Justice and Jules are back with another episode, discussing finance, Independence and pretty pictures.. In today’s show, they explain what went wrong with Texas electricity during that wild winter storm (a $17,000 electric bill!), what happened when Justice dipped her toes in the stock market and of course, some of the latest gaming news!

Jules: Good evening, everybody. Welcome to episode number 25 of the cool black nerd podcast. This is manganese. It is me, your host Jules. I’m here with our everybody’s favorite co host and superstar of the podcast. Justice how are you doing today?

Justice: I’m doing great. I, you know what? I’m gonna need that intro everywhere I go. I don’t know.

Jules: I don’t know. I don’t know that, uh, that can happen.

Justice: Well, we’ve got to record it now, so I’m gonna just have it with me. Play it like shaft music or music with it.

Jules: Wow. Okay. All right. I hear you. So let’s go ahead and just jump into this thing as some of you may or may not know, uh, justice and I live in a great state of Texas, uh, recently, you know, that we have some problems with a snowstorm that came through.

Thankfully my family was safe. Justice. How about yours?

Justice: We were safe as well, as good as good.

Jules: And, you know, as always, uh, thoughts or wishes are with the people who, you know, did not have the best fortune come out of their situation. I think what I really wanted to touch on briefly though, was I think we learned a lot about how power electricity works in the state of Texas.

And, you know, I’ve lived in Texas my whole life, and I really had no idea about this at all. No, I did not. I didn’t know. Wow. Until. The following week, no, the week following power outages. So I personally had no idea that Texas was not connected to any of the national power grids. I didn’t know that that choice was made, uh, you know, to avoid regulation.

I do know that part of the thought process was that, Hey, if, if we can avoid regulation and we, we move the, a power grid into more of a, uh, into like a public marketplace. So it’s not a commodity where it’s something that is to be, you know, bought and sold, like based on demand and competition. The thought process was that’s going to lead to lower prices and better service prices.

Of course. Well, actually, you know, that’s, that’s kind of questionable because there are parts of Texas that are connected to the national grid. Like, uh, the, the parts that are close to the border, like orange, Texas, or El Paso, or even places in the panhandle they’re connected to other power grids. It turns out that they actually pay less on average than the rest of the state does for electricity.

So that, so even that part of the argument kind of went out the window. So it’s not clear that we actually are getting lower prices, but what is clear is that the companies that are in charge of, of the power grid, and I say the companies, because even though, you know, they have a name, the name like electricity, reliability council of Texas, although that sounds like, you know, an entity that is not tied to the actual.

Companies that provide the power. That’s not true. Uh, they are that, that company, that entity is actually made up of like a board of directors that are kind of pulled from, you know, the, the companies that are involved in the industry. So it’s like they’re regulating themselves. And, uh, of course, if you make the rules for yourself, you know how to break them too, you know, you know, I mean, you’re not breaking them because you made the rules, you made sure that there weren’t any rules that were really, uh, you know, how to get around them.

I say that. Okay. I guess, and you know, I didn’t, this is another thing I didn’t know. So about 10 years ago we had something similar happening. It wasn’t to the scale this time where it was almost the entire state, but we did have some issues with some freezing weather that caused rolling blackouts in some areas.

Um, and at that point they actually did a report like, uh, ERCOT did a report and I actually, a federal report was done as well. But again, because ERCOT are the ones who provide the regulation, they made that report. They did actually make suggestions, but there was no teeth to them. Like they didn’t, the companies didn’t have to actually follow the suggestions.

Yeah. It was all voluntary and they did not. So, you know, um, natural gas lines for old, some wind turbines froze other parts of the grid apparently for roles. And we ended up in the situation that we, that we were in.

Justice: Yeah. The water for that is provided for nuclear power. That also froze. So the PA those nuclear power plants went down as well.

Jules: So it was just a, it was just a really, really bad situation all around. Um, I don’t, I don’t know.

Justice: I found it. I found it really interesting because the way that I found out actually was a similar time. I want to say, not. At the timeframe when we got the cold but when it actually may have been earlier when New York had their blackout, I don’t know if you remember that, like the entire, almost Eastern seaboard up there, just out for hours, you know, people were out on the streets losing their mind, like, what am I supposed to do?

Uh, that’s when I found out that we were on our own grid, that the issues that they were having were because of the grid being so old and not being upkept and basically maintenance was the issue to that at that point in just trying to get it back up. So I remember thinking to myself, I was like, Oh yeah, Texas on his own grid.

That’s kind of cool. And here it is, you know, some years later and I’m going like Texas owned his own grid.

But I remember when I, you know, during that time, when I found that ERCOT and, um, uh, PUC, I’m sitting up there, I’m like, is this like. Parent teacher conferences or like PTA, is it like, do these people will actually have power and come to find out? Yes, they very much do then come to find out in this particular situation for the storm, 90% of these people don’t even live in Texas.

That was, that was a kick in the teeth. I slap in the face. I was a kick in the teeth that they made, these suggestions, they made these recommendations, knowing that they wouldn’t have to deal with it. If any of this stuff had to come to fruition for, you know, what they were suggesting. Exactly.

Jules: So, uh, I mean, I hope that some sort of change comes out of that. Um, do I think it will probably not. I don’t think it will. I don’t know. I feel like in a lot of these industries like that, like when you start talking about the power grid or power companies, even just big utility companies, man, I think they’ve been there for so long and, and things have just been done.

However, they’ve been done that. Yes. Not going to select for it to change. It would take, I don’t even know what it would take, honestly. I’m not sure.

Justice: you have the oldest provider right now. Brazzes energy going well at looking for bankruptcy protection so they won’t have to pay. I think it’s like 1.8, $1.9 billion to the grid for the charges that were happening during that time because of the crazy number that kill megawatts, right?

