No matter what environment or culture you grew up in, we all have predefined belief systems ingrained in us from a young age. Whether this be from our parents, our surroundings or our community, we’ve all been told things that have stuck with us and changed the way we think about the world. However, it’s time for you to look at these beliefs and truly ask yourself if they reflect who you are as a person. In this episode, Jenny and Jai will be sharing the steps you can take to redefine your

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lifestyle, re-align your beliefs and finally live the life YOU want.

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Jai  That was actually a calm intro.

Jenny  Okay, well, feeling really good. Welcome to the holistic life Show. I’m Jenny. And we are in the Unfuckwithable season, make sure that you go back and listen to previous episodes, and find the ones that call to you the most. Listen to them, like them, share them. If you’re on Apple, make sure you give us you know, five stars, we’d love to have your ratings and reviews to help this podcast grow and reach even more people.

Jai  Yes, yes.

Jenny  And we have been sharing a lot of different insights, angles, information and life changing trip tips and strategies and stories to help you on your journey to becoming unfuck. With a bull. We primarily work with Type A entrepreneurs. And I’m the type A if you can’t tell the duo. This is your first time here. Welcome, but I’m the type A. The duo and Jai is the Zen master. Definitely not the holistic Hitman.

Jai  Definitely not the type a duo.

Jenny  So he brings a nice compliment to the show, as you know and to our clients. So today’s topic is lifestyle for you defined, which is the tagline for our business. So TJ Hall is the name of our company. It stands for Jenny and Jai hollow because there’s two days and that holla. And our tagline is lifestyle redefined. And we felt like this was a perfect episode for so many reasons. And even a great follow up to last week’s episode. So if you haven’t listened yet, go back. And I mean, you can still listen to this one, make sure that they aren’t sequential. But it is a good build up to this as the last episode was called beauty in the chaos. And so you can go back, you can listen to that one. It’s a nice complement to this episode as well as the other ones. So today, we’re gonna talk about lifestyle, redefine what it means, what it means for you, and how you can really step into something new and powerful. So I’m gonna pause. I’m gonna let Jai do a little bit of talking. So I’d love to hear Jai, what does lifestyle redefined me, Neil.

Jai  I mean, it’s crazy. I think that’s, it’s, it’s definitely one of the things that just like we as people continues to, to grow and evolve as we learn, because a lot of times we’ve our belief system is, is solidified in, you know, our parents and things that we watch things that we learn certain business coaches, certain mentors that we believe in, or, you know, we believe in because of our predefined belief systems, and lifestyle redefined is, it’s kind of like tapping into you, finding out who you really are, that journey of self discovery, self awareness, and asking yourself those really tough questions like, do I really believe in this? What do I really want? I’m good at this. Am I? Yes, I’m good at this because I learned to be good at this. But is this something I really want to be truly good at? You know, it’s just just stopping looking at where you are? And asking yourself, does it align with where you want to be? And who do you want to be? And if it doesn’t realize and you’re the one in control who can shift that reality if you choose, or choose your own definition? Because I feel like so many times there’s so many books, so many audio, so many videos, so many retreats, so many conferences to to get you to the next level, in the stories of these people who’ve done it and they can show you how to do it too. But like I do not subscribe to the philosophy of one size strategy fits all, whatever these people did, possibly just worked for them or they could be like a unicorn. You know, who’s trying to sell you their unicorn pit?

Jenny  Well, I think so. Yes, there are a lot of retreats, books, coaches and mentor strategies available to us. And that’s what’s great is that we do have a lot of options that we can choose from, to be able to help us get to the next level. And I feel like and I’m really curious to hear what you feel about this, because I feel like that there’s different seasons, sometimes this season is for you to just be a sponge, and take in as much as you can. And then sometimes the season is for you to be very particular about who and what you’re taking in. I think you still have to use that discernment about who and what, whether you’re being a sponge, but what I mean is, sometimes it’s great to kind of like, taste the rainbow. And like, try it all. So you can figure out who you like and what you want. And you can listen to different mentors, but I feel like other times it’s good to shut off the noise and just follow, especially if you’re going to hire somebody or you’re really going to implement a system, you need to just shut off the other noise and just follow that system. Because otherwise there’s so many distractions. Do I give an example?

Jai  I mean, yeah, yeah, you give an example?

