It wasn’t Kudlow’s first time making such a statement. 

“Truthfully, I yearn for the calm, peaceful, placid leadership days of President Donald Trump,” he said last week on his own Fox Business program after bashing President Joe Biden over the United States’ exit from Afghanistan, which Trump had set up.

Kudlow has consistently expressed disappointment in the new administration. He complained earlier this year that he thought Biden would force everyone to drink “plant-based” beer (instead of beer typically made from grains, hops and yeast…).  

He said he wasn’t “worried about tweets and whatever” in response to his comments about Trump’s “calmness.” So:

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