Jules: Oh, the domain. Yeah. So that’s another thing. So they, um, it’s not ERCOT that says the price is the public utilities commission that sets the price for power and during the blackouts, which is, which to me is so crazy about is that during the blackouts, they decided to allow the price to go up to $9,000 per megawatt hour.

Justice: So basically with the megawatt hour is just kind of like it’s, you know, uh, kind of like what you would do for gigabytes and terabytes. So the megawatt hour is the larger one, the kilowatt hour, the actual number that it hit was $9 a kilowatt hour. And like you said, the usual price is 12 cents. The average price where most people were probably praying somewhere around prior to this probably 8 cents a kilowatt hour.

And so the $9 a kilowatt hour, and, you know, people actually who were lucky enough to actually still have power. And unfortunately were on what is called a variable rate where it will fluctuate with the time and the, you know, the demand that is, uh, occurring for energy. Usually we’re told that they would probably pay no more than 30 cents a kilowatt hour, which again, since not dollars.

So when some of them got their bills, you know, And they were able to look at it during this time they were seeing on Sunday, their bill would have been $27 on Monday when the power went out, their bill was $700, Tuesday, $1,800. And it just kept multiplying what I find to be crazy. And I still can’t really get my head wrapped around where, you know, here in Texas, we have, what is price gouging when a natural disaster, or I guess it wouldn’t be a natural, it’s just a disaster, sorry, will be identified and declared that you can’t do that.

But according to them, they were just like, well, we still don’t know if we can or can’t. And as we stated earlier that the council knew that this particular timeframe, this was overdue. It shouldn’t be this high. They still kept charging. These people are still charging it no matter what. And on Friday, when is which they should have stopped charging them, that they still charge them.

Not $9 an hour. Yeah.

Jules: Yeah. That’s exactly what I was going to bring up. I think they actually just announced that today that they’ve decided that they’re going to leave the pricing in place, even though they know that at times it was erroneous.

Justice: uh, what it gotta be paid, what, huh. I wish I could, we can insert means in here because just the guy with the what, excuse me, man.

Jules: I don’t know. I don’t know how this is going to work out for a lot of people. I know I, you know, people calling and complaining to their individually electric companies and you know, that’s obviously going to be met with mixed levels of success and I don’t know. And then there’s, there’s people like me, like I honestly don’t know if I’m on a fixed rate or variable rate.

I feel like I’m on a fixed rate. But as you know, I went back to look at my old electricity bills. There’s no rate on my bills at all. So I’m questioning, you know, I even want a question that like, I was that even a thing that can, that can happen where you just get a bill, this is basically you use this much.

This is how much you owe, but there’s no, there’s no rate mentioned on the bill at all. It’s a little scary. It’s very scary.

Justice: But when it comes to complex, is this a little bit easier to, um, you know, a shared, so, uh, maybe, you know, they have a deal or whatever, but those people, like there’s one gentleman in one company that is in kind of like the whole term turmoil, as you said, as we said earlier, Braz, uh, energy, which is one of the oldest providers here in the state of Texas file for bankruptcy, because they have $1.8 billion in, uh, that they owe to them now. And of course they can’t pay because the other people that were charged with this, they can’t pay those crazy bills.

There’s another provider called gritty. Gritty is now they have actually ceased operations and made them move their customers to other providers because they’re investigating them for their practices. For instance, as Jules said, you have these providers here in the state of Texas, who will be like, okay, why I can give you, you know, electricity, blah, blah, blah, blah.

But it’s not that they actually are generating or doing anything. They are basically buying it from somebody else and then selling it to you at a higher rate to make a little bit of it.

Jules:  Yep. And specifically what gritty did Gritty did not raise the price of electricity, correct. But they would include like a 10 or $15. Can’t remember the exact amount, but they would just add, yeah, add 10 or $15, like a flat rate to whatever it is you actually use in order for them to make money, but they would just pass the wholesale price directly to the consumer. So. Their customer, like, you know, they’re on a variable rate. So when that electricity went from 12 cents to $9, you know, that’s like, uh, almost 7500% increase in the price of electricity and act.

And you’re right. They were actively encouraging their customers to switch to another provider because they knew before the storm.

Justice: Before the storm, they were two weeks before they were like, Hey, we don’t know what’s happening, but because people don’t understand or did not understand the structure of how, you know, the grid in Texas was set up or its electricity regulations.

They were like, I have no idea what you’re talking about. And even if they tried other people were like, yeah, we are not accepting people right now because we don’t know what’s going to happen. So they couldn’t, you know, they were stuck, but as I said, gritty actually is, you know, they ceased operation after this because they started an investigation into their practices as to how they would tell people, Oh, you have a variable rate because we can give you wholesale prices for electricity, which there’s no way they could guarantee that.

Because again, they were not generating electricity. They didn’t own it. They were buying it from somebody else. So there’s no way you could sit there and say, Oh, it’s wholesale. So now they’ve, you know, like I said, ceased operations, but they were before this, some people, because they wanted to save again, a little bit of money thought that this was beneficial to them, had their bills set up on auto-pay.

So when those bills came before they could actually even see them, Gritty had already taken out in some cases, 16, 7 and $5,000 from people’s accounts. Leaving them either with overdraft fees or taking out some people’s entire savings. And now, as jewel said, the commission is basically saying, Hey, we know we didn’t do these numbers, right.

We didn’t, we didn’t add the one and subtract zero on this. Somebody’s got to pay it though. We, and this is the thing that got me… once they said that they literally had like a footnote on it. We may revisit this in the future and change our minds. But right now we are sticking to this. That was actually part of one of their judgments, just, yeah, we know we are wrong, but we may go back and look at this on another day.

Just not right now, pay it. Wow. So a lot of companies are trying to do what brazzes did, who are in trouble, trying to figure out what necessarily to do. And even the attorney general attorney general for the state of Texas is looking into what can be done for these people, with these bills, because.

