Len’s Island Has Building And Farming, But Also Fighting

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I’m not sure if I’ve ever played a game pitched at “hardcore dungeon-crawler fans”, “home-builders and decorators”, “explorers and completionists”, “farming fanatics, collectable hoarders” and “people who just want to live the simple life of chopping trees as the sun goes down” all at once.

Len’s Island is trying though, and looks like a very chilled game where you move to a new island, make some friends, build a house, do some farming then make your house nicer, only there’s also a part of the game where you have to scour dark dungeons murdering monsters for loot.

Maybe the monsters drop new taps and window trims for your house? Or maybe they just drop the materials you need to craft a skylight and bigger deck? The game’s official description says you venture deeper into the caves to search for what past travellers have sought after”, which doesn’t rule out taps and window trims.

Whatever the reason you’re down there, it looks gorgeous, and is coming to Steam in October, with a demo planned for release sometime before then.


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