Lou Dobbs Takes Sycophantic Feedback Loop With Donald Trump To The Next Level

2019-11-06 05:47:17

Fox Business host Lou Dobbs and President Donald Trump just can’t stop praising each other for praising each other.

The sycophantic feedback loop between the pair continued Tuesday when the “Lou Dobbs Tonight” host thanked Trump for thanking him during his campaign rally in Lexington, Kentucky, the previous night.

At the rally, Trump hailed “the great Lou Dobbs” for earlier (questionably) describing him “as the greatest president in the history of our country, including George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.”

“And then I said he’s the greatest president ever, and I meant every word of it,” said Dobbs, after airing the footage.

He also thanked Trump on Twitter “for the kind shoutout.”

Dobbs was in September widely ridiculed for claiming the White House was “hopping” under Trump. 

“At every level, on every floor, this White House is energized,” he said. “There’s sunshine beaming throughout the place, and on almost every face. It’s winner, and winning center, and our White House, our president, is at the top of his game.” Dobbs has also previously suggested that Trump was sent by God.

Trump, meanwhile, has hailed the television personality as “great” on Twitter:

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