They’re essentially saying that, Oh, they’ll bankrupt B cities. If they don’t pay, you’re going to bankrupt the citizens of the city. If they, if they try to pay, something has to be done. I think this will have to have some federal oversight or some federal funds that, that, you know, gets done. And it’s not going to come easy.

You know what? People like Fled Cruz and stuff as our representatives.

Jules: Oh man. Yep. Yeah, no, I agree. That’s why I said I don’t, I don’t really know what can be done. I don’t know what can be changed. Um, I mean, I think, I think we we’ve seen the shortcomings of the system that we have now, but I don’t know at this point how you change it or to me, like I say, what it would take to change, it would be so much that I don’t think it is going to change.

Justice: Yeah. I don’t know. I mean, I think with that, we gotta, there’s just no way we can stay with this. The way it is is it has to budge a little bit. It, it has to, I mean, over 50 people died from this, during that time frame, not from, uh, just, you know, smoke inhalation because people trying to bring in their, um, uh, grills and set things on fire and their house to keep warm or people dying in their cars from carbon monoxide poison, or just literally freezing to death.

There’s no way you can just be like, Oh, well we’ll say the same way. Just don’t have a variable rate or make sure that you have a generator come on. I mean, there’s only so much a person can do. And I’m pretty sure this is probably a wake-up call to a lot of people to be more in tune with this type of stuff and what they can do.

Cause I, I don’t think a lot of people probably knew prior to this, that, you know, butane, campfire, uh, burners were a thing or that, uh, you could have a generator that does power your whole house and not just certain things within your house, things like that. And just more disaster preparedness. You may have some people to get into with some bunkers and stuff, actually that probably would not have helped during this.

Cause you probably really would’ve froze to death. And then, uh, so now not, not the bunkers, we don’t focus, but just to look more into, you know, disaster preparedness. I think that may be one thing that is kind of like, uh.

Jules: Uh, yeah, I guess, I guess that is a silver lining. Um, maybe so, I mean, yeah, I would consider some sort of power generation.

I’ll be honest with you. I think I would want solar, but I mean, Hey, who knows? Solar battery pack, maybe that’ll work. I don’t know. Do I think that that it should have to work though? Probably not. Like, I don’t think that should be, you know, a requirement as a, as a homeowner or if you build some apartment complexes, you gotta have a, yeah, maybe. So maybe that’s the part that gets changed. Maybe they say, you know, we’re just going to leave the grid, how it is, but now everybody, wouldn’t it be crazy. That would be crazy. That don’t even sound right.

Justice: Crazy though. Like when they build new houses, you have to have a generator in your backyard.

It’s crazy. Yeah. Like you not gonna fix this, but you’re gonna put the cost on to me.

Jules: That’s why I don’t think they would do that. I don’t think that’s, I mean, I’m gonna go ahead and say this. I’m going to be honest. The day, the end of the day is Texas. That ain’t happening.

I just, you know, that ain’t happening in Texas.

Justice: Can’t get em to wear a mask much less put a generator on, okay. I got you.

Jules: Oh my goodness. Well, you know, Texas being as independent as we are, one thing that we like to discuss a lot on this podcast is, financial independence. And you know, every once in a while, not too deeply, we’ll talk about the Game stock market and trading and just kind of things that are happening.

I think we discussed GameStop a little bit on one of our previous episodes, but I’m game stock. Yeah. Justice. I heard through the grapevine that you have started investing.

Justice: Oh Lord. That was the worst thing that could have done. It’s like. Beanie babies all over again. All right. So yeah, I took and dip my toe in the beginning off into some stocks. And unfortunately, because I’m one of those people, who’s just like me, I’ve always been afraid of trying to do the investing thing on my own or any other thing that I’ve done before. It has been from investment advice from some sort of financial planner or whatever. But this time I was like, okay, let me, I gotta try this.

I can’t be afraid of this forever. And just kind of randomly picked some stuff. And again, I was just like, ah, this is nice. But it just so happened that the stock that I did pick then shot up. So I got the bug after that. Now I can’t stop. Then I got into cryptocurrency and I picked pretty pictures on the crypto currency.

Then that shot up and I was like,

Jules: Okay. And this is not financial advice. Ladies and gentlemen, go in into any type of investing, thinking that you can just look at the pictures and that’s going to be the ones they should know.

Justice: No, please don’t do not do what I did. That is not because right after that I got reality.Some of that stuff just went to the bottom.

Oh my goodness. You got to reality. Yes. Yes. But afterwards I did, um, start to learn a little bit that you can, um, depending on what app you have, the majority of them will have a little bit of information about that company. And then you can go and Google that on the internet to get a little bit more information.

And also not just have a picture of. A portfolio. And when, I mean, portfolio, just kind of like the collection of stocks that you have, you won’t have a picture of a portfolio that just kind of looks like you just threw darts at a wall. Eventually it’ll start to look more, look a little more streamlined.

Let me make a little bit more sense. Don’t do what I did. Pretty pitch has worked in the beginning, but it didn’t, it didn’t, it didn’t pan out.

Jules: Yeah. Um, I, you know, I’ve been trading stocks for probably like a little bit over a year now, so I still consider myself like a rookie yet. I don’t think that I know too much about it at all. I would just say, yeah, you definitely want to have kind of more of a strategy for what you want stock trading to do for you. Like some people may see it as a savings account. So, uh, if that’s how you want to take a look at it, you’re probably gonna want to invest in things that aren’t necessarily as risky as some other stuff.

Um, so you may not want to invest in individual companies. And this is something that I think a lot of people may not know if they don’t know too much about investing. There are things called, uh, exchange traded funds where the entire point is for that fund to just mirror the performance of the market overall.

And those are not really considered to be that risky. Um, and that, you know, they’ll get you better returns and put it in a savings account for the most part. Um, and you have, I think a lot of people kind of espouse their strategy. Like the way I found out about it, when I started investing in the app, I use the let me choose like industries that I was curious about and it gave me some more information about them.