Jenny  Well, I mean, for me, I love going to events, seminars, I love personal development, reading books, and listening to audios. I love that. So there are times when I’m literally consuming so many things in so many different people in so many different audios and books and whatever. But the thing is, there are also times when that’s too much, and it’s very distracting. Because think about this too, you know, some of these people are really good at sales and marketing. And they’re really good at getting in your pain points. And they’re going to point out that I get this from two sides. And this is not necessarily the angle, I want to go like the path, we need to go down and talk about this. But I feel like marketing is meant to point out the pains, and then make them hurt a little bit more, pour some salt nom, and then say, Oh, I have the solution. Agreed, okay, that’s what it’s meant for. But also at the same time, there’s a part of it that annoys me, that marketing is about pointing out all your flaws and making you feel like shit so that you can go to the solution to feel better. There’s a part of that that bugs me. But anyways, going back to what I was saying about that, you know, you can follow these people, and they’ll make these great offers. And it can be very confusing for you to have multiple coaches and mentors that you’re trying to follow. I think it depends on what you’re doing. I just know that when I’ve hired certain coaches, I’ve had to shut off the noise. Even though there’s a lot of great people I love to follow. Sometimes it’s conflicting advice, sometimes it’s too much going on. So when I start to open up that faucet, again, is when I find new people that are the perfect people on my journey and my growth, but then it becomes too much. And I really close the positive, I

Jai  I think it depends on your personality. But like you said, a lot of these people have mastered marketing, to where they have keyed in on your your pain point to the point where you’re like, shut up and give me my money,

Jenny: Like shut up and give me my money? Shut up and take my money.

Jai  That’s what I mean. But you know, it’s an art form within itself. That’s a strategy within itself. But it’s like, too, with I feel some people go to these things, looking for the solution, the strategy? And yes, you keep on going to these things. It’s like, just tell me what to do. And it’s like, that’s not part of the strategy. Well, yes, actually breaking it down to the most simplest form that is straight out and telling you what to do. And what I’m telling you is to basically take action, if you look at all the books, the things you’ve read, you’ve learned the coaches you’ve hired in the past, I don’t know, let’s just throw a number out there five years, I would gamble in bed to say that if you looked in, reviewed all of this information, like somewhere, they all kind of said the same thing. Like you can get here, but you need to do the work. And I think that’s the issue. A lot of people don’t want to do the work. They’re just like, just give me the solution. The solution is doing the work, and then doing the work. Because even if you go through the strategy, you try something out. And a lot of times we don’t we don’t stick with the strategy long enough to see if it works or see what works and to make tweaks. It’s just like, okay, I didn’t fulfill X amount of ROI in z amount of time. So this doesn’t work. What’s the next thing…

Jenny  or we get amnesia. We had a problem. We’ve been doing the work, everything feels great. So we don’t even necessarily realize or recognize that that coach or that system has helped us get there. And we forget And we’re like, well, I don’t need this anymore. Right? I’m good. Right? I got it. And sometimes you do. But sometimes, you know, part of what has helped you to get there will continue to help you get to the next level.

Jai  Yeah, no, I totally agree with that. I definitely agree with that. I think it’s a mixture of everything, though. Definitely a mixture of everything. It’s with everything. Like I said, in the last episode, consistency is the key and everything. If you look at, like, your life, and the things that you want to change, you know, I don’t like the way that I’m feeling. I feel that I’m overweight, I feel whatever, you know, I’m saying, how did you get there? Is there probably a circumstance a trigger or something? Are you over indulging in something that led to this. So what is going to fix that? You switch those particular behaviors and habits and be consistent in different behaviors and habits. But it’s like, what you do consistently is, is what’s going to show up? I’m saying I think there’s a quote or something that says, I forget, I’m probably making up this quote, to quote me, but basically, I had to tell me a man’s actions and I can add something to that. So basically, like, the actions that you do, basically tell people the or show the result of your life.

Jenny  Yeah, in that the thing that I was thinking about, as you’re going through all that is what excites me about lifestyle redefined. Like, what excites me about that is like the whole blank slate idea that you can literally have a blank slate, or even not even have a blank slate, and you can have, you know, an opportunity to redirect, or redefine your lifestyle, on your terms. And so on your terms is a really big part of today holla what we believe the culture that we have with our clients. And we really, while we give a roadmap to success, and we have different models and structures and formulas to get there based on our success and our results, and what we’ve done with our clients, we want you to take that roadmap, and do it on your own terms. You don’t have to do it like us. See what’s gonna happen. And we know this so well, is that even we’re early on this no band journey. But there are going to be people that will reach out to us and say, Oh, my God, I want to do what you did. And we’re going to help people like you. If you’re listening, and you’re one of those people, we’re going to help people like you do that. But also there’s going to be people, there’s going to be people who want the freedom and the fun aspect, like the essence of what we’re doing. But they’re going to want to create it on their own terms based on their own lifestyle. For example, one of our clients, she’s living in a home that has been in the family for like 30 years. She’s not going to go on a nomad trip. Like that’s not a part of her backyard is crazy.

