Man Armed With Mace And Boot Knife Arrested For Assaulting Capitol Officers

2021-06-09 19:43:41

Kevin Creek, a Georgia man whom officials say was captured on camera kicking and striking police officers on the grounds of the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, was arrested Thursday and charged with several crimes, including disorderly conduct and assaulting and impeding officers.

Creek was part of a thousands-strong mob of insurrectionists who stormed the Capitol that day, according to a criminal complaint filed by the Justice Department. Creek admitted during an interview with the FBI that he had driven to Washington, D.C., on Jan. 5 and had been on the grounds of the Capitol during the riot. He also confessed to having been armed “with mace and a boot knife” at the time. 

It does not appear that Creek entered the Capitol building itself. He said he’d attempted to get in but had been deterred by tear gas, according to the complaint. 

Outside the building, Creek was captured in body camera footage striking one federal officer and kicking another.

The complaint said that while Creek admitted “the videos looked like him,” he said he “did not remember assaulting any officer.” 

Creek is among the more than 465 people who have been arrested to date by the Justice Department for their alleged involvement in the Capitol riot. 

The FBI has identified at least 300 more suspects who have yet to be arrested.

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