Um, so. Um, I chose cannabis as one of mine. I chose, uh, gaming as another one. Um, and then there was one, that’s not an industry. You just said a Warren buffet. So I was like, okay, let me check. Let me click on this one. Let me choose this one too. Just because I’ve heard of Warren buffet. I know that Warren buffet is a billionaire, and I know that he became a billionaire by making sound investments, uh, like his company, Berkshire Hathaway.

Like there are people that listen specifically to the birth, to, to the Berkshire Hathaway earnings calls to figure out what is it that Warren buffet is investing in. So I was like, I’m going to check this out. Uh, so checking that out. That’s really, when I found out like his whole philosophy is anybody can do what I did to become rich or wealthy.

They just don’t have the patients like everybody wants to get rich quick. So like ETFs bonds, like these are very safe. That generally will yield more than the savings account, but they’re, you know, they’re, they’re going to be like a slow burn. Like you’re not gonna, you’re not gonna invest in it today.

And then tomorrow it’s like, you hit the lottery. It’s like in 50 years, your a hundred dollar investment is now worth like 75,000, which is still nuts, but it’s like that it’s kind of a slow burn. And he just kinda, you know, invest in ETFs, invest in companies that were solid companies that paid dividends and just reinvesting time at the time.

And over time, you know, he began to build his wealth slowly that way. Uh, that’s a strategy for some people I’m not telling you that, that’s what you have to do. I’m not telling you that that’s the only way you have to do it. Uh, but I think, you know, with just a little bit of research, it’s so easy to get involved.

Now I think that, you know, it’s definitely something that people should look into.

Justice: But I think that’s what scares a lot of people that it is so easy. And yeah. So you’re able to just give your money a little bit more freely and not have the knowledge of what, you know, what may happen. So I think that is kind of scary and also similar to what I was saying.

It can be a little overwhelming with everything that’s on the stock market and, you know, the symbol was this. I was like, what is this? And what is that? So. I think the easiest thing, um, is similar to what Jules was saying is to kind of take your time, look at this stuff, be a little bit more diligent in your research on what you would want to do.

Cannabis was his thing. Maybe yours isn’t necessarily can’t it could be healthcare, or it could actually be in construction entertainment, but take the time to, to, you know, do a little bit more, a little bit of research, find out what it is. Um, and what to say. Don’t look at the pretty pictures.

Jules: Yeah, I would, I mean, you can look at them, but that shouldn’t be the only thing that shouldn’t be the reason why you choose to, uh, you know, invest in a certain company.

And one thing that I would suggest, like I said, is go into it, knowing what plan you have for that money and, you know, use it to help you identify how you want to invest, um, and what companies you might want to invest in. So I’ll plan out how you want to do it and kind of create your own strategy. And probably the one thing that I would suggest to anyone is, especially if you’re going to be doing it, you know, you’re looking for long-term, uh, investments.

Don’t look at the stock prices every day. It might be exciting for the first few days, especially if you get lucky and your stocks are immediately going up, but trust and believe that in a day, even a week, these stocks could go from the mountain top to the lowest Valley. And, uh, you feel like your, your life has been ruined.

So you have to, you have to go into it with a little bit. I can’t ignore that. You can’t really look at it at those swings like that. You have to, you really have to know that, you know, I’m in this for the long term and I gotta ride it out.

Justice: And I know everyone has heard from other places and other people are probably using Robin hood. That’s up to you. There are a lot of good apps out there, depending on the device that you have. I would take a look at its rating within the store. And then again, do some research on the features and the options that are a part of those apps to see if they’ll be for you.

And this is the same thing that goes for cryptocurrency as well. If that’s something that you want to get into. Absolutely. Yes. Now the moment we’ve all been waiting for, this is what is the moment I’m waiting? And we talked about gaming in a long time. That’s what they, that’s what they come here for Jules.

They want to hear about the games they did well.

Jules: Okay. Well, I think, you know, there’s a game that’s been in the news recently. Uh, it’s probably, I, you know, this is probably the game that started cool black nerd podcast. Is going to have to be Anthem PPO Anthem, as, I don’t know if you’ve been a long time listener, you know, the Anthem was a highly anticipated game, turned out that it wasn’t the best.

And it was by EA, which, you know, for me, whenever I see something developed by ear, I have a very high level of skepticism. What is not what is going to actually end up being, um, and you know, turned out in this case, it was warranted. Uh, the game is sold well, but it was okay. Almost immediately met with a lot of bad reviews, disappointed customers, EA and BioWare, you know, by way of being a company that today the game they promise that changes will come in.

They were going to fix the game. About a year ago, they came out and said, Oh, you know, we were rededicated to Anthem. We’re going to take some time. We’re going to really make changes. Uh, give some story improvements, some game, play improvements in here, and we’re going to call it Anthem them 2.0. Uh, well, ladies and gentlemen, Anthem 2.0, got canceled. Like that girl on new Jack city. And 2.0 done, Anthem has been officially canceled. Uh, you know, I personally would like to apologize to people who were still running around in that game, just waiting. They were people who were very excited about potential changes.

Justice: Yeah. That’s one thing that I did not know, uh, hearing this news.

So like you said, we had so many discussions about Anthem when this came out, just how the industry can keep doing this, you know, put churning out these crazy games. Well, not crazy games, but just like half-baked games, so to speak, but. Even after that there were still, I mean, a big community in there, Reddit, they were really still going at it.

And I could not believe that. And not like hundreds of people, there were thousands of people still playing this game. I could not believe that. I honestly, even though they had nothing, no end game to really be doing and knew nothing was coming up on the horizon soon. They were still there. They’re still at it.

That’s… that blew my mind.

Jules: Yeah. I don’t, I don’t know about that. I, I, you know, I played destiny a lot and for all his shortcomings, I don’t think there’s ever been a point in the game where it was just like, I know nothing is happening, but I’m going to keep playing. I don’t know. I mean, like I said, I, I, I do genuinely feel bad for those people because, uh, you know, I, I love playing video games and I understand sometimes.

