Mary Trump Swipes At Meghan McCain On 'The View': No 'Courage' To Debate Me

2021-08-02 20:04:47

Though Meghan McCain appeared on “The View” Monday, she was notably absent from a segment with Mary Trump, who accused the conservative co-host of lacking the courage to face her.

“It’s a shame that your colleague didn’t have the courage to come on and have this conversation with me,” Trump told the other co-hosts during a discussion about her uncle, former President Donald Trump, and his successful use of racism as a political platform. “But I appreciate that you were all willing to take up these very difficult subjects because racism, in my view, is at the heart of everything that’s wrong in 21st-century America.”

Last year, when the then-president’s niece went on “The View” to discuss her book, “Too Much And Never Enough: How My Family Created The World’s Most Dangerous Man,” McCain accused her of trying cash in on her extended family. Trump pushed back. Ultimately, McCain disappeared for the remaining two segments of Trump’s appearance at the time.

McCain hit back at Trump on Twitter Monday, saying she believed there were no “good” members of the Trump family.

“Continue to wish they would all just leave me and my entire family the fuck alone,” she tweeted.

McCain, who recently announced her departure from “The View,” has long been at odds with the Trumps. The former president routinely attacked her father, the late Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), even after his death from cancer in 2018.

Watch “The View” segment below.

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