Jenny  Yeah. Like, that’s not a part of her plan. Not could she, you know, set up her business and leave for a month or two or three and go explore, absolutely. But she’s not going to sell everything on the road. But what she would probably find desirable. And what we’re doing is the freedom and the fun aspect. And she would want to say how can I have what you guys have? Right? But for me, right? And that’s that’s the thing. I believe that that’s one key thing that makes us different and makes us unique is because we want to help you to redefine your lifestyle on your terms. Because no matter what, no matter how happy you are about your life, and how excited about your life, there’s always things because what happens is we may have what we think, you know, like what we really want, but then what happens is we grow and evolve. And then we’re like, oh yeah, you know, we want to grow to this next level. And as we grow into that next level, that next level, may open up a whole nother realm of opportunity you didn’t even know existed, right? Even just something as small as living in Florida and I’m from Ohio. Okay, and moving to Florida, and then going out on a boat or jet skis for the first time and hanging on a sandbar that’s kind of big and see. No, no. This is the example of hanging on the sandbar and seeing all these people. It’s like on a Wednesday seeing all these people on boats hanging out a sandbar hanging out having a good time drinking, partying, swimming, like whatever they’re doing. And it’s a whole nother world that I never knew existed. That’s what I mean is sometimes as we go into new opportunities or do things we’re exposed to new things we didn’t even know existed. And you go Oh, I want that. You know, and I want to experience that and I want to have that or even just living in the keys right? We met somebody who lives in the keys part time. And he goes and dies a couple times a week. And he put himself in that scenario because that’s what he wants.

Jai  Or the fact of you’re, you’re staying at a Airbnb or you know, b&b, whatever you want to call it for five or six months, why your home is being built, you know, these things you may have not thought about, for whatever reason, right? You know, and all of these things, and sometimes you have to get outside of a view. I don’t think that’s one of the most exciting things about this trip for me is we get to see and experience stuff we might not have ever thought about. You know, cuz honestly, I’ve only lived in Texas and Florida. But like traveling all around and seeing what it’s like in other places and possibilities. And, you know, seeing how people live in like, Okay, this would be cool. Like one of the things we know, when we I don’t want to use the term settle down, but have our two J. Two j HQ is we know we want an outside sitting space.

Jenny So that’s definitely a comfortable outside sitting space that has shaped that’s comfortable, that is able to create an experience that allows us to tap into even more abundance, clarity, joy, and when you win, because when you say that, like I was just like I say that because the place here has an outdoor seating space, but is not the type I would want. So I’m just adding that clarity. So you know why I did that? I know you do. But the listeners know.

Jai  And I mean, when you start? Sometimes it only takes a question. You know, you don’t have to have the answer. Now sometimes it takes a question, because things just start to pop up. As some people might say, it’s a coincidence. I don’t I don’t believe in coincidences. But like, Jenny found a company, what would you call this company? Basically, a remodeling company, not really remodeling, they don’t remodel, but whatever. This company that basically makes your backyard or or our space look fucking awesome and amazing. And so we weren’t looking for that. But you know, when it comes to the point where, okay, we’re going to bounce around the United States, and just experience it. You know, we were happy in our little two bedroom. Well, without you’re happier in our little two bedroom apartment filled to the brim with shit everywhere and not able to breathe, slowly suffocating ourselves. Because we didn’t want to work or whatever. And seeing like, holy shit, we could have not only a place that we love, but have someone come in and do this to the backyard. And it’s like, then somebody might stop, stop themselves and say, but, oh, that probably costs a fortune. Mike, why would you even limit yourself to that? Yeah. Why would you just say, yo, okay, this shit is possible. How can I make shit happen? To make this happen? For me, is this something I want? What do I need to do to manifest this into reality?