You like a game that, you know, may not be doing the best and you stick with it because you think that it’s going to improve and the developer is telling you that they’re working on it. And then unfortunately, something like this happens blame for that.

Justice:  Now this, this would not have happened or people would not have given it credit like they do now, had it not been for no man’s sky, no man’s sky is that quintessential game where everybody’s like, well, what if it becomes no mascot?

What if it, you know, having such a failure of a launch and then been able to bring itself back up to it, I mean, stellar edition, like people are raving about this game, the way it is now, you know?

Jules: And I’m going to go ahead and let you know something. I was, I was the no man’s sky kid. Like y’all remember me playing in games. And I know that y’all remember, like watching me just run around and you, like, you’re not doing anything. In this game, like this game is nothing. And I’m like, but it’s, it’s so fun. It’s so much fun. And it’s going to be, it’s going to be amazing and distress me. And I mean, Hey you, right. It turned out. They kept working on it, man.

And, uh, you know, maybe what, like three years after it launched, it finally became what it was supposed to be. But it’s still going strong to this day.

Justice: It’s that Cinderella that no man’s sky is that Cinderella story for gaming. And everybody is always like, well, maybe it’ll be it. Be that. And I think we have to realize that that is the exception to the rule.

Jules: Usually when those games come out, crap, they stay crap. That is yeah, you probably were at, yeah. Yeah. You were ready when they came out crap. They do. In fact stay corrupt for the most part. Yeah. One thing that I was thinking about, uh, that I, you know, I’m not sure that you could really do it on console, but like the steam early access.

I think that that might be a better way for, um, even some of the, for the, the bigger companies to come out with games, like putting math areas in, like from the top, say like, Hey, this thing is still in development. And I know that a lot of those games do end up being crap, but people expect them to be correct.

Like I go into it knowing that, Hey, this game is probably going to remain trash.

Justice: You know, I think a lot of developers underestimate how much gamers want to be able to make it help you make it, how much they want to be a part of the secret sauce that made a game good, how much they would love to, you know, beta data and, you know, test all of this stuff.

But. I think right now, because you have so many people in the cancel culture stuff, they’re like, well, they’ll, they’ll leak it. Or somebody will steal this and that. And they get a little bit more scared of the IP being taken, you know, rather than necessarily putting out a better game. Also game development is very, very cutthroat.

Like the amount of pressure that they put on these people to be able to make it is astronomically crazy. I’m, I’m, I’m not, you know, being someone who is in development and knowing the timelines and what developers can do. And they’ll tell people sometimes like, man, you know, this is going to take a little bit longer there, I guess.

You have some trepidation from that only because you know that you also have a deadline to give to your boss, even though the developer is telling you, you know, I can’t give you this. You’re just like, well, I just got to push them when you do that crunch, that is so much more detrimental to the people than they can ever, ever, ever imagined, because it, it, it brings down the morale, it brings down them thinking of what they can do as far as their talents.

And at that point, what was the point of you actually hiring them for what they could do if you’re not going to listen to them and a lot of developers and a lot of the managers in game development, don’t think of that. I don’t think that’s just my 2 cents.

Jules: I got you. I, that, you know, this actually something I think that could apply to, uh, to a lot of workplaces, some fricking say, yeah…

Justice:  but with Anthem, it was, it honestly, was it, it had high hopes. It was just, they couldn’t back it up. That was it. I really think that was it. I, I saw a lot of the game play and I saw a lot of people playing. It, it, it did not interest me as much, but yeah. I mean, I guess it’s, you know, to each his own, it’s kind of like us with stadia. We had no problem with that, but most of the industry is like stadium garbage.

And then, you know, the current state of stadia they want to be like, so see, we told you that’s not what they say, right?

Jules: I mean, yeah. If we even want to talk about stadia, stadia is kind of the same thing to me. Like I think that they made such a big deal out of the launch. Like if they had come out and said, Hey, this thing is still in beta, we’re doing this launch.

It’s still, you know, still in beta here. Some of the plans that we have for it, this is the stuff that’s not available right now. I think they would’ve been in a much better place. And reading the reports about what happened with stadia. Especially the actually I’m kind of specifically talking about the, the, the stadium gaming studios, like the, the studios, they were supposed to be developing the exclusive games for stadia, which if you all don’t know recently got shut down before any of the new games could really come out.

They hyped it up so much that I think the expectations from perspectives were too high and they weren’t listening to the sure developers that were saying, Hey, this stuff isn’t ready yet. Or, you know, a really good game is going to take five years to develop. Like it’s not going to be ready one year after launch.

You’re not getting any really great new games specifically for stadia. And I think again, like the executives just said the expectations that were too high, given a short timeframe. And so they ended up closing down those studios, just like, I feel like honestly, they gave up on Anthem now of Anthem. I mean, you know how I feel about the game.

I kind of, I always thought that it was going to be bad when it came out that it was bad when they said that they were going to improve it again, it was EA. So I was like, not going to happen. So I, you know, I’m not surprised.

Justice: Yeah. I think a lot of people are learning, you know, game development takes a lot more than what I’m even CD Projekt red, you know, coming out with, uh, what do you call it?

It’s not as, even if you’ve been doing it for years and years, it, it has it’s ebbs and flows, like Jules said would stop it. It does not just, it’s not a smooth process. It’s not going to go all the way. Like you want it to every single time. And I think even Amazon learned that the hard way with their, uh, dive into it with crucible.

I mean, that was a terrible wreck and crucible was hype again, hyped up to be this great game and. Not even a month after they released it, they had to pull it back into beta and then completely, I think a year later shut it down. It was just like, yeah, it’s like a work, it’s it, it takes a lot of resources. I think Google had it. But I think at this point, Google is like, we could be doing something better. Let’s give it to the people that know how to do this stuff. And let’s do something that we know that we have in our warehouse a little bit better and, you know, give support to them. Yep. Uh, yeah, I think that’s what, uh, yeah, you’re right there.

