LIVE UPDATES: Sanders raced to a swift victory in Colorado, but the news is still grim for his delegate count

2020-03-03 23:19:00

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bernie wins CO
bernie wins CO

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  • Sen. Bernie Sanders handily won the Democratic primary in Colorado. 

  • The senator dominated the vote count with 100% precincts reporting.

  • But Michael Bloomberg, Joe Biden, and Elizabeth Warren made it past a 15% threshold, meaning that they will take a bite out of his delegate count.

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Sen. Bernie Sanders cruised to a ready victory in the state of Colorado. 

Colorado primary results: 

Catch up on live coverage from the primary:

Sanders’ victory in the Centennial State was declared almost immediately. 


Sanders has accrued 186 delegates on Tuesday. Biden has dominated delegate count tonight, picking up 242 so far. But political commenters have observed that, despite the win, the news isn’t all good for Sanders in Colorado.


Here’s how Democrats will elect their presidential nominee over the next several months

What was at stake in the primary?

The 2020 contest was Colorado’s first presidential primary in 20 years, according to CPR News. Residents of the Centennial State voted to do away with the longtime caucus system in favor of primaries in 2016.

The state was allocated 80 delegates, including 67 pledged delegates and 13 super delegates. Pledged delegates are divided up based on the primary’s results, while super delegates are able to vote for their preferred candidate during the 2020 Democratic National Convention in July. 

Colorado ran a semi-closed primary. According to the Denver Post, all affiliated and unaffiliated voters in Colorado previously a primary ballot in the mail. Unaffiliated voters received two ballots, one for each party. Voters were barred from participating in both the Democratic and the Republican primaries.

CPR News reported that Colorado’s primary may result in delays, although early results are expected on the evening of Super Tuesday.

“We haven’t held a presidential primary election in this state in 20 years, and our election model has completely changed since the last presidential primary election was held,” the Secretary of State’s Office official Dwight Shellman told CPR News.

What did the polls say about this primary?

In the run up to Super Tuesday, the polling in Colorado looked favorable to Sen. Bernie Sanders.

According to RealClearPolitics’ pre-primary accrual of polling data, both Magellan and Data for Progress were both reporting Sanders in the lead, with respective spread of 12 and 14.

Sanders had an 87% chance of winning the most votes, according to FiveThirtyEight’s election forecast

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