Jenny  And that, that is we’re talking about a lot of the like, dreaming big in the mindset and expanding your mind. And using the language to be able to create and call in that redefined lifestyle, that dream lifestyle that is which you are excited to attract to you. But the thing is, sometimes, right, you can get excited about all these things and make all these dreams and be like, Oh, yeah, I got this dream, and I’m still working on it. But that’s where we work with our clients to be able to have that conversation. So it’s not only about the clarity about what you want, but helping you and pushing our clients to think and dream bigger, and helping with the mindset blocks. Because a lot of times, I would say the majority of the time, it’s our mindset that holds us back from these experiences. It’s the culture and some of the things and the beliefs that we have taken in that we may not even realize. So that’s why we go through a process where we dig up these beliefs and we really analyze them. And we encourage you to stay in, go through your beliefs and see which beliefs are supporting you, which beliefs are hurting you, which beliefs are not supporting you, which beliefs are not taking you towards your goals. Because you can always re-install or install new beliefs. You can always shift some of those things over to support you. Sometimes we don’t even realize the beliefs and the thoughts that were installed when we were five years old. Because You know, our mom didn’t hug us when we wanted to be hugged. And therefore we cried. And then we jumped to the conclusion that I’m not worthy. And I’m not worthy of love, and I’m not worthy of what I want. And then we carry that into adulthood without even knowing it. And then that’s what kind of runs our life. So that’s the type of work that we really do, we go deep into those things. And we really help unwind those limiting beliefs. And we help you to reinstall new beliefs. And that’s where we want you to start, like start thinking and really like becoming aware of what’s going on in your life, right, become aware of the language you’re using day to day, start noticing the words, you’re saying, start noticing the stories that you’re telling your friends and family. Because sometimes we we retell the same story over and over and over, maybe it’s in a job, and you’re talking about your boss, or your co workers and how much he hated or how whatever drama, this and that, maybe you just got out of a relationship, and you’re telling people over and over and over how that relationship is so horrible. Maybe you’re talking about all the reasons why you can’t do X, Y, and Z. Here’s why I can’t be a CFO at a company. Right? And you’re in, you’re telling everybody and you’re giving justification, pay attention, the words and the languaging. And beliefs and thoughts like that are the first step of them all. But also at the same time, because if you’re like me, you want to start dreaming big and imagining you can start dreaming big and imagining. But you also want to find some mentors that you trust, and that have similar values and that align with you, where you’re looking to maybe borrow some of their beliefs, right, you’re using them as a model of possibility for how you can expand and grow your mindset. They’re there to help support you and help you to think and dream bigger, right? They’re there to help you have more confidence, they’re there to help you then put the steps in place in order to get even closer to that lifestyle that’s redefined. And this can show up in so many ways. You know, it can be the big overall picture, or even can be like, hey, I want to lose 20 pounds. And it can start with something simple and your lifestyle will be completely redefined. By the time you’re working with us. It can be on your terms, it can be something you love. So there can be lots of different aspects of that. Totally agree. So we definitely look forward to continuing this conversation with you in future episodes. Like we’ve started to say in our last couple episodes, make sure that you follow us over on Instagram.

Jai  And you’re documenting it. Yes. This and I’m excited to see how like, you know, even when we look back you’re like Yo, those videos are wack.

Jenny  Right. But that’s the thing like okay, so let me say Instagram is at the number to underscore the letter J h o l l a follow us over there. Like he said about the videos, like the thing is, sometimes we look at people that we follow who have 250,000 followers or whatever million followers and their videos are dope. And we’re like,

Jenny  oh my god, that’s so good. I can never do that. The thing is, you could do it one day, or you could have a team that did it for you. But also, it’s like you just got to start Yeah, and right now our videos are the dopest shit ever. But what happens is you get better you learn things you grow, you expand, and in the beginning of doing something new, you just have to fucking do it. You just have to do it. Because if you wait for all the things to be perfect, you will never ever ever do it.

Jai  Take imperfect action,

Jenny  right or you’ll do like one this week because everything felt right and then like you won’t do another one for three weeks or whatever. So we are doing stories, HDTVs reels. We are just letting it flow. Come, follow, be a part of it. Like our stuff, share our stuff. comments like I want to hear from you yet comment please shoot us a message. Like we want to hear from you.

Jai Since we’ve been doing it, I think we’ve had the most on trollee interactions with people as of late and it’s freaking awesome.

Jenny  Genuine, genuine. No, it’s been great. So definitely forward to hearing from you shoot us a message. Let us know what’s going on. Share the podcast with other people that you think would benefit at

Jenny  and we will see you in spirits. I don’t want to say see you well we’ll chat with you. What’s the word? We’ll chat with you on the next episode holla

Jai  you can subscribe to the holistic life podcast from your favorite streaming platform. And don’t forget to check out for your insiders. Mahalo for tuning in. And until next time, that’s our show.

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