And I think that is their plan for the stadium. Now, I think they’re going to move away, I’m trying to like sell it themselves or really like make their own stadium consoles and things like that. I think they’re going to keep the service around, but I think now their goal is really to license it for other companies to use.

Jules: Uh, so, you know, uh, you know, I, I guess you can expect to see like a video game streaming service from cap com powered by stadi or, or something like that. So, I mean, something like that might actually be pretty interesting. Um, and for what it’s worth Dady and now I don’t know if you tried to use it recently, but I would say maybe about a month, maybe two months ago, I really wanted to play cyberpunk and I knew that it had all these problems, but I kept seeing reports that, you know, a lot of the bugs weren’t happening on stadia, uh, because at the end of the day, it’s like, if it’s running on stadia, technically it’s running on like the most powerful PC possible, and then it’s being streamed to you.

And I will say the stadia has greatly improved, like it is so much better than it was when we tried it. There’s a lot of cool features that it has now. It’s very easy to just share stuff on YouTube. I mean, honestly it was probably one of the better gaming experiences that I’ve had. Wow. But. There’s a lot of caveats that come with it.

Um, and, uh, another thing that I think Google probably should have been clear about, like, you need to have a steady internet connection. Uh, it needs to be a certain speed because once that thing gets shaky, I’m not going to lie to you as it goes from the best gaming experience to absolute crap very quickly.

Okay. But, you know, like I said, for the most part, it, it was great. I didn’t even like all of the bugs that people have with, uh, cyber punk. I didn’t have any game breaking bugs or any crazy visual glitches. Yeah. It was, it was great. I enjoyed my time playing that game with stadium.

Justice: Okay, I’m going to have to try to try it out again. I did play it a lot in the beginning. I haven’t played it in a while. And of course we gave one out on here on the show and hopefully they’re still using it and loving it, but I still stick behind that. That is the future. I see it happening for a lot of companies. It’s just maybe like you said, it either is ahead of its time or, you know, they didn’t market it.

Right. One of the other…

Jules: speaking of things that are being marketed, right. I’m going to call it out paramount plus I’m sorry. First of all, I think we have enough pluses. We, that we, we, we can move on from the plus we’ve got ESPN plus Disney plus, uh, Apple plus a plus plus it’s enough. And paramount plus like really guys, it’s just CBS, all access with a different name.

Justice: That’s what I, that is what I really do not understand. You didn’t change anything. You didn’t add anything. How do you change your streaming service in the middle of having it and just go, like they’ll know what it is.

Jules:  Like, all I know is I had a lot of my friends reaching out to me, like, uh, have you seen this paramount plus thing? And I was like, I saw the commercial and they were like, I’m pretty sure my app used to say CBS, all Alexa. Yeah. That’s another thing. I don’t think they prepared people for that. Yeah. I don’t know. I personally, I’m not interested that there’s nothing that I’ve seen so far that would make me want to get there.

Justice: They released a lot of a series on a first episode of series on their YouTube channel. And I’ve gone through and seen a few of them in like I was like, now I see why I don’t have you CBS plus, or, or I don’t see, I don’t even know the name of it, CBS plus, but I’m, I know what I know what I do have though.

I would, I, I know what I do have because I did what, you know what we have not done a recommendation on series, but this is a series you should watch if you, if you want to plus get that Disney plus and go watch one vision.

Jules: Yeah, I can agree with that. Uh, I highly recommend it. I will say this started episode

unless you know, what’s going on. Yeah. If you know what’s going on, you can watch the first two. We kind of figured either you pick up on some clues that otherwise don’t matter any sense. And you know, we talked about this before we started the show. I’m going, I’m driving spoilers. So if you don’t want to hear, I suggest you dip out right now or just put it on pause and go watch the episodes and come back.

Yeah, yeah. Yeah. So we’ll give it, let’s give him a second to pause. All right. Thank you. All right. So look, the first two episodes, they start out, they’re like a 1950, 1950. Sit-com like, it looks like the big man, like show or, uh, that’s the only one I watched. I don’t, I can’t think of another one, which one can you have another one?

Uh, Bewitched, like, okay. Yeah, actually. Yeah. So Dick van Dyke shows like Bewitched and actually it’s probably. You know, I would say it’s actually more like be wished, but I didn’t get Dick van Dyke for him until you actually said that I got Dick van Dyke because of the interest, the way they came in,

the way that the house was set up, it was set up like the Dick van Dyke show where everything happened in the living room. And then they had the little kitchen over to the side with the window. Gotcha. Yeah. And so that’s, that’s how I got Dick back, but I can see be witched obviously. Cause it was Wanda and she was doing a little magic, like the low end, the funny looking magic to y’all where you can tell like the plate is just like on a fishing line and somebody is moving back and forth across the room.

So I think to me that was actually pretty well done. Like making the shows actually look like, uh, era specific and that’s kind of how the whole series goes. So Wanda has created this version of reality for herself. There’s based on sitcoms. And we find out later that she’s done this because that’s what, you know, as a, as a kid growing up in Sokovia, that’s what our family used to do.

They used to watch sitcoms together. Like people have movie night with their game night or whatever her family had. We going to sit down and watch sitcoms night. So everything from Dick van Dyke show Mary Tyler Moore all the way up to, uh, Malcolm in the middle. Uh, w what is the name of it? Like modern family is that modern family.

And then you can see these episodes the way the show plays out. It plays out like each episode is a different era, uh, for sitcoms. So like the first one was Dick van Dyke show kind of be, which I think is it the second or the third episode where it becomes like the Brady bunch? I think that’s the third episode.

And then it just kinda moves through these different areas of sitcoms and it was actually caring.

Justice: It really was. Um, it kind of, one few are a person who, you know, loves sitcoms or, you know, you watch that type of stuff. You get a little bit nostalgic, you know, naked night type stuff. Uh, also if you grew up in any of those areas, you, you have that, um, just kind of reflected back to you and to see everyone play their parts, but also have this cool-ass storyline behind.

It was. I was just like, this is, this is genius, but as jewel said, w uh, um, Jules said, you can skip the third week, go back and watch it. Don’t just, just to get to the third one, I’m going to tell you that, just watch the third one on the first two. They’ll give you a recap in the beginning, and that’s pretty much all, you need some stuff that happened in there that you’ll be like, Oh, what, what does that mean?

But they’ll explain it actually later. So, honestly, yeah, you’re right.

Jules: They do explain it. They do. They do kind of go back and explain it. One of the big reveals there was, they had, uh, Evan Peters come back and I’m going to, I’m putting air quotes as Quicksilver in this. And, you know, Evan Peters is the Quicksilver from the X-Men movies.

He’s not quick silver from age of Ultron. And I, and a lot of people saw that as, Hey, this is how we get in mutants in the MCU. And then, you know, we find out later. That he’s just a guy, Ralph boner fake out. But see, here’s the thing though. I don’t think it’s fake out. I don’t either, but I don’t know how they’re going to wreck a wreck on it.

I don’t think they’re going to read content. This is my theory, huh? I don’t think they are. They don’t have to. Um, because we talking about, you know, now we start talking about multi verses and all that kind of stuff, and I think that is going to happen. And the way that I think you can say that, Ralph Bonner is in fact Quicksilver, he’s just from a different part of the multi-verse. Hmm. And this is what a lot of people are forgetting, but I remember cause I pay attention and I watched the first two episodes. This is what I’m telling you. Go back and watch. The reason they find out about what’s going on in West view is because an FBI has lost contact with his, with, with his person that’s in witness protection.

And we never find out who that person is. I think it’s Ralph boner who is really quick from somewhere else. Ah, okay. I see. I see, I see coming with the, coming with the, I got you. I got you. All right. I think that’s just, my theory could be a ant man for all we know, and I’m pretty sure it’s going to have something to do with that, man.

It’s like, it’s kind of ironic it, man is really like the key to everything.

Justice: Everything, every thing smile, his character has the biggest parts of play. Biggest key to all the MCU movie..

Jules:  that everybody thought was going to be the worst. It turns out to be a pretty good day a movie. I’m not going to say it was the best, but it was definitely a good answer.

No, yeah. Not the best. I would say it really actually surprised me. It’s basically an ice movie and I was just not expecting that it really was not. Yeah. But to find out that that movie is actually set it, like it sets up, uh, Avengers end game. And now that movie is probably going to set up the next phase, as we start talking about the numbers, because I’m pretty sure that the, uh, the quantum realm is going to have something to do with the multiverse.

Like, you can just tell, like, even when they showed a multi-verse in like these little, uh, Dr. Strange teasers, it looks like the quantum realm from ant man. So wanting to do business made me pretty excited for what’s coming up. I’m still not excited about black widow, but. I mean black widow was supposed to come out first.

So I want to see what’s what’s next. Show me, uh, I’m glad that they set it up so that a Falcon and winter soldier comes out, you know, two weeks after the end of wine division so that, you know, you don’t have too much time to wait. Whatever’s next, coming from the MCU. I really, I really want them to put black widow on Disney plus, so we can just move on with the movies.

Justice: You know, they got to make that money. I don’t think they will now, you know, more people getting vaccinated and, you know, certain places opening up a hundred percent now. I don’t know. I don’t think they will. There’s no incentive to, I wish they would as well, but there’s, there’s really no incentive to at this point.

Jules: Yeah, you’re right. You’re right. I’m just glad I have to wait on black widow. I love going to the movies and I actually got a little notification today from AMC. That was like a friendly reminder. You can, uh, you can rent out the whole theater for a hundred dollars. Oh, wow. They went up and watched what you want.

And, you know, I thought about it and I was like, that might be something I need to look into, man. I, I would say if you can, at any point, cause we were able to do it for a lady’s birthday. I would, I would recommend it just to be like, just to stun on just be honest. I mean, I look at, I really think about it like this.

If you think about how much it would cost for a family of four to go watch a movie. I mean, you’re looking at about a hundred dollars anyway, and to swim the same, a hundred dollars or a little bit more maybe than what you would normally spend, but you got the entire theater to yourself and you can still bring the food that you brought from home and not feel shame.

Yep. I think that’s pretty dope, man. I really might do that for a movie. I don’t know which one though is going to have to be so, cause I, you know, I ain’t got it like that.

Justice: Oh reg another recommendation. This is actually on Amazon prime right now, but I would also recommend watching the coming to America too.

Jules: Oh yeah. We do need to talk about that. Yeah. I’m glad you brought that up. So what did you say you did like it?

Justice It was cute. It was very cute. I finally got to watch the entire thing. It was very cute. Okay. Yeah.

Dre D: Hi guys.

Justice: Oh my God.

Jules: Whoa. Hi, someone’s here. You have a visitor. Yeah, I heard it. When you came in like 20 minutes ago…

Dre D: you have no evidence of this as well…

Jules: I mean, your interest was specifically why I took as long as I did explain that we were about to spoil to visit.

Dre D: I actually had came into the room and then I stepped away to go get some lasagna because I didn’t know that. Okay.

Jules: All right. Cool. Well, I’m glad hopefully you missed that part. Yeah. But anyway, what Dre D what did you think about, uh, coming to America?

Dre D: I enjoyed it. I thought it was good, I thought it was a good film and it was unlike a lot of the, uh, the, uh, reviews and what I’ve, what I’ve heard from friends and social media.

My expectation was that. Hey, it’s going to capture that same lightning in a bottle that coming to America did 30 years ago, four decades ago. Even if you watch coming to America, even if you weren’t coming to America, now, it’s not going to be as funny as it was back then, like movies have changed.

Things have changed. So like I came into this, I’m actually expecting something. I didn’t actually expect them to be in Zamunda as much as they did. And I actually liked that more than I liked them being in New York because we see those kinds of movies all the time, then big into Moondog. I thought it was a, it was a first take in a, in a good change and them bringing all of the people back outside of obviously the, the mother, uh, I forgot her name.

Uh, she passed away. Not too long after the movie came out, uh, alien. I forgot her real name and knows someone.

Yeah, but the fact that we’re able to bring like everyone back, everyone contributed to the movie. I loved it. Wasn’t as funny as the first one, but it was a good movie. If that makes sense. It wasn’t just about being just a comedy. It was a nice storyline, but out here I enjoyed it. I liked it. That was good.

Jules: I enjoyed it as well. Um, and I agree with you, I’ve seen a lot of, uh, let’s say negative feedback, you know, on, uh, well, I’ll say more of a mixed review. Like I’ve seen some people I’ve seen a lot of people who didn’t and I agree, like I went into it with the expectation that this is obviously not going to be as funny as coming to America.

The original was, and again, you’re right. Like going, if you go back and watch coming to America, the original now it’s probably, it’s funny, funny as we remember it being exactly. And it’s actually my favorite movie, so interesting. Uh, yeah. That’s that’s my, if you asked me for. Favorite movie of all time is going to be coming to America.

Dre D: It’s probably the most quoted Eddie Murphy movie. Right.

Jules: Um, I appreciated them bringing everybody back. Uh, I was happy to see, uh, like you said today, it was mostly as the Moondog. Yeah. I thought it was funny. I felt like I could tell that they were pulling punches because it wasn’t rated R like there were definitely some jokes that hadn’t been rated on.

Uh, it’s still Eddie Murphy. They would went in a whole nother direction. Um, and for some people, maybe that’s what they were expecting. Like maybe they didn’t realize that this was probably a bit, a bit more of a family movie. Yeah, exactly. But yeah, man, I thought it, I thought it was going to get it.

Dre D: Yeah. I also liked the dynamic cause I remember the first couple to America, the person opposing Eddie Murphy.

He wasn’t, I mean, he wasn’t funny. It was just the things they did to him that was funny to Jerry curl guy. But yeah, I like the Wesley Snipes visited here. Like a bit of Eddie Murphy was like a perfect, uh, he was perfect for the role that he was going to be played at that. And like he was, he himself was, was funny as well.

And I thought that was pretty cool. Okay. And not even realize she had died so soon after it was like only like six years or so after the movie came out and she had been battling like a cancer for like 13 years. So she had cancer while she was doing that movie.

I had read about that, but, um, the cast was really good too. I don’t know if I mentioned that and he didn’t have to carry this movie, like in the first one Eddie Murphy. Yeah. And this one, they pretty much didn’t have to do much. The cast did a good job of carrying it on their own.

Jules: It was the one cast member, uh, that I did not appreciate.

And I mean, it has to be said, and that, you know, I’ll give credit where credit is due and you know, they shot this field at Tyler Perry studios and at, uh, Rick Ross’s house, Uh, Rick Ross’s house is actually the castle of , which is amazing. First of all, Rick Ross, I probably will never meet you in life, but your house is dope.

Second of all, they should have just let you talk with whatever accent it is that you actually have. We would have understood. He was supposed to be speaking with an African accent. I don’t know what that dude was talking about. I don’t know what he was saying. I was just like, we are definitely not in Zamunda anymore.

We need to, Rick should have just been, he should have just been that same character, but just from Florida that’s my only gripe with the movie. And it’s not even really great, because it’s so bad that it’s hilarious. So maybe we can ask why. Yes. Yes. Pretty much. They knew it’d be like,

Dre D: it’s pretty bad when you can’t even do it’s a fake country with a fake accent. It’s still rolling.

Justice: Oh goodness. I agree with everything you guys are saying. The only thing I would probably say is just a little, just to piggyback a little bit on what Dre said is Eddie didn’t have to carry this. It seemed like all of the actors kind of grew into being so great. Not necessarily improv, but just better actors in general.

Yep. Yeah, I thought it was a great display of talent of all the people, even the wife, because Prince, actually, this is why Lisa not, not going to lie because you know, um, when you, when you, you go back and look at that, Oh, even,

Dre d: I did have a question though. I would have had a big old folks who, the barbershop still alive, how many pieces I’ve seen on the internet that says the people that work in the barbershop are immortal.

They were off in it.

Oh, Jesus. They….A lot of people didn’t even pay attention to what she would say,

Jules: because it sounds like a midnight train to Georgia. That ain’t

Dre D: good because everybody’s paying attention to what’s happened at old screen, but nobody’s actually listening to her. And even during that, that, that fateful Volbeat is like, she’s still saying shit.

Justice: I was like, Oh my goodness. It actually made me, um, More appreciative of the, the previous version and also being able to have this as well. I just saw it as a better like, honestly, cause I’m an older person. I see it a little different than when I saw coming to America. I was a kid. So it was so much more funnier to me cause I was just like, Oh my God, they’re saying this stuff, but now, um, Oh my God glad it’s the saying this stuff.

They just see it a little bit different. So I have a little bit more of appreciation for it.

Dre D: Yeah. I don’t know what movies and shows I’ve talked about already.

Justice: So that’s a cool black nerd recommend one division and come to America just like that. And um, make sure you’re not on a variable rate in Texas.

Jules: Yeah. You definitely want to avoid a variable rate. Electricity plan Cool. Black nerd recommend. Yeah. You know what ladies and gentlemen, I think he came in at the end of the episode. Thank you for joining us to briefly discuss. Coming to America is not a problem before we go.

Justice: I want to thank everyone for actually being a part of the, say what radio a family.

We were able to reach 13,000 followers on Instagram, and we did a little giveaway for that. And we want to just say thanks to everybody, the winners and all the people who actually joined